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JoJo's Bizarre OC Tournament #5: Round 2 Match 9 - Anthony “Ani” Oakley Versus Ostro Crudo

The results are in for Match 7. The winner is…
Cabernet “Cab” Sauvignon, with a score of 71 to Admiral Pineapples’ 69!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Masters of the Funky Action 14-16 MFAs took an early popularity lead, but it was closed to the gap of one vote by the conclusion.
Quality Black Hill Estate 23-22 Reasoning
JoJolity Black Hill Estate 24-21 Reasoning
Conduct TEAM 10-10
Obviously, Cab hadn’t been actively antagonizing Pineapples - hell, by his high standards for company, he wasn’t a bad guy - but as he burst out of the Stand-jar ahead of him, even exhausted from fight after fight against the monstrosities inside that thing, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment as he burst from it. He was battered, singed, slightly intoxicated, and smelling like a Champagne vineyard, but he was fully prepared to pound Remix and Jack into the dirt for this indignity, and in fact, one of the two had been right there in front of him as he emerged, returning to his true, full size.
“Y-you..!” Remix stumbled forward, frail frame thrown off by the sudden emergence of an entire body from the urn in his pocket, even moreso as, shortly after, two other older men did the same, each holding back as ‘Red Red Wine’ held the urn aloft in one hand.
“Remix… What a joke you are, nothing under all your masks and disguises. But you know, there’s a part of myself I’ve tried to move on past, forget about too, you know…” Cab narrowed his eyes, contemptful of the scum before him, as the urn, rapidly imbued with ‘Wine,’ began to ignite. “I used to be a real hellraiser too, kid.”
His Stand, then, tossed the flaming jar straight at Remix’s head, and they barely reacted in time to catch it with God Shattering Star’s speed, wincing clearly at the pain and heat. Moreover, as Cab noted, the sight of the flaming urn flying towards him seemed to enrage Remix even further, the other hand flailing wildly.
“What’s the matter, can’t hold your ‘Wine?’ Then I guess I have to be responsible… and cut you off!”
Cab had planned on the fly to overwhelm Remix before he had a chance to set anything up, beginning to wail on him and imbue more of their surroundings with his Stand’s flaming material, taking a punch-rush advantage in the process, but a voice threw him out of that.
“Cabernet, man, your nine-o-clock!”
Pineapples had warned him just in time to see what looked like a fish-person, clad in a suit, rapidly swimming through the air towards him, brandishing an overly-long knife, and as he moved to deflect with his Stand, he felt his arm cut nearly to the bone and swore, doubling back through some suppressing fire from the Starlight Brigade. The new attacker was able to rapidly pull Remix away from this, however.
“NNghh… Nghh..!” Remix stood through his pain, his Stand shattering the Urn against a wall in a rage and smothering its flames, looking to his savior. “Took you long enough to step in! You can be anywhere in this city you want, so how could you be so damnably sluggish?!”
“That voice…” Pineapples was incredulous, then. “You’re… The Jo’s Sushi woman, aren’t you? What the hell are you doing here?”
Kimijo Kaneko was quieter then, before answering, “done with this city… Done with ‘Gravity.’ Going to make it pay, and then be free.”
“You…” Cab winced, clutching his arm. “Are you mad?! I’d read about the sort of things you’ve done, but associating with people like these two, is-”
“These ‘two?’”
That was all the warning, then, that Cab received before, barely grazing him as he dodged, another figure emerged from behind, sending a flying kick his way before rolling beside Jo, both of them striking a pose as Remix regained his composure, but was still too seething to join the fun. The new figure, framed by flames and blood, appeared avian in nature, with a beak, plasticy-looking armor, a Roman helmet of sorts, and thick-rimmed goggles, all the color red.
“No, it’s not just Jack, or Remix, or Jo or her wife, but the Crimson Courage of this city, here to wrench some away from its wretched fate!”
Pineapples, then, spied several other figures approaching, trenchcoat-wearing figures who appeared and disappeared through corners in halls, all while in the distance a brown-haired man watched, observing the scene curiously. As well, Pineapples took in for the first time the environment in which they had emerged. They were outside the entrance hall of a certain building on downtown’s Central Island, a place he had seen while campaigning!
“Los Fortuna’s Natural History Museum..? What are you-?”
Pineapples didn’t have much time to question, however, as the various fighters made a calculated ‘retreat’ out of direct combat, hurrying to secure the building’s many exits in case either Cabernet or Pineapples attempted a rush into the building for one reason or another. So they’re fortifying this place… I can hear sirens approaching. So they mean to have a siege here?
More concerning than the assortment of villains in the area, or an incoming police presence, a quick glance upwards made for a much stranger sight. Dark clouds were concentrated over the area, threatening to let loose a storm at any moment, but still holding for the moment. Through the shadows cast were dozens, perhaps hundreds of shapeless humanoid forms barely able to be focused on. There was nothing to confirm the suspicion, but a gut feeling identified the sight quickly. Ghosts.
“Hahahh… Ghhahahahahahahahah hah!” Remix, clutching himself, spit forth an ugly laugh, taking one of them into himself to bolster his strength as he declared, “yes, spirits, come! Come to heel before your master, and fight gratefully! Fight gratefully for the fact that we’ll deign to reward you in your next life!”
Pineapples knew that this was ugly, that even with his fleet, this situation had just gone from uneven to a potential bloodbath. They needed to get to safety, and fast, but to do so might be…
“Barret,” he declared, “I know you’re still watching, man. I’m in the best fighting shape here, so get Cab away!”
“I don’t normally do pro-bono work,” Barret admitted, leaning against the entrance of the building and dodging a scythe as it came for his head, embedding in the wall, “but what the hell? I’ll send you the bill.”
“What?!” Cab, almost offended, lurched forward, having to dodge a sweeping kick from the red bird and whiffing an attack with his Stand, feeling delirious now from blood loss but fighting for his ego anyway. “Don’t pull this hero stuff right now! I just saw you mourning a piece of your Stand, so don’t be a hypocrite and waste your-”
“You think something like this can sink me?” Folding his arms, Pineapples laughed a hearty laugh. “I’ll be better at cutting a path for myself without you holding me back! So leave now, so I can help fulfill the promise my crew made to Professor Tiffany!”
“You…” Cab grit his teeth. The old man would be stubborn, and thinking for a second, he knew he genuinely would only be holding him back like this. He would have to repeat his feat from before and escape first. “Damned showoffy old man…”
He turned away, then, beginning to book it, seeing a blinding flash and several fascimiles of himself, Pineapples, and the old lawyer filling the halls as he ran by, distracting all who tried to stop them as the pair ran out to the sounds of battle behind them.
Cab blacked out as he stepped into the sunlight, seeing VALKYRIE guards, led by a man who looked like a human cinderblock, rushing towards him and the attorney, as well as a reassuring-looking man who seemed to be directing paramedics personally.
“It’s alright, you’re safe now,” the low, reassuring voice told him as he let himself fall asleep, “my name is Raymond… I’m going to patch you up now, alright? Hang in there.” He called out, then, loudly, “Cavallo, we have survivors coming out of the building!”
And like that, after a record-long holdout, there is no longer a single team with all eight players remaining. Who knows when the last holdout for being even seven members strong will be next? If you’re the type for betting, or not, take time to see a roulette wheel match where an improving vigilante and an Agnes must fight off a tortured killer and a cat in human form.
The Dream Theater is an art studio and living space for one of Midnight Sun’s most strangely inconspicuous employees, known only as ‘Tapir’. The studio itself lives up to its name, filled with trance inducing imagery that can make people feel like they are in a vivid dream. It’s rare and seldom advertised when the studio is open to the public, and even rarer is for ‘Tapir’ to receive guests into the theater.
Hotel Delmano - North Island, Downtown Los Fortuna - Shortly before all the bullshit happening in the district hit critical mass
Ostro Crudo and Peter Bequasimodo looked on at the computer screen while Peter typed. Ostro had asked for Peter’s help with a question he had, regarding Midnight Sun University.
“Did you want me to look all the way into Aaron too?” Peter asked,the screen scrolled across Midnight Sun’s faculty members.
“No that will not be necessary,” after Aaron and Funk worked together, it would be rude to snoop on him. “We are only looking for anybody else that you might think is a Stand user, the more recent the better.” Ostro continued.
“You think they’re going around hiring Stand users or something?” Peter asked, he rapidly double clicked the profile images as they scrolled by. “Some kinda hiring bias… ‘Institutions is the same,’ to paraphrase the landlord comedian.”
“Just a hunch, maybe a wrong one. They have a whole field dedicated to Parapsychological Research and a student population of Stand users from what Cy saw. Would not be surprised, then, if these observations and many breaks they get amounted to ‘preferential treatment.’” Ostro glanced out of the corner of his eye at an androgynous face on one of the profiles, “Hey, scroll back a bit.”
Peter does so, he couldn’t help but feel he was being undersold for his abilities but whatever helped, “That one?” Peter scrolled and clicked on a profile, “Somebody called ‘Tapir’… they got some pseudonym, huh? Makes me think of certain pieces of internet lore about a sand seller and a proboscis monkey that- eh, I can see I’ve lost you.” Peter scrolled through their bio as he and Ostro looked.
“Age: 44, Gender: Undisclosed, Role: Head Researcher on… O-neigh-rology? Uh, don’t know that word, lemme just…” Peter copy pasted that last word into Google.
Oneirology: “The scientific study of dreams”
Peter squinted, “Starting to maybe think they’re just one of the normal faculty members? Even their parapsyche guys look into things that aren’t Stands sometimes, apparently…”
Ostro wasn’t convinced just yet. Some gut feeling, some instinct, told him to dig deeper… And sure, that was the same instinct that put him in the hospital recently, but was that not sign enough that it was a good barometer for trouble to sniff out? “See who else works in that field over there.”
Peter searched the page, and only one result came back up. “Nobody else, closest thing is the school’s huge Sharkboy and Lavagirl fanclub. Ok, yeah, if that’s their only dreams guy, that is a bit weird. What made you want to look at this person in particular though?”
Ostro looked on, “You know, I really could not tell you. It is just… It is hard to articulate, but it is like this person is familiar somehow.”
Peter sighed and closed the laptop, “Look, as much as I’d love to help you explore your hunch, I think we have other important things to also be looking at, like how that Jack Aurel guy is apparently about to Berlin Rosso Capital Island. I’m 100 percent down with investigating that thing on the student body and faculty being weird, but we’ll need more to work off.” The hacktivist rubbed at his neck. “Look, uh, I know the last time someone went out doing Midnight Sun recon for me, they got put in the hospital, but it seems like they keep a lot of stuff pen-and-paper just to keep guys like me out. So if you really wanna figure this out…”
Ostro nodded, “Thanks for the help, and do not worry; this is my hunch, after all. I’ll go look into things myself for now.”
Midnight Sun University Town - Psychological and Cognitive Research Center
Keith and Ani wandered about the campus, Keith wanted to have some bit of leisure time for the both of them and when he was last here looking for information on their new pet he had happened across a flyer for something called the “Dream Theater Exhibit”. While the name wasn’t specific on the details, Keith had elected to take Ani with him to help them both take some much needed time for themselves. Ani didn’t have too much else to do and agreed, thinking that it would be a nice time to talk more with Keith at least.
Keith compared the flyer in his hand to the campus map in front of him, “It should be around here somewhere... Maybe if we double back around we should find it.”
Ani looked over Keith’s shoulder at the flyer at and then back toward the rows of buildings. “Yeah, I think I saw it tucked away between there.” Ani pointed to two of the larger facilities.
Keith squinted and took a look, and they both started to make their way over.
“So… what do you think’s really in there?” Ani asked, turning to Keith.
“Well, since it’s called the ‘Dream Theater Exhibit’... I’d bet it’s related to dreams.” Keith said with a shrug.
“I know that! But what would a ‘Dream Theater’ even be?”
“Hmm… Knowing this place, probably some kind of stand.” Ani didn’t respond to what Keith said, simply thinking about what sort of stand might be in this ”Dream Theater”. The thought of the unknown stand both excited him and made him worry slightly.
Making their way between the two larger buildings to either side, Keith and Ani could see a decently sized two story studio.
“You’re… Keith Moon, right?”
The pair paused, then, confused about the sudden interruption, only to be met by the approach of two figures in aviator hats, one middle-aged looking, clad in a shabby yellow business suit, and wearing glasses, the other looking like an orange, goggle-clad, artsy-looking teenager. The elder, then, spoke again.
“Pardon the interruption…” He said, “but, I’m Theodore Lloyd. I just wanted to talk about some things. I understand you’re quite experienced for your age, on matters… Comparable, to our current conflict.”
“What’s this guy asking about?” Ani asked, confused, tilting his head.
Keith, meanwhile, understood the interruption completely. “You’re asking about the Urban Uprising.”
“You catch on pretty quick… And!” The orange kid said, sounding proud of himself. “We’ve heard that you were also at a certain ‘incident’ at the Institute’s big library… And prone to fortunate misfortunes, no?”
Keith sighed, rubbing at his neck and looking away. “Just my luck, when I’ve been trying to forget about this stuff…” He sighed. Everyone who’d talked to the new head of the College of the Arts had only positive things to say about him. “Yeah, you’re right on all counts there. Some book didn’t go missing or something, did it? If that’s it I pity whoever was there when that librarian found out…”
“It’s confidential,” the yellow-clad thirtysomething said, constantly seeming to glance away from his orange companion, “I have certain security concerns it would be irresponsible of me not to follow up on, so I’d like to talk a bit about what you were doing there that day.”
Keith frowned. He was right in front of their destination, too. He and Ani looked it over, then he noted how important this looked to the professor. “Alright… You go on ahead, Ani.”
“If it’s this pressing, it probably matters more than me being here, and one of us should see Tapir… This is your responsibility, alright?”
Ani, reluctant as he was, nodded, heading off.
With Keith gone, Ani walked on feeling a bit betrayed, looking back at him in the distance getting further away. “He would be back, he told you he’d come back,” Ani tried to psych himself back up mentally as he got closer and closer.
Getting to the door, Ani noticed that a flyer like the one Keith had been holding was taped on it. The door was closed, and it didn’t seem like there was anybody else here yet. Ani gingerly knocked on the door, unsure of what to expect.
“Just a second,” a voice could be heard from inside as the door opened. Ani looked to see a tall androgynous figure in black and white make-up and a glossy black dress looking around then down at him. “Oh my, oh my, hello are you here to see the Dream Theater’s exhibit?”
Ani nodded slowly, slightly apprehensive.
“Are you here alone? You look a bit young to be at a college?”
“Well, you know... I was coming here with a friend of mine, but...”
“They left you here to meet me alone?” The ‘Tapir’ asked, “This wouldn’t be the first time somebody’s done that you know? But I promise, I’m completely harmless.” Their tone tried to reassure him. A short pause later, they spoke up again. “... I was joking, by the way. This would be the first time something like this has happened.” Ani couldn’t tell if Tapir meant for this to be a quick clarification or a joke.
Ani tried to look past them, into the studio, only to see that the paintings there looked to be covered by tarps. “Are you not open yet? It looks liked your exhibits are covered...” Things seemed a bit strange, but there was just the chance that they were only just mildly eccentric.
“Oh, you’re not supposed to see all of them all at the same time, silly~,” Tapir’s tone chastised him, a bit of sing-song in their voice told him that they knew how strange it looked from his perspective. Tapir moved to the edge of the door, and invited Ani inside, “Come on, I can show you what it is if you are really curious.”
“Well, I did come to see the exhibit...” Ani looked back on Keith still in the distance, talking with somebody else. “Alright, let’s go.” Ani tried to put on a brave face as he walked inside.
“Excellent.” Tapir closed the door behind them, “Don’t worry, you’ll see why once I show you the exhibit.”
The studio seemed fairly normal, but Ani’s cautious apprehension never left. He looked around the studio, seeing tarped paintings and a small living space in a room beyond. However, everything seemed to change the moment Tapir took off one of the tarps with a flourish.
A painting of various intensities and shades of black was unveiled, a black fog that seemed to draw him deeper and deeper around the painting.
All of a sudden, Ani felt as though he wasn’t in the same room - he was in a void, a place behind his eyes, and a screen in front of him showed him what his eyes should have been seeing. “You see what I mean now?” Tapir’s voice echoed within his mind, he wasn’t hearing it with his ears, at least it didn’t register as such. “Don’t worry this is just where you go before you start dreaming, just relax and let the dream take you.”
Ani’s dream was strange, or at least the parts that he could remember. Something about Jackie eating the moon, following trails of ants, and walking with the rest of his team.
Tapir had just placed the tarp over the painting, “How long was that?” Ani wondered out loud.
“Only about 12 hours~,” their tone indicated they were joking, but Ani looked around to double check. “Would you believe me if I said around 30 seconds?” Ani found the clock on the wall, it had indeed been not that long.
“The brain is a very complex thing when it comes to processing time, especially in dreams.” Tapir continued, “The basic gist is, things are only as fast as your mind wants you to perceive them.”
Another knock came at the door. Ani lit up, hoping that it was Keith and to tell him what exactly he just experienced. But to his disappointment as Tapir opened the door, Ani saw a dark haired man he didn’t recognize at the doorway.
“Hello, hello,” Tapir invited Ostro, who stood just outside the door.
“Are you Professor Tapir?” Ostro found himself slightly surprised to have to look up a bit to get eye contact.
Tapir nodded, “If there’s something you wanted to know about feel free to ask.”
Ostro stepped inside, “Well first off I wanted to ask, have we met before?” It took awhile to get here, but it was like he knew the path before he got here.
“Hm... maybe in a dream?” Tapir gave a small grin, “I don’t believe I’ve met you in person.”
Ostro and Ani couldn’t tell if Tapir was joking. Even with what Ani had gone through, he found it hard to believe.
“I’ll go get you some tea so we can talk,” Tapir said, before they walked into the other room.
Ostro looked at the tarped paintings as Ani shuffled around looking around the room and occasionally glancing at Ostro.
“Uh..?” Ani piped up as Ostro turned to face him.
“Pardon me, but what is this exhibit exactly?” Ostro asked. Ostro inched closer to the largest painting.
“You probably shouldn’t remove the tarp.” Ani lightly suggested, not wanting to experience what he did before so soon and not wanting to betray Tapir’s implied trust. “They have a weird effect when you look at them.”
Ostro kept looking around the tarp, intrigued now. “Weird in what way?” This Tapir could very well be a Stand user if his hunch was correct.
“Meow?” A cat poked its head out from under the bottom of the tarp.
Before they could react, the tarp fell off the painting as the cat scampered out. Ani moved to catch it but it was too late, the mesmerizing effect of a glossy neon image, dazzling white mixed with blotches of vibrant colors that melded seamlessly, pulled them both in.
Ostro and Ani found themselves where Ani was earlier. The screen of their vision this time flickered in and out, their eyes blinked rapidly involuntarily.
Tapir came in front of their field of view, “Oh no, you weren’t supposed to see that one this early. That one’s the most intense one.”
Ostro tried to summon his stand to help but to no avail. He wanted to speak but his mouth couldn’t move even though he could feel it completely.
“Sorry, but you are going to have to get out of there manually, unless you want to be dreaming for 12 hours. Don’t worry, I’ll send you some help.” Tapir pulled out a strange wooden dog whistle and blew.
Shuffling around Ani and Ostro’s legs could be felt as they looked down and saw a dog sized elephant shrew(?) nudging them.
“One of my spirit animals can guide you through, once you fall into the dreamscape he can show you the way to get out quickly. He’ll also let you have your full range of senses back too.”
The world shifted around them, they found themselves in a room similar to the Dream Theater with muddled details, the elephant shrew was still there.
Ostro pinched himself and winched. He and Ani then tried to summon their respective stands, relieved to find them working properly again.
The shrew stood just out the door as a strangely inhuman voice rang in their head.
Location: The dreamscape, a world within your dreams and everybody else’s dreams. Starting off in the Dream Theater in the write up, players have exited the door to find themselves in the first new location.
There will be four locations that you will both go through in order to get out, each of them have a specific exit condition for the players to leave.
The second and fourth locations are impossible terrain fusions of different areas. These areas are effectively checkerboard mixed areas and things can be split down the middle, so you could see half of a building were it to otherwise overlap with the other landscape. Each tile so to speak here is 10 by 10 meters. These maps are pseudorandom where the players can imagine what lies around them within the constraints given by the description.
Similarly any object or place you think you could find in whatever area you may ask if you can find it from the judges, and objects can be taken with you when you move onto the next sequence. Judges may also reserve the right to say how difficult an object may be to find or how long it would take if it is relatively rare or unlikely.
As for the sequences, they will be covered in the additional information section.
Goal: Complete the sequences to get out of the dreamscape before your opponent does!
Additional Information:
Players have all their inventory still on them, including all of Ani’s ants.
All NPCs here can be affected by Ostro’s stand.
Each section of the dreamscape has something you must do in order to leave and potentially some conditions that may be applied to players. The list of dreamscapes and the conditions necessary to leave it is:
First: a busy city strip crowded with people. The entire main streets, Broadway and Seventh Avenue, have people heading left along the map down these streets. The rest of the place is fairly devoid of people. The people here will only walk to the left, but will still react to stimulus and as such can be jolted, pushed, attacked etc. Players start at the left side of the map, where the Pink “7” Circle is. The full map is around 80 by 200 meters.
  • In order to leave, the players must exit through the end of one of the main streets on the right side of the map.
Second: A melded beach and forest with a person trapped under a tree, a person stuck 20 meters up a tree, a person drowning in a 10 by 10 meter ocean. These three are 30 meters away from where the players first spawn in and are all equidistant to each other. The paths to each are blocked by overgrowth, trees, sand and bodies of water in about equal amounts. There are also 5 one meter long giant ants wandering in a circle separate from each other around 10 meters away from the starting location. These ants can be controlled by Ani without needing to force them into the UFO as long as he or his stand can get to them.
  • In order to leave, the players must rescue one of the three people here to move on. Getting them to safety or out of their precarious situation alive will count. The people here will generally cooperate with you trying to help them.
Third: A dimly lit long school hallway with 25 doors on either side. The area is 100 meters long and 10 meters wide with each door on either side being 4 meters apart. There are unlocked lockers all along the walls with whatever you might expect from a school locker and 5 security guards patrolling around in circles for each 20 meter area. Security guards have flat 3 physicals, a 2 in Awareness to Disruptions, and a flashlight each. The security guards will move to inspect fast moving shadows and noises but will otherwise continue their routes as normal once their suspicions go down. Security Guards can be stunned/damaged, but will not permanently go down. If they suffer enough damage, they’ll just be asleep for 30 seconds before waking back up. If the security sees one of the giant ants, they will rush over with a can of bug spray to kill them.
  • In order to leave, the players must open all the doors and look into all of the classrooms, and the last door they open will be the exit to the last section. The security will be patrolling around, and if you get caught and touched by them you will be sent back to the beginning of the hallway, but your progress on the doors won’t reset.
Fourth: A melded fish market and construction site, similar to Ani’s and Ostro’s Round 1 matches. Shadowy Gray or Yellow shaded facsimiles of people you know, people you trust are going to come out and attack you here, each of them only have flat 3 physicals and no other skills. There will be 5 of these facsimiles out at any given time near each player and once one goes down a new one will take its place. Around the map, you can also find some fairly spread out as well, you should be able to find one every 10 or so meters.
  • In order to leave, the players will have to defeat 20 facsimiles that match their team color, and once that is done they will have made it out of the dreamscape.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Underground Exodus Anthony “Ani” Oakley "There are no children in this amusement park, but I keep hearing a baby crying." While the world seems so surreal, the people here seem so lifeless in a strange way. Interact with the people of this place in as many different ways as you can!
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DEEN vs Passione, Episode 1 - A lengthy comparison of the story elements and how they're presented

First of all, who the heck am I?

Oftentimes when reading this type of thing, you may want to know or understand where the author is coming from. I'll spare you my life story and get straight to the relevant points concerning Higurashi:
I have been a fan of Higurashi for over 10 years. In that time, I have watched the original anime over 13 times, I have read the manga, read the VN and played some of the spin-off titles. I have written fanfiction that was generally well-received and made at least a handful of AMVs. Furthermore, I am so lucky as to have met the person who is now my husband through the Higurashi fanfiction community; so needless to say, I do care a great deal about it all on a personal level.
Though I am a big fan and love the story and characters so wonderfully created by Ryukishi07 and his team, I am also not blind to the flaws of what I do consider a masterpiece. There are parts I love as well as parts I dislike or disagree with.

And what is this then?

What you're about to read is a comparison of the anime between the original, by DEEN, and the remake, by Passione, with some references to the original visual novel.
This comparison is solely focused on the story elements. I will not be going into the different art styles or art quality.
This is my own analysis, with my honest thoughts and opinions. You may not agree with all my points, if any at all, and that is perfectly fine.
My analysis will also be taken from the full story's perspective, and thus, there may be spoilers. I advise any new people in this community to skip this.
I will first be going over the comparable scenes one by one, before making some shorter and final conclusions. If you don't want to read the scene analysis, then just jump to the other parts, though you might miss some context.
With all that outta the way, let's get to it.

Episode 1

Scene 1 - Smack smack splat

Minutes (DEEN): 00:00 - 00:28 (28 seconds) Minutes (Passione): 00:00 - 00:33 (33 seconds)
Oh my.. Don't we just go straight into the horror show with this?
DEEN kept this scene more obscured; we never see the bat actually touch Rena. The scene is done with shadows, eerie sounds and camera angles that don't show much.
Passione on the other hand allows us to see Keiichi bring the bat down on Rena, her body making spasms with every hit and blood spattering out. The scene is still dark, and we don't get to see either girls' faces.
Both scenes are gruesome and executed well, pardon the pun. While DEEN allows your mind to fill in the blanks and let your imagination play with the shadows, Passione forces you right in as a witness to the abuse of Rena's already dead and broken body.
Another detail worth noting is how in Passione's version, we see Keiichi scratch his throat with enough force to draw a bit of blood.
This is not a competition, but I have to say Passione wins this one for me. I am now very eager and a bit apprehensive of their take on Meakashi-hen.


Minutes (DEEN): 00:29-02:03 (1 min, 34 sec) Minutes (Passione): -
Beautiful OP, DEEN. Passione chose to skip this, which is not uncommon for first episodes, but I'm looking forward to seeing the new OP soon (regardless of whether we get a new song or not).

Scene 2 - Wakey wakey

Minutes (DEEN): 02:18-02:44 (26 seconds) Minutes (Passione): 00:39-02:07 (1 min, 28 sec)
First few seconds are pretty much the same, Keiichi wakes up.
In the DEEN version, he quickly eats breakfast and is about to leave. Aiko (mommy Maebara) reminds Keiichi to thank Rena for pickles before he heads out.
Passione however switches to brief glimpses of the others' - Rena, Mion, Satoko and Rika's - morning routines. This doesn't follow the VN, as the VN is pretty focused on Keiichi's POV, but a very welcome addition to set the mood and characters as well as their living situations. One thing I'm not sure I like here, is Rika's focus on her calendar, but then again, new people would still be too innocent and curious to probably think much more of this.
Passione gets back to Keiichi eating breakfast, with Aiko making the point that Keiichi doesn't skip breakfast since moving to Hinamizawa. (This both establishes he's feeling better than "whatever was before", and that they moved here recently).
Also, Aiko has a face now. SHE HAS A FACE--I'll stop now.
Passione's version does not mention the pickles, for what that's worth, VN fans.
Conclusion: Passione's version is significantly longer than DEEN's, and not only because of how it briefly introduces the girls. It adds more background information/hints on Keiichi in direct dialogue, opposed to DEENs approach in the next scene (narration).

Scene 3 - Good morning, Keiichi-kun! - Rena

Minutes (DEEN): 02:45-03:43 (58 seconds) Minutes (Passione): 02:08-02:49 (41 seconds)
DEEN has Keiichi narrate the basics while we see how beautiful Hinamizawa is. He mentions he recently moved here, he meets up with Rena, they have their banter. Narration again mentions who she is and that, though he's only known her for a month, feels like it's more than just her name that's odd.
Passione does not do narration. Banter goes as it does. Rena shows her cute side.

Scene 4 - It's been a while, Kei-chan! - Mion

Minutes (DEEN): 03:44-04:21 (37 seconds) Minutes (Passione): 02:50-03:21 (31 seconds)
Again, these two adaptations do this very similarly, but with the big difference being DEEN using Keiichi's narration to introduce Mion as his upperclassman.
The narration in DEEN makes it hard to hear that Mion asked for a western game catalogue, though both adaptations do mention it, introducing her hobby.
I was actually quite disappointed at this scene by Passione though. If we take a look at the VN, Mion's comment of "how many years has it been?" would be followed by lewd banter between Keiichi and Mion. While DEEN left all aspects of Mion's perverted humour out, I had honestly expected the studio of Interspecies Reviewers to not be ashamed to include that.
Mion's dirty humour is part of why Keiichi sees her as more of a boy'ish character, which plays a vital role in Mion's personality and plot points later on, so I do hope that Passione will introduce that side of her later.

Scene 5 - Hinamizawa Branch School

Minutes (DEEN): 04:22-06:19 (1 min, 57 sec) Minutes (Passione): 03:32-06:07 (2 min, 35 sec)
DEEN uses narration to explain how this fairly unique school works, with its mixed grade classroom. (Passione never covers this, potentially leaving in some confusion). DEEN shows that Keiichi helps Mion and Rena with schoolwork, even though Mion is a grade higher.
Rena and Mion asks Keiichi if he's free tomorrow, to invite him for a tour around Hinamizawa.
Passione handles this scene much differently. We start out being made familiar with Satoko's traps (finally, thank you! Why did DEEN avoid that all the way until Kai!?).
The whole trap shenanigans go on for some time, establishing the relationship between Keiichi and Satoko. Keiichi hurt his knee, Rika pities him. Keiichi mocks Satoko, Satoko fake cries (though it isn't so obvious to non-VN readers, I feel?), and Rena finds all this very cute.
Conclusion: These two adaptations treat the introduction to the school very differently. While DEEN teaches the viewer what the school is (and has yet to even introduce Rika and Satoko), Passione instead shows the relationship between the five characters (and never says a word about the school).
Therefore both adaptations give something important, but both also lack something important that the other has.
Furthermore, again, as someone who hope to see Passione include more from the VN than DEEN did, I'm upset that Rika pitied on Keiichi over a hurt knee... when it should've been that Satoko fake cries to get Rena's attention, Rena comes to defend Satoko and punches Keiichi, which then leads to Rika pitying on him. This is the full part of the little routine with Satoko's traps, so considering how thoroughly they otherwise covered it, Rena's punch is missing for me.


Minutes (DEEN): 06:20-08:29 (2 min, 9 sec) Minutes (Passione): 06:08-09:52 (3 min, 44 sec)
- First of all, kudos to Passione for using the calendar. Quite a relevant thing to pay attention to for this show, so I'm glad to see it.
Passione starts this scene a few steps before DEEN does, having Keiichi meet up with Mion and the two briefly sharing a conversation explaining that they're going to show him around Hinamizawa (opposed to DEEN's approach in the previous scene). Passione also puts more emphasis on Rena being the one who made lunch.
The picnic scene itself is otherwise fairly similar, with the biggest difference being that DEEN uses this scene to introduce Satoko and Rika (also using narration).
Banter and hamburger fighting is roughly the same.
In terms of time, DEEN has been further ahead in the episode until now (despite showing the OP), though, Passione's generally longer scenes are beginning to show.

Scene 7 - The mountain of TRASH- or treasure

Minutes (DEEN): 08:30-13:07 (4 min, 37 sec)
Minutes (Passione): 09:53-14:18 (4 min, 25 sec)
Not really any difference, except that in DEEN, Keiichi yells in disbelief about the mountain of trash, while Passione has him seem more calm and empathetic (and almost unsurprised?) toward Rena's weird hobby.
Again, the two adaptations are very similar. Biggest difference is probably that in DEEN's adaptation, Tomitake leaves slightly before Rena sees him, and in Passione, they get to have a quick greeting.
I feel like Keiichi's horror at Tomitake's words is presented clearer with DEEN's effects.
But overall, largely the same.

Scene 8 - Welcome to the club!

Minutes (DEEN): 13:16-18:08 (4 min, 52 sec) Minutes (Passione): 14:19-18:32 (4 min, 13 sec)
Well, here's something, contrary to the previous scene, that the two adaptations do LARGELY different.
With DEEN, this scene will be of Keiichi's first game in the club, as well as an introduction to the club's existence.
With Passione, Keiichi has already had his first game (though unknown exactly when), and this is them welcoming him into the club.
Though it's the same day (Monday), thus these two adaptations do not agree on exactly when Keiichi had his first game.
DEEN introduces the club and what it stands for. They also show how proud Mion is of it, and how fiery both she and Satoko can be about it, opposed to Rena and Rika being more gentle toward Keiichi. Keiichi is almost forced into the club, the girls not letting him have an objection if he had one, they play a game of Old Maid with old beaten cards, and Keiichi gets to trick Mion at the end of it. He still loses though, having to suffer a punishment game, having his face drawn on with a permanent marker. The viewer is thus introduced very well to the concept of the club and how they do.
Passione still acknowledges that that's how Keiichi's first game went through dialogue between the characters, but will instead go on to a different game with a completely new scene. Mion decides on a scavenger hunt for the marker, saying Keiichi gets to draw on her face if he finds it.
This new game allows for showing us more about Satoko and Rika's relationship and Satoko's traps. Satoko wins, Rika has a little bit of revenge, Rena spaces out briefly.
Mion asks what's up with Rena, Rena says she's feeling tired and want to rest in the nurse's office.
Thoughts: I'm not really a fan of Passione's decision here. I'm all for the new scene, the scavenger hunt, and it all feels fitting enough, the characters are done right, so on so forth...
But I'm not a fan of them skipping over Keiichi's first game and actual introduction to the club.
Furthermore, I don't feel like Passione properly explains the club with this scene, nor how it works with winners and losers. In fact, there's no losers in the scavenger hunt, so you could also say that nobody ought to have the motivation to not let Keiichi get the marker. Since Satoko got to it first, nobody lost, and that's kinda against the foundation of the club games/rules Mion built it all on.
And then there's the bit with Rena feeling tired and having to rest before going home... I can't really wrap my head around why they implemented that, as it draws an attention to Rena that isn't really needed for this arc. (A character that feels sick is after all a plot flag to something important going on with that character at the time).
This new scene does put a lot of new focus on the marker though, which is after all a plot point for Onikakushi-hen.

Scene 9 - Going home

Minutes (DEEN): 18:09-19:42 (1 min, 33 sec) Minutes (Passione): 18:33-19:34 (1 min, 1 sec)
In DEEN's adaptation, Keiichi's face is covered in ink for this scene due to losing his first club game. Rena is not present due to her rushing to the dam site.
In Passione's version, Keiichi's face is clean. Rena is not present due to resting in the nurse's office.
In both, Keiichi asks about the dam construction project, and Mion talks about it.
A notable difference is that in DEEN's version, Mion is, with some anger, explaining that the town would be underwater if the project wasn't stopped. With Passione's, Keiichi is the one who says that the protests make sense seeing as their homes would've been flooded.
Overall, scenes are similar, though Passione's ends more abruptly, while DEEN allows Mion to banter about Keiichi's face.
I'm finding Passione has started to rush with these later scenes. There's less pause between dialogue/sentences and it's really showing in this bit. To me, it seems like they spent a lot of time on character interactions early on, but since they still have to meet the same end as DEEN's, they have to speed up some of these later bits.

Scene 10 - KENTA-KUN - and an old newspaper

Minutes (DEEN): 19:43-22:02 (2 min, 19 sec) Minutes (Passione): 19:35-22:35 + 23:27-23:40 (3 min, 13 sec)
DEEN: Keiichi shows up at the dam construction site on the same day, after washing his face off, to find Rena trying to dig out the Kenta-kun doll.
Passione: The following day (Tuesday) is rainy and nothing happens. Then it's Wednesday before Keiichi shows up at the site to find Rena.
DEEN: Keiichi quickly determines they need an axe "or something". Rena runs off to find something. Keiichi goes to look at newspapers. He finds crucial information of the dam murder incident and gets suspicious. Scene ends with a bit of narration as we see a smiling Rena walk with the famous cleaver.
Passione: Keiichi tries to dig out the doll before saying he wishes he had an axe. He continues to try hard, and is then tired. Rena says she'll get something to drink. It gets dark. Keiichi finds the old newspapers, we get chills when we hear the original OP beautifully performed by Eiko Shimamiya in the background. While Keiichi is finding the newspapers, Rena has arrived, looking down on him with the cleaver in her hand, seeming sad. Post credits, we see Rika standing even further back with... glowing.. red eyes.. okay.....
Thoughts: Overall the scenes are the same, but with a couple of notable differences. First of all, with Passione's decision to delay this scene with a sub-plot of Rena feeling sick. I am neither for or against this decision as a whole, but I do wonder why it was made.
Rika's appearance at the end made me rather upset and disappointed though. She is not supposed to seem different in this arc, and portraying her as someone straight up scary and dangerous is giving her far too much attention already. Rika is (obviously) very important to the overall plot of Higurashi, but her role ought to be subtle for a while to retain the mysterious aspect - not to mention that she doesn't have much of a direct role in Onikakushi-hen.


DEEN was setting up an episode with focus on the mystery and horror that is to come. They've used narration to cover the basics of the story, and spent most time working on establishing facts and background details. Based on the first episode alone, they're setting up a story about a boy who's about to experience some creepy weird shit.
Passione was more focused on the character interactions, and showing the friendship that is forming between them. They explained less and showed more of the fun. Opposed to DEEN, Passione's first episode is rather trying to set you up for a heartbreak when these characters you already came to love are going to go through some dark and gruesome fates.
I feel that they both have strong pros and cons in their approaches to the first episode. As a long time fan, I'm obviously thrilled to see the characters be more alive, and the happier they are the better. But if I were to think of the perspective of a new viewer, I think DEEN's adaptation is easier to get into, as it takes more time to explain what's going on/the information you might want or need to understand what's coming in the next few episodes.
Passione is throwing more subtle hints at the viewer than DEEN did; from Keiichi scratching his throat to Mion making a fuss out of a marker, to the - regrettably in my viewpoint - the focus on Rika being "different". I'm not against giving a little more context, but I do hope the overall mystery aspect doesn't become too obvious. We'll see how they approach Takano I suppose, but that stunt with Rika's eyes at the end has me worried.

CHARACTERS - How did they handle them?

To an extent, despite Passione's focus on the characters, most of them feel somewhat the same in both adaptations, with the exception of Satoko, who has been improved by MILES.
Mion has not been established with a perverted humor, or even had a mention to her tomboy attitude. Further, Passione does not have the scene where she introduces her club, meaning we don't get to see how proud she is and how talkative she gets over things that excite her.
Rena's said she wanted to take this and that home, though she hasn't grabbed anyone and tried to run off with them (though this would've already happened in the VN).
Rika has some change, as Passione is trying to draw attention to "this one is different". I hope they don't make too much of a fuss of it yet.
And finally, Keiichi is pretty much the same.

NARRATION - A big deal?

The benefit of narration is to fit in a lot of information without having to take away screen time. A character explaining something briefly while you're watching a scene is a lot faster than having a full scene to explain the same concept.
DEEN used narration to start off the first episode, and they used it effectively to lay out a couple of basic details that are useful to know as we go into the story, such as 'Keiichi recently moved to Hinamizawa', 'the school is a mixed grade', 'Mion is an upperclassman, Satoko and Rika are a lower grade', etc.
Without narration, these points, which might not naturally come up in conversation, may have to be exposed differently in dialogue/scenes that take longer time than it takes to say a one-line sentence.
Thus, narration is a great way to introduce a concept without taking up time that could be spent on more important scenes.
After the first episode, Passione's version has not covered anything regarding the school. There's of course still plenty of time, but considering where the story goes from where episode 1 left off, it might become an "awkward mention" rather than something more naturally included.


I was excited to see Kenji Kawai's name when they announced the new Higurashi anime. I thought we would get some new stuff in the same, amazing nature as the original, but so far, every track I heard used has been tracks that already exist on the CD for the original anime. I do hope we'll hear some new stuff, but

FEELS RUSHED - but I get it

DEEN and Passione's episode 1 are pretty much the same thing, starting at the same point and ending at the same point.
Maybe it's just because I love the VN too much, but I was really missing quite a few scenes and had hoped Passione would bring them in.
But I get it; this is the pilot episode. This is, for a studio, probably the most important episode because it's this episode that either makes people keep watching or ditch it. And as for Higurashi, you got to cover both "this has cute fluffy scenes with sweet characters and friendships and yay!" as well as the "holy f*cking sh*t something crazy gruesome is going on oh god"... and those two are not very easy to smoothly put into ~20 minutes.
The cliffhanger with Rena showing up at the end with the cleaver is a very strong motivator to take a look at episode 2, and I get why they wouldn't want to end episode 1 in any other way; but it does mean a limited time to show a lot of scenes that happen before that point.
The only alternative I can think of, to lengthen this and still have a chance, would be to end episode 1 with Tomitake's comment about the murder, and/or the scenes with Rena and Mion avoiding the topic.. but that is nowhere near as effective as the cute girl we just got to love holding a cleaver in her hand, right?
So I get it, but as a fan I do desperately hope that the rest of the anime doesn't feel like it's cramming too much into too little time. If this new anime is just going to be an almost exact re-run of the old one in HD, I'm going to be a tad disappointed in the project overall.
But, I'm hopeful.


This is not a review nor a competition. Both studios have shown different pros and cons in this first episode. Both have things I preferred over the other.
I didn't do this to determine who's making the better show; but simply because I personally find similarities and differences like these interesting and fun to compare.
For now, I like both (when I ignore Rika's red eyes), though the VN will probably always be my favorite version of Higurashi.


This was only the first episode. Most of the things I feel like the new anime may be lacking can still show up.
And of course, again, the above are my own observations and thoughts. We might not agree on the points I've made, and that is totally OK.
Thanks for reading.
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