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[Review] ~~ MASSIVE REVIEW ~~ A look back on 2019 - ~68kg; 100+ items (lots of Balenciaga); mobile friendly ;)

Agent Purchases Only
Overall thoughts and review of non-Superbuy purchases in comments below. I’ll do a separate review on baby stuff I bought later after I receive everything, here and on /repladies.
My Stats: 5’9ish” (180cm); 180-85 (~83kg); general shoe size US 10/EU 43
  • Top 5 Reps: 1) BM Lin Ultraboosts; 2) Hansolo’s Cafe Kitsune Tee; 3) Jin’s Balenciaga Glow in the Dark Track Trainers (700Y version); 4) CloyAd’s Balenciaga C-Puffer; 5) Listen Up’s Nike x Supreme crewneck. Runner ups: 1) KingKongBest’s Campaign Tees; 2) 298Y CP White Achilles.
  • Jin is my favorite seller.
  • QC photos posted in each header. Sorry no in-hand pics - too much work, though I may be willing to do it on an as-needed basis.
  • W2C provided if still available.
  • Items I am thinking of selling are noted.
  • Any questions just ask - I’ll be happy to respond!


Top 5 purchase. Rep GOAT - if you like Ultraboosts, whatever the colorway (still looking for x Missoni), just go with BM Lin from cnfashiobuy. I find it tough not adding 3-4 every time I contemplate a haul. Size up a half or whole for a perfect fit. Even if they are small, they will stretch out over time. I wear these easily 2-3x per week and they still look great even though I’ve never washed them. Definitely one of the best values in the rep world. Here are some current pics. 10/10
Pretty much see above. On sale and mad cheap right now. Though the gold bit on the sole isn’t as shiny/polished as retail. .9+:1. Get it for CNY in late January! 10/10
They look like they cost $13.63. Not necessarily poorly constructed, but the materials look cheap. Sizing runs a bit small, so I recommend sizing up at least .5. Color is ok, comfort is below average. Don’t ship with the box. Better yet, don’t cop. 3/10
Let’s get this out of the way - Asics Gel Lyte III is my favorite shoe model. Embroidery is a little whack and the stitching is uneven in several places. The Kilates patch looks sus and the letters of “Gel Lyte III” all connect, but that is fixable with a razorblade/boxcutter, a nice pair of tweezers and a steady hand. The box is accurate but arrived beat up. The colors pop and the shoes are super comfortable. Upper limit of what I would pay though. 7.5/10.
Very surprised by the quality of these given the lackluster QC pics. The embroidery is nice, tight and bold; the “Givenchy” punchout is decent and readable; and the printing is pretty sharp. The shoes are as comfortable as normal Mexico 66s. Sizing is slightly large - note that a US 10 is 44. I am a US 10/EU 43 and these are a little long. The suede toe is decent but not the fuzziest. Leather feels like retail, so nothing premium. To nitpick, the box design is not aligned properly. More expensive than retail Mexico 66s. 8/10
Got this version because it’s a little more subtle and because I didn't want to have to deal with potential print issues. VERY comfortable for wide feet. TTS. Great sleek look. No loose threads, little to no glue overflow, solid print, sock retains shape well. Only issue is that in the rain, sole can be very slippery. It’s because the “sole” isn’t really one - it’s mostly foam with a very light coating of rubber? Even so, highly recommended and will likely purchase again for myself. 7.5/10
One of the best surprises. Went TTS and fits a tad big. Maybe size down if you have normal width feet. Very comfortable albeit heavy (~3lbs/shoe!). Has held up to dozens of wears. Embroidered logo (not new font) isn’t the greatest even though there is variation among retails. Shape is definitely bulkier. .7:1-ish. Worth the 158sir gamble. Of course Aich is better, but is it like 10x better to justify the cost? 7/10
  • Balenciaga Speed Trainer (Shirly; EU 43) - 610Y (Don’t see it in her shop anymore)
A little disappointing overall. I love the shoe design, but the quality is not much better than my BM Lin P180s. In fact, the “sole” feels flimsier. Shirly was the only one at the time who had this model. Even now, few do, so I essentially paid an extra 400Y for this design. 6/10 *PandaChen has these for $48 fml.
Top 5 purchase. I freaking love these shoes. Not sure how accurate they are, but compared with online pics, they look at least .8-.9:1. Great details and the uppers are super comfortable, W I D E and C H O N K Y. Actually glows in the dark if it is first exposed to (sun)light. Enormous box. Go TTS or even considering sizing down - Jin was pretty unhelpful with sizing questions (he recommended sizing up) and I had to do an exchange. Requires some breaking in and the insole does not provide great arch support. I ended up inserting a pair of Dr. Scholls and it’s perfect. Is this better than the 480Y batch? Not sure, but I am happy with my choice. Will try the low or mid tier next. 10/10
Pretty sure all the 298Y batches are the same. Great looking shoe and overall very comfortable. Didn’t have the discomfort everyone talks about when breaking them in. I went TTS and it was OK despite everyone saying to size down. If you have wide feet, it’s safe to stay TTS. Does not come with waxed laces. Retails can be had for <$200, with all whites ~$250 through online sales, which I think is worth it because the leather is that much better. 8.5/10
Don’t know how to QC these at all, but from what I understand, they’re about a .7:1, if not less. The sock liner is probably the wrong color and at least 1 or 2 of the corduroy colors are wrong. Also something about the heel tab not being good. I stayed TTS and the shoe fits perfectly. I am very happy with it despite its flaws. The shoes look great, they feel comfortable, and the box and accessories were in good condition. 7/10
Great looking shoe and 1:1 IMO. Comes with extra colored laces, green and orange. Was told to size up half a size and they fit perfectly. The air bubbles are a bit worrying for me as they sometimes make an uncomfortable squishing sound when I walk. Also they feel a bit uneven with there being less pressure under the arches of my foot. Really not a huge deal and I’ll likely get the white ones from Jin. 7/10
Great seasonal shoe and one of my favorite color palettes. Ticks several of the GL QC boxes you can find in this sub or on /repsneakers. Probably .85-9:1. Advised to size up .5 and would recommend you do the same. Not the most comfortable shoe in the world, but it is a looker. And it is a great price compared to other AHEs. 8/10
These are fantastic. There are flaws - something about the tab not being perfect and the gap under the swoosh being too big. However, they’re hard to tell on feet, especially if you wear them down a lot (IMO when the shoe will look its best). Super comfortable, box and accessories are great, and excellent price. Very happy with the purchase. 8/10
Great looking shoe. Not sure about the accuracy, but past reviews have said that they’re really good. Honestly, no one will ever be able to LC them since they’re just not many around. I had a QC issue with mine - make sure to get a HD pics of the strap to make sure the coloring is consistent as mine was blotchy. Fits TTS. Average comfort. Kind of regret selling my pair. May repurchase. 7/10
Bought this for my wife. She rarely wears it even though she says they're “comfortable”. IDFK. It looks pretty accurate to me though when I QC’d it at the end of last year people said it was like .7-8:1. 7/10



Top 5 purchase. Shit just looks wild man. Glad I ended up getting black because the silhouette looks better given how oversized it is. Quality-wise, the shell feels premium and is plenty puffy after putting it in the dryer on air fluff for like 5-10mins. Tags look good as does the logo print. Hood material does not feel like a trash bag, though there is a snap button that is missing the bottom piece. Kinda flat around arm openings, but it will probably work itself out. Sizing was perfect for someone who is between an M and L for an oversized fit. Comes with a pretty cool garment bag that folds into a tote. CloyAd said he only had 8 left, so if you’re looking for a C puffer, this is it! 9.5/10
Bought this sitting in my bed at 3AM because I thought it was funny that it said the item was for fat males. Fits VERY well and has a nice artsy, bohemian, bag man look. Has short arms and may not be the best for layering, so you may want to size up from what you would get. Fabric is a wool mix and kinda scratchy though it is lined with quilted nylon. Medium warmth at best. Nice fashion piece, but for comparison I just bought a JCrew Cashmere-Wool overcoat for $85 with free shipping. 7/10

Light Jackets

Great colors, accurate details & tags, nice nylon and the branding is straight. Some loose threads on the purple stripes. Overall pretty expensive for what it is, and I think it is more due to Balenciaga design than a rep issue. Looks cool until you get it and realize it's like a disposable poncho (ok not that bad). Only buy if you really really like the item. Other posters say it’s 1:1. 6.5/10
  • Balenciaga Distressed Hooded Windbreaker (HenryReps; 48) - 180Y
Not sure if this is a fantasy piece. Cut is weird - very wide chest & waist but narrow shoulders and short sleeves. “Distressed” logo looks quite nice. The tags and chain are nice touches. Has a very thin and oversized hood that is more of a PiTA than helpful. Thin nylon. A few loose threads all over. Zipper is tiny and flimsy. I actually wear this a lot despite its flaws because it is so light and perfect for drizzly weather. 6/10
Pretty sure this is a fantasy piece. Fit is actually pretty great for someone who is between an M and L, and the jacket overall is well-made. Soft-ish nylon material that is not water resistant. Nice details all over from the pull cord hardware to zippers, and stitching. Embroidered logo on the chest is decent - there was a loose thread but I was able to fix it. Also the left “B” is a little crooked. Arrived with stains on the hood; I’ll eventually try to get rid of it, but it can be zipped in a collar compartment. Seller did not accept returns and Superbuy couldn’t/wouldn’t refund. No neck tags. Good value. 6.5/10
Fit and cut are great but the fleece isn’t all that plush or soft though it might work itself out after a wash. Pattern is pretty dull and not as vibrant in the pictures. Not warm at all. A <$20 fleece from Uniqlo or Old Navy is better. But still a cool piece if you’re into the design. 6/10


The reason why this is so cheap is because the sizing is whack. Got a medium and the bust is much smaller than listed. Sleeves that are really short, and was probably for an XS. Overall fit is an XS - S. Material-wise it feels pretty nice - soft if a bit on the thinner side. Fall/early spring weight. Also the badge looks nice, though I don’t know much about QC-ing it. 5.5/10
Appropriate proportions for an oversized fit. Otherwise, much like the other Acne crewneck. Is it worth 3x more? Well when you can’t wear the cheaper one, yes. May buy the hoodie from Topacney. 8/10
Business in the front, party everywhere else. Light to medium weight and surprisingly warm. Nice distressing details (holes on sleeve and turtleneck). Pattern looks accurate, but impossible to tell honestly. Stitching on the badge is pretty bad, but I was able to fix it with tweezers and a boxcutter. Wrong size sent (originally ordered L), but kept anyway. Fits perfectly for someone between M and L. Price OK given its uniqueness as I’ve only seen one seller with this. 7.5/10
1kg hoodie, though pretty much due to size. Print and washed ash color seem accurate. Not that thick and feels more like a cotton-poly material, but it’s reasonably comfortable. Low to medium warmth. WAAAY oversized, even though I don’t think retail is supposed to be. Also not sure if there is supposed to be a Balenciaga logo pressed on at the base of the hood on the back. Amy is the only seller I’ve found with this. Happy to finally have one of my grails (would love the tee) - just wish it were smaller. 7/10
The material is pretty soft, but not as thick as Dude9’s and the print is on point. Medium warmth. The hood is sized correctly. Metal rivets are accurate. Sizing chart is inaccurate and so it is waaay to big for me - very long and the sleeves are far to big around the pit area. The S is like a US XX(X)L. Nice if you’re 6ft+. 6/10
Material is a little rough but decent and a bit thin. The print is great and nice tags. Low to medium warmth. The drawstring holes are poorly embroidered. Sizing chart is WAY off. This fits like a S-M. Pricewise, it can’t be beat, but how do you know what size you’re going to get? 6/10
One of the pieces I was looking most forward to. Should've done more research. Distressing is on point. Light to medium weight knit, but feels like it should be heavier. Has green-ish stripes when retail does not. Logo embroidery is not that thick/filled in and a little misaligned with the stripes though I think it varies with retail. Sherry sent the wrong size but I kept it and it fits well for someone between M and L. Accurate proportions. Generally happy with this piece because it is hard to LC. Also hard to find from someone reputable, but Sherry charges way too much. Fory has a more accurate looking piece for 420Y (200Y+ less). But then again, he is a blacklisted seller, known for baiting and switching. ¯\(ツ)/¯ 6/10
Quality much like the crest hoodie. Sizing chart also off, but not by much. S is more like XS from chart and fits like a US designer M. 7/10
OMG I am sorry for those of you who missed out on this. Definitely the best Weidian purchase by far and among the top reps of the year for me. Sizing is great - fits like a slightly oversized L. Printing is crisp and clear. The material is soft and a lot like the Acne blanks. The embroidered foxes are OK - I think their eyes are a little wonky, but not too bad considering how intricate (and large) they are. 9/10
  • Nike x Supreme Crewneck (Listen Up; L) - 169Y
Top 5 purchase. Honestly looks and feels like anything you can get from Macy's/Champs Sports/Foot Lockeetc for roughly the same price. Just the tag is a little different and there is the SUPREME embroidery on the sleeve. However, I LOVE the fit - just ever so slightly oversized. Also very comfortable (like retail!) and the color is fantastic. It is hype and lowkey simultaneously. Been meaning to get the other colors and matching bottoms. One of my most worn pieces. 9/10
Reviewed to death. Basic-looking, thick, cozy, comfortable. Decent value at ~$20 after shipping. I've bought sweaters from JCrew on sale that were just as nice if not nicer for cheaper. Not sure what the seam down the middle of the back is all about. To nitpick, washed once and it started getting fuzzies. Size up 1 or 2 times. Still, one of my most worn reps lol. 7.5/10
I considered buying at retail before finding reps. Details and tags are accurate and well-done. However, it feels (very) different from retail. Fabric is thinnecoarser, not as luxurious - reminds me of this Champion crewneck I got at Costco. Otherwise it is a great looking piece at a nice price. Size up a 1 or 2x. Ended up no longer liking the aesthetic. 6.5/10


Decent price. Got lucky with a good badge. The fabric is on the thinner side. As a comparison, these are leagues below the quality of my uniqlo x engineered garments polos I got on sale for $10 each, free shipping.. 4/10
  • CDG Grey Polo (3125Tiger; XXL) - 108Y (willing to sell)
Right eye a little messed up. Fabric much like the Moncler polo. Worst thing about this is that the button holes on the placket are unfinished so the buttons don’t stay. 3/10
Very cool piece. Accurate tags and beautiful print. The color appears a bit darker than retail and the material is probably nowhere near retail. It feels a little too plasticy/shiny which is indicative of cheap polyester. One of those pieces where I cared more about design than value because it is WAY too expensive for what it is. 7/10
Fantasy piece, but other than that, same as above. 7/10


  • Ader x Kitsune Embroidered Fox Head Tee White (Hansolo; A1) - 109Y
Fair price. Thick and coarse blank. Embroidery is pretty good though the foxes’ face seem a little janky. Shirt is VERY oversized and long. Would be great for ppl 5’10+. 7/10
  • Ader x Kitsune Foxes Tee White (Black Cat; A1) - 109Y (willing to sell)
Mostly the same as above. The prints on the back all look pretty good. 7/10
Print is crisp. Cheap, polyester-feeling blank. $20+ is a bit much for this shirt, and should be <100 Y. Isn't retail for this <$40? Bought it for my wife and she likes wearing it. 7/10 only because wife likes it.
  • Balenciaga Crest Tee Navy (Tao Seller; L) - 220Y (willing to sell)
Proportioned correctly so fits pretty big - oversized XLish. Soft material, and crisp, accurate print. One of the better quality low-mid tier Balenciaga tees I bought. 7/10
Actually didn’t look too bad, but I wanted to resell after hearing everyones’ issues with this seller’s quality, especially with the Balenciaga shirts. Print looked decent. Red was probably a bit darker than it should’ve been. Proportions were slightly oversized. 6.5/10
Vibrant colors and crisp prints with smooth edges and decent placement. Shirts do not have correct proportions and are TTS. Material a cotton-poly mix. Though these are probably the “cheapest” good-quality/GP’d campaign shirts you can easily find, I still think they’re a little overpriced. But they do look amazing and I wear them all the time. Held up to multiple washings after nearly one year of semi regular wear. Probably my No. 6 top rep of 2019. 8.5/10
  • Balenciaga Cities Tee (Tao Seller; L) - $18.41
Average white tee and good value. Can’t see my brown nips. Print is close to retail. Slightly oversized. Has held up to a few washings. White tag. 6.5/10
  • Balenciaga Atomic Speed Hunters Tee (Black Cat, M) - 170Y
Average tee, OK value. Print was a little grainier than retail IMO. OK blank. Resold because I just couldn’t handle dark clothes since I have a white cat. 7/10
Proper oversized proportions, but a bit long. Fits XL+. Print placement and texture are on point. Tee color is accurate. White tag - somewhat of a B&S because product pic clearly shows black tag. Would not allow a return. Should’ve sized down. Expensive. 5.5/10
  • Balenciaga Fantasy Tye Dye Tee Pink (Tao Seller; S) - 298Y
Bonus points for creativity since I’m pretty sure this is a fantasy design (+.5). Cool tye dye colors and the embroidery looks good. The sizing is REALLY weird for this. Fits like a slightly oversized L - HOWEVER, the neck opening is really small. I can barely get my head through it. I think I saw Sherry with this. 6/10
These shirts are amazing. They fit me so well - slightly oversized L. Material is soft, distressing details are spot on, and the print looks great. Not as loud as other Balenciaga tees. Embroidered logo on the sleeve is also very nice. Priced 50-60Y higher than other sellers even though I’m pretty sure they’re all the same batch. Because of their high prices, I’d say they’re just barely worth it. I will definitely wear these tees a lot. 8/10
Ever so slightly below the KingKongBest campaign tees and ONLY because I like those designs a bit better. Great comfortable blank and perfect print placement and texture. Fits like an oversized L. Excellent value. 8.49/10
Looks very nice and material is great. Size chart is accurate and this fits like a designer L or oversized M. While the print looks great, because it is small, I am worried about how it will hold up in the wash. You can definitely tell that the quality is a little sus. Definitely worth it for the once or twice flex. Tentatively 7.5/10
  • Gucci Cat Tee White (Tao Seller; XXL) - 59Y
Should say “GUCCY” instead of “GUCCI”. Other than that, can’t complain. Blank is softer than most others, so it is very comfortable. Good oversize proportions, accurate tags. 7/10
  • Kitsune Cafe Tee (Hansolo; XL) - 99Y
Top 5 purchase. Sometimes resellers do come through in a big way. By far the best tee of the bunch. Blank is thick, soft and very comfortable - 100% cotton. It actually feels like a luxurious designer tee. The print is bold and crisp. It has held up to multiple washings. 10/10
Overall high-quality. Nice, sharp print on the back. The sewn on part gives the shirt a luxurious texture. Logo and tags look accurate. Reviewed to death as pretty 1:1. However, not really my style, so resold. Tall guys watch out, IDK if there's any size suitable for someone over 6ft or has a long torso. 8/10
  • Palace Forrest Gump Tee (Tao Seller; XL) - 58Y
One of the best values. Average blank, crisp print. Funny. 8/10
Wife loves wearing this tee around the house since it’s her favorite pokemon. Nice print, good value. 10/10 for wife happiness
  • Raf Simons Joy Division Substance Tee (Tao Seller; L) - 169Y (willing to sell)
Generally it looks good. Blank is average. But not a fan of the print application - it’s on very heavy and thick, making the shirt a little stiff in that area. Slightly oversized fit. 6/10
  • Supreme “The Killer” Tee (0832 Club; L) - 99Y (willing to sell)
I bought this because The Killer is one of my all-time favorite movies. Dunno if I'll ever wear it out in public as it is somewhat cringey. Print is on straight. It's a little grainy, but IDK how that compares to retail. Gildan-like blank. 6.5/10


  • Fendi Eyes Terry Shorts (0832 Club; L) - 138Y (willing to sell)
Soft and comfortable. Weird fit - a little too long for my taste. Lowkey - very small logo. Unsure why I bought this though since it’s pretty overpriced. 6/10
  • Beams x TNF Black/Purple Shorts (0832 Club; L) - 168Y
Short shorts. High quality materials and construction. A a little expensive. 7.5/10
Trash bag material that clings to every nook and cranny when wet. I used it a few times this summer, wearing loose swimming briefs underneath (a practice suit). Decent tag. 5/10
  • Rage x TNF Multicolor Shorts (0832 Club; L) - 139Y
I wear this quite a bit. Average nylon quality, but has nice colors and embroidery. Decently comfortable. 7/10
Like the crewneck reviewed earlier, the material is thinner and not as luxurious. All the details are well done though. However, the sewn on tag on the outside has not held up to washes all that well. This fit me the best of the 3 TB items, so I kept it. 6/10
  • Thom Browne 4 Bar Striped Joggers (Little Devil Tide Brand, 4/XL) - 139Y
Same as other TB reviews. 6.5/10



For less than $2, this is perfect. 10/10
Overall good quality. Soft and held up to multiple washes. Had a QC issue that wasn’t found until I received them - the logo is like pressed on and not woven, so my red socks were missing 2 letters lol. Still wear them anyway. Nice little flex. 7.5/10
They’re OK. Not worth it overall. 5/10
Got 5 socks? But out of the 5, maybe 3 are quality enough to potentially pass as legit. Sorta comfortable overall, but not that thick or warm. Synthetic feeling material. Honestly would not recommend. 4/10
The seller Watches Follow/Capture LA (see above) has it for more than half price. Socks are thin. The “Gucci” part of the print is very thin and when you put the socks on, stretches it so that it’s all cracked. Way too expensive. 3/10
Thick-ish and good looking socks. Not necessarily athletic-quality socks, but well-worth the money. 9/10
Actually reflective. Thicker than average athletic socks. Comfortable. Expensive-ish. 8/10
Great looking and great quality. Very happy with them even though they were expensive. Go very well with my Westwood x Asics Hypergels. Ordered both pairs, but seller only sent one. Superbuy could not figure out that I wanted them to get me the second one so I just had it refunded. 9.5/10


High quality - cannot be beat. Thick material, super warm and cozy. Not sure how to QC the badge, but it looks good to me. May be too big? IDK and IDC. 10/10
Wife loves it. Super soft, long and warm. Read somewhere that the badge is not 1:1, but forgot the reason and I can’t QC. There are cheaper versions out there in the 60Y range, but very happy with this purchase. 9.5/10
  • Balenciaga Cardholder (Tao Seller) - 88Y
Pleather feels like it was made from punching bag material. Print is decent. Fairly priced I think. As long as you don’t let other people handle it, you’ll be fine. 6.5/10
  • Balenciaga Umbrella (158sir) - 69Y LMAO idk why. The spring mechanism is all wonky, but generally works. Print looks ok. Does its job. 6.5/10
Looks great and cannot be beat. Not cashmere and feels like the cheap, coarse “pashmina” scarves you see at mall kiosks, but I’m not complaining for less than $5. 10/10
Embroidery is a little wonky - letters all connect, but that is fixable; and not straight. Soft and surprisingly warm. Price cannot be beat. 7/10
A little small and shallow. If you have a big head this is not for you. Probably darker than it should be. Embroidery is actually great. 7.5/10
Probably my worst purchase. The band makes these unwearable because there are like fishing lines that are used to stitch on the tags and that go around the waistband making it so uncomfortable. Also the band folds when you move around. Ended up using them as countertop rags, but they failed at even that. 1/10
ThE Ys DoNT toUCh!!! Stiff “leather”. The print is decent enough, including the stamp. The colors are probably way brighter than retail. But they do look really nice and are very functional. Great value IMO. 7.5/10
Same as above. 7.5/10
Actual pics. Very cute. Comes with light bulbs. Like a dumbass, I didn’t check to see that the plugs are EU, so I had to buy adapters (~$1.50 each). Used these to decorate my baby’s room since he will be born in the year of the rat! Seller has some really cool lighting items. 8/10
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[custom faction] ZERRIKANIA: Vol 4.0

[custom faction] ZERRIKANIA: Vol 4.0

Zerrikania: Vol 4.0

  1. Cards: 1-20;
  2. Cards: 21-40;
  3. Cards: 41-60;
  4. Cards: 61-80;
  5. Cards: 81-100;
New special card category: SONG
New artifact category: Curio, Ammunition
New keywords:
  • Will - Status that prevents a unit to be Seized.
  • Despair - Status that prevents a unit to be boosted (interrupts vitality).
  • Esprit - Boost self by 1 whenever you play a Song.
  • Frenzy - Boost self by 1 whenever an allied unit is destroyed.
  • Valor - On deploy, boost self by 1 for every allied Gladiator.
  • Melting - Status that reduces a unit's armor by 1 on its turn end.
Disclaimer: Zerrikania is not a part of the Nilfgaard faction. I use the black template because I like it more than the neutral brown.


Cards are designed in a way that Tribals and Beasts can work together. However, one can also build a heavy Beast deck, without including Tribals.

Royal Limner counts himself as an Artist so he boost minimum by 1.

It's a mandatory unit for each faction.




There are enough Warriors in the faction to build a deck around them.


Portal friendly engine.




Destroying your own unit will proc all other allied units with Frenzy.

For Bowslinger decks.


Aagh Balaq can give this unit Armor while in hand. Neutral Troubadur can do it, too.

Procs the Dragon Tamer who boost self whenever you spawn a unit.


Can be used offensively as well as defensively, synergizing with Ironclad Rhino. Deploy and Order abilities can used on different units.
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