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Garena (SEA LoL provider) is a joke and should be replaced

I know this has been said a while back, but it needs to be repeated. I just patched 6.6 and found out that hextech crafting was not in it. Its as if we aren't left behind already.
The reporting system is also a joke. Never ever (playing since 2011) have I heard or seen that this player was banned for (insert offense). The only thing that the reporting system does is alleviate your anger towards the player with the thought that he MIGHT be banned.
While there are some competitive games, ever since the Taiwanese region became separate from the GPL, GPL is practically non-existent anymore. I think there were only a handful of international tournaments (GPL) after Taiwan became its own region. As of now there are none hosted by Garena (except for local games)
I feel that we are a neglected region, we can't even cross over to other regions without bypassing or doing some "magic" to get there.
I hope Riot Games does something about this. Garena is a joke and should be replaced. I'm sure that these issues are not the only ones worth noting for Garena. Feel free to post your concerns and hopefully Riot sees this.
P.S.: Yes I made this reddit account just to voice out my disappointment about Garena. Hopefully through social media something can be done about it.
submitted by Biokips to leagueoflegends

Latest patches. BTW any news when this Will come in SEA server ?

Dear Challengers,
On 25 August 25 at 06:00 AM (GMT+7), Garena AOV will get a new update and make some changes in Hero Balance, System Optimization, and Bug Fixed in the Game. We advise all players not to do matchmaking during the update period. Later players will be asked to re-login and update.
For complete information about our new update, please check it below.
Zuka, The Pandharma Master (BUFFED)
Passive:The Chi Five normal attacks/skills that hit the enemy during the passive period will restore HP: 160+10/lv+0.6AD
Skill 2:Panda Chariot Relocated the HP restore mechanism to the passive skill.
Skill 3:Skyfall Base Damage:(500/600/700)+0.8AD > (450/625/800)+1.0AD
Other: Attack speed growth:1% > 2% Below the health bar, the remaining count of the passive effect and the count of the new HP recovery mechanism are displayed.
Butterfly, Death’s Whisper (BUFFED)
Skill 3:Backstab Damage Reduction:30% > 35% Returned CD for the Skill 1: 0.5 > 1 second
Amily, The Crusher (BUFFED)
Skill 1: Kickblade [NEW] When the blade hits its target and returns to yourself, Amily's attack speed will be increased by 15%~25% for 3 seconds.
Skill 3:Enrage Damage Blocked:50+25/lv > 60+30/lv Cooldown:50/45/40 seconds > 45/40/35 seconds Mana Cost: 100 (fixed at all levels)
Florentino, The Gentle Blade (NERFED)
Passive:Shuffle Flower Duration:5 seconds > 3 seconds New Restriction:There can only be 3 flowers at most at any time
Skill 2:Triple Threat Can hit multiple targets > Can only hit one target
Skill 3:Gentlemen’s Duel Damage Reduction from Non-Duel Target:40% > 50% Cooldown:40/35/30 seconds > 35/30/25 seconds
Taara, The War Hammer (BUFFED)
Skill 2:Obliterate Each stage deals 150+30/lv+0.6AD physical damage,with a total of 2 stages > Each stage deals 150+30/lv physical damage, and 4% of the target’s maximum HP (additional AD+1% per 200) true damage, with a total of 2 stages, the true damage to the jungle creep is limited to 200. Cooldown:5 seconds->6 seconds
Skill 3:Steel Body Recover 8% of maximum HP per second for 5(+2/lv) seconds, during which it accelerates by 30%->Recover 6% of maximum HP per second for 5(+1/lv) seconds, during which it accelerates by 30%, and gains 80(+40/lv) physical and 40(+20/lv) magic defense
Ryoma, The Ronin (BUFFED)
Passive:Naginatajutsu The cooldown of passively enhanced normal attacks is displayed under the HP bar.
Skill 1:Pinwheel If it hits an enemy unit, you can cast it again within 4 seconds->If it hits an enemy unit or crosses an obstacle, you can cast it again within 4 seconds
Skill 2:Wailing Blade Deals 350(+45/lv)+2.1AD physical damage to the first target on the path, causes 50% physical damage to subsequent enemies > Deals 400(+60/lv)+1.8AD physical damage to enemies on the path
Skill 3:Spectral Ire Regenerate 70(+30/lv)+0.35AD > 80(+40/lv)+0.4AD Hit any target to reduce the cooldown for the second skill for 1 second. This effect does not stack when hitting multiple targets.
Wonder Woman, Amazon of Themyscira (ADJUSTED)
Skill 1:Amazon Shield The first charge distance is 2.5m; hit a hero to gain immunity > The first charge distance is 3.5m; gains immunity during cast, and the next normal attack is strengthened to throw a shield Damage: 0.85AD+4%~9% of the target's maximum HP > 0.8AD+3%~8% of the target's maximum HP
Skill 2:Lasso of Truth Adjust the feeling of control, which allows the use of skill 3 immediately after activating the skill 2. Bracelets of Submission will not be immediately released if Lasso of Truth does not hit target.
Skill 3:Bracelets of Submission Adjusted the range of damage calculation to solve the problem of randomly not being able to hit the enemies around Wonder Woman.
Superman, The Man of Steel (BUFFED)
Passive: Flight Acceleration per Stack when moving continuously: 2% > 2.5%
Skill 2: Man of Steel Cooldown: 14/13.6/13.2/12.8/12.4/12 seconds > 12 seconds flat
Yena, The Crescent Maiden (ADJUSTED)
Passive: Lunar Phase Silence and Slowdown duration on dual wield mode: 1 Second ->0.75 Seconds Damage Bonus: 2AD->1.5AD [NEW] Added a shield of 200(+100/third skill level)+1.0AD when triggered
Richter, The Imbued (NERFED)
Skill 2: Retaliate Cooldown: 3 seconds > 5 seconds Charge Time: 16 seconds > 18/17.4/16.8/16.2/15.6/15 seconds
Arduin, The Spirit (BUFFED)
Passive: Bloodlust Optimized the normal attack feel for smoother usage
Skill 1: Rend Optimized the range indicator
Skill 3: Cull Stun a single target > Stun enemies within a radius of 2 meters in the landing range for 1 second
Ilumia, The Seer (ADJUSTED)
Skill 1: Divine Light Base Damage: (400/450/500/550/600/650)+0.4MP > (350/400/450/500/550/600)+0.4MP Fix a bug that randomly caused silence to enemy Fix the problem that the normal S1 indicator does not match the actual range (the actual range was not changed)
Skill 2: Banish Cooldown: 9/8.4/7.8/7.2/6.6/6 seconds > 13/12/11/10/9/8 seconds Hit Delay: 0.2 seconds > 0 second Mana Cost: 100 > 60/65/70/75/80/85
Astrid, The Indomitable (ADJUSTED)
Optimized the feel of Skill 1
Lu Bu, The Great Warlord (ADJUSTED)
Optimized the timer for the Skill 3. Fixed a Bug where collision range of the third stage of the Skill 1 was larger than expected.
Kahlii, Spectral Rule (ADJUSTED)
Fixed a Bug where Kahlii couldn't be attacked during ultimate activation.
SYSTEM OPTIMIZATION The report and deduction records are optimized to be only visible to you
BUG FIX - Fixed a Bug on Hero’s skill description. - Fixed a Bug where Nakroth was not able to quickly connect Skill 1 to skill 2 - Fixed the issue of abnormal movements in Lauriel’s "Wintry Ballet" dance
ON DEVELOPMENT - We found that the new iOs 14 has some compatibility issues. We are currently working to optimize our game in order to give better gaming experience. Players are advised to not update to iOs 14 just yet. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.
  • We found that some resources still need to be redownloaded that might cause display issues on some resources. We are working to optimize this in order to give a better gaming experience. We advise to reinstall the game should you find any display bug after downloading the update. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.
  • We found that players might have some stuck issues that keep you from logging-in into our game or from downloading resources. This may be caused by an ISP connection issue. In order to bypass the stuck issue, we advise to either switching to another ISP or to try an alternative location for accessing our game (that would give better reception), for example: if you are having difficulties accessing from your room, try to access from the living room, etc. Once you are able to bypass, you may switch back to your preferred ISP to continue playing our game. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.
submitted by Hype_007 to arenaofvalor

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