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LG V20 - Audio Review


The LG V20 is an Android smartphone that came out about a month ago. One of the bigger selling points about this phone was the marketing that it boasted a "Quad Hi-Fi DAC", otherwise known as a Sabre ES9218. An LG representative provided me with this phone as a sample to review its audio capabilities and answer any questions that the community may have. Since this is an audio-driven community, I will only briefly gloss over the other aspects of this phone: there are plenty of mass market reviews out there that talk about everything else.
The V20 will be my first experience with Sabre DACs; unfortunately I was unable to secure any other Sabre sources to compare. I was quite excited to try it out, as I've never been huge on source gear until recently. I've been using the V20 for the past 2 weeks playing Spotify Premium, and feel comfortable now sharing my opinion. Since it was a loaner unit and this review was meant for an audio forum, I did not bother delving deep into the "smartphone aspects" of this phone, and elected to use it as a DAP to supplement my current phone (LG G4). I imagine that many people will be buying this phone as a 2-in-1 solution so they don't need to carry an external DAP or amp with them. Hopefully you can extract the impressions from this review and combine them with more complete reviews from people much more suited than I am when it comes to phones in order to determine if the V20 is right for you. And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me and I will try to answer to the best of my ability.
Disclaimer: This review sample was provided to me under the condition that I review the phone's audio quality. I do not receive anything for writing this review: rather, I was simply interested in trying the V20 out and enjoy providing content for the community. My opinions are in no way influenced or incentivized in any way.
I understand that source gear is a polarizing topic in the community. I do not claim my review to be the most transparent, objective, or scientific. All impressions and comparisons were volume matched by ear to the best of my ability.

Build, Interface, Battery

Build is exactly what you would expect from a premium smartphone company. Everything feels extremely solid, although I wouldn't exactly want to handle this thing carelessly. There is a certain amount of heft and size that comes with a smartphone that makes you scared of dropping it, unlike something like a smaller DAP. Buttons are in pretty standard spots, with the volume rocker on the top left side of the phone and the main button/fingerprint scanner at the back. Overall the build seems like an improvement over my G4, and hopefully doesn't have any of the long-term problems that the G4 had.
Although it seems gimmicky, I like the secondary screen and find it quite useful. When the primary screen is in fullscreen (such as when watching a video), the secondary screen shows standard top row info: battery life, time, notifications, etc. Otherwise, it acts as a quick access bar for common apps, phone options, and your music player. You can set the second screen to be always on (even when the main screen is off), so you don't even need to turn the screen on to change tracks, look at the time, turn on the camera, etc.
The rest of the interface is pretty much what you expect from an Android smartphone; I don't think there's too much to look into. One thing I'll note is that I'll occasionally experience stutters/freezes when navigating or listening to Spotify. I suspect that this is more software related with the new Android Nougat release than a problem with the V20, but I just figured it's worth mentioning.
Battery life is phenomenal on this phone. While listening at work with my 1More Triple Drivers, I can easily pull 3-4 work days (25~ hours) worth of listening with the Sabre DAC enabled before having to charge. Keep in mind that there are many factors at play here: since I only use the phone as a DAP, real-world battery life will assuredly be lower since I use the screen very rarely. Additionally, more power-hungry headphones will obviously drain the battery quicker. Stuff like location services, wifi, bluetooth, etc will also have an effect on the battery. With that being said, the battery still seems to be miles better than my 1-year old G4, and definitely better than I remember when my G4 was new as well. I suspect that you'll be able to pull a full 12-14 hour day out of this phone without having to plug it in, unlike a lot of other smartphones I've used that really only last until 3-4PM before needing a plug.
Overall, I don't have any major complaints about the build, and the battery life seems quite strong, despite my somewhat unique usage with this phone.


Sound is very subjective and heavily based on references: since everyone has different ears and varying backgrounds when it comes to gear, it's always important to demo something yourself before making any decisions. How I describe something could be completely different to how someone else would describe it, depending on our backgrounds and what we've listened to before!
I will start the sound review by describing how I generally feel about the sound signature of the V20, and then compare it to some of the other sources that I have on hand. The bulk of listening was done on a 1More Triple Driver and AKG K7XX. The LG representative also sent me a Beyerdynamic DT990-250, but I feel that my own personal bias against that headphone is too strong for any impressions to be meaningful. Regardless, I appreciate the kind gesture!
General Qualities
The Sabre DAC has a noticeably clean sound to it. Noise floor is non-existant with everything I've tried, including the Ostry KC06a which is my most sensitive IEM. The volume settings also seem adequate, as I never had any issues getting the appropriate volume. I am a low volume listener, so it can be tricky for me to get the right volume with a lot of my IEMs on conventional phones because they tend to get too loud too quick. Power is also very good, as my K7XX gets to good listening levels at around the halfway mark. No clipping/distortion issues either at higher volumes, which is a good sign that there is actually enough current going towards these inefficient headphones.
The bass on the V20 is good. It's tight, has good control, and extends well. It never sounds flabby or distorted, and certainly exercises finesse. I would say that impact is a bit lacking, but otherwise I have no complaints.
The midrange is clean and detailed. Vocals practically salivate on certain tracks, and guitars sound extremely lifelike. I would say that the midrange is more forward than the bass, and are probably the best part of the V20.
Treble... this is where things get a bit messy. Unlike the bass and mids, the treble feels a bit smeared and blurry. There's a certain sense of ringing that I can't ignore on some tracks, and I'm not sure why that is. It's not like the V20 is blatantly bright and painful to listen to or anything, but it's moreso like there's something constantly out of focus in the background regarding the treble that you can't really ignore. And since the sound is on the thinner side in the first place, there's not really anything to detract you away from this issue.
The sound is neutral, but leaning towards the thinner and brighter side. Decay is quick, and there's a good sense of layering and detail across the spectrum. However, I found the sound a bit too forward at times: if you're looking for something gooey and laid-back, the V20 is not for you. For example, the Triple Driver tends to sound borderline congested with the recessed lower treble and massive midbass hump, but the V20 manages to make it shed 10 pounds and sound more airy than with my other gear. Of course, this added clarity can very well be positive for a lot of people, but it felt slightly artificial at times to my ears.
LG V20 (Sabre Off)
I know a lot of people will be buying the V20 for the Sabre DAC, but I felt it's worth writing a small blurb on comparisons with the DAC off anyways.
With the "Hi-Fi DAC" off, the V20 sounds warmer. The smeared treble issue disappears, but detail and clarity suffer greatly overall. There is a bit of bass bloom that bleeds into the lower midrange which gives it the added warmth and loss of detail, but it's nothing offensive. I'd say that the sound is still on the neutral side, but with control issues in the lower frequencies.
Power is much lower with the DAC disabled, and I couldn't power my K7XX without running into distortion/clipping issues, so I would treat this setting the same way as you would for any phone: sufficient for IEMs and portables, not good for power-hungry pairs that require a dedicated amplifier.
I would say that the V20 with the Sabre DAC off still sounds better than a lot of phones out there, so if you find that you need to disable the DAC to save battery, you wont be disappointed.
Comparing the V20 to another phone in terms of sound seems like a logical step, and it's nice that this phone I have is also made by LG.
The G4, much like the V20 with the DAC disabled, sounds muddier and less clear than the V20. There is a certain "dead" quality to the sound output of an average phone that you grow used to after listening to much better sources, and this is no exception. I don't think the G4 sounds bad by any means, but it sounds much more recessed in the mids and fairly one-dimensional in the low end. The V20, on the other hand, has fantastic depth and layering in the bass which makes it a real treat to digest.
Fiio E10K
The Fiio E10K is an interesting little unit. It is one of the most popular first-buys for a lot of people looking to get into headphones seriously, but is not without its shortcomings. Compared to the audio implementation in the V20, I'd say that the E10K sounds worse pretty much across the spectrum, although they have fairly opposite sound signatures.
The E10K is warm, with rolled off treble that lacks both presence and detail and an emphasis on the midrange and bass. It is markedly thicker sounding than the V20, and also more congested. If the V20 is like a spry salad, then the E10K is a greasy burger. The V20 has much better clarity, detail and extensions across the spectrum. I don't think this comparison is close at all, even taking into account the slightly troublesome treble (which the E10K barely renders).
Xduoo XD-05
Not the most popular unit, but I do feel that the XD-05 represents great value ($170~) for what it provides.
The XD-05 sounds v-shaped when compared to the V20. The treble issues on the V20 become much more apparant when compared to the XD-05. Although the XD-05 is still considered bright to my ears, it doesn't have any of that smeared/unfocused feeling that the V20 has. In addition, the V20 treble feels like it doesn't extend as well and just generally isn't as detailed. Midrange on the V20 is much livelier at the expense of sounding slightly artificial, but I do enjoy how this phone renders vocals and string instruments. Bass is similarly controlled on both: I'd say the XD-05 has better extension but there aren't any significant differences otherwise.
Overall, the V20 sounds a bit "edgier" while the XD-05 is softer and more well-rounded.


Although my sound impressions may be lukewarm, the truth is that the V20 is the best smartphone that I've ever heard, and for audio-conscious people looking to a buy a new phone, that's more than enough. Sure, the V20 doesn't sound as great as some of the better amp/DACs and DAPs, but it's much more convenient. There's enough power to drive almost anything that you want to throw at it, and the sound is versatile enough to be paired with a wide variety of headphones. I'd recommend something that's more on the thickelaid-back side just to counter some of the edginess that the V20 can provide, but it's really not as big of a deal as it may seem.
If you've made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read my review: I truly appreciate it! I'll gladly listen to all constructive criticism, and will answer any questions to the best of my ability.
submitted by swordknight to headphones

Looking for some help with attic insulation, currently fiberglass batting, low r val

Since we bought this house about a year ago we have noticed some issues with getting our upstairs cool. For reference we're in somewhat coastal southern California but days still get to 85+ and I sleep terribly when it's hot. The home inspector also noted that the amount of insulation is rather low (his pic here). I put in a fancy thermostat and tied it to an app that does some fancier statistics and according to that my house is better at insulating than a whopping 2% of other houses, so yeah that's really bad.
Okay so then we need to add insulation (and maybe replace windows/doors but that's another topic). I believe I should be adding more unfaced fiberglass bats. On to my questions, and I've tried looking around and watching some videos but they tend to oversimplify. I'm new to home ownership so maybe these are easy to answer and I'm just not getting it.
Most videos show insulation being added until the insulation is a little above the floor joists, then they add another layer running perpendicular to the joists for better coverage.
  • Q1 - how the hell do you ever walk in there again, now that you cannot see the joists? I'm not looking to live up in there or anything, but I have changed out light fixtures and run Ethernet and I just can't imagine how difficult it would be after making that change.
  • Q2 - Isn't it a colossal pain in the ass to ever go in there to modify anything (like adding a bathroom exhaust fan/change a light fixture)?
  • Q3 - Some videos COMMENTS make mention of making sure it's sealed before adding insulation. I think what I need to do is seal up anything that comes up through the attic like plumbing pipes and light fixtures and gaps. What specific product can I buy at like Home Depot to do that job? Is it just this stuff?
  • Q4 - I know I can and ought to adjust the system to balance between the floors of my home. How do you go about mapping this funky furnace piping? This is a furnace in our garage attic, which has all the lines run into the wall and then to who knows where. We also have a mixing box in the attic of the main house area, but I'm guessing the picture I posted is where to adjust the first floosecond floor mix.
Anywho thanks for your time. I hope we can figure this out. With COVID I'm hesitant to just hire someone and also it's such a guessing game hiring contractors that I'd rather DIY most things.
submitted by anonmarmot to HomeImprovement

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