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Teaching Robotics to University Students from Home

(Originally published at www.theconstructsim.com on July 15, 2020.)
The world has changed in 2020. Due to the Coronavirus, all our social interactions have been reduced. This lead to closing Universities and getting all the students learning from home. Then teaching moved online.
You can teach almost any subject online, however, some subjects are going to be more productive online than others. For instance, you can teach online to medical students about all the illnesses of lungs. However, there is a part in that teaching that is about the interaction with actually ill people. That is very difficult to provide through an online teaching.
In robotics, something similar happens. If you want to teach robotics properly, you need to use a real robot. So how can we teach robotics online and provide a full learning experience?
How far can we go with online teaching of robotics?
Before answering this question, we need to identify what do we need to teach when teaching robotics, and then see what can be covered online.
Let’s have a look at the typical curriculum on robotics of some important Universities:
Summarizing from the syllabus of those courses, we conclude that the following are the main subjects when teaching robotics:
  • Robot action and perception
  • Arm Kinematics
  • Mobile robots kinematics
  • Robot dynamics
  • Motion planning and control
  • Robot Navigation
  • Computer Vision
So what we can see here is that when we are talking about teaching robotics, we are not talking about teaching how to build a robot (that would be more related to mechatronics and electronics), but about how to understand how robots work, specially in their interaction with the world, and how to create programs that make the robots properly interact with the world. We take, hence, the physical robot for granted and concentrate on the control algorithms.
Providing robotics theory to remote students
That is the easy part of the teaching. If your online teaching is based only on slides describing the theory of the subjects above, then you are almost done. You just need to prepare your slides with the subject, and then use an online meeting tool to meet your students online (Zoom, Google Meet, Skype or any other meeting software). I’m sure you know already which one to use.
How to provide some robotics practice
If you want your students to really understand the theoretical concepts, why they are required and what are their results in real life, you will need to provide some kind of practice.
Which kind of practice
I propose to teach ROS at the same time that we teach robotics, and use the former along the whole robotics semester as a tool to build an implement the robotics subject we are teaching. The idea is that we use ROS to allow the student to actually practice what he is learning. For instance, if we are talking about the different algorithms of obstacle avoidance, we can provide a simulated robot and make the student create a ROS program that actually implements the algorithm for that robot. By following this approach, the learning of the student is not only theoretical but instead includes the practice of what is being told.
Teaching ROS alongside the robotics teaching has also the benefit of what the students learn will be extremely beneficial for their careers, because ROS is becoming the standard in robotics worldwide.
If you like this approach, then you will have to provide your students an environment for practicing with ROS. Now that they are online and not at your labs, you will have to rely on the students computers for that.
How to provide a practice environment to remote robotics students
You have two options here:
  • Provide a robot simulations based environment
  • Provide a real robot based environment
Simulation based environment for students
The goal is to set in the students computer a ROS based simulation environment ready for practising. That is not an easy task, specially when the students are remote. Here you have four ways to do it.
  1. Students install ROS in their computer. Students will need to follow the instructions here. Risky option if your students do not have already Linux in their computers (because that implies having to install Linux first and do a dual boot in their computers).
  2. Students install a provided Virtual Machine with ROS. This option skips the step of installing Linux and dual boot. Still, students will need to install the VM software and the actual VM image containing Linux and ROS. I haven’t found any VM ready to download with a modern ROS Distro, so you will need to build it yourself and then provide it to your students. Follow these instructions to build a ROS VM image with the latest ROS Distro.
  3. Students use a ROS based docker. This is a similar approach to the previous one, more modern, but a little bit more complex for the students because they need to understand the usage of dockers. Follow the instructions here to download a ROS docker: https://hub.docker.com/_/ros/.
  4. Students use the Robot Ignite Academy web based environment. We have developed this platform at The Construct, which is a web-based ROS environment, where students do not have to install anything in their computers, and works with any type of computer. It provides the lessons, exercises, forum, and exams ready to use. Everything ready for the teacher to apply his magic as a teacher!
With any of those options, your students will have a running ROS environment that will allow them to create ROS programs and test them on simulated robots. That is definitely a step forward in the quality of the robotics teachings, and I would say that is 100% necessary for a proper robotics education.
But you can still move further in terms of quality.
Real robot based environment for students
If you really want to provide your remote students a robotics experience, then you need to provide real robot testing and interactions. That is a tricky thing in remote situations, but I found two ways of providing this (after all that is my job, both as University teacher and as CEO of The Construct):
  1. In case you are teaching basic robotics stuff, you may include in your students package a real robot building kit. For around 200$ you can buy a small real robot kit delivered at home. So if the money is not a problem and the subject of robotics your are teaching goes accordingly with the robot, then that would be an optimal solution. Get one of those robots delivered to the home of each of your students (or ask the students to buy it). This is one of the kits we at The Construct have bought, which even allows the use of deep learning algorithms:
    1. The Jetson nano board developer kit (around 110$)
    2. The Jetbot kit for Jetson Nano (around 110$)
  2. In case you need some more complex robots to practice, or in case you cannot afford to get a robot to each one of the students homes, then you can allow students to remotely connect to the robots of your lab. The process to achieve that connection is quite simple and I described it in this video.
Read more at https://www.theconstructsim.com/teaching-robotics-from-home/
submitted by Rollb0t to robots

Status Unknown for all users - 401 error when querying presence status API

We recently switched from ProPlus Licences to E3 licences to deploy Teams for all users.
Ever since we started using teams, we are unable to set statuses for all users.
Some info :
- we have a local AD synced to Azure AD with Azure ad connect
- We do not use exchange online because our emails are hosted somewhere else.
- Our configuration is quite basic, we do not use S4B, we are in Teams Only mode.
- It happens with every device, every configuration tried, every client. It definitely is not related to the end user configuration.
- We have a ticket open with microsoft since 2 weeks but they don't come up with anything. They always ask us about seemingly unrelated info (Skype 4 business, which device causes the problem, trying on another computer or client, ...).

The error is (from teams log or from the browser network log) :
HTTP request DM getPresence POST failed: POST "https://presence.teams.microsoft.com/v1/presence/getpresence/", status: 401, response: {"message":"User not found"}, errorCode: undefined, requestId: undefined, correlationId: IDREPLACEDHERE, afdCorrelationId: undefined
We checked and the ID that are used in the query as parameterare the correct IDs (same than in azure AD).
We also tried to use the Graph API to use the teams presence functions and we have the same problems.
We tried with new users created only in Azure AD, with a exchange online account and licence, it didnt change anything.
Did anybody else stumbled upon a similar problem and found a solution?
submitted by Fluffy_sandals to MicrosoftTeams

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