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GameFileForums- Here you can read and post gaming news, gaming help, find info on burning games, game cracks, trainers, burning software, game protection scanners, game protection removers/unwrappers, game protection utilities and tools and heaps more! Project Reality Manual Project Reality has been in development by dozens of people over a period of more than 5 years. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Trophy Guide & Road Map. Also would be nice to try the unlock before spending your hard earned points: ) Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\python\bf2\stats directory (whether. So, Feder has earned a split of potentially $34, 265, 000.

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Battlefield Heroes 1.1 In-Game Features 1.2 Premium Store 2 Battlefield 3 2.1 In-Game features 2.2 Battlelog Features 2.3 Controversy 3 Battlefield 4 3.1 In-Game features 3.2 Battlelog Features 4 Battlefield Hardline 4.1 In-game Features 5 Battlefield 1 5.1 In-Game Features 6.

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Founded in 2320 BBY by Gargan the Conqueror, the Gargan Empire was a totalitarian, imperialist nation which sought. Mobile Legends: Tips to farm Battle Points (BP) quickly https://mobilebo.ru/download/?file=551. Battlefield 2 - game update v Full - Download Game update (patch) to Battlefield 2, a(n) action game, v Full, added on Friday, November 17, file type Game update. Earned a Scorestreak with Combat Focus. I've been furiously testing HABAI.

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There are new vehicles in Bad Company 2, such as the UH-60 Black Hawk, a quad bike, a two-man patrol boat, a personal watercraft, an AA-gun mounted on a light tank, and a UAV helicopter controlled via computer. In A Round Score are not added to his total Career progress) Criteria: Score/week K/D Ratio Major General 50 players 2020 1 Lieutenant General 25 players 3000 1.5 Supreme Commander 1 player 5000 2 I hope that this answers your question. Criminals - Battlefield Wiki - Battlefield 4, Battlefield https://mobilebo.ru/download/?file=563. Never summon 10x demigod more than 2 times in a day. Amazon.co.uk: Customer reviews: Battlefield 2: The Complete.

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Guide By: duck360; DLC: kashs001, camzoid_h, & pogs2k10. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball APK + Mod - Download NBA LIVE. Battlefield 2 patch 1.5 earned. Battlefield 1943 [cheats] Battlefield 2 demo [tactical timelimit fix + all weapons enabler] Battlefield 2 [cheats] Battlefield 2 [key changer / manager] Battlefield 2142 v1.01 [trainer +4] Battlefield 2142 [cheats] Battlefield 2: Special Forces [cheats] Battlefield 3 V2.13.2020 [trainer +5] Battlefield 3 [cheats] Battlefield 3 [promo trainer +3]. Battlefield V; Share: 2; Stats: 1; 17; About Stephen Tailby.

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I have BF2 installed on both my systems that have Windows 7 x64 installed on them, and they play. Battlefield 2 - Field Guide and FAQ. Jul- 1. 5- 1. 6 Joshka: Think of all the smoking that went on in tournament halls as well, players blowing smoke right in your face for 3- 5 hour games. Licensed Battlefield Guide Dave Hamacher: Texas Brigade Part 2. It places you into a modern day battlefield to fight it out amongst three.

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Stay at this business-friendly hotel in Chesapeake. Up to 65% off Xbox games - Microsoft Store. Battlelog is a free social platform that ties into Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 and lets you socialize, track stats, plan your next game, and more from your web browser! Welcome to the Battlefield 2 dedicated server. Read User Reviews and Submit your own for Battlefield V on browse around this website.

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The latest patch for Battlefield 2, v, by EA/DICE. Battlefield 2. A full patch that comes with all booster packs. Battlefield V Chapter 5: Update #2 - Official EA Site. All the latest news, demos and files, as well as an active community and plenty of free services. Battlefield 2 Modern Combat Xbox - Lukie Games you can look here.

Lots of suggestions

1 - I would like to see more things to spend our money on. 1.1 Castle upgrades which changes the castle map 1.2 Pay for people to attempt to assassinate other nobles (though it would be very costly to avoid it being OP AND it would have a success rate depending on your own luck, charm or whatever trait they decide). Also have success rate depending on who the noble is. It should be pretty damn difficult to assassinate Lucon, but less difficult to assassinate a Northern Empire mercenary with an army of 50 people. Have the assassin charge you a lot more for the killing of more well guarded nobles. The assassin won't risk killing Lucon and getting himself executed for 50k. 500k, however... perhaps. Just an idea they can expand on. 1.3 Pay to invest in a town or castle, you get special access to certain areas, or perhaps you invest in another lord's garrison and you're able to take up to 10 percent of their troops 1.4 Invest in throne room renovations as either a vassal or king/queen - have these changes visible in the game world. 1.5 Buy a round of drinks for everybody in the tavern to increase relations by a small amount 1.6 Maybe even buy some shops or houses and rent them out as a landlord, earning passive income. Perhaps they get attacked every so often? 1.7 Spend money on a wedding - hire jesters, dancers, singers, hold a feast etc. The more money you spend initially, the higher your relation increases with your spouse 1.8 Being able to fund other peoples' armies - what if you wanted to support the Aserai fighting the Khuzaits, would be good to secretly fund another faction's war and have your relation with that faction increase
2. More activities to do in peace time like improved tournaments including jousting, archery, horse racing etc. 2.1 Hunting missions? 2.2 More exploration - caves, rivers, old battlements - add rare items and uniques
3. Kingdom management 3.1 Assign vassal their own castles/towns 3.2 Sue for peace, declare war, form alliances which greatly damages your relations if you don't aid them in war as agreed - this would open the way for more dialogue options with your own vassals about whether to uphold the alliance 3.3 Hold council with your vassals - should we declare war on another faction? If we do, which castles should we take? Selected castles would then mean your vassals would try to focus on capturing those castles and towns and cities 3.4 Be able to change the philosophy of your kingdom - do you believe in inheritance? Should the new ruler be the king's children? Should there be a vote on a new ruler altogether? 3.5 Choose tax rates 3.6 More policies 3.7 Make you feel like a king - have people address you in the correct manner 3.8 A little cynical but be able to hang your enemies from the gallows, publicly behead traitors and other undesirables 3.9 Hold court
  1. Be able to take over an existing kingdom - don't know if this is in the game currently but I think it would be something else if you could end up king of Vlandia or sultan of Aserai
5. Smith crossbows and bows 5.1 Fire arrow smithing
6. A toggable option about who to control after death. Might be nice being able to select up to 3 units you can control if you fall on the battlefield. Make it optional for those 'hardcore' players
7. NPCs form their own alliances and marry each other without any input from the player. A dynamic and shifting world.
8. Less wars. I'm not saying no wars, but constantly being at war with another faction or even 3 factions at once is very tiring and draining. As long as there are lots of activities to do in peacetime I don't feel as if this would be a big issue.
9. Send messages to the other lords - would tie in with forming alliances etc.
10. Way more intricate quests 10.1 Have politics play a much, much larger role in the world
11. Having a lord or noble as a prisoner should be a much bigger deal than it is. A lord should be a political bargaining chip, being able to ransom a lord in exchange for a town or castle, or another prisoner, or just a lot of gold. Selling the ruler of the western empire to a ransom broker in a seedy taven for 5k is ridiculous lol, especially considering they just raise an army once again. Having a lord as your prisoner should be one of the ultimate bargaining tools - and not only that, but it should depend on what type of lord. If I had Ira as a prisoner, Rhagaea should absolutely agree to move back some of her armies or agree not to declare war on me for a year or two. This is because Ira is the supposed heir to the throne. Similarly, if I didn't give Ira back then Rhagaea should come at me with her entire force and try to wipe my faction from the face of the planet. Should work the other way too, if you are captured and you have really high relations with your faction then they should try to negotiate for you and try to get you out. Attempted prison breaks under the cover of darkness or an all-out war resulting in the deaths of thousands.
submitted by whostolemycatwasitu to Bannerlord

Ardwin - Guardian of the Skies

Ardwin – Sky Guardian


Full name: John Ardwin
Age: 38
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation(s): Overwatch
Occupation(s): Overwatch Pilot
Base Of Operations: America

In Game

In-Game Name: Ardwin
Role: Tank
Base Health: 300
Base Shield: 100
Base Armour: 0
Movement Speed: 5.5m/s
Hitbox: Similar to Zarya however slightly less bulky


A lean, 6ft 5” male, wearing a dark and musty army shot-sleeved jacket partnered with a dark green scarf that is occasionally used as a simple bandit mask. His arms are bare and are full of simple tattoos that are disturbed by his many cuts and scars, one of them resulting from a face to face battle with an OR Series omnic during the omnic crisis.

Passive – Flying Fuse

Ardwin is granted an increase to his primary fire rate and an increase to his health after he endures 500 damage is dealt to him.
Increase (HP, NOT SHIELDS): 25%
Decrease ( Secondary Recharge Time): 10%
Duration: 5s
Ardwin is granted a 10% increase to his primary fire rate as well as a 25% increase to his HP, making it 390 HP total. This passive will repeat every time Adwin takes 500 damage while lasting for 5s before returning to normal base stats.

Primary Fire – Propeller Blade

Ardwin launches a spinning blade projectile that flies forward quickly, latching onto the enemy if not destroyed or evaded.
Damage: 80 (Direct impact) - 5 damage p/s (Latched on enemy, latch will last for 4 seconds)
Health: 45
Projectile Speed: 45m/s
Projectile Size: 0.8m diameter
Fire Rate: 1 projectile/second
Ammo Capacity: 2
Reload Time: 0.8s
Headshot: No
Ardwin’s primary fire resembles a spinning blade in a jet engine of a plane, it is reasonably large in diameter and flies in a straight line. It can be destroyed while flying towards you. When it hits an enemy, the projectile will latch on dealing damage for 4 seconds before breaking and disappearing which amasses the total damage to 100 (impact and latch).

Secondary Fire – Spinning Shield

Ardwin fires his primary however the projectile will stay on his gun providing him a shield to chop up enemy fire.
Dimensions: A circular protection with a diameter of 2m
Aesthetics: A circular propeller blade, same colour as primary fire projectile
Duration: 8s
Recharge Time: 8s
Ardwin uses his projectile fire to chop up enemy fire by increasing the blade in length and durability. It is a similar style to D.Va’s Defense Matrix however the aesthetics are much different. This ability does not deflect and it reduces damage for beams by 30%. Some beam effects such as Mei’s freeze or Symmetra’s charge up will not take any effect on Ardwin while using secondary fire.

Ability One (L Shift) – Commander’s Call

Ardwin throws a marker to call in a small airstrike, damaging on impact that will release a damaging gas to enemies and a healing breath for allies.
Damage: 150 (Direct hit) – 100 (Max splash) – 30 (Min splash) – 20 per second (Damaging Gas)
Healing: 25HP per second
Radius 8m
Rate of Spread: 2m/s
Marker Projectile: Arcing (Thrown at a speed of 10m/s)
Duration: 6s
Cooldown: 14s
Ardwin throws a marker which will shortly call in a rocket, dealing high damage if directly hit and generally high splash damage as well. Straight after landing, the rocket will release gas that damages enemies and heals allies for a period of time. This would usually be used in a plan to push or to flank the enemy out of surprise.

Ability Two (E) – Divulging Drone

Ardwin sends a drone in a straight path to find an enemy, when above an enemy, the drone will stun them and reveal their location
Drone Health: 50
Drone Speed: 6m/s
Stun Duration: 0.8s
Stun Damage: 25
Duration of Recon: 6s
Cooldown: 12s
Ardwin sends a drone that will target an enemy based on your choice (similar to sending a discord orb). The drone will increase its speed after targeting an enemy to 7m/s. When above the enemy, the drone will stun the enemy while also revealing their location for a period of time. The drone disappears after the stun. The drone is also quite weak so it can be shot down with ease.

Ultimate (Q) – Flying Force

Ardwin controls his own fighter jet that will protect him and his team with its dangerous artillery and high health points that earned Ardwin his place as the Commander of the American Air Force.
Ultimate Type: Transformation
Cast Time: 1.5s
Damage: 75 pebullet
Fire Rate: 1 bullet/per second
Health: 1500
Speed: 10m/s
Duration: 8s
Ultimate Cost: 2900
Ardwin calls in his own fighter jet to use against his enemies. The ultimate is a transformation one, granting Ardwin high HP and speed. The damage output from his aircraft is also high allowing him to effectively control an area and clear up things such as shields or lonely enemies.
This Ultimate is a very good call for when the team needs help with both offence and defence making this ult quite flexible in what it should be used for. The general play style of this ult is to guide a push as it follows his ongoing theme of being the leader of an air force except for the fact that his team is fighting on the ground :/. This ult does require some decent player skill for aim and mobility for its full potential and value which should be kept in mind if you were to perform an ult without much help. This ult is very useful when paired with other ults such as Graviton Surge, EMP, Nano Boost and Earthshatter. These paired ults allow the jet to easily wipe out enemies and win the team fight. All in all, this ult is an amazing call to be paired with other ults that were previously mentioned to aim for that push or to save your team in the defence.
Allies: “Clearing the skies!”
Enemies and Self: “The air strikes pain!”

Lore – Summary and Full Backstory


The leader of an American air force, John Ardwin resembles the true face of a leader that everyone hopes for but it fades. During his time as a soldier, training from the super solider program, he set out to leave a mark on the Earth – a good one supposedly. He fights along OW during the crisis but his mentality cripples and he loses hope in fighting. Many deaths witnessed and many lives lost across the globe. It was a time that was pleading for mercy even after the Omnic War had ceased. Overwatch was disbanded and he was left in the shadows with his dull fighter jet and yearning for forgiveness.

Full Backstory:

John Ardwin, an American nobody dreamt of being one that helps the Earth in his youth. He was always up for the challenge no matter what. He wanted to be a guardian of this Earth.
During his early adulthood, the world was heading for a dark and relentless period in time, one that would strike fear amongst Earth’s civilisation. The Omnic War attracted many solutions to help from all over the world and lucky for Ardwin, his home country had a plan of their own. Ardwin trained for days on end to become a fighting soldier amongst the newly formed Overwatch. He never let the thought of being one of the Earth’s protectors leave his mind, it pushed him to the point where he was now as a certified pilot in the Soldier Enhancement Program.
He was so effective at his job that he was promoted to the commander of the program’s air force. He was approaching his goal and he had never felt better in his life.
He fought valiantly amongst heroes of the Earth, saving countless people with his pure talent in the air and on the battlefield, his squadron leaped up the ranks and became one of the most effective pilots and leaders in Overwatch. Although, it was not the same as before, he had failed to save some people regardless, he had sometimes failed to keep his squadron safe. To Ardwin it felt like he was missing out on his role as a leader, he felt...useless.
One night during an excavation in the north-east of Carolina, Ardwin and his squadron were to locate and destroy some reported omnics including some of the devastating OR-15 models. It was a hot and irritating evening but they had to do whatever it took to protect civilians. Ardwin’s squad stayed idle in the sky picking out omnic invaders ready to be targeted and eliminated, they were not leaving until they had stopped this invasion. The jets lingered in the shadows ready to fire from a distance until – deafening gunshots were heard and something had landed on the fighter jets causing them to throttle and startle the soldiers. Ardwin’s watched from his jet and immediately called for the soldiers to open fire when something of the same shape and size hit his jet like all the others. An OR-15 omnic rose up from its collapsed form and it towered over Ardwin and his squad only letting its fierce shadow and its threatening red eyes to strike a feeling of fear into the soldiers. Adrwin’s squad reacted and had tried to shut down the omnic but one by one his fellow soldiers were falling, Ardwin struggled through the deafening sounds of rockets; the putrid smell of burning metal; the unbearable heat but he had realised one thing, that he had failed. He was the last one in his squad and had finally destroyed the omnic after receiving cuts and a new mind set for the near future.
He thinks about that day and will probably never forget it, even though reinforcements aided him afterwards, he knew he could have stopped those omnics from entering the city and practically ending his squadron.
Years pass after Overwatch is no more but he still hopes that he can find peace in his time off but more importantly to him, he hopes he can return to the skies.
Thanks for reading! Pls give feedback if you can :D
submitted by Danpling to OverwatchHeroConcepts

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