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Guide for New Players (Please Read First)

Sup guys, just to introduce myself real quick, I've started this game eight months ago and I'm committed as a free-to-play player, currently just broke level 8,500. Compared to most other games, Dragonsky is actually fairly friendly for FTP players; no VIPs, no energy limiting number of plays, and most importantly there is not one thing you cannot get compared to paid players, and the latter only have the advantage of growth. But even if you decide to pay, it will still take quite a bit of time to get to where the top guys are, so my advice to all is to just take it easy and have patience. If you breeze through a game and get to the top quickly, you'll only be finding yourself looking for a new game anyways, so why not just chill lol. Let's get to the guide below, if you have any questions, you may also find some answers using the link below which takes you to other guides.

DS Handbook + Table of Contents to Other Guides
Team Building References & Discussions

(Updated as of October. 8th. 2020, for Patch Version 1.2.323)
I. Tutorial Phase: (Goal: obtaining your first Elite Dragon)
  • Finish the game's tutorial, the main take away here is that you should always be fusing shining tier 10 dragon with another, as this maximizes your chance at getting exotic dragons.
  • You start out with 2,500 egg limit that hatch at normal time, be sure to always use 2x hatch speed to speed up hatching.
  • After the 2,500th egg, there will be an ad to give another 1,000. After that the next 4,500 egg will hatch at a slower speed, which will be even slower at the 8,000th egg. Even if you're a very dedicated FTP player, would suggest to stop here as the returns would be too low.
  • Keep all gems and currencies so far, be sure to use visit all sections: legendary boss, daily boss, dragon search, essence search. The only place gems should be used now is at the lab section, you can refer to the DS handbook at the sticky.
  • As of 6/4/2020, you can accumulate play time rewards, suggest to fuse the two Eleve-Wolfgoth to evolve it to 5*, keep Nestreza and Bitera for your team. We can decide what to do with the latter two later.
  • After fusing a couple tier 10 dragons, you should be getting some Rare and better dragons. Would recommend keeping all for now, and focus on upgrading Neros. Note here that it's the yellow rare version, not Adelan-Neros.
  • Go to your dragon inventory screen, and work on expanding your elite dragon slots to 6.
  • When leveling up dragons, stop at level 1,000 (or whatever max) for now, and upgrading attack/hp based on a 2:1 ratio. Upgrading stones are easy to get so eventually you'll upgrade all to max quickly.
  • Be sure to spin the lucky wheel whenever it's up, prizes can be quite good.
  • When you have accumulated 110 black shards from fusing a bunch of black dragons, go to the shop and purchase Adelan-Indermon. This dragon will be your main for the months to come, so continue to commit most of your resources into him.

Before getting deeper, would need to share with everyone the hard truth about this game:
**Just filling your team with legendary dragons will not get you anywhere**
I admit that this is the one counter-intuitive part of the game, but legendary dragons take alot of resources and months to grow, before they can demonstrate their superior firepower. For now, please stick to the guide.

II. Starting Phase: (Goal: Stage level 200, join a legion)
  • Keep all your elite dragons findings so far, feel free to add them to the lineup, but only commit gold and neutral upgrade stones on Neros for now. One reason why Neros is good for beginners is that it has a wide-array of homing attacks, you can put her in the middle of the screen and use the function Fix Dragon, so that you can focus on fusing normal dragons.
  • If you find extra copies of Neros, feel free to evolve her to 5-star. A 5-star maxed Neros should be able to take you to level 200.
  • Search for a legion, as high level you can find, and join. With this you can start earning contribution points, which is vital to buy mystic dragons. Be sure to finish Elimination once a day.
  • You can also earn contribution points and battle points by other actions, be sure to finish all attempts of: Legendary Boss: Daily Boss, Journey (when available), Broken Seal (when available). Fusing dragons will also earn you points too. For Daily Boss, first complete the highest level you can get to, later on you can quickly finish easier levels by using the Finish Now button.
  • Check the Recapture Mission section, it gives alot of freebies based on progression, and the missions cycle themselves in the same order.
  • Check the Goddess section, prioritize obtaining Conquest skin for attack first, then HP and Armor. You may upgrade their stats with Life Gems, and most players would recommend a 2:2:1 ratio.
  • Check the Lab section, you should be upgrading key traits that would greatly help you through the game. Check the tips & tricks section under the other sticky on the home page. Just to note here that new players would be committing all red gems here until all are maxed. It's doable within a month.
  • May choose to save up the following dragons when encountered for later use: Eleve-Cierabo, Eleve-Merkyef, Eleve-Bonehorn, Eleve-Dempseyger, and Eleve-Ptero. The reason being they are decent bind dragons and do not offer much if diffused.

III. First Team Building Phase: (Goal: Stage level 1,000, start pvp, determine your team development path)
  • Upon level 1,000, can start pvp to earn honor points. You have 30 tries each day so use them up. Honor points can also be used to exchange for mystic dragons.
  • Please check out Team Building References & Discussions
  • From here, focus on trading your black shards for more A-Indermon copies until he's 7-star. Afterwards you may consider trading black shards for soulstones, which are used to evolve dragons. Prioritize leveling and evolving your A-Indermon now. Also level up your other dragons to level 1,000 max, and max upgrades.
  • Starseals should be used on exchanging for shining shards when they are available at the shop, or be dedicated to an end game dragon that you wish to get from the broken seal shop. Some of the great choices are: Angemoth, Purlith, and Triathan. Keep in mind of their team buffs too.
  • To get more soulstones, disenchant all your other dragons that are not used for the team, with the exception of: legendary dragons, volver bladenought, volver rhinosh, a-indermon, and rosard
  • A full line-up of the above, with legendary dragons at 4-star or above, A-Indermon and the rest at 5-star or above, should take you beyond level 1,000.
  • From here on, A-Indermon and the two legendaries will be your main, and the three rares including Neros will be for buffs. Focus on leveling your mains as much as you can before you switch to the buff dragons. If you have enough rare dragon copies, and your main dragons' evolution seems to be a while away, level and evolve your buff dragons to 7* level 1000, and stop there.
  • For shining shard dragons, at least keep Ourwin and Vajarathor, they make great binds later on.
  • For the Nestreza you've obtained from play time rewards, suggest to evolve to 5* level 1000 then use him as a bind. Despite the great attack patterns, he's a better choice as bind dragon than a main.
  • For the Bitera you've obtained from play time rewards, suggest to evolve to 5* level 1000 then use him as a bind. Though he's a great main dragon, depending on the way you would like to spend your honor coins or starseals, you may or may not want to put him on the main team eventually, as it will take quite a few months.
  • Can also swap out Elevel-Wolfgoth and use it as a bind dragon when you have your team planned out, but don't over-develop him past 5* level 1,000.

IV. Preparation for Mid-Game: (Goal: Stage level 3,000, broken seal runs and category 3 Journey Rewards)
  • By this time you should be about a month into the game, should have enough copies to bring your legendaries to 5-star, and A-Indermon to 6-star.
  • Should also be having some Ancient Gems, either from weekly logins, lucky wheel, or secret market, which are used to unlock and upgrade Goddess Skins. Priority should be:
    • For Peace, Revenge, and Conquest, can level up evenly. Cost to level up is the same
    • Max in the following order: Successor > Judge > Guardian > Wicked Witch
    • Afterwards, recommend Guide > Immortal > Thorn Crow > Practician > Birth of Spring
    • Do not pick up Song of Angels until your lab is fully maxed after player level 500
  • Journey is opened up at player level 80 (about stage level 800). It has three sections, suggesting you pair one main dragon with a buff dragon. The goal here is to reach the same levels in all three areas. Once you're able to finish stage 9 in all areas will get you Category 3 rewards, which gives a chance of free Shining tier 10 dragon.
  • Broken Seal is available once reaching player level 250, and you can start collecting broken seals which is used for exchanging the best dragons. This will take the longest time so don't fret over it.
  • Once your dragons reach 6-star, dragons binding option becomes available. You can pair any 5-star dragons or higher as support. Can use the Volver dragons or any other legendaries that is not on your team. Supports do damage at 70% of original power too, and provides stats benefits, so make sure to level them eventually too. For details, head over to the tips & trick sections and check out binding dragon options.
  • Leveling and evolving priorities should be: Mains (A-Indermon and two legendaries) > Buff Dragons (three rares) > Binding Dragons.
  • Once you get your A-Indermon to 7-star, should be able to carry your team to level 3,000.

V. Further Tuning and Growing into Mid-Game: (Goal: Stage level 4,000, category 4 Journey Rewards)
  • By this time you should be about two months into the game, A-Indermon to 7-stars, two main legendaries to 6-stars, and some of the three buff dragons to 7-stars. Growth from this point will start to feel slower as it takes time to get enough copies to evolve legendary dragons. 6-star to 7-star takes 12 copies of the same dragon, so for legendaries expect a good 3 months or so.
  • While some may argue not to level rare dragons at all, but I think you should still take them to level 1,000. It would give achievement rewards of 150 red gems each, plus you'll be using them for quite a while so some extra damage is always good.
  • Would recommend not invest in weapon system for now past level 10. Upgrading has a chance of failing, and take heaps of gold which could be better used on leveling up dragons on your team. Prioritize using gold to level up your dragons until condensed mana starts to become a constraint.
  • Soulstone supply will start to become a little tight due to all the evolution, below are the main ways to get more:
    • Disenchanting unused dragons: though would recommend evolving all to 5-star first, providing some good stats boost
    • Affinity nuts: upon reaching 6-star, each dragon can be fed nuts you acquire from boss runs. Each dragon can give 250 soulstones upon feeding enough nuts
    • Recapture mission: these give quite a bit of free stones, so make sure to do them in order
    • Currency exchange: the only one recommended is black shards, you'll need others for dragon copies
    • Daily journey: provide some soulstones too, by this point you should be able to obtain category 4 rewards
  • The red gem section of your lab should also be maxed at this point too; can start using red gems for other purchases:
    • Secret market: legendary dragons (unused ones can be disenchanted for shining shards), Shining T10 dragons, Shining shards, and Ancient Gems.
    • Dragon search: legendary dragons (unused ones can be disenchanted for shining shards)
    • Essences: can be expensive, but can use purchase all to get discount, buy at your own discretion
    • Dragon Pass Progression: there's no way for FTP players to complete this naturally, would need to buy tier ups (800 gems per) to get full rewards. Expect to spend 4,000+ gems here on a monthly basis.
  • As your dragons evolve to 7-star, you can bind another dragon to have two support dragons, and can also choose to enhance the binding ranks to provide more bonus. Do so for your mains only if you have spare upgrading stones.

VI. Dominating Mid-Game: (Goal: Stage level 5,000, category 5 Journey Rewards)
  • By this time you should be about 4 months into the game, A-Indermon 7* A5 (fully awakened), Illafiend (or another shining shard dragon main) to 7*, contribution coin dragon at 6.5*, honor coin dragon at 5.5*, and other filler team buff dragons at 7*. Should also have weapons for all main dragons at level 10 (only for legendary and epic dragons). With no extra purchases, you should be running out of weapon stones as well by this point.
  • Should be able to complete to obtain category 5 rewards in Journey. It gives a pretty good amount of soulstones, lifegems, and coins on a daily basis; and if you do hit the jackpot, will give you three shining T10 dragons. If you have surplus of gems for dragon/battle passes completion, and buffer for legendary dragon in the secret market, would not be a bad idea to reset Journey once/day sometimes to get extra resources.
  • Can also consider buying T10 and T9 dragons from dragon searches once in a while, and/or cheap essences in essence search if you're stocked on gems.
  • FTP gamers by this point are probably also starving on soulstones. Depending on how close your other dragons are to 7*, you may choose to evolve your contribution coin dragon to 7*, or start awakening shining shard dragon.
  • Should also be having at least two main dragons hitting level 1,500.
  • At player level 500, the rest of the lab researches are unlocked. Prioritize rush stages > skip start stage 1 > additional rush stages > skip start stage 2. Refer to the guide under tips & tricks section in the sticky.
  • Once Illafiend and/or another shining shard dragon is 7*, can consider exchanging starseals for mythic dragons instead.
  • Bring up other notable epic dragons to 7* for binding, as your resources are allowed. Can check out this link
  • If you have raised Bitera or Ragereet using combination of Honor coins and Star seals, they should be at 6* now. You may decide to either replace one of your rare dragon with them or keep them as binds until 7*, see which option provides more group battle power.
  • You should also be able to clear Broken Seal levels up to level 5, and perhaps 6 for a favored element.
  • Daily boss levels are likely to be stuck at 25 for a while, feel free to manually enter rather than using finish now.

VII. Completing your 1st 7* Team: (Goal: Stage level 6,000, Broken Seal level VI)
  • By this time you should be about 5-6 months into the game, having the following:
    • 7* A-Indermon fully awakened, Level 1,500
    • 7* Illafiend A1+, Level 1,500
    • 7* BiviVinas A0+, Level 1,500
    • 7* Volver Bladenought & Rhinosh A0+
    • 7* Rare dragons for buff, Level 1,000
  • The goal from this point on, is to fully develop* your main dragons (and their binding dragons), then follow up to replace your rare buff dragons one by one with mythic dragons--sounds exciting, yes?
  • Fully develop means main and bind dragons to 7* fully awakened, level 1,500, max upgrades, and weapon levels at least 10.
  • If you developed Nazitha/Ragereet with honor coins mostly, they should be at 6*+ by now. Continue to work on them until 7*.
  • You should be able to clear Stage 5 Elimination by this point, though might need to carefully avoid AOE damage.
  • You should be maxing (or close to) first three goddess skins that provide attack, hp, and def bonuses. Lifegems will start to overflow from this point, so do not buy anymore!
  • Odds are that you will most likely bind the volver brothers to Illafiend, which means you'll need to find 4 more binding candidates for your other two mains. If we were to look at epic dragons only, the next ones down the line would be Rosard, A-Cryd, Del Mato & Lovariel. If you have been saving these copies up, shouldn't be too hard to hit 7* at least.
  • Continue to spend your shining shards on Illafiend until he's fully awakened. Would recommend to keep copies of Ourwin and Vajarathor. After Illafiend is fully awakened, they are next down the line. Both great bind dragons too.
  • You should be able to complete broken seal levels up to VI (or higher), which will effectively earn you about 1 mythic dragon costing 955 seals, or 3 mythic epic dragon copies costing 320 seals each, per month.
  • If you've been buffing your Illafiend properly, in pvp you should be hitting top of normal league, if not lower group league as well. This is important to get more honor coins, though it's likely that the top guys will murder you instantaneously. Just to warn!

VII. End Game and Beyond: (Goal: Stage level 7,000+, Broken Seal level VII and higher)
  • This is likely to be my last post for a while, since you should have a stable team going, just waiting to be perfected.
  • Both my Illafiend and his binds, V-Rhinosh and V-Bladenought, are fully awakened with level 20 weapons after seven months, should be similar for players with the same play time.
  • For the rest of the game, consider using Part V. of the Team Building Guide as reference.
  • Your main goal now is to build two other main dragons up to full like Illafiend, with level 20+ weapons for main and binds. This is because PVP, Journey, and Broken Seal highly depends on the performance of your top 3 dragons.
  • After all three main dragons and their binds are fully awakened, begin superboosting, starting with bind dragons first.
  • Superboosts have 120 levels, can be a mix of attack, defense, and hit points. For most top players, concentrate superboosting attack for the main dragons, and a mix of defense/hit points for the bind dragons.
  • Can mix in weapon upgrades to 30 with superboosting now and then.
  • Once all three main dragons have been topped off, can move to the last three main dragons, though you may want to hold on to your resources to see what new dragons will be available in future patches.

Will update this section as much as I can, any suggestions are welcome!
submitted by Nazenwrath to DragonSkyMobile

Final Fantasy fan - New Player perspective on FFXIV

A brief introduction: I'm a new player in FFXIV but definitely not a newbie in Final Fantasy. In fact I'm scarcely one to play MMO games, but decided to give FFXIV a try because I simply love the Final Fantasy franchise and due to steam summer sale.
I gotta say this game is amazing. I had loads of fun playing and finishing up to Heavensward thus far. At first the game welt kinda clunky and combat feels weird. I'm used to the turn based combat of older FF games. I've played 15 and was not very impressed by it. But what kept me going for FFXIV was the nostalgia and familiar feel of the world. This is what I truly admire about this franchise. Each installment of Final Fantasy is in a brand new world, with brand new lore, but that fact never seems to interfere with the familiar feel of the games. I opened the game and entered the world and sure enough, I can instantly feel that this is a Final Fantasy game. The same wonder that I felt with each installment was unmistakable present in this one.
At first, I thought the early quest slog was bad. Combat was at first unfamiliar and therefore intriguing but I wasn't really interested until more abilities were unlocked. What drove home was after the boring quests in the beginning, when the quests becomes truly amazing. Go fetch this, go kill these goblins. It seemed dumb at first, but when the story really picked up, I realized how much I appreciate those old mundane tasks. It shows how far the hero has gone. From helping someone pick scraps to slaying gods and empires. This crescendo in retrospect feels powerful and I'm glad that this was how they introduced new players to the game. The story is some of the best I've seen in a Final Fantasy game. I would rank it somewhere near Final Fantasy VI or Final Fantasy IX. And those are masterpieces in my opinion (especially heavensward, A realm reborn might rank a bit lower).
The only gripe I have with the MSQ is the forced duty finder dungeons and raids. It just seems rather cognitively breaking. I mean we are the "Warriors of Light" but then prior to raiding a dungeon or a god, we have to call upon other people to help, people that I have no clue who they are? And then the game doesn't even acknowledge that haha. I mean you kill Ifrit and everybody thinks you and you alone are amazing, it just doesn't make sense. Along with the invasion of ultima weapon base, you see all these adventurers behind you, but no npc interaction even acknowledges them! It's like they're just a ghost invisible to the Black Wolf, Nero, etc. This issue came to light when I got introduced to Nidhogg's final form fight and you see the cutscene of your character Jojo walking to Nidhogg only to realize its just another trial raid. That really took the winds out of the sails of the titanic that was Heavensward climax. It's a bit immersion breaking, which kind of sucks because its the only problem I have with this game. Everything else is perfect.
I don't care much for graphics, but FFXIV definitely has very nice ones. The freedom of choice for player clothing seems nice too.
The JOB SYSTEM!! YASSS. After FFV, it seemed as if the job system disappeared until XIII, which I didn't really like that much.
Chocobos and Moogles are S tier entertainment guys.
Contrary to what people believe, this is not a weeb game. Nay, I wouldn't say any mainline Final Fantasy game is weeb. Hell at first I thought the Lalafells are just pedo cutsy fetishism but after the red wedding, I realize just how ruthless and maniacal they are lol. This was definitely judging by the cover, the fault lies with me. If anything this game has a lot of mature overtones, like murder, rape, genocide.
Immersion wise, the world truly feels like a full fledged world of Final Fantasy. I mean i didn't know that when you type /sit near a bench or bar stool, YOU ACTUALLY SIT ON THE BENCH/STOOL. That is so cool.
Soundtracks - Final Fantasy is renown for its excellent production of unique scores. This game did not disappoint, there is clearly a unique theme to this game like 6, 7 , 9, 10, 15 to the point if someone would hum each one , I can instantly figure out what game he/she referring to. I don't know if Uematsu is conducting scores for this game, but some of the scores does sound like him.
Character - the most important thing in Final Fantasy -- The cast. This is the essence of Final Fantasy, the thing that makes final fantasy final fantasy- The band of heroes that group up to fight calamities. It's not the best in the franchise, but we can't expect that kind of level of characterization in an MMO, so I can kind of understand why this is the case. Still the side characters like Thancred and Alphanaud are very likeable. Thancred in particular reminds me of Locke from FFVI.
Finally I do have to disclaim by saying I haven't finished stormblood or Shadowbringers yet so I know some of these early judgements will change, but I just want to say I appreciate this community and overall really like an MMO version of "Final Fantasy." It is a lot less heretical than I initially surmised.
TL:DR - This game is amazing. Everything is there for a final fantasy game. Just wished MSQ dutys can be soloed and story important bosses can be soloed, or fought with the npcs in the game so that theres more consistency with the story. Everything else exceeds expectations which admittedly I wasn't very receptive of a "MMO Final Fantasy" but playing through it has made me change my mind considerably.
submitted by Drankthedanktears to ffxiv

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