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Disclaimer: This is my own editing of 'last week' happenings, so there could be some misunderstandings. Let's get over 'CMC-bullshit-and-blue' and stay positive.
IOTA TIME and OUR TIME will come eventually.


• Secure Supply Chain – led by BT, R3 and IOTA, is exploring how the Corda DLT can provide an immutable record of the Intel SDO ownership certificates to secure the virtual supply chain, and how the IOTA Tangle leveraging IOTA partners, Zebra and PING, can be used to secure the physical supply chain. This work is extending the work of Phase I and Phase II to be sure that everything is fully automated with fully repeatable patterns so that the zero-touch end to end orchestration is maintained and enhanced.

• Smart Grid – led by the Agile Fractal Grid, is looking at developing a blueprint from concept to operations, exploring the rollout process and testing several integration points with partners around edge computing, 5G, security and a vision for Digital Twins.

• Smart Manufacturing – led by BT and leveraging Maxbyte Industry 4.0 use cases is further broken down into several streams.****..
And a third is led by IOTA and is exploring zero-touch deployable and dynamically flexible smart factories, with an IOTA Tangle wallet-enabled factory device.
from: Digital Business Marketplace Phase III_ TM Forum
[around the use of IOTA technology]
yeah, we're definitely using iota technology
in the secure supply chain at the physical layer to track the devices we're using
in smart manufacturing for factory machines and for micropayments​
and we're using it in smart grid for the energy transactions

IOTAFanClub - Michael Guard어제 오후 9:53
**[**Who is speaking in the YT video? ]
Lead for the presentation is Andrew Thompson from BT (British Telecom) and speaking was Gary Bruce also from BT
This is really a wide reaching solution, and many top businesses involved.

Charlie [IF]어제 오전 12:29
Because we're effectively rebuilding IOTA from the ground up. It's not a simple upgrade and there are many moving parts. We give aggressive ETAs because we want to be optimistic, but naturally in software development there are unexpected roadblocks, particularly in a project of this complexity.

Charlie [IF]어제 오전 12:33
The information we give on estimated completion timeframes is not intended to guide your investment in iota, it is for people who are building things in the ecosystem to know when to expect work packages to be completed.
2-3 weeks ago the estimated completion date of Chrysalis was still end of year. The re-estimation was made this week and shared in the dev status update this week.

Charlie [IF]어제 오전 12:38
u/Starter87 Estimations come from within engineering and are approved by the board

Charlie [IF]어제 오전 12:39
u/TheIota The alternative is for us to provide no estimations and then you will be completely in the dark about when to expect updates.

Jakub Cech [IF]어제 오전 12:49
Not providing any estimates is always the easiest solution if you have to deal with biz-dev, management or investors
That's actually a strategy of many roadmaps, just show what's in progress. We also considered that when building ours, but then decided we want to provide more information than that.

Dave [EF]어제 오전 8:46
You only realize a loss if you sell the Iota you own. Most of us own Iota on its potential and realize that the current situation is only temporary. We are helping out where we can to ensure that Iota is successful
The more people that take this perspective and help out will increase the chance that things will be successful

Jelle Millenaar [IF]2020.11.13.
Testnet is the most important step. It shows the code exists and is running. People can start migrating projects over to the new data structures and test everything out.

Charlie [IF]어제 오전 9:19
u/in4it If you were actually aware of how good Chrysalis will be, you would be less fussed about the price right now and happy to wait. The network will be more performant, the token usability will improve significantly, and the wallet we are building will be a joy to use (one of the very best in the space). We will have much better designed core libraries that will make development on IOTA simpler and faster. We will have new libraries that enable new use cases with a new wallet library, Streams, Identity and Access. I wouldn't worry about the delay and I wouldn't worry about the next few months. The future for IOTA is really actually quite bright.

Charlie [IF]어제 오전 9:20
[but, people want to get rich, don't care about the future of IOTA]
I mean the two go hand in hand if you think about it...

Charlie [IF]어제 오전 9:29
u/The Coordinator I think IOTA is currently very undervalued but it will all change quite quickly
the market operates at a delay, and the achievement comes with Chrysalis.

Charlie [IF]어제 오전 9:35
yeah I get you, I don't think it is constructive to dismiss price
of course it is important, the foundation's funding is also affected by the price

Charlie [IF]어제 오전 9:36
but I think people in the IF are confident with what lies ahead
in terms of tech, partners, upcoming integrations
so there's less concern for the price right now

Charlie [IF]어제 오전 9:37
and man I am down on my average buy in personally, I'm sure most are
but it's just not a huge concern, it is imo, short term

Charlie [IF]어제 오전 9:54
I don't think partners really mind all that much that we have a coo
u/Julien we've had feedback about the more fundamental things like ternary and WOTS (a factor in their removal) and surveyed on things like library design and languages, bindings, IoT board support etc. But also we have partners directly involved in the requirements for libraries like Streams and Access

Charlie [IF]어제 오전 10:07
u/gj**!!!** We have a reusable signature scheme implemented and the original plan was to have WOTS as an optional alternative. The plan has changed to removing WOTS in entirety
So yeah, all addresses would be reusable

Charlie [IF]어제 오후 8:28
[is there a solution now how to remove wots?]
u/DinoDrill17 we've specced out the different approaches and will be meeting once more to decide

dom오늘 오전 3:46
[are you all in in IOTA?]
All in

dom오늘 오전 6:28
Look on GitHub lol
Everyone is really focused on work

dom오늘 오전 6:31
**In hindsight, we would have done hundreds of things differently...**we are building a plane while trying to fly it. And now we have a clear path on how to actually fly it.
Who would have thought that DLT is incredibly complex?

The federal state of Hessen in #Germany is testing a new water distribution system in #agriculture, #IOTAqua, which uses #IOTA to enable the exact amount of irrigation to be recorded in real-time & shared with third-parties such as the local municipality.

In order to ensure a tamper-proof and free data transfer, in addition to the energy-efficient wireless standard “LoRa”, the “IOTAqua”IOTA data protocol is used. The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) used by IOTA, which was already convincing in the previous "IOTAgrar" project, creates a decentralized data interface.​​

“The greatest challenge is to guarantee the legal security of the data while at the same time leaving data sovereignty with the farmer. Since the data from the water meter is also used by the Irrigation Association for billing purposes or by the authorities to document the operating resources used, they must not be changeable. I think with the DLT data protocol IOTA, we have found an interesting option to offer a decentralized data interface that can meet these criteria ” .

Jelle Millenaar [IF]오늘 오전 6:01
[other projects in Gaia-X?]
Our Tangle EE partner Software AG is very involved with Gaia-X


Mike Bennett
Well I have finally finished re-drafting the IOTA Standards blog post, hopefully it will go out soon.

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 2:25
**[**Are you guys optimistic we will see Honey on mainnet next year?]
I am
I've gone on record and said I'll quit if we don't deliver Coordicide in 2021, so...

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:09
I am absolutely confident that Coordicide will arrive in 2021. If it doesn't, it would mean that the leadership of IOTA would have to implode entirely. I don't think that is even remotely possible...

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:31
I won't abandon my child, so there's no way that Coordicide won't happen in 2021

Bas오늘 오전 9:08
[Am I right that chrysalis 2 on mainnet will have higher tps as well?]
From what I understand, theoretically it should have a higher performance since bundles and ternary conversions are removed.

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:00
[why the absence of big partner's update?]
When we do an announcement, IF has to align with the departments in X company; it's not up to IF to answer later questions until X partner is ready to do so, in multi-billion dollar entities that is often a much slower process than we'd wish, but that's reality.

Bas오늘 오전 3:17
And IOTA Smart Contracts are becoming quite fucking awesome, in absense(no need) of dedicated (ternary) hardware. I think that’s a win.
scalability with inter chain communication and contract chains is going through the roof.

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 3:36
[do you think coordicide will happen before ETH 2.0?]
of course, ETH 2.0 will take 3-5 years

Bas오늘 오전 3:55
[eth could copy IOTA SC?]
Big benefit of ISC is feeless inter chain communication. Any idea how to copy that on ETH?

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 5:01
It's as if people don't realize that removing WOTS won't just give performance improvements, but also a whole new score of entities listing and utilizing IOTA out the gate

Charlie [IF]오늘 오전 5:40
when the results come and chrysalis is delivered, you will start to regain your trust, I can promise you that
and the market will too

Charlie [IF]오늘 오전 6:19
Remember that coordicide already has a team,
coordicide is being developed in parallel,
and when Chrysalis is delivered, many of those people will be reassigned to coordicide

Charlie [IF]오늘 오전 6:20
[why chrysalis was delayed?]
Imo, the original time estimations were incorrect, but they were determined given the information at the time
This WOTS transition solution does add additional work too

Charlie [IF]오늘 오전 6:22
chrysalis completely overhauls the base protocol, coordicide then takes that base and applies it in a decentralised setting.
all the changes we are making for chrysalis part 2 are retained with coordicide

Charlie [IF]오늘 오전 6:29
[how p2 is enterprise ready?]
u/Bryan remove the entry barriers from trinary and an overly complex protocol, remove the impracticality of wots addresses, add a much better wallet, add much better libraries (including core client lib but also the use case libs like identity, streams and access), add much more performant node software together with a more efficient protocol yielding improved network performance
there's lots that makes it enterprise ready

Charlie [IF]오늘 오전 6:30
I consider chrysalis the point at which iota goes from being an experiment to a very serious protocol

Charlie [IF]오늘 오전 6:31
this is a vast oversimplification but you can compare it as - old IOTA (much of CFB's design) vs. new IOTA (entire IOTA Foundation's research and engineering departments' design)
that's chrysalis for me

Charlie [IF]오늘 오전 6:33
[how much work is left?]
we have an internal testnet already and in my team we are testing the new client library and wallet library against it, fixing up any bugs (because the libs were developed in parallel against specifications when we didn't have a network to work against)

Charlie [IF]오늘 오전 6:35
[is p2 groundbreaking?]
I wouldn't say groundbreaking, no, because we reuse a lot of existing things. We've just chosen what we consider to be the best selection of them. The ground will be broken with Coordicide

Bas오늘 오전 8:15
[about the hype around 'ocean'?]
I’m still not sure how Ocean is going to compete, being an erc-20 token.
Ocean looks very good on the outside, but every peek inside I did was unconvincing
An erc-20 coin production ready? With the underlying Ethereum being 3-5 years away from 2.0?

Charlie [IF]오늘 오전 2:18
Coloured coins will not be in the first version of the wallet, nor in the first Chrysalis release
The wallet priority order for me after initial Desktop release is: Mobile app, Contact system/Chat, Coloured Coins (though the prioritisation of the last two might change we'll see)
submitted by btlkhs to Iota

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