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So, Ea Sports Cricket 05, Ea Sports Cricket 07, Ashes Cricket 2020, Street Cricket & Brain Lara Cricket 07, etc games come under the best cricket games for low-end pc as well as best cricket games for 1GB/2GB RAM. How to Use Instagram for Better Engagement: A Complete Guide. Summer 2020: Warmer weather, lower prices. There will be new kits for all the participants of the tournament. Be prepared for awesome fun! Download Like ( 0 ) Share.

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New logos for cricket 07 patch. Choose from lots of pre-made logos and edit the text to make your logo. How To Create Sitemap Page For Your Blog - The latest. England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) - The Official check my blog. Learn More Pitch Notes: Title Update #5 - EA SPORTS Official Site. The basic League Table Creator allows you to build a league table, enter scores for teams and update league positions.

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NEW INTERNATIONAL 2020 KITS for EA Sports Cricket 07. Find profiles and information about current and all-time Premier League clubs, on the official website of the Premier League. Company Registration, Trademarks, Patents, GST, Business read full article. EximiousSoft Logo Designer Pro Serial Number EximiousSoft Logo Designer Pro Activation Code is the most powerful and easy-to-use application for logo creation, logo maker. See more ideas about Ms office, Office, Microsoft office. Replacement device will be in new or refurbished condition.

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New Cameras: Innovative views from behind the batsman offer a realistic batting perspective, and a reworked Broadcast camera gives you a wider view of the play for more authentic coverage. Cricket 07 Resources Forum Forum for tutorials, help and support for Cricket 07. Discussions. Virtua Cop 2 is a conversion from an arcade coin-op machine. Every cricket lover can now have the most lightweight mobile cricket game at the palm of their hands! Ea Cricket Roaster Pack 2020 Free Downloud File. ICC World Cup Cricket 15 Patch for Cricket 07 - RI Kings Games https://mobilebo.ru/download/?file=398.

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International odi kits 2020 for ea sports cricket 07. ea sports cricket 07. MEGA Cricket Studio No comments: Post a comment. Made Man Game Free Download Highly Compressed For. 5 EA Cricket '07 tricks you didn't know about why not check here. Raising crickets is quite straightforward. Articles Ashes Cricket Ashes Cricket Patch C07 Kits C07 Menu C07 Overlay C07 Pitchads C07 Stumps Carnage Tutorials Cricket 07 Stuff Cricket 19 DBC 14 DBC 14 Bats DBC 14 Kits DBC 14 Logos DBC 14 Patch DBC 14 Roster DBC 14 Stuff DBC 14 Stumps DBC 17 DBC 17 Patch DBC IE.


When you install the Game PATCH please Browse to respective folders. EA Sports Cricket 2020 Game Free Download - MEGA Cricket. England and the West Indies will both take the knee for 30 seconds before the start of the first Test against the West Indies in a show of support with the Black Lives Matter movement. Ultimate Cricket Word Cup 2020 fun with real teams, kits, realistic looking stadiums and players, overlays, logos and much much more. Cellular Telephones (Services) The Executive of Cricket Wireless Auth. Learn how it can be a powerful key to your marketing plan.

Taking your fermentation projects to the next stage using crowdfunding. What worked for us to get fully funded in under 6 hours, what didn't. (x-post r/entrepreneur)

(This is a long read and a x-post from entrepreneur. Grab a good cup of coffee and read on. I hope it’ll help many of you to get your own fermentation projects out of your kitchen. Happy to answer any questions.)
How many times have you dreamt about taking your fermentation project to the next stage, only to put it off? In the past few years, there has been a fundamental shift in how everyone can grab on to these dreams and make them reality thanks to crowdfunding. Kickstarter is one of the most popular crowdfunding platform and to date has enabled more than 85000 projects come to life and raise a combined $1.6 Billion.
This is how I went about launching Cultured Coffee - the idea is simple, using controlled fermentations to craft awesome coffee. It started in my small cramped NY kitchen using an egg incubator as a bioreactor (small tip ;) ) and we used kickstarter to launch it. I spent tons of time studying this sub and many other sources. I’d like to share here what worked for me, the best resources I’ve found, and many of the templates we've created.
I hope it'll be useful to many of you - and don't hesitate if you have any questions, be it about the launching on kickstarter, Cultured Coffee or the science of fermentations!
1. Video:
  • Filming: get a professional company to do the shooting. You will need a high quality video and it’s a spend you can’t really avoid. We payed a small local film crew about $2000 for ours and we’ve been super happy. Finding an awesome crew can be challenging. Mandy or ProductionHub can help. But the best advice is probably to use your network.
  • Script: be yourself, keep it snappy, use attractive visuals, explain why you are raising money, how you are going to use it, and close the sale. Try to keep the video around or under 2 minutes. My favourite post on the matter is by Joanna Wiebe. Read it. Seriously.
  • Music resources: Pond5 and Audiojungle are popular options with most musics around $20-$30 We ended up going for a music on MusicBed which is more expensive but offers much better production qualities. Most musics are around $200 but worth the price IMHO
2. Social Media:
  • Build your presence: This goes without saying but you should start building an online presence well ahead of your campaign on both Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at least.
  • Tools: I use tweetdeck and hootsuite to manage my accounts. Works really well. I use both Mention and Google alerts to make sure I don’t miss anything about Afineur and our Cultured Coffee.
3. PR #1 - Build relationships with key journalists
  • Build relationships. No tricks here. I spent about 6 months building relationships with a handful of key journalists that I got connected to through my network. With all of them we did personal tasting and I really took the time to interact with them. Out of these about 3 wrote key articles that helped build initial traction.
4. PR #2 - Build a targeted journalist list
  • Google News Scraper: I used a trick developed by Justin at CustomerDevLabs. We used his google news scraper to build a list of about 800 potentially interesting articles based on specific keywords. I cut down this list to about 400 by going over it and double checking for relevance.
  • Finding emails: I used Upwork to find a freelancer who found us the emails of about 350 of these. Here are the detailed instructions we shared with our freelancer to find the emails. We used a trick that combines Rapportive and Email Guesser.
  • Find twitter handle and Alexa rank: We also asked for their twitter handle, how many followers the have and the alexa ranking of the different news website these articles were published in. We discarded every article with an alexa rank above 1M.
5. Build an awesome press kit
  • Here is ours. I don’t have that many tricks other than it needs to be visually compelling and clearly tells your story, who you are and why you’re doing it. We used keynote to make ours. Make a dropbox public folder with the above presentation, 10 great pictures of you and your product, and your logo. Copy the public link and use your favorite link shortener to shorten it and monitor if/when your folder is actually opened.
6. Reach out to journalists 2 weeks before launch
  • Write custom intros: I took the time to go through all the 171 articles and journalist contact info we compiled and wrote a custom email intro in a new column in our excel sheet. This intro is used to personalize all the emails we wrote and automated with streak (see below)
  • Use Streak to automate emails: We used streak extensively for our emailing. It’s a free tool that integrates with gmail, offers many awesome features to keep track and help you with the hundreds of emails you will be sending. Here’s the intro best video I found about it that shows how you can import your list of journalists and use email automation. Incredibly useful.
  • Cold email: Here’s the email template of the first cold email we sent to the press. All the emails were personalized as you can see. We got about 40% response rate with this email and 90% opening rate.
7. Building your Kickstarter page
  • Keep your goal as low as possible. People like backing successful campaigns, journalists like to talk about successful campaigns and it makes sense.
  • Use pricing psychology. Whenever possible use prices finishing in ‘9’. For example ‘$39’ is much better than ‘$40’ Read this great blog post to learn more.
  • Don’t abuse early birds. It confuses about the real value of your product.
  • Design: Kickstarter doesn’t support HTML. We build all the graphics in Keynotes and imported them as images. FYI the default width is 680pix
7. Our viral pre-campaign
  • Rational: It’s essential that you reach at least ⅓ of your goal within the first 3 days to get your campaign funded. For this, you need to engage your extended network.
  • Our pre-campaign: For cultured coffee, we built a 2 pages mini-website to let our network know about our launch before anyone else, incentify everyone to spread the word and back the first day. Here’s what it looked like. It’s build with Ruby on Rail on Heroku and inspired by the Harrys precampaign. I found a freelancer on Upwork to do the job for about $300.
  • Launch: We launched the precampaign 48h before the kickstarter. Shared it with a selected group of friends and gathered around 600 emails. In hindsight I would have like to run it a bit longer but these people were really primed and revealed to be essential for the great launch we got.
8. Spread the word about your launch
  • Gather all your social media contacts: I exported all my contacts from linkedin, all my contacts from facebook, sorted them and wrote personalized intro to all of them. Here is how to export your linkedin contacts and here is how to export your facebook contacts (tricky)
  • Email tools: : We used Streak to send emails to all our friends. We used Mailchimp to send nice personalized emails to everyone who registered in the precampaign
9. Things that didn’t really work for us
  • Instagram Influencers: We tried to work with instagram influencers but I don’t think it’s really worth your time. The ROI is poor and super hard to figure out.
  • Facebook advertising: I did eight $5 experiments targeting different demographics. It didn’t really work for us but most likely because we’re at the interface between several interests (biotech/coffee) so targeting is a bit tricky. That being said, if you have a super specific and well defined niche within the coffee industry it might work fine for you :)
I hope this is useful to many of you. Happy kickstarter, get these fermentation projects off the ground, and please don't hesitate to shoot any questions!
submitted by kmyle to fermentation

2017–18 Indian Super League Guide

Full credits to u/EnglishHooligan [+116] for the effort behind making this post, posting on his behalf.
Welcome to my 2017—18 Indian Super League Guide! Here you'll find a brief overview of the Indian Super League, resources for following the league, and more!
For those who have even a marginal interest in Indian football will enjoy this. This guide comes just on time for the Indian Super League season which begins on 17 November and ends with the final on 17 March.
This is the second season preview/guide done on the Indian Super League. Like last season, let us start with some background on the league, which is now entering only its fourth season and its first season as a "proper league" which goes for five months. A lot of the information here will be copied and pasted from the previous guide to provide much needed context while some will be modified to fit what has happened in the last year.
(More information can be found at /IndianFootball)


The Indian Super League is a franchised-football league in India which was founded in 2013 and which began its first season in October 2014. For the first three seasons, the league was not part of the official Indian football pyramid, meaning that the league champions were not eligible for Asian international competition (the AFC Champions League or the AFC Cup). This is because the official league of India was still the I-League. However, starting from this season, both the ISL and I-League share the distinction of being the top league of India with the I-League champion getting the AFC Champions League qualifying spot and the ISL champion getting the AFC Cup qualifier spot.
Currently the league runs from November to March and features ten franchises. The league has a round-robin regular season, followed by a finals series contested by the four top teams from the regular season. Each team plays each other twice, home-away, for a total of 14 games each before the finals. The semi-finals feature the 1st place team playing the 4th place team while 2nd takes on 3rd, both in two-legged fixtures while the final is one-leg and takes place at a neutral venue.
Roster wise, each team a "marquee" head coach (a coach who has coached at the highest levels before or who is a brand name). The league also features a salary cap (In 2016 it was 17.5 crore which is around $2,600,000 but no word on this season).
For the first three seasons, marquee players were a requirement in the ISL but from this season, they are no longer required but can be signed. Each team is also allowed at least 8 foreigners (a drop from 11 during the first three seasons) and at most, 18 Indian players, on each roster.
As said above, the league was founded in 2013 by IMG-Reliance (a partnership between International Management Group and Reliance Industries), the marketing partners of the All India Football Federation, and STAR Sports. The goal of the league is to essentially help popularize football around India and increase the quality of the game in the country.
Franchises were purchased in March 2014 and saw lots of interest from Indian industrialists, as well as Bollywood and cricket stars. Bollywood actors such as Ranbir Kapoor, John Abraham, and Hrithik Roshan got involved while cricket players like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, and Virat Kholi bought teams.
First three seasons
The first two seasons have been looked at as being very successful for the ISL. The first season saw great marquee players join the league. Luis Garcia signed for Atletico de Kolkata, Robert Pires signed for Goa, David Trezeguet with Pune City, Nicolas Anelka with Mumbai City, Alessandro Del Piero with Delhi Dynamos, Elano with Chennaiyin, and David James with Kerala Blasters. Renowned coaches as well like Peter Reid, Antonio Habas, and Marco Materazzi also joined the league.
These marquee players and coaches eventually seemed to work as the first season of the ISL saw massive crowds come to the stadiums all around the league. By the end of the season, the average attendance was 24,357. That number was many times larger than that of the I-League, which averaged around 5,000. TV numbers were also very impressive. Eventually the league ended with the final at the DY Patil Stadium between Atletico de Kolkata and Kerala Blasters. Atletico de Kolkata took the first title after a 1-0 victory through a Mohammed Rafique last minute header.
The second season was equally as successful, if not more. Roberto Carlos joined as a marquee player-coach for Delhi Dynamos while John Arne Riise and Florent Malouda also joined Delhi. Helder Postiga became the marquee for Atletico de Kolkata but got injured after 1 game (in which he scored a brace). Lucio also joined Goa.
Attendance rose in the ISL for season two. Average attendance ended up being 27,111, with Kerala Blasters being the highest attended team. Chennaiyin FC were the champions this edition, defeating FC Goa in the final 3-2, after entering the 90th minute down 2-1. Hero of the Season (awarded to the best player) was Steven Mendoza, who now plays for Bahia in Brazil's Brasileirão on loan from Corinthians.
The third season sort of came and went the same way season two went. New coaches such as Gianluca Zambrotta, Steve Coppell, Alexandre Guimaraes, and Nelo Vingada came into the league while marquee players included Aaron Hughes, Diego Forlan, Didier Zakora, Mohammed Sissoko. Postiga came back to Atletico de Kolkata while Arne Riise moved to Chennaiyin while Malouda became the marquee for Delhi Dynamos.
Attendance saw a decrease this season due to a couple teams switching stadiums and some teams lower their capacity as India prepared to host the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup (which occurred last month). For example, Atletico de Kolkata went from the 68,000 seater Salt Lake Stadium in 2015 to the 11,000 seater Rabindra Sarobar Stadium in 2016. Kerala Blasters were again the highest attended team, averaging 49,343 and attracting over 55,000 to the final.
In terms of on the field, Atletico de Kolkata came out as champions for the second time in three seasons. They defeated the Kerala Blasters in the final, once again, in Kerala. Unlike in 2014, this final was decided on penalties after the match ended 1-1 after 180 minutes. The top scorer was Marcelinho, with 10 goals. Malouda was the Hero of the Season.
The league has come under a lot of controversy since its foundation with many Indian football fans questioning the intentions of the league when it comes to grassroots and actually developing the game. One of the biggest controversies about the league comes from how it cheapens the domestic league already going on in India, the I-League.
The I-League is the technical top division in India and runs like any football league in the world (pro/rel etc) but since being founded in 2007 has never seemed to work to help popularize the game nor make the game profitable. Critics have questioned how IMG-Reliance, as marketing partners, help the I-League when it seems like nothing is done to help the league. Also, when IMG signed their deal with the AIFF in 2010 to become marketing partners they also added a clause which allowed them to form their own franchise league if they wanted, and thus why the ISL exists today.
The ISL was also criticized for its short and IPL like schedule. For the first three seasons, the ISL ran for only 2-3 months, with the regular season lasting from October to the beginning of December and the final happening 2 weeks later. There would also be games every day with teams sometimes playing games with two full days of rest and sometimes after traveling across the country. This, however, is set to change this season and improve more for the 2018-19 season.
The Future
Growing pressure from FIFA and the AFC, as well as other Indian football critics and clubs, have forced the AIFF to move on fixing the league system in the country. In June 2016, a proposal was put to the table by the AIFF's marketing partners, IMG-Reliance, in which they would expand the ISL from 8 teams to 10-11 while also expanding the length of the league from 3 months to 5-7 months. The ISL would then become the top-tier league for India while the I-League would "dissolve". A new second division known as "League One" would be tier 2 while "League Two" would be tier 3.
Promotion/relegation would occur between League One and League Two but not the ISL. The ISL would remain a closed league for what the AIFF said would be at least 5 years while the league stabilizes and licensing agreements are fulfilled. This did not sit well with current I-League sides, mainly Sporting Goa and Salgaocar, who knew they would be pushed aside to the 2nd Division. This lead to the two Goan sides to withdraw from the I-League and complain to FIFA. Some I-League teams did support the proposal.
So the 2016 season came and went before finally, in June 2017, all stakeholders in Indian football, from IMG-Reliance, the AIFF, and the I-League clubs met with the AFC in Malaysia. The proposal from 2016 was put on the table again and once against rejected. Some I-League clubs meanwhile wanted a full merger between the I-League and ISL. Finally, in July 2017, it was confirmed that for one season, both the ISL and I-League would be first divisions with the I-League getting AFC Champions League and ISL getting AFC Cup (our Europa League). This is for one season only.
The league also expanded by two teams (from 8 to 10). Bengaluru FC, the two time champions of the I-League, moved from the I-League to Indian Super League. Tata Group, owners and operators of the Tata Football Academy, an academy that has developed so many players for the national team the last two decades, also one a team. The team will be known as Jamshedpur FC.
For those who want to see some clips from the league, here are a few select videos and highlights:
2016 Final Highlights between Atletico de Kolkata and Kerala Blasters
Shootout between Delhi Dynamos and Kerala Blasters in the semi-finals
The crowd at a Kerala Blasters game
Great goal by Delhi Dynamos and best ISL player Marcelinho
Malouda goal vs Atletico de Kolkata
Great goal from Milan Singh
Then 18-year old leftback Jerry Lalrinzuala's goal against Goa
An entire playlist from 2015 considering other highlights can't be found on youtube
Opening rounds
Now that the background is done, here are the opening two rounds for the upcoming season. All matches begin at 20:00 Indian Standard Time with some occurring at 19:30. Below this are mini club profiles with links to relevant pages. If there are any questions then I would be more than happy to answer them. Enjoy the league!!!
Date Home v Away
17/11 Kerala Blasters v ATK
18/11 NorthEast United v Jamshedpur FC (Logo not available)
19/11 Chennaiyin v Goa
19/11 Bengaluru v Mumbai City
22/11 Pune City v Delhi Dynamos
23/11 Chennaiyin v NorthEast United
24/11 Kerala Blasters v Jamshedpur FC
25/11 Mumbai City v Goa
26/11 ATK v Pune City
26/11 Bengaluru v Delhi Dynamos

Indian Super League Club Guide

Team: ATK
Founded: 2014
Nickname: The Bengal Tigers
Stadium: Salt Lake Stadium
Head coach: Teddy Sheringham
2016 season:
  • Regular season: (W-D-L, Pts) 4-8-2, 20
  • Position: 4th
  • Top goalscorer: Iain Hume (7 goals)
  • Average attendance: 11,703
  • Finals progress: CHAMPIONS
Key players:
Team: Bengaluru
Founded: 2013 (Entered league in 2017)
Nickname: The Blues
Stadium: Sree Kanteerava Stadium
Head coach: Albert Roca
2016-17 season (I-League):
  • Regular season: (W-D-L, Pts) 8-6-4, 30
  • Position: 4th
  • Top goalscorer: Sunil Chhetri and CK Vineeth (7 goals)
  • Average attendance: 8,752
  • Finals progress: Ain't no finals in the I-League! They did win the Federation Cup, India's version of the FA Cup.
Key players:
Team: Chennaiyin
Founded: 2014
Nickname: Super Machans
Stadium: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Chennai)
Head coach: John Gregory)
2016 season:
  • Regular season: (W-D-L, Pts) 3-6-5, 15
  • Position: 7th
  • Top goalscorer: Dudu Omagbemi (4 goals)
  • Average attendance: 22,139
  • Finals progress: Did not qualify
Key players:
Team: Delhi Dynamos
Founded: 2014
Nickname: The Lions
Stadium: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Delhi)
Head coach: Miguel Angel Portugal
2016 season:
  • Regular season: (W-D-L, Pts) 5-6-3, 21
  • Position: 3rd
  • Top goalscorer: Marcelinho (10 goals)
  • Average attendance: 19,357
  • Finals progress: Eliminated in semi-finals to Kerala Blasters (2-2 aggregate, 3-0 on penalties)
Key players:
Team: Goa
Founded: 2014
Nickname: The Gaurs
Stadium: Fatorda Stadium
Head coach: Sergio Lobera
2016 season:
  • Regular season: (W-D-L, Pts) 4-2-8, 14
  • Position: 8th
  • Top goalscorer: Rafael Coelho (4 goals)
  • Average attendance: 17,661
  • Finals progress: Did not qualify
Key players:
Team: Jamshedpur
Founded: 2017
Nickname: Men of Steel
Stadium: JRD Tata Sports Complex
Head coach: Steve Coppell
2016 season:
  • Regular season: Did not exist
  • Position: How can they have a position?
  • Top goalscorer: Ain't got no players last season.
  • Average attendance: 0
  • Finals progress: They won!
Key players:
Team: Kerala Blasters
Founded: 2014
Nickname: Manjappada
Stadium: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Kochi)
Head coach: Rene Meulensteen
2016 season:
  • Regular season: (W-D-L, Pts) 6-4-4, 22
  • Position: 2nd
  • Top goalscorer: C.K. Vineeth (5 goals)
  • Average attendance: 49,343
  • Finals progress: Runners-up
Key players:
Team: Mumbai City
Founded: 2014
Nickname: n/a
Stadium: Mumbai Football Arena
Head coach: Alexandre Guimarães
2016 season:
  • Regular season: (W-D-L, Pts) 6-5-3, 23
  • Position: 1st
  • Top goalscorer: Diego Forlan (5 goals)
  • Average attendance: 7,396
  • Finals progress: Eliminated in semi-finals to Atletico de Kolkata (3-2 aggregate)
Key players:
Team: NorthEast United
Founded: 2014
Nickname: The Highlanders
Stadium: Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium
Head coach: João de Deus
2016 season:
  • Regular season: (W-D-L, Pts) 5-3-6, 18
  • Position: 5th
  • Top goalscorer: Emiliano Alfaro (5 goals)
  • Average attendance: 26,729
  • Finals progress: Did not qualify
Key players:
Team: Pune City
Founded: 2014
Nickname: Stallions
Stadium: Balewadi Stadium
Head coach: Ranko Popović
2016 season:
  • Regular season: (W-D-L, Pts) 4-4-6, 16
  • Position: 6th
  • Top goalscorer: Anibal Zurdo (5 goals)
  • Average attendance: 8,588
  • Finals progress: Did not qualify
Key players:
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