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Home; Tutorial; FAQ; Guide; Awicons 10.2. It handles many popular file formats used to store multiple icons of various dimensions as well as all possible color modes, for ex. ICO, ANI, CUR, WMF, EMF, BMP, GIF, PNP and JPG. Here you can find the changelog of AWicons Pro since it was posted on our website on 2020-04-24 03: 00: 00. Using cracks, warez serial numbers, registration codes or keygens for AWicons Pro license key is illegal. AWicons Lite 10.0 A distinctive tool for creating, editing and managing icons and small images!

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AWicons handles many popular file formats (such as ico, icl, cur, ani, png, gif, bmp and jpg) used to store multiple icons of various dimensions (up to 256x256 pixels) as well as all possible color modes (mono, 16, 256, true-color and. This tool allows you to save your Windows computer system's Product Key code to a text file as a backup. The First 20 Hours How To Learn Anything. AWicons Pro - Icons Software Download for PC. Carambis driver updater serial number 2020 pc cleaner pro keygen crack patch gta 4 crack pc working microsoft exchange server 2020 product key crack daemon tools pro serial number online papercut ng license file crack free usb serial number ubuntu live cd safai abhiyan in hindi speech for crack need for speed most wanted 2020 download pc free full version cs5 master collection crack download.

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This sub is a place for all icon customizations and designs. Show off your designs or ask a question!

Playing Fluffgod Cap 6: Exploration, Expansion, Explosion (By: Blackbox6500)

6th episode, this one might feel a bit empty, but still, hope you guys like it

disclaimer; expect non-canonicall ways of fluffy acting, and typos/broken english

with that out of the way, let's start

Playing Fluffgod Cap 6: Exploration, Expansion, Explosion

the spring ended, and summer was around, first weeks of it, and the pond was starting to become smaller...not enough to leave mud city (Now renamed clay Fort after murray's told fluffys about it) without a water access, since the walls of the city streched even far into the sank part of the pond (since, this city was made in the most drought times of the year) but it was a concern, fluffys couldn't withstand the heat most of the time, and since most of them had to bring water from the pond to their crops, it was a busy season

fluffy migration between the new clay colony and the fort was common, some came back to their original homes at the fort, some others went and tried to get chances at the growing colony, the fort reached a new pop of about 60 fluffys, the walls grew bigger and bigger as so did the trade between citys for materials like wood and clay in exchange of wood, under brownie's and puwfy guidance, they did alright

the colony was good under the alicorn's reign, she managed to keep everyone in a house and well-fed, the city was prosperous, a lot fo the population worked as farmers and traders, ships came and went, some really small, the size of two bottle caps, other almost as big as an entire cola can

their numbers grew incredibly fast, reaching almost the 90 fluffys already, the colony grew bigger than their original home, even with the heat, the crops grew fine, all thanks to their monarch, smawt the alicorn (not smawty, just smawt)

the old metropolis on the other hand...was on decline, their numbers grew too damn quick for them to handle, and without crops to farm for themselves without the secret of farming, or the technology that clay gives, their pop got capped at 200 fluffys or so...yet, orange fluffy, their guide, managed to pull out trough this, under their wing, they managed to survive

yet, they still had to do something about this, the city was about 4x4 meters big, now, reaching a number really high, making it visible to the naked eye from murray's bedroom without a pair of googles

global fluffy population: 300-350

orange was praying on boyardee's can, with a group of fluffys, they all had bandanas made out of griffin feathers, it appears they got attacked even more since time had passed, as fluffy pop grew, so did griffin's

O;sowwy daddeh... owange nu can gib wowstest sowwy huwties to dummeh fwuffys... (she whispèred with her eyes closed, they appear to have moved boyardee's face stamp inside the can)

O;bu' nao, owange hab' tu hewp oder fwuffys!

orange got outside of the can, and got near a small flufy group

O;otay, wad nao fwuffys?

-uhm...fwuffy fink' we need mowe housys nao...we aw showt on dem' awain!

O;nu' can make da dummeh ciwty biggew! fwuffys need tu be neaw da fiwe!

-an' wad du we du nao?!

O:huh...owange hab idea!...


O:did spowie fwuffys fin' any gud pwace neabwy?

-spowie fwuffys fwind sum pwaces... neaw da wawa wake....neaw da gwassie pwaces... an' neaw ou' owder ciwty!

O:gud! we wiw' make mowe ciwtys!

-Whad?! bu- how wiw fwuffys fin' each odew wike dat?!

O:fwuffys make woads! woads tu' fin' oder fwuffy ciwtys!

-otay...? (said the fluffy, looking a bit...weird

O:nao, we wiw hab mowe ciwtys! stawt tu sewd spoowie fwuffys, NAO!

and so, did the old metropolis start to expand, with caravans full of travois and such, started to travel trought the land, torches during the night lighted the backyard, and so, three new colonys were born

one not so far from the original, one could get from there to there in a day (if you are a micro fluffy, of course) it was pretty much in the same kind of ground than the metropolis, only difference beign it was far from the clay fort, not a lot happened on it for now, it wasn't important, just a colony

the other one, the second, was nearby the beaches of the lake, just a bit further away, this gave them acces to clay...if they only knew how to use it, that is

and the last one...the one that was far, far away, it took about three to four days to get there, from a route taken from the first colony, wich was once the home to the 1st gen fluffys, it was lush and fertile, good for growing crops...if they just knew how

once the colonys settled, it was just time to start building, be it dirt and grass, clay and twigs, or mud and straw, they had the same building style as the old colony, shoebox houses, latrines, storage facilitys... everything

a week passed by, the alicorn was taking a small trip to clay fort, to visit her friends, inside a big cargo ship with a crew of atleast 6 other fluffys, she was looking around for smoke signals... and then she saw it!

Al; hewe! hewe! tuwn awound to da' weft!

the fluffys paddled with their wooden oars towards the smoke signals...and what they found was...very different

they didn't see walls or ziggurats when they aproached...they only saw... small mud huts

Al;huh?! wad?!

they still, got near it...they found not a single fluffy coming to greet them... not until they came down to the shore, looking around

the alicorn walked trough the roads in the city... and got inside one of the houses

Al; hewwo? (said she, expecting someone..only to be surprised by what she found)

they saw a very malnourished fluffy on the ground

-wan...wan die...hewp me daddeh...why aw' daddeh nu' hewping fwuffys?!

the alicorn got a bit scared after this, flinching after this

Al;ah! fwuffy!

-huh?...wo' aw dewe? ...evewitin' su dawk... (said the fluffy, incredibly malnourished, one could see his bonesu under his brightless fluff)

Al:wad' happen tu' fwuffy?

-Fwuffy aw' su hungwy...gwas nu' can eat...nu' gud gwassie...

it appears this part of the backyard didn't have edible grass that wasn't too tough, and neither did it have any kind of edible berries... they were starving

Al;evewyone is hungwy?

-pwease hewp fwuffy... (he whispered... really energyless)

-Awicon, we hav' tu ged oudda hewe! we hav' tu gu back tu cway fowt! (said a preocupied fluffy)

the alicorn thinked about it a bit... and then, sighed

Al; nu, muway hewped uws wen we askewd, nao' fwuffys hab' tu hewp oder fwuffys tu!


Al;muway! ou' daddeh!

-bu fwuffy fink nice can mistah is daddeh...

Al;nu, daddeh hewped us wots of fowebahs agu, nu dummeh cawn mistah!

-huhh... (he sobed)

some time later, the alicorn took her time to help fluffys, giving all the food she could...and explaining the utility of their technology... they were all astonished

and so, a new trading route was born... in exchange of technology and food, the old metropolis colony gave clay and gravel, since they also gave the technology of spears in exchange

the settlement, with the discovering of farming and such, advanced surprisingly well, not only did they get walls up, just like clay fort, they even got boats, farms, pottery, and everything

their building style became chimeric, instead of using ziggurats or shoeboxes, they used cubic / rectangular homes that also had a basement instead of superior floors, giving more building space

the spears technology was passed on to clayfort too, wich became an important weapon to fighting off orange's attempts to get the city

and besides this... something else was brewing; the fluffys that used to believe in boyardee, are now more inclined into murray's...

a pair of days later, a group of metropoly fluffys came, only to find the walls beign constructed, they weren't the incredibly high walls of the fort, but they were walls still

they got inside

-hewwo? fwuffys? (he said looking directly to the incredibly big structure that was beign constructed...it had almost four floors at this point!)

a group of fluffys showed up, coming from inside one of the houses

+hewwo fwuffys! why aw' yu hewe? (answered one of them)

-how did fwuffy du' aw ow dis?

+we' used da cway! da gway muddys! is aw' ovah da beawch!

-huh...otay... (he looked surprised)

-we aw' hewe tu ask yu' fow nummys!

+why we hav' tu gib fwuffys nummys?

-becuz' yu aw' fwom fwuffy hewd! gud fwuffys hewd! nu dummeh poopy hewd... daddeh's hewd! (he screamed, angry)

+daddeh nu hewped fwuffys when' fwuffys had wowstest tummy owies! onwy pwetty smawt awicon hewped!

-pwetty awicon?!

+awicon com' fwom anoda ciwty, acwos da wake, an' she gowt hewp fwom daddeh! da WEAL daddeh! no dummeh can daddeh!

the fluffy gasped after this

-dummeh fwuffy gib nummys nao! o wiw giv u wowstest pointy owies!

+we aw nu mowe of ou' hewd nao! gu! (the fluffy babbled angrilly, as he pointed towards the fluffys with his spear, so did his guards, they won them 4 to 1)

-hmph.... dummeh fwuffy...we wiw' se u awain, dummeh fwuffy!

(he claimed, as it got out of the city

some time later, at the metropolis, orange was waiting for her taxer to come back with the nummys, only to find him empty handed

O;wad' happen? (she said, surprised)

-dummeh fwuffys nu' wowk fow hewd nu mowe! onwy fow dummeh odar daddeh an' da' dummeh muddy city!

O:ugghhhh, why' fwuffy nu gib fowebah sweeipiess tu dem?!

-fwuffys had' waws! wike muddy ciwty! they used ''cway'', da' thing in da beach, an nu' wan' tu shawe it! (he said, angry)

O:hun... if owange fwuffy get da cway, can she make pwetty walls and housies?


she thinked... and smiled

O:hehe... den' we wiw fwind anoda place to fin' cway!

O;hehe...nao we wiw' make mowe nyu ciwties... bu' in anodar way

O:dummeh fwuffys wiw' see...evewy fwuffy wiw see!


(im kinda burnt ATM, sorry if it felt empty)

Next Episode: The good, the bad and the griffin
submitted by Blackbox6500 to fluffycommunity

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