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I'm more so making this post as a "backup" for this game, cause I'm just trying to clear space on my hard drive. The North American edition, released in 1999, includes ports of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI, while the European edition, released in 2020, includes ports of Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy V. Anthology includes several changes, the most noticeable ones being the CGI openings and closings. Search and Free download all Ebooks, Handbook, Textbook, User Guide PDF files on the internet quickly and easily. Roms Isos PSX, PS1, PS2, PSP, Arcade, NDS, 3DS, Wii, Gamecube, Snes, Mega drive, Nintendo 64, GBA, Dreamcast download via torrent.

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Android Compatibility * "FINAL FANTASY" may not perform as intended on the latest version of Android. It is one of the best software to compose, fix, record, edit, mix and master music. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age - PC Game Trainer Cheat. ROM (ISO) download page for Final Fantasy III (Sony Playstation Portable).

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Ranging from applications and games to gatherings of public-domain software or clip art, the heyday of the CD-ROM is roughly 1989 to 2020. I found a good trainer for my 2nd play-thru. It allows you to convert your assets into mod data and incorporate them into the game world. Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Edition.

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Cannot change language to english When I bought the game, the first screen displayed, the startup screen, is in Japanese. Official community site for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn. The franchise had its first game released in 1987 and has since grown to dozens of titles. Sheet music from Ichigo's comes in 3 or 4 formats, MIDI, MUS, PDF and GIF.

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FINAL FANTASY TYPE 0 HD: Join fantasy world Step into the fray as Class Zero, a group of students from an elite military academy whose. Last week, the creators of an unofficial English translation for the role-playing game Final Fantasy Type-0 announced that they were taking down the patch and all blog posts associated with it. If MS can provide a manual download link to English UK for build 5511 (32-bit and 64-bit), I'd be happy to try it out. It puts the official American translation into the Zodiac edition of the game, along with providing a new translation for the extra text Both the Zodiac and American ISOs are required to build the new English ISO.

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Browse through the best collection of Super Nintendo ROMs and be able to download and play them totally free of charge! Final fantasy type 0 english patch torrent. Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy Type-0 [Mega] [Full English Patched] Sign is this the V2 patch?

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GAMIVO.COM - Cheap Game CD Keys. Share this post. It does not have the functionality for creating and editing assets such as 3D models. Crack is a complete virtual studio for Mac as well as windows.

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Final Fantasy XIII Free Download Full Version PC Game. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is a high-definition remaster of the role-playing video games Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, originally developed by Square (now Square Enix) on the PlayStation 2 in the early 2000s. Title: Today Is My Birthday-CODEX Genre: Adventure, Horror Developer: Wonder Games Publisher: CRYTlVO Release Date: 30 Oct, 2020 Languages: English, Russian File Size: 20.4 GB / Split 5 parts 4.95 GB Compressed Mirrors: Dropapk, Google Drive, Megaup, Onedrive Live, Uptobox, Torrent. Activate your product.

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This is a SkybladeCloud translation. Boy, do I remember this one. Purchase discounted game keys for Steam, Origin, Uplay, Xbox Live, PSN, and more! Free Final Fantasy Type-0 rom for emulators for Android and Windows form 5kroms.


Final Fantasy VIII (2020) - PCGamingWiki PCGW. To start this download, you need a free bitTorrent client like qBittorrent. Dissidia 012 Prologus Final Fantasy. Romhacking.net - Hacks - Final Fantasy Tactics - War of go to these guys.

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Final Fantasy Explorers is a multiplayer action RPG video game for Nintendo 3DS. It will render the scenes into photorealistic images and videos for printing, web, and film projects. Download final fantasy type 0 english patch torrent free shared files from DownloadJoy and other world's most popular shared hosts. Final Fantasy Type 0 Hd Patch Download https://mobilebo.ru/download/?file=349.

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Bradygames Strategy Guide of Final Fantasy VIII for the Playstation. Summary: Modding the JRPG's we all know and love! Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy - RePack by CorePack [30.97GB] This post contains the entire Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy! Galactic Civilizations III Trainer Generation.

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The first step in your adventure is to create your character's traits, including race, gender, face, hair color, body size, job, and nationality. Serial Code For The Sims 3 Into The Future Homer Simpson Doh Sound Screensaver Maker 2.0 Crack 3.0 Optical Flares Keygen Download Wine For Dummies 4th Edition A Little Jazz Exercise Oscar Peterson Pdf Editor Driver Modem Huawei E303 Telkomsel Flash Setting Ace Combat X2 Joint Assault Psp Iso Fabfilter Totalbundle Vst Rtas V1 2 X86 X64 Cracked Free Pat Files For Revital Hosanna In The Highest. Since 1/1/, The Operation Doomtrain Team, has been working on bringing a high quality English fan-translation patch for Final Fantasy Type As of yesterday, it has been released and now available to download ( GB). Steam CD Keys and PC Game Keys - Compare & Buy.

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Download Final Fantasy Type-0 PSP ISO, an action role-playing prequel to FF XIII, a young hero who must protect a sacred crystal from evil. Final Fantasy Type 0 [English Patched] https://mobilebo.ru/download/?file=342.

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[Table] IAmA: a pornographer for 12 years. I shoot/produce and perform in adult movies. AMA NWS

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Have tubes put a dent in your business at all? Huge dent in the business. It is pretty much how Napster effected the music industry. While there are lots of torrents as well, tube sites fulfill that instant gratification that consumers seek when looking for adult content. Since the US Government isn't going to really come after them for copyright violation due to the nature of the content, these sites are able to post massive amounts of videos that they don't own.
Do you think your line of work has had an affect on your love life? By love, I don't mean sex. I mean has it affected long-term relationships? If so, has it been good or bad? Do you think your line of work has given you insight into human sexuality? Do you consider yourself a ladies man (and if so, were you one prior to getting into the industry)? Etc. It is extremely difficult to have a relationship and do this for a living. In all seriousness if I wanted a long term relationship I would probably need to exit the industry. I have tried in the past and at first they are always understanding, but it eventually becomes an issue. I understand why, but I just don't view sex in generally the same way as others. I am not convinced that people are truly monogamous. I think in people's heads monogamy is perfect concept, but we often want or desire others no matter what.
I would say my line of work has more so given my insight into how complex sexuality really is. It has so many layers to it and that is somewhat fascinating to me. It is not as simple as something bad happened to this person, so that is why they are into this or into that.
I'm certainly no "ladies man". That made me chuckle. I've had my luck and certainly my fair share of rejections. I am far too neurotic to be anything like that.
Ever filmed anything that disgusted you? If so, what? I am not a big fan of group sex. I'm slightly germaphobic and once shot this huge orgy for this really big movie. It was all the top performers, about 25 of them having sex in the middle of august and the scene went on for hours and hours. After it was over I went outside and threw up.
Lol please elaborate on the scene... perhaps the name i got to see this. The orgy scene in Fashonistas 2. It featured Sasha Grey in her first scene and included Belladonna, Manuel Ferrara, Erik Everhard, Sandra Romain, Adrianna Nicole, Annette Swartz, Flower Tucci and even more then I can remember. There was so much kinetic energy that after hours of shooting this I think I was so amped out of my mind that my body didn't know how to handle the sensory overload.
Whoa whoa whoa...so you shot Sasha Grey's first scene? Pret-ty cool, man. Did you have a feeling at the time that she was going to get big? She surprised me for sure when she started her scene with Rocco Siffredi and told him to punch her... I remember thinking to myself "did I just hear her really say that?"
Ever work with melissa lauren? when she was younger she looked exactly like my fiance that passed away. just curious. Yeah I shot Melissa when she was fairly new and only spoke French still. I then shot her several times before she left the industry, and she had changed her look and spoke nearly perfect English by then. Real nice girl. She left the business and got married and I think lives in Ireland or something like that. I could be wrong, so don't quote me on it.
Have you ever been shut down by the police or authorities while in the middle of a shoot? Do they fine you for not using condoms? No. The condom ordinance is not being enforced yet, because they have no way to enforce it. The current issue is that while shooting porn is completely legal in California the city of LA requires you to have a film permit. So the LAPD is always on the hunt for non permitted shoots.
Aren't you worried about STD's? We as an industry have a set rule of requiring a panel of tests every 28 to 30 days. There is no law that a test is required, just the industry put this practice into place.
I'm not going to pretend it never happens. Certainly it does on occasion happen, but it is not frequent. Obviously the big concern is HIV, but that hasn't happened on the straight side of the industry since the incident with Darren James in 2004.
HIV testing is getting far more precise and faster detection. The reality is the chances of getting HIV from regular vaginal sex is extremely rare and not something I would even be worried about. I have a better chance of getting killed driving on the 405.
Instead it is more so weird things you have to worry about like Staph Infections or UTI's. Nothing deadly, just painful.
How do they track down an un-permitted shoot? And doesn't that come off as a little bit like profiteering? I mean, doesn't the already stretched thin police force have real criminals to catch and not people who aren't hurting anyone? Tldr; fuck the police. Lately the LADP and Vice have been using twitter and other social networking sites to try and target where scenes or webcam studios are being shot. Also some locations used for shooting are used over and over and are known as adult shoot locations. They attempt to discover those and then will come there. I have even been on set when LAPD will fly over locations that are gated or private to see if they can confirm a shoot is happening.
What about things like the herpes and HPV that you really can't test for...? It seems like these things might break out in normal settings. It is certainly a possibility.
I see you grabbing Lexi's ass in one of the pics, how was it? I've done scenes with her. She is very lovely.
Out of all the girls you've worked with who do you think enjoys performing their scenes the most? Jenna Haze during the heigh of her career was incredible. Rebeca Linares, Rachel Starr, Jada Stevens, Gia DiMarco and Asa Akira all really get into their scenes. It is completely genuine.
From a womans point of view, I really enjoy Asa Akira's movies because of how genuine she seems. For me there are two things that totally turn me off in porn, a woman who looks bored, and a guy who keeps his socks on. I hate socks too. I scream about them on set.
Have you shagged Ms. Linares? She's one of my favorite performers. Quite the hardworking lass, isn't she? I've been lucky to do several scenes with all the girls I mentioned including Rebeca.
Does it piss you off when male performers cannot get "wood"? Yes. Very much so. It ruins your day and can cost lots of money out of pocket. Everyone is relying on them. They can't perform then the day is lost. That is a ton of wasted money.
Is that a big problem (frequency wise)? Not usually, but it depends on the kind of budgets you have and what caliber of male talent you can hire. The best male performers cost a decent amount, but your paying for nearly a guaranteed solid performance by having them.
If that ever happens have you just performed the scenes yourself? Very very rarely. In this day and age everything is shot based on niche and context. If the scene involved specific scenarios I can't just put myself in it.
Have you worked with Tori Black? Yes I have shot and worked with Tori many times.
Also what is the funniest thing you've encountered or seen during a shoot? Your going to hate me but right now I can't recall a really funny or hysterical moment on set. I tend to be kind of serious when I am working so sometimes I get pissed if people goof off too much.
Weirdest thing? Weird is relative, but I would say I think it is really weird when parents drop their kids off on set or come to set to see them.
What's Lexi Belle like in real life? Adorable and very sweet easy going chick.
Yet she hates "male talent." She regularly mocks on twitter male talent falling for her. Well... it is bad for the scene and makes her job far more difficult.
Do you ever meet a girl that wants to get into porn and lol in your head about how unattractive she is? Lots of new perspective female performers stream into LA on a weekly basis. It would be nearly impossible to shoot them all. There are more now then ever. In my situation I'm so after quality over quantity. I tend to shoot the same tier of girls over and over.
Do you find that lesser established photographers will take whatever they can get? Sure... there are low end shooters who will shoot whomever in order to save money or simply to churn out mediocre product.
How profitable is a typical movie? How much money did you make last year? Profit can greatly depend on who is making it and how it is being sold. Also profit of what... the first month of release or the life of a movie or the life of a membership site?
Some movies could yield a very small profit maybe 10 to 15%, while other movies that catch on for whatever reason could easily make a 50% profit.
I personally make in the low six figure range. What people often don't understand is I run a small business. I am a freelancer. So that means I have to cover all my equipment myself, taxes take up a decent chunk of change - it is not cheap doing business in California or LA and then insurance I have to keep. I would be well off if I didn't have any of those expenses.
Are you proud of yourself knowing that you've had sex with females that hundreds of thousands of loads have been blown to? It is not really my personality. I'm far too neurotic of a person. I'm extremely tough on myself.
How old were you when your learned Unix and how you learn it? Like a certain book or website. Well I was in my early 20's. I first started using it for course work at UMASS and just began spending lots of time interacting with my shell account. Before UNIX I learned VMS, which was such an awful OS. I also worked as a student for a UNIX admin and he taught me so much stuff about UNIX. In terms of books though I basically consumed every O'Reilly book on UNIX I could.
I was in my early 20's and I learned it from alot of books, mostly O'Reilly books and also from a Senior Admin that I worked under before becoming an Admin myself.
I have but one question... What do you feel about condoms in porn? I think they ruin the fantasy. Just like if you saw wires on a stuntman in a movie.
Yout mentioned you performed as well, was that planned, or were you "filling in" for someone at the time, or just got aroused and joined in? I mentioned Joey Silvera in my main post. Joey really pushed me to try it. His reasoning is you can't be a good shooter, if you don't understand what performers mentally have to endure. He was 100% right. You learn so much about yourself and it really helps you direct the talent much more effectively.
Heheh "pushed you into it" Certainly ED drugs are a factor, but it is not something out in the open. Usually we can tell when someone takes them because there face is very flushed and red. The problem with ED drugs is often it can cause problems for the pop shot. It tends to inhibit this.
Is viagra and other drugs like that common in the industry? Another thing sometimes used is a precursor to ED pills. It is called Caverject and it is something you can actually inject into the tip or shaft of the penis. However, it is not designed for frequent use and because of that can cause problems down the road.
How many of the stars have you had sexy time with? I've probably done about 100 scenes... maybe more. You also tend to "date" or socialize with the people you work with. I feel weird giving it an exact number, but a decent amount I guess would be the answer.
Do you like the variety? Do you think having sex with the same person 400x times would be better or worse than having sex with 400x different people? I mean I won't lie pretend like it isn't nice having a variety. I think men like new sex partners like women love new shoes.
I can't really comment on whether it is better then having sex with the same person 400 times, because it is really up to the individual what they prefer.
I found that if I do things I enjoy doing at work, such as programming, can get old and its harder to enjoy them while at home since I did it all day. Does sex ever become like this for you? Not sex really, but there are times when I am like "if I have to pick up this god damn camera one more day in a row..." I hate bringing my camera to any social event because then it feels like I am working.
Classy and modest! I can't say I would be the same if I were in your position. I would probably wake up every day grinning like a fool because I make six figures having sex with dream girls and coming up with funny porn dialogue. I would be a cocky bastard, how do you do it? Hahaha... I'm not sure how to answer that. I can't take myself that seriously. I could also wake up tomorrow and it could all be over. I don't really sit around and do any sort of self congratulations. It simply isn't my nature.
How do I participate in a Bukkake? Fly to Japan? It isn't something very often shot here in the states anymore. Very rare now.
The Cum On Her Face, Tampa Bukkake, Brandon Iron stuff isn't shot in the states still? There are a ton of blow bangs/ bukkake scenes.. Guess you would know better than I though.. Brandon Iron hasn't lived in the US for a couple years.
How big is your dick? I've never measured it.
If you could travel in time and have sex with one person that has ever lived, who it would it be and why? Wow... great question. I need to think on this one...
I've seen some "ropes" that were just insane. Are they all natural? If not what is the fake jizz made out of? Peter North is often the king of the large pop shot. At the end of the day it is pretty much all genetic. However, things like Zinc due seem to increase the volume, but not really the force behind it.
Fake cumshots - ie Cumshot Surprise - is made from baking soda mix. Pina Colda wasmore so in the past. For photos the cleanser Citaphil is also used.
Ever get sprayed with jizz, while on set? Haha.. no. It is usually aimed towards the female talent. They would have to literally turn around and aim for me or the pop shot would need to be the "magic bullet" pop shot.
I apologize if this is a dumb question. In a lot of movies, the set is often in a really nice expensive house. Who owns these houses? What's the process involved in finding a set? Great question. We use the same location agencies that mainstream uses. Basically homeowner of the super nice house decides they want to make extra money and rent their house out. They contact location agency and list their house for rent for shooting. The agent in turn asks if they will allow adult. Some homeowners will and some won't.
I then book the house through the agent and pay typically an hourly or full day rate to use their house as a location to shoot at.
Are owners allowed to stick around and watch the scenes being filmed? are they asked to leave the premises? It is in very bad taste if they are creepy and watch. They will basically ruin their side business because no one will come back and shoot at their place.
After you shoot a video, do you always have to to "jerk one out"? No... there is so much work that goes into shooting a scene that it doesn't really even cross my mind. Your more focused on the job at hand.
Ever have to send a girl home because she's too ugly? I know who I am shooting before hand. The only reason a girl might get sent home if she suddenly has a tattoo that is new and not accounted for or has radically changed her look, like her hair. Also if she has any kind of bruising, that can cause a girl to be sent home.
Are new tattoos bad or a health risk? Not bad, it is just that you could be shooting a specific piece of content that might be geared towards the girl not having them. If she suddenly shows up with a giant tattoo then she can't really do the scene.
Have you ever jacked off to one of your own videos? Many many times.
Porn dicks.. who had the most impressive? In terms of size it would be guys like Mandingo, Lex Steele, Shane Diesel.
Do you ever use a stunt cock? Not really... obviously shoot all the established male performers in the business as well.
Are you willing to shoot transgender or gay films? I have shot TS content... I worked for Joey for years. He is the king of the TS genre.
At some point does even porn become mundane? I mean I guess it can. I think its obvious I really enjoy what I do for a living, but I understand outside my little bubble it is very strange to the regular world. I guess for me the mundane parts are the daily conversations I have the most people would be embarrassed over. I would say it is more about it just becoming "normal" rather then mundane. I have to get my blood drawn every 28 days. That seems strange to most people, but after doing it for nearly 10 years I don't even think about it anymore.
While I doubt anyone would shit on making a great living and love it at the same time how does your family feel about it? It is what it is. Entertainment. But I'm sure every family has a few people that just don't approve. Not that "cousin Jill's" opinion changes anything. I am not very close to my family. I don't have a bad relationship with them, but I just don't have anything in common. Before I used to feel bad for that. I just eventually realized I am more own person and we can agree to disagree. Certainly it is not viewed well, but I don't do drugs. I don't even consume alcohol. My only vice is my strong interest in sex. It certainly doesn't help mend fences, because it is somewhat this elephant in the room.
Let's face it, people watch porn to get off. But in your situation you can't exactly whip out your dick and start. Do you have a method of reducing hard-ons and/or controlling them? It is not something that happens for a variety of reasons. Namely, I am around this nearly everyday. Your also on a set. There are lots of people on set with you. It isn't this very intimate surrounding. The companies I produce content for take it seriously and so the environment is serious. Your also working, often hard. Lots of things that have to be completed and only so much time to do them in. So you end up focusing on the task at end and creating the product and not on yourself.
Kevin Moore, as in Ex-Dream Theater keyboardist? HAHA... I wonder if he knows...
Have you ever worked with James Deen? Many many times...
Do you know my friend Fazle? I've never had the joy of meeting Fazle. I wonder if we met if the universe would explode... or implode.
Also, was it easy for you to make the transition into the adult film industry? No - not easy at all. For some reason though I was focused and kept at it and it paid off. It is fairly easy for girls. If your serious and want to get into it on the performing side feel free to contact me: [email protected].
How much money would my wife make if she did pron? Depends how attractive she is, what kind of scenes she is willing to do and how well of a performer she would be. If she is a dead fish, then not much. The sky is limit otherwise.
Do the actors ever have sex off camera just for fun? or hook up after "work" ? Yes it happens frequently. You tend to date the people you work with and since the performers have sex with each other anyways, it makes sense they would take it off camera.
Is Gianna Michaels really that intimidating? I feel like SHE fucks YOU and not vice versa, no matter who you are. Yes, Gianna has a very strong personality. She is tall and has a very "tom boy" vibe to her.
Horde or Alliance? I have both, but mostly played Alliance. My main is a druid healer.
Kevin Moore? Here's my question, why did you leave Dream Theater? Was it a conflict of personality with the rest of the band, or did you just move beyond progressive music as a whole? Funny.
Again, I know you can't speak for other peoples experiences but I have always been curious about what the world really is like. I've always told people if you came to a set you would quickly find out how boring it all is. Anyone of truly close friends that I have brought to set always says that to me.
Dude are you totally psyched for counter strike go or what? No, I never much liked CS. I was always a much bigger Quake fan and I like that sort of hyper universe of rocket jumping and strafe jumping. I love the speed that Quake was at. I don't like realism in video games.
You tend to shoot mostly Gonzo/ plotless type movies. Do you have any interest in more scripted work? I actually shoot a ton of features as a camera operator and photographer. I just don't work as a director. For the last five years I've shot for this romance company called Sweetheart Films and Sweetsinner Films.
Do you ever collaborate with other film companies, like Max Hardcore, Or Kelly Madison Productions, or Porn Fidelity or other people in general? I work as a camera operator and photographer for other directors. So I collaborate with people all the time. Just none of the ones you mentioned.
I'm a dude, 24. I would love to star in a porn flick. Not embarassed at all to get a woody or be naked in front of people. Im down, wanna hire me for a shoot? I don't risk money on unproven new guys. I leave that up to other studios and the agents that bring new talent into the industry.
Do you play quake today? Quake Live? I'm so pissed.. went to play some quake live and my account from the fucking beta was pruned. Really depressed me... lost all my achievements.
Not sure if I missed it, but what is the state of your current editing rig? And do you find your cat is judgemental? That is sweet innocence exposed to a different view of the world. Kev0r editing vids in tighty whiteys. I have a 8 core Mac Pro with 16 gigs of RAM and three monitors. I edit on Final Cut.
Me and my girlfriend like shooting nude pics of her, do you have some tips and tricks to make em more proffesional? As in poses, angles and photoshopping. Lighting is really the key. You can have a mediocre camera but if you understand great lighting the photos will look good. Also software like Lightroom will also allow you to really get the most out of your photos. I would suggest reading up as much as you can about lighting techniques, especially ones with demonstrations and some good tutorials on how to touch up with Lightroom.
Are those fuck team videos actually porn stars with regular guys? Yes - but the guys aren't always regular guys. Some are, but they also hire ringers, which are new guys trying to get into the business or guys that don't work very often.
True story, the kid with the curly hair from Project X was in a scene for fuck team five.
Random Question: Statistically, they say the Internet is about 40% porn. What percentage of porn do you believe you starred in or directed? Out of ALL the porn that has EVER been produced? Jesus maybe 5%... maybe even less.
I shoot about 20 to 25 scenes a month on average. That is 240 scenes a year... probably about 2500 scenes in ten years.
Which pornstar was your best fuck? Geez... so many it is hard to compare. Jenna Haze, Rebeca Linares, Rachel Starr, Jada Stevens, Gia DiMarco, Erica Fontes...
Here is my question, Have you bought any good games on the Steam Summer Sale? Honestly have not. I think the last game I bought on steam was Rage and DeusEx: Human Revolution
What is the average size of most of your male performers when fully erect? Probably somewhere between 8 to 10 inches.
So what are the relationships like between people in the industry? Like if I was you in that picture with Lexi, I'd just say hey, kiss her, and put my finger in her butt. If I wanted to put my finger in Lexi while I said hi to her would she mind? I'm nearly positive she would mind.
How does the taxpayer learn about this in the first place. I had no idea this was going on. It is even more complicated then that.
There is this whole issue now with condoms. It is so complicated I'm not even sure how to explain it but basically this group called AHF was able to get the city of LA to pass an ordinance that condoms were now required for adult movies. It will also be on the November ballet for the entire county.
Now the city and county are having to try and enforce this and they have no clue how to. It is a giant cluster fuck.
Do you ever film gay porn. I know it's not your typical shoot but I'm sure sometimes offers just come through. It's not like it's remarkably different. This isn't really a question but a quick search shows that you have quite the nice hammer. The two industries are very separate. Gay performers aren't as comfortable around straight shooters. It is better to have gay shooters do the job. You would think it isn't that different, but it is.
I want to see a porno where the two people are having sex and then they tell each other "I love you". The Romance series from New Sensations and/or Sweetsinner Films.
I hate to rain on the parade and be a grammar Nazi, but PLEASE, for the love of all that is holy and/or unholy, use the correct version of "you're." Reading "your" as a replacement for "you are" brings up awful memories of high school and the often low IQ students within. I am literally replying to hundreds of messages and staying up late on night. I really don't care if you have an issue with it. The amount of time and effort to keep replying at a brisk pace is going to incur misspellings. Get over it.
Haha holy cow i read about the drama between you and patrick bateman just the other day. No drama... he had far more drama from the guy who called the FBI on him.
Kevin, i think, that Reddit as whole would like to hear more about wang fractures. Guys breaking their dicks? It absolutely happens. It is grisly from the details I got about a year ago from someone who was present during one of these accidents.
The girl was in reverse cow girl and she was going pretty hard and the guy popped out of her and she came down very hard on his dick basically breaking it. They described it as blood just shooting out of it non stop and the whole thing turning purple. He eventually had to get surgery and lost an inch or two on the length of his penis.
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  • Everyone should be duel-careered
    • jobs should be opposite, to give a balanced, healthier life
    • jobs will ideally be oppositely seasonal, so that it's easier to find work when one job is lost
    • industry should expect and promote this, and make it illegal to punish employees for it
  • Soldier vs. Guru Complex
    • at the height of every man is a soldier that would fiercely defend every inch of his space, and a loving guru that would share the universe with you
    • the soldier gives space for gurus to exist, if they choose
    • the guru take that space and create intense quality time, which gives pause to the soldier who should seemingly naturally take over and always be in war
  • Admit which alter you worship during oath in court
    • "I pledge to tell the truth, so help me _________"
    • eg. so help me God
    • eg. so help me Feminism
    • eg. so help me Hedonism
    • eg. so help me Humanism
  • Mainstream gun
    • companies are blackmailed for employees that exercise freedom of speech that is against the mainstream
    • companies create contracts that allow them to fire the employee for making them look bad
    • mainstream thought is a gun that suppresses freedom of individuals
  • The myth of special access to truth
    • why we put Kings, Queens, politicians, religious leaders, etc on a pedestal
  • Critique on capitalism vs communism
    • free thought is detrimental to a Communism regime's ability to plan the future and often requires the suppression of free speech.
  • stop supporting child labor
  • story of the rich hedonist in burning house
    • invited to a mansion house
    • rumor spread that the house is burning, but you see the master of the house has not left, and denies that the house is burning
    • people begin to leave, but you remain, as the master of the house remains
    • you smell smoke, but you remain, as the master of the house remains
    • you see fire down the hall, but it should be easy to take care of, so you remain, as the master of the house remains
    • you see the fire coming closer, but you are reassured that it will be taken care of right away, and the master of the house sits a few feet away from you, so you remain, as the master of the house remains
    • the fire has surrounded you on all sides and you cannot escape. It has come so close that the master of the house lights his cigar by extending his hand out. He then grins at you. You ask the master of the house, "Why didn't you leave when we had a chance to survive?", and he says with a devilish grin, "I lived a very good life, and had to fantasies of living forever."
  • Inconvenient Truths
    • eg. IBM sold computers to the Nazis
      • the Confederate Flag was called "The White Man's Flag" and was created by a racist
      • JFK's family got rich from bootlegging
      • George Washington owned slaves
    • everyone has blood on their hands
    • we rationalize that our continual use of object/company/etc is justified because we didn't do it ourselves
    • there should be a law that certain Inconvenient Truths are routinely exposed, else, morally bankrupt society
  • "Capitalist Conundrum"
    • would more profits be better for society (trickle down economy) vs. would more morality be better for society
    • answered in U.S. court: focus goes to shareholders
    • end result: society became morally bankrupt
    • creates two handcuffs: don't take law into your own hands AND don't take morality into your own hands
  • Cartoon World: distinguishing vs. confusing
    • Character: patron of the nihlist movie theatre of apathy

Create a Global Tribe

  • second family
  • insiders
    • from various industries: health, law, education, politics, business
    • from other countries: help bring overzealous nations back to balance
  • graduations / levels
    • provide right of passage
    • show community how advanced you are in your spiritual development
  • a default Will
    • have a plan for how the tribe will look after financial assets, family members, etc, if you die
  • new world order
    • own our own banks and credit companies
      • interest payments will go towards local and global tribe, and charities vetted by tribe
    • global tribe, since the world is now global, that records to reward
      • blockchain of sin
      • prevent people from simply traveling to escape past evil acts
    • we're at the corner of "religion and church is obsolete + women's rights", producing cucked wankers instead of men and women
    • serve the needs of men and women
    • see life as ongoing educational process
      • problem without routine "church" is that you don't know when or what you're suppose to learn next, and end up crying for help last minute instead of being proactive and productive, healthy, and happy
    • problem with "mainstream law/education" is that it's often geared for either commercial consumption or military power, and does not have your best interests in mind
    • we need to make our own rules
      • today, majority rule create and control laws that govern a physical region, forcing people to be busy creating social groups so that leaders can call in favours to vote biasedly instead of intelligently on the issue
      • internal conflict can cause cognitive dissonance or refusal to vote, leading to lower voter turnout
      • we need the power to redefine federal, state, or municipal laws regarding morality WITHOUT physical boundaries


  • create digital countries, registered with UN and sponsoring nation
    • starting from the home
    • ceremony for new citizens of your iNation
    • citizens revokes sponsor-nation's laws, exception murder and being forced to stay
    • citizens accept new laws specific to that iNation
  • digital currency; possible to get paid in your own digital currency
  • duel-citizenship; iNation flag must embed sponsor-nation flag
  • home not regulated by sponsor-nation
  • spread out to iNeighborbood, iBorrow, iTown, and iCity
  • give up certain rights
    • libel: cannot personally participate in sponsor-nation media, but possible through your own digital media
    • drugs: cannot get drugs from, or distribute to, sponsor-nation citizens, but possible to create your own
    • murder: should remain illegal
  • "four corners of heaven"
    • if people are allowed to live (no murder) and leave (no slavery), then the rest of the world should cease to exist within the four corners of that room
  • all visitors of an iNation must be registered online, like a visa

Create a new country/state


Past countries all exist due to forced (with threat of, or actualized, death) negotiations between opposing groups (churches, kings, farmers, etc)


Create a new land that is not founded on bloodshed, and is not created simply to appease existing special interests
  • harbour the best minds in the world
  • groom future world leaders
  • demonstrate a better way of life
  • focus on the individual, not just the collective, not just the economy, etc.
  • constitution will combine sex, relationships, spirituality, science, technology, drugs, health, fitness, wealth distribution
  • mix of cultures
    • Latin: bold, sexual, emotional, passionate conversation
    • Asian: pragmatic, fluid, light weight, long-term
    • East Indian: spiritual acuity and integrity
    • Native American: Earth, nature, history, groundedness
    • Ethiopian: friendship, oneness, sun, spirituality, wisdom
    • French: ideological fire, passion for food
    • Italian: passion for art and food
    • English: proper social etiquette
    • German: strong work ethic, unafraid of nihilism, philosophical rigour
    • Canadian: peaceful coexistence, spacial harmony
    • Brazilian: sexuality, musicality, physically beautiful, playful
    • American: righteous intensity of now, eye of the eagle
    • Hawaiian/Caribbean: take it easy, breath easy, stay wet
  • Follow the Leader
    • any community should be able to create it's own legally binding constitution
    • the national constitution will be the default constitution
    • certain laws may need negotiation
    • eg. if murder is allowed, the state/country may require that every community member be video recorded acknowledging this potential danger
  • Forked laws
    • laws should be forked and subscribed to (like Git) instead of majority rules and overwriting, esp. for minor laws
    • avoid risk of repeating history as soon as a previous law is forgotten from common memory
  • Residential boroughs should have their own federal/provincial laws
    • happier communities are more productive, pay more taxes, cause less trouble, etc.
    • stop the constant land grab problem around the world
    • stop the "majority rules" unfairness
    • majority rules are better fit for trivial things that are soon forgotten right after the vote
    • public spaces adhere to the "default law of the land"
  • "Wanksterism"
    • create dedicated spaces (eg. provinces/states) where Wankers ("Stage 1 adults"; people who don't give a fuck) live together in a degenerate status
    • entry and exit highly controlled
    • exit might be prohibited (eg. extreme degenerates may be legally prohibited from leaving)
    • no children allowed: no children can join, no one is physically able to get pregnant
    • all laws and culture (philosophy, music, art, politics) changed to suit their lifestyle
    • remove burden on "Stage 2 adults" who need to focus on raising the next generation of humanity
    • we don't share national programming (tv shows, air time, radio time, etc.)
    • we don't pay their health bills
    • we don't argue endlessly about their trivialities
    • we don't allow them to vote on important national issues (federal elections, etc)
  • "Bottle-neck Project"
    • what are all the bottle-necks that limit us today and shape the way we live
    • experts in different fields contribute
    • overall model can show what might change if only bottle-neck A was removed vs. only B vs. A and B
  • societies should have a vision that outpaces changes of government power
    • how long can we continue having a potentially completely different vision every 4 years?
    • this makes us vulnerable to a cycle of creation and destruction, a zero sum game
  • towns, cities, states/provinces, countries should run like experiments
    • every location should have a defined objective and a measure of success
    • non-successful locations should be recycled or destroyed
  • Adam Smith's unnamed fourth order
    • we assume government is the unbiased fourth order that helps the other groups live together
    • as we've seen, the first order has been allowed to interfere in society and government, so we must carve out a fourth order under law
    • the fourth order will live off-the-grid
    • not dependent on corporations
    • not dependent on regular citizens
    • similar to Buddhist monks
    • not similar to organized religion that has a huge preoccupation with finances
    • chief role is to be less biased in research, education, and decision making
  • "Counter-Balance Democracy"
    • funding for government agencies and profits of private corporations have outpaced society's ability to be an effective force to keep them ethical
    • every government agency and corporation should have an anti-government agency and anti-corporation that serves to keep them inline.
      • similar to the FBI, but even the FBI needs an anti-FBI
  • "No President should fear public scrutiny of his program. For from that scrutiny comes understanding; and from that understanding comes support or opposition. And both are necessary."
  • "Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed -- and no republic can survive."
  • "That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. And that is why our press was protected by the First Amendment-- the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution
    • not primarily to amuse and entertain, not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental, not to simply "give the public what it wants"
    • but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion."
    "This means greater coverage and analysis of international news It means greater attention to improved understanding of the news as well as improved transmission. And it means, finally, that government at all levels, must meet its obligation to provide you with the fullest possible information outside the narrowest limits of national security - and we intend to do it."
    "Now the links between the nations first forged by the compass have made us all citizens of the world, the hopes and threats of one becoming the hopes and threats of us all. In that one world's efforts to live together, the evolution of gunpowder to its ultimate limit has warned mankind of the terrible consequences of failure.
    And so it is to the printing press - to the recorder of man's deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news - that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: free and independent."
    -- John F. Kenedy


  • Canadian government spreading propaganda in social networks
  • 360/Total Exposure Interviews and Conferences
    • politicians must open themselves to all manners of contradiction
    • eg. politicians often blatantly lie about statistics, or about what they have said in the past
    • fast fact checking must be deployed during interviews
  • limits on ability to wage war
    • should not be able to initiate war on foreign soil without vote from the people
    • starve military by not sending children to unprovoked war
  • hold George Bush administration accountable for war crimes
  • truth and reconciliation is needed
    • war
    • 9/11 false flag
    • over-throwing and assassinating past foreign governments
    • Blackwater mercenaries
    • recruiting children for military from school cafeterias
    • stop cycle of sending poor citizens to die for rich elites who don't send their own children to war
      • eg. new law: all elites, and their children, must enroll in the military
    • sex abuse
    • pedophilia rings
    • privacy, security
    • CIA/FBI/NSA/NIST corruptions
    • environment
    • oil companies against climate change and electric cars
  • we should be aware of secret societies and secret knowledge (aka occult)
    • satanism

9/11 Truth Movement

  • illegitimate organizations
    • Patriot Act: rushed in after fake 9/11 attack to gain power
    • NSA: massive spying, hacking on citizens, private business, and foreign governments
    • NIST: propaganda masked as science
    • Government: propaganda masked as 9/11 commission report; history of false flags
    • Mainstream news: cheering on the war
    • Wall street: not investigating who traded pull options and profited $15 billion
    • Disney: tried to prevent Miramax from publishing Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary
  • illegitimate individuals
    • George Bush
    • Dick Cheney
  • Larry Silverstein admits to giving order to "pull it" for WTC 7 building
  • Norman Mineta said that the vice president refused to give the order to scramble jets
  • changes made just a few months before 9'11 to give Vice President sole control of military strike to take down hijacked planes
  • think tank report, "Rebuilding America's Defenses", eludes to need of new Pearl Harbor
    • Vice President and Secretary of Defense were part of report
  • use lessons learnt from Dreyfus Affair
    • solicit a trusted writer to publish news articles on 9/11 Truth
  • websites
    • ae911truth.org
    • 911scholars.org
    • journalof911studies.com
    • 911untersuchen.ch
    • beyondmisinformation.org
  • lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
  • professor David Ray Graffin
  • WTC 7 demolition took months to plan, which means 9'11 was likely also planned
  • the collapse of WTC 7 will become the symbol of the collapse of the industrial empire of America, and the industrial age, making way
    • due to the ignorance of the information revolution that had already began (cameras + internet)
    • it took 9 seconds for the industrial empire of America to collapse
  • Playing/evoking God should be illegal
    • problem
      • "If you don't sell your house to buy my gallon of oil, which I think is fair, then you and your family, and nation, will die. So do as I say."
    • solution
      • make it illegal to leave a country behind
        • lead to Nazi Germany
        • possibly lead to 9/11 false flag and never ending "war against terrorism"
      • economically: global resources should be shared fairly, no price gauging


  • corruption of generational wealth
  • divide between open approach vs. closed approach
    • open approach
      • made up of spiritual, trans-human, transcendent people
      • core of the Earth, middle Earth
      • responsible for creating sustainable systems for the preservation of the Earth
      • willing to be fully, 100% transparent all the time (video recording)
      • have the ultimate say in global affairs, caretakers of the planet
      • these people have always sought oneness with "god", and would likely live together very well
      • being increasingly one body would be an industry for them, a very high goal
        • eg. telepathy, the singularity, etc.
    • closed approach
      • inherit sustainable, technological cities and game it
        • add capitalism, communism, democracy, anarchy, money, etc.
      • people can freely choose which game city they want to live in
    • theory
      • transparency, spirituality, and environmentalism run opposite to having fun, live for myself, selfishness
      • we still need to live with each other, we only have one Earth
      • spiritual, transcendent people can't contribute in the same way as others, but are critical to the success of our species, and are often prevented from making progress due to the closed approach people
  • be able to vote for "None of the above"
    • Neil Degrasse Tyson (1, 2)
  • Centre for Humanity
    • teach enlightenment
      • think for yourself!
      • mandatory critical thinking course
        • advertising
        • news
        • government
        • history
      • propensity for laziness
    • deprogramming
      • helping people leave controlling people, cults, and beliefs
      • proper understanding of government/power corruption
        • 9/11 false flag
        • MKULTRA
    • community outreach
      • work on eliminating homelessness
    • counseling
      • family and relationship issues
      • work issues
      • business issues
    • free education (computers, online courses, tutors)
    • quality entertainment
      • TV programs
        • science and technology
      • summer camps
      • kids programming
        • Bill Nye the Science Guy
        • Sesame Street
        • Reading Rainbow
    • sponsor local sport teams
    • encourage members to join Honesty Inc.
    • report bad activities to Dishonesty Watchdogs Inc.
  • Dishonesty Watchdogs Inc.
    • opposite of Honesty Inc.
    • we tag people who have a history of bad morals and ethics
      • eg. help organize and fund movements against Scientology
  • Honesty Inc.
    • voluntary oath/covenant with democratic society
    • all members of Honesty Inc. vow to be transparent, honest, etc.
    • all members issued QR code business card for quick lookup of honesty report
    • all members agree to more severe fines than mandated in law
    • help change "Economics of Ethics" to better reward honest employees
      • employers excited to Honesty Inc. employees to lower damages caused by dishonest employees
      • help protect and fund whistle-blowers
      • creative punishments
        • plagiarizers must sign all written works with notice that they plagiarized in the past
  • Improve forms of knowledge
    • level 1: books represent monologues, thus perpetuate hierarchical, static forms of knowledge (religion), power (dictatorship, monarchy), and politics (autocracy)
    • level 2: conversations represent dialogues, thus perpetuate oscillating, two-sided, polar opposite forms of knowledge (antagonistic), power (privilege), and politics (oligarchy)
    • level 3: wikis represent "the 3rd perspective"/distributed dialogues, thus perpetuate kinetic, evolving, self-aware forms of knowledge (), power (democratic), and politics (republic)
      • books should be treated as multi-dimensional, ongoing projects
        • as soon as it's published, it becomes exponentially out of date
        • alleviate us from the fetch-read-unknown correction learning cycle we have today
        • dimensions
        • language
        • social justice: racism, sexism, etc.
        • reading level: readable for grade X, Y, and Z
        • concepts: phrases, sentences, paragraphs can be tagged with a concept
        • responses: confirmation, rebuttal
        • historical: precursors to explain context, aka "History Now"
    • each level represents what is deemed self-evident at that time and place
      • level 1: unbalanced, unilateral power of nature over man
      • level 2: dialog between fellow men, fight for control
      • level 3: dialog of common causes, interdependence, spirituality
    • books should be transformed from static texts to dynamic, evolving "book projects"
  • E-democracy
    • scale opinion polls to everyone in the entire country or world
  • Global Governance
    • World Union should own all land
      • plots of land can be licensed/purchased to sovereign countries, just like land is owned by governments and purchased by citizens
    • World Union should collect tax from countries
      • use taxes to enforce transparency laws, human rights laws, environmental protections, etc.
    • World Union would use direct/liquid democracy
    • World Union would make it harder for special interests and corporations to dominate politics
    • World Union could revoke a country's license if it doesn't meet the needs of the people
      • countries would be held responsible for providing a certain level of education and healthcare
    • corporate executive bonuses should be held for review by a neutral 3rd party every year
      • allow employees to anonymously file complaints
      • allow auditors to make sure bonuses were earned ethically
      • unethical practices would be presented to employee union and investors
      • employee union and investors could vote on what to do with the bonuses for that year
  • changingminds.com
    • state your opinions
    • when they change, explain why they changed
    • common hashtags for opinions
  • "Digital Agenda Trees"
    • organizations, political parties, etc publish their agendas
    • individuals sign up to organizations
      • subscribe to new agendas
      • subscribe to changes to existing agendas
      • subscribe to removal of existing agendas
    • agenda wiki
      • individuals use agenda pens to make changes (comments, corrections, suggestions, etc)
      • aggregate agendas and publish statistics
        • per topic/city/country/global
        • annual report on most active agendas
  • Global database of personal agendas and politics
    • allow for transitioning of positions over time
      • don't paint people into a corner forever
    • allow groups to avoid people with conflicting agendas
    • allow individuals to author their past and present positions, and explain why the transitioned each time
  • Government and police prosecuting on Twitter and Facebook
  • Defamation of Statistics crime
    • new law to prevent the creation, distribution, and misrepresentation of bad statistics
      • in government: Senate, parliament, policies, speeches
      • in education: universities
      • in media: journalists, books
    • "Claim Box"
      • original research authors must create Signed/Safe Sentences that are easy to understand, yet accurately reflect the research results
    • Department of Bad Statistics/Misinformation
      • index known bad statistics
      • respond to internal requests for clarification on stats
      • verify speeches and policies do not contain bad stats
      • can connect with foreign governments
    • stats should have chain of trust
      • paper's SHA512 is signed by researchers
      • researchers are signed by department
      • department is signed by university
      • university is signed by government
      • government is signed by UN
      • UN key is universally known
    • standard safety ratings
      • E0: bad claim: straight lie, trivially true
      • E1: bad construction: biased sampling, misleading survey questions, not double-blind
      • E2: bad sampling: relatively small sample size
      • E3: bad review: not peer reviewed
      • E4: bad claimbox: missing claimbox, vague claimbox
      • G: good: no problems found


  • Corrective Information
    • we need a news media that always pairs liberal and conservative opposing perspectives for every article
    • algorithms change from "This is what you might like to see" to "This is something you haven't seen yet and might need to see"
    • avoid polarization, which leads to radicalism and extremism
    • split every page and article down the middle using a standard "S"-like symbol to signify the opposing perspectives
    • QR codes for print media
      • redirect to online article containing corrections
    • network of references, criticism, quotes, etc.
  • The Geo-Political Landscape of Earth
    • dedicate parts of the world to different politics permanently
    • everyone is free to move anywhere they want
    • sign contract for 1 year, then mandatory check-in with border
      • declare if you want to stay or leave
        • ensuring freedom of thought/belief evolution
      • everyone checks-in at the same time
        • is no pressure/threat to stay, and can completely dissolve at once
      • ensure purpose driven life and lifestyle
    • possible solution to North Korea, and similar dictators
    • spacing may be organized by the Power-Politics Continuum
    • allows for non-violent, timely evolution of populations from primitive tribalism to global enlightened humanity
    • examples of political-personal geographies
      • communist: for those that don't care about profit making, high taxes, free healthcare
        • socialists, old-aged, disabled, female-energy driven
      • capitalist: for those that want to make a profit, low taxes, private healthcare
        • hedonists
      • liberal: for those that hold freedom of speech as most important
        • intellectuals, artists, masculine-energy driven
      • anarchist: for those that want the least possible government
        • Islam, Zionists, tribes
  • The Human-being Manifesto
    • we are all born free, and must always remain free if we expect lasting global peace
      • freedom of travel (between global geographies)
      • freedom of politics (sex, religion, etc)
      • we all share ownership of the entire planet
      • we all have an equal duty to care for the planet
  • The Power-Politics Continuum
    • is it possible to create a 3D model of the dynamic relative relationships that certain types of politics have on the power of specific actors?
    • similar to space-time continuum
    • break away from classical model of knowledge
      • polar opposites/extremes, with moderate majority in the middle
      • based on 2-dimensional gradients/spectrum
      • built-in fundamentalism
    • can this model predict the Trump Presidency, and the rise of fascist SJW?
  • the power of online education
    • single-discipline online Universities to be free of growing political correctness at Universities
    • Self-Authoring.com Suite
    • Future Authoring: helps you plan for your life
    • 25% improvement in drop-out rate
  • 4 types of fake news, Eric Weinstein
    • narrative: "Hillary is inevitable"
    • algorithmic: software walls you into specific news based on your preferences
    • institutional: bad/misleading stats, powered by appeal to authority
    • actually false news: propaganda, teenager in a basement, etc.
    • eg. perseveration on talking points to make something "as if true"
  • Preference Falsification
    • you'll get a revolution when you're not expecting it
  • The prevalence of internet trolling
    • we need to recognize that most extreme language on the internet is done looking for a reaction
  • Social networks actively manipulating their network to support liberals and demote conservatives, extremists, unpopulars
    • Twitter admits to promoting accounts to top of list, and burying other accounts
    • Facebook employees admit to manipulating news
    • Instagram blacklisting hashtags and emojis
    • Facebook conspires with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to suppress anti-immigrant posts
  • Google hides "non-fact based" sites, similar to George Orwell's 1984
  • Open question to scientists
    • why conservatives look and sound the same: stiff, wooden, shallow
    • answer: Jonathan Haidt: conservatives are closed, care about purity, ingroup, and authority
  • We need an "Anti-Spinzone" wiki to highlight insightful facts that are counter-intuitive or controversial
  • Political parties should create unchangeable constitutions that serve as their platform
    • party leaders and platforms change over time
    • a consistent brand name, but a different product, only confuses voters, and stifles democracy
  • Non-peer-reviewed studies should be illegal
    • fake news of the worst kind
    • fine Universities and media outlets
    • must be peer reviewed by 2+ sources
    • 1 sentence conclusions must be made available for easier, yet accurate, soundbites
  • The Tragedy of Donald Trump's Presidency
  • "Hard Work Democracy"
  • "Democracy Up To A Point" or "Half-hearted Democracy"
    • Royal family is Democracy Up To A Point
    • Mass government surveillance is Democracy Up To A Point
    • Telling people what they can do to their own body (drugs, abortion, etc) is Democracy Up To A Point
    • Externalities (eg. child labour in outsourced nations) should be illegal
  • Categories of a Nation
    • Destructive people: send them to an island
    • Passive people: stuck at bottom of hierarchy of needs; help move up the ladder
    • Productive people
  • Pirate Party
    • introduce Big Government and Small Government
    • introduce smart money
    • introduce techno justice
  • World President
    • global watchdogs
    • monitor and enforce government transparency
  • voting license
    • requires taking a course and passing a test
    • specific voting license required for different topics (business, economics, social justice, etc)
  • racism
  • we need to stop destroying people's lives because of their sex life
    • Bill Clinton
    • Anthony Weiner
  • major cases of corruption in the last 15 years
    • List of federal political scandals in the United States
    • government
      • 1972: Watergate spying scandal
      • 1987: Iran–Contra scandal
      • 2003: Invasion of Iraq
      • 2008: Housing crisis
      • 2013: Mass surveillance
      • 2016: Panama papers
      • ongoing
        • deleted emails
        • bribery
        • tax evasion
        • campaign funding
        • suppression of freedom of speech
    • corporate
      • Accounting scandals
      • 2001: Enron scandal
      • 2003: WorldCom accounting scandal
      • 2005-2015: News International phone hacking scandal
      • 2006: Hewlett-Packard Patricia Dunn spying
      • 2009: Nortel
      • 2008: Lehman Brothers and Housing crisis
      • 2008: Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme
      • 2015: Volkswagen emissions scandal
    • sports
      • 2004: Siemens and Greece Olympic bribery
      • 2013: Lance Armstrong doping
      • 2015: FIFA bribery, fraud, money laundering
    • technology
      • 2005: Sony BMG copy protection rootkit scandal
      • 2003-2016: RIAA and MPAA suing torrent downloaders
      • Yahoo, Google, Microsoft co-operating with China's censorship
    • journalism
      • TODO
  • "deviancy amplification spiral"
  • major themes:
    • "too big too fail"
    • auditor corruption
    • CEO bonus pay
    • absent or short sentences for white-collar crimes
    • getting out of jail early
    • post-truth politics
    • trust in the media
      • corporate interests
        • firing of Cenk Uygur from MSNBC, leading to creation of The Young Turks
        • sidelining of Ashleigh Banfield for speaking against Iraq war
    • ghostwriting articles
    • virtue signaling between other journalists
    • focus on distractions
    • lying
      • Brexit
      • Matt Lauer
    • political bias, propaganda
  • outcomes
    • 2002: Sarbanes–Oxley Act
    • 2011: Occupy movement
    • 2010-2012: Arab Spring
  • corporate/lobbyist donations hinder politicians from being hard on corporations and special interests
  • inter-generational rights
    • pensions, retirement age
    • environment
  • global issues
    • North Korea oppression
  • tribalism
    • feminism
    • racial
    • actual tribes

Open Societies Interconnection model (OSI model)


  • Current governments are simply the sanctioned gangsters of the day
  • All of these different and opposing approaches to personal, inter-personal, and resource sharing should be able to peacefully co-exist on the same planet simultaneously:
    • Capitalism vs. Communism
    • Democracy vs. Autocracy/Oligarchy
    • Feminism vs. Darwinism
    • Liberal vs. Conservative
    • Every level has betrayed the dignity of man
      • Government: setup false flags operations (eg. 9/11) and enter into illegal wars (eg. Iraq)
      • Women: "we don't owe men anything"; get half of everything he worked hard for
      • Children: force men to pay child support; divorce courts favor custody to women
      • Land: every sq.in. of Earth has someone else's laws


  • Create an abstraction between personal, inter-personal, and resources.
    • provide the same benefits for society as it did for technology in the 1980s.
    • allow faster iteration and more creativity at each layer, but especially the top layer, where individuals exist, without bloody revolutions and martyrs
    • if we can try any set of systems at any time, then we will be able to safety determine which work in practice, and which don't, without starting civil or international wars.
  • Applies to companies as well
    • companies are the executive hand in which we share resources, so they are not an optional aspect of modern society.
    • companies may want to create their own personal and inter-personal rules (or laws), like a micro-nation.
    • these laws should be written and made explicitly clear, even before an applicant applies for a job.
  • Distributed economies
    • share a stack = share an economy across different geographic locations
    • increased choice => increased happiness => increased productivity => increased investment => increased global growth

Example OSI model

Four Individual layers 7. Application [ individual self-expressions via common set of problem/solutions ] 6. Presentation [ regional language translation ] 5. Session [ individual identities ] 4. Transport [ currency/marketplace ] Three Community layers 3. Network [ global < local communities interconnect ] 2. Data link [ interpersonal connection ] 1. Physical [ laws, taxes ] 
  • Common set of problems for all societies:
    • Physiological [ Body ]
    • Safety [ Home ]
    • Social belonging [ Family ]
    • Esteem [ Value system ]
    • Self-actualization [ Individual Identity ]
    • Self-transcendence [ Universal Identity ]
  • Developers / social engineers write applications using social platform APIs
  • Fully vertically integrated enterprises vs. specialized services vs. free and open / barter


Complexity = Multiplicity (costs, requirements) / Divisibility/Grouping (output, solutions) Information = Accuracy x Data = (Hard deception - Soft deception) x Data Hard/active deception = purposeful deceit, man-in-the-middle attack [ attack from the front ] Soft/passive deception = lack of fact checking, accidentally copying numbers/facts incorrectly, etc. [ attack from behind ] 
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