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Another VR settings post!

Hi all.

This one got away from me a bit. It's long. But, hopefully helpful.
edit: Updated for the latest build, 16 Sep 2020
In trying to get things running a) as smoothly as possible without exception, and b) looking as best as possible while doing it, I found a fair amount of posts and suggestions scattered all over. After implementing what I found, testing it, then getting obsessed and changing up as much as I could for a while, here are the settings that I have arrived at that I personally think work best for clarity, immersion and performance (and some other small helpful finds). I'm not an expert as to why all of these things help, but they all seem to.
At first I was only recording these changes as personal documentation, in case I had to reset and start over. However as I've arrived at a bit of a different balance of settings from most guides I've seen, I figured I'll put this out there also in case it helps others.
I haven't tested the exact performance cost of every single thing, so some things I'm turning off might not make much of a difference... but if I don't notice the quality change in VR, I turn it off. Then I turn on as much as I can that makes it feel good, like flying sparks, crisp shadows flowing over my vehicle, etc
I have also played around with OculusMirror (lots of hidden launch options to mess with) and OBS Studio to get streaming looking pretty good while not impacting performance for me while using the following settings (mostly thanks to Process Lasso, also detailed in the guide).
edit: Since first writing this, I noticed after some iRacing updates that I had a bit more GPU headroom than CPU, so I’ve swapped my OBS encoding to the GPU and no longer need Process Lasso. I’ll leave those descriptions in the guide further down though, in case your system has more available power on the CPU.
Here's an example from my stream with my current settings applied (only my second race in the Porsche 911 so excuse my excitement for a p8 hah). The fps is usually visible on the in-sim counter at the bottom left, I’m not sure why but it sometimes shows 89 when it’s actually running at a solid 90 (confirmed using Oculus Tray Tool performance HUDs):

I'm running: i5 [email protected], nVidia 1080ti, 16gb RAM, Oculus Rift CV1. If you have different specs, it might still be worth taking a look through here to see if it's a good baseline to start from, then tweak up or down on settings that are important to you. If you're using a different VR headset: some of this is limited to Oculus Rift but there should be equivalent tools and settings available for other headsets.
I'm using: nVidia control panel, Oculus Tray Tool, Bitsum Process Lasso, Oculus Mirror, and OBS for recording or streaming.
I'm not going to list every single option of each application, just what I found to be important or changed from the defaults. I recommend testing in between sections, so if anything doesn't agree with your system it is easier to pinpoint and adjust; especially the settings that add quality over performance.
Let me know what you think, if any of it helped, or if you found anything else that worked better for you!

nVidia control panel

  • Image Sharpening: Off
  • Anisotropic Filtering: Application-controlled
  • Antialiasing - FXAA: Off
  • Antialiasing - Gamma correction: Off
  • Antialiasing - Mode: Application-controlled
  • Antialiasing - Transparency: Off
  • Low Latency Mode: Off (pretty sure this doesn't apply to VR as there's a VR specific option further down. Either way, if it does anything, frames should be more consistent when things get towards your performance limit with this Off)
  • MFAA: Off
  • Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance
  • Shader Cache: On
  • Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample optimisation: Off
  • Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias: Allow
  • Texture filtering - Quality: High Quality (decent increase in texture sharpness in VR for low cost)
  • Texture filtering - Trilinear optimisation: On
  • Threaded optimisation: Off (this one comes straight from the devs, apparently iRacing works best with this off for whatever reason)
  • Triple buffering: Off
  • Vertical sync: Off
  • Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames: 2 (I've seen higher recommended for frame consistency, but 2 works for me and I cannot notice any increase in latency)

Windows Power Settings

I use Balanced for my normal settings, then set these ones, listed below, in High Performance. Then I use Oculus Tray Tool to automatically switch the power plan when running VR. I go into further detail on this under Process Lasso if you want to use that to further adjust this (also, more details in the Oculus Tray Tool section about Oculus software forcing High Performance anyway):
  • Desktop background settings > Slide show: Paused (this was actually causing massive stutters for me every 30 minutes on the dot, took me ages to figure out it was the damn wallpaper changing in the background, no idea why it's so CPU intensive..!)
  • USB selective suspend setting: Disabled (apparently helps with any Oculus sensor issues)
  • PCI Express > Link State Power Management: Off
NOTE Oculus' process "OVRServer_x64.exe" already changes your power plan to High Performance without telling you, whenever the headset is active. So if you don't use OTT, be sure to set up your High Performance power plan settings as above. If you do use OTT and set it to pick any other power plan, the latest version will now detect other processes changing the power plan and will then change it back to what you have selected.

Oculus Tray Tool [OTT]

  • With OTT, you can either set the following up as defaults or create a profile that gets applied when iRacingSim64DX11.exe is detected. If using a profile, make sure to tick ‘audio confirmation when profile is applied’ to be sure the app launch is being detected correctly.
  • Default Super Sampling (SS): 1.2 - Come back to this one after setting up everything else, and test other values. If you can lower it without telling the difference (you'll just have to re-adjust your UI elements in game), then lower it for free performance. For my eyes 1.2 is really good, 1.3 is great if running smoothly, anything above that I have a hard time seeing the quality increase.
NOTE if you set your SS here and test before getting to the .ini tweaks below, quickly scroll down and look for the dot point "PixelsPerDisplayPixel=100" under the "rendererDX11.ini" section of this guide. If this setting is higher than 100, your SS will multiply and destroy performance!
  • Default ASW mode: Off - Asynchronous Space Warp - This is personal preference! I find it better with it off: if I'm locked to 90 but maybe drop to 86ish at the very start of a race for example, turning this off will make it so that you just drop a few frames, instead of kicking ASW in. ASW keeps your head movement at 90fps, but it halves the actual Sim fps down to 45 immediately. It’s great for if you're struggling at lower fps, but I find that it gets in the way if you're always very close to 90fps.
  • Set Power Plan on Start: High performance (see Windows Power Settings above)
  • Set Power Plan on Exit: Balanced
  • Apply Power Plan on: Oculus Home Start/Exit - the other option is unreliable, because Oculus Home can take longer to close than OTT, and that holds on to the High Performance power profile sometimes. For best reliability, close the Oculus app before closing OTT.
  • Rift Power Management: Disable on start
  • The setting “USB Selective Suspend” isn’t actually a setting, it’s more of an indication of what the setting is in the currently active Windows Power Plan. Therefore, changing it here does nothing.
Optional - if you don't like having the Oculus Service always running (it's needed for detecting movement/face proximity via the Rift and automatically powering on / starting Oculus Home, which I don't like as I always want to start via OTT), you can make the following change (make sure you're not running anything on Oculus at the time):
  • Search in your start menu for "Services", or use Win+R and type "Services.msc" and click OK
  • Find the "Oculus VR Runtime Service" service and double click it to bring up its properties
  • Click 'Stop'
  • Change the Startup type to Manual
  • In OTT, go to "Service & Startup"
  • Enable only the following options:
    • Start Oculus service when tool starts
    • Stop Oculus service when tool exits
This means the service will not start with Windows, but it will start as soon as you open OTT and stop when you close it. No more Oculus Home opening whenever you move your Rift around, and also this makes the first time you run OTT after startup reliably set your chosen default SS correctly.

iRacing Options

NOTE change these before anything in the .ini files. If you change something here later, some of the related but specific changes to the .ini files may revert.
  • Drivers View options; this is very much down to personal preference, here's my suggested settings:
    • Field of view - no effect in VR
    • Shift Horizon - no effect in VR
    • Roll Chassis: 100%
    • Pitch Chassis: 100%
    • Neck Motion: 85% (100% means your view is cushioned from bumps, so the car itself bumps around you. 0% means you are attached firmly to the car, meaning the world bumps around you. 85 works for me, helps me 'feel' the bumps better without feeling like I can't focus on the world.
    • Rotate w vel: 0%
  • Show framerate meter: on - invaluable while testing these settings. I use Numeric for Graphics, my R (CPU Rendering metric) sits at 11 and my G (GPU metric) sits around 6 or 7. The max that you should be at for either value depends on the refresh rate of your headset; higher refresh rate needs a lower frame render time.
NOTE in VR, the frame rate indicator in-game will flicker between 89 and 90 (for a 90hz HMD), but using OTT's Visual HUD to monitor performance I can confirm that this means it is at a solid 90.
  • Resolution doesn't seem to affect anything in the headset, so I just put mine as low as possible in case it has an effect (probably doesn't, iRacing's desktop mirror seems to be about 1080p for me no matter what)
  • UI Zoom: set this to whatever is comfortable, then set again after a restart if you make any resolution or SS changes. Do this before customising the positioning of your UI while driving, a change here can ruin your UI placement. There's a tip below (in the app.ini section) about backing up your UI placement in case this happens.
  • SPS: ON (if you have an nVidia card that supports this, turn it on! Very decent performance gains)
  • Sky/Clouds: Low (a recent iRacing update means that even on low detail, there is no longer any slide-show effect in the movement of clouds)
  • Cars: High (mainly effects LoD and vehicle pop-in in the distance, also resolution of the standard reflections for some reason)
  • Pit: Low (a lot of tracks are more demanding on the pit straight if this is higher)
  • Event: Medium (lower this if a track is giving you performance troubles everywhere)
  • Grandstands: Low
  • Crowds: Medium
  • Objects: High (lower this if a track is giving you performance troubles everywhere)
  • Particles: Medium
  • Particles - Full Res: On
  • Particles - Soft: Off
  • Motion Blur: Off
  • Max Cars: 63 - for max cars, most people can set this to full (63), as it hardly affects the CPU because it's just the other vehicle's coordinates basically. It affects your network traffic more, so if you don't have network issues, max this out and replays will capture all cars and also any timing apps, crew chief etc will make accurate calls about track position.
  • Draw Cars: 20(8) - this is how many cars are actually rendered ahead(in mirrors). Play around with this one once all else is set as it has a very big performance impact, especially at the start of a race. You can also customise this to any more specific number in the .ini section below.
  • Draw Pits: Min - pit detail is a big factor of why some tracks will drop performance on the pit straight only, and I find it unimportant while actually racing, you’ll only miss it when in the pits. Again, can be customised to any more specific number in the .ini section below.
  • Dynamic LoD:
    • This section allows the sim to try to dynamically adjust the detail of the world and cars to attempt to maintain a target fps. Personally, I suggest getting everything set up correctly so that you don’t need to use this, as I find any Level Of Detail (LOD) changes distracting - pop in, car damage popping in and out on cars around you, etc. Set the FPS to your headset refresh rate (regardless of if you end up using it or not, if this gets turned on and the FPS target is lower than your refresh rate, it will always cause issues), then set World and Cars either to ‘Off’ (my recommendation) or ‘minus only’ (this will allow it to make safe changes attempting to recover performance, but not changes adding detail and potentially dropping performance).
  • Frame Rate: No Limit, or limit to match the refresh rate of your monitor. This is ignored when using VR, but I set mine to match my monitor refresh rate for when loading replays on the monitor only.
  • Max Prerendered Frames: 2 (to match the nVidia settings, although nVidia setting probably overrides this if set differently anyway. Also, unsure if this effects VR)
  • Anisotropic Filtering: 16x (very cheap on performance, big impact to track texture clarity)
  • AA Samples/Mode: 2x / 0
  • Render Dynamic Track Data: On
  • Render Dynamic Tire Data: On
  • Shadow Maps on: Track/Cars
  • Object Self Shadowing: Off (unavailable)
  • Dynamic Objects: On (reasonably large performance cost, but with all other options in this list I'm able to have this on and stable. It's a huge boost for immersion, and the blockyness of in-cockpit shadows are fixed further down)
  • Filter: On (unaffected by filter type chosen below under the Night Shadow Map settings)
  • Night Shadow Maps: Off
    • Walls: Off
    • Headlights: Off
    • Number of Lights: 1 (if Night Shadow Maps is off this doesn't matter, but start at 1 if you have the performance to try with them On)
    • Filter: none
  • Dynamic Cubemaps: 0 (cubemaps are performance destroyers, leave these off!)
  • Fixed Cubemaps: 0 (as above!)
  • Shader Quality: High Quality
  • Two Pass Trees: Off
  • Cockpit Mirrors Max: 3, ONLY if going for full immersion. Otherwise use Virtual Mirror and turn this to 0, using both is a large performance hit. Opinion: I started with Cockpit Mirrors for full immersion, but because they are not stereoscopic my eyes have to focus on them like a screen, instead of looking through them like a mirror, so the immersion isn't heightened for me. So, I find using the VM just fine instead.
  • Higher detail in mirrors: Off
  • Headlights: High Detail
  • Headlights on track in mirrors: On
  • Virtual Mirror: if using VM, lower the FoV as far as you can before the mirror stops being useful, I’m at 85. Larger FoV here has a decent performance cost.
  • Heat Haze: Off
  • FXAA: Off
  • Sharpening: - this one is personal preference. Sharpening does a great job on textures and anything close up, but it will also sharpen any jagged edges, so it’s a trade-off. If you have this on, be sure to tweak the advanced settings of it in the .ini section below, because with the default settings, the sharpening is applied to far objects which can become a jagged mess. I run SS at 1.2 with sharpening on (but limited in the .ini), but experiment with higher sharpening settings and lower SS - if you like the way it looks, that's a better option for performance.
  • Distortion: Off
  • HDR: On (personal preference here; it took me a while to realise that this isn't referring to HDR in a display tech sense which wouldn't work, instead it's just a lighting option and I think it looks great. A low sun can be a bit blinding, but it's the sun, so I find it immersive. I turn the brightness down to -2 when HDR is on). This will also enable auto-exposure, which to me doesn’t work well with VR, it can be turned off in the .ini section below.
  • Video mem swap high-res cars: Off if you have a decent amount of vid mem. Otherwise, on.
  • 2048x2048 car textures: On
  • Memory sliders: I set these in the .ini section below, as setting them in iRacing options seemed to sometimes not hold the setting for me.
Replay options; same as above with the following changes:
  • Particles - Soft: on
  • Draw 20(8) Cars, Draw 20(4) Pits (or higher than whatever you settle on in main graphics)
  • Shadows:
    • Night Shadow Maps: on
    • Walls: on
    • Headlights: off
    • Number of Lights: 3
    • Filter: simple
  • Cockpit Mirrors: 3 (turn this off to gain performance for not much of a visual loss)
  • Depth of Field Effects: off
  • Replay Render Modes: off

.ini Tweaks

.ini files are found in your "My documents\iRacing" folder. I HIGHLY recommend to make a backup of each before you edit! In the case that the changes do not agree with your system you can easily revert, then if needed you can make the changes one by one and tweak from there.
  • forceVisibleWhenMove=1 - this just helps organise any UI elements in one go (default hotkey is alt+K when in the vehicle), I find it important in VR to get the necessary stuff visible but out of the way
  • autoResetPitBox=0 - leaves my pit settings empty at each race start/pit exit so I don't get surprise fuel and tires unless I ask for them (shout out here for Crew Chief with voice recognition, absolute must-have for VR!)
  • ghostCarOffsetSec=0.500000 - Puts your ghost (when in a test session) out in front of you by the selected amount, so you're chasing it instead of inside it
  • ghostCarTransp=0.200000 - lowers visibility of ghost slightly
  • [UIOffsetPos], whole section - If you ever launch the sim with incorrect SS or any other change that affects resolution, your UI positions can sometimes get lost. So, once I set it all up correctly, I quit out and copy all settings under this heading into a separate txt file. Then if my UI gets screwy, I copy the values back into the app.ini to fix.

Graphics Options:
  • AutoExposure=0 - if this is on, your brightness will adjust depending on where you are looking. This works on a monitor, simulating the way our eyes adjust to dark or bright environments, but in VR our eyes are already doing that for us because we are more surrounded by the visuals.
  • EnableParallaxOcclusionMapping=0 - the detail gains of this being on are hardly noticeable in VR.
  • The ‘Max Draw’ settings are where you can further customise the numbers you have selected in the graphics options in-sim. These are my personal settings:
    • MaxPitObjsToDrawInMirrors=0
    • MaxPitObjsToDraw=0
    • MaxCarsToDrawInMirrors=5
    • MaxCarsToDraw=12
  • AllowTSOSelfShadows=1 - the description in the .ini is confusing, I've found through testing that this setting doesn't create more shadows or allow the TrackSideObjects to self-shadow themselves, but causes the TSO shadows to cast onto all cars including your own. This seems to cost far less than self-shadowing within the car (Dynamic Objects in iRacing settings section above), but in my opinion gives a greater sense of presence and speed as object shadows pass over the cars; so if you run with no Dynamic Object shadows for performance try turning this on here to still get some shadow immersion.
  • EnableSwayTrees=0
  • DynamicShadowRes=2 - higher res shadows look so much better at a reasonably small cost; if performance doesn't allow you to set this at 2 then personally I would turn Dynamic Object shadows off because the blockyness at default is distracting. Test to see if you notice.
  • Sharpening - if you have turned this on in-sim, you can tweak the look of it here.
    • SharpeningClamp=2 - the Clamp affects how far out an object can be and still be affected by sharpening. If set too high, this is the main reason having Sharpening on can cause things to look more jagged. I bring mine right down to 2 because my headset (Rift CV1) is quite low res, if you have a higher res headset then this might look good at a higher value - test this between 2 and 10, anything higher starts to look really bad.
    • SharpeningAmount=200 - I found that bringing the Clamp value lower meant I could up the actual Amount value and get even more sharpness in the textures close to me without ruining far objects
  • DynamicShadowFilters=7 NOTE this sounds like a good option to lower to 1, but I think it is broken and 1 turns off the filter for cockpit shadows also, so leave at 7
  • ShadowDetail=0
  • Trilinear=1
  • FarTerrain=1 - try this on 0 if extra performance is needed, I prefer it on for visuals
  • VisibilityFrameDelay=0 - very slight overall CPU cost but more consistent performance, lowering this (increasing the value) can reduce possible stutter points on corners of complex tracks
  • MaxWorkingSetMB_64Bit=8192 - This option completely depends on your RAM amount. I'm not an expert on the optimal value for this if you have limited RAM sorry, I have 16gb and this doesn't seem to save any higher than 8192 (must be a cap?), so that's what I use.
  • VidMemMB=8192 - as above, but depends on your GPU’s amount of vid mem
VR section:
(This is written for Oculus Rift. Reverse the AutoSelect and Enabled options if using an OpenVR headset)
  • Oculus Rift:
    • TwoStageAA=1 - This cleans up the edges of the UI. You can set this to 0 if you need to gain back a small amount of vid mem
    • AutoSelect=1 - straight into the rift every time without prompting. If I want to launch without VR, I just unplug my headset's USB before launching
    • PixelsPerDisplayPixel=100 - This is SuperSampling (SS). Make sure this hasn't defaulted to anything higher (found mine at 116), as it will multiply your SS number set in Oculus Tray Tool and destroy performance! If you don't use OTT, set your SS here (personal preference, but I find higher than 130 here (1.3 in OTT) is redundant and expensive. If you can't see the difference, running lower is great for gpu performance).
  • OpenVR:
    • OpenVREnabled=0 - just so I don't accidentally launch it using OpenVR if I have forgotten to plug in my Oculus, or launch the OVR service etc.
Replay Graphics: match most of this section to any change you’ve made to the settings above, unless you want to set anything higher for Replay mode.

Camera tool tip for seating position

Do you find yourself constantly changing your "Driver Height" in the graphics adjustments black box depending on what car you are in? I did. Now, I set that to 0 and instead adjust and save the seating position to the car:
  • Get into a new car, wait a few seconds then exit out and pause the replay when your car appears on track.
  • Change the view to Cockpit
  • Press "Ctrl+F12" for the camera toolbox.
  • Adjust the Z Offset for your height
  • Adjust the X Offset to slide your seat towards or away from the wheel
  • Adjust the Y Offset if the default position has you sitting slightly off-center to the wheel, if desired
  • Change the 'key step factor' if you need finer adjustments, or just type in the desired number
  • You can also adjust the Mic Gain level here if a particular car is too loud or quiet, however this adjusts the volume of all sim audio from heard from this view (other cars, tire noise, etc)
  • Click 'SAVE CAR', then save that with the default filename and directory that pops up
Now, the viewing position will be automatically correct whenever you jump back into this car.

Game Capture

If you want to record footage from within VR, you can use OBS (or any screen capture software) and capture the default iRacing mirror that appears on your desktop when running the sim in VR. However, the FOV of this is limited, cropped a little bit strangely, and slightly angled... We can do better!
NOTE if you do follow this and use Oculus Mirror, be careful not to resize or minimise the Oculus Mirror window at all after launching it - it needs to be open and at its set size (can be in the background, just not minimised) to work.
OculusMirror.exe is found in "Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics". To have the mirror launch with the preferred settings you need to set some launch parameters:
  • Right click OculusMirror.exe > Create Shortcut. Place this shortcut wherever you would like to launch the mirror from.
  • Name the shortcut something specific to iRacing, as you'll most likely want a different shortcut with different settings if using OculusMirror for other games.
  • Right click the new shortcut > Properties
  • In the 'Target' text field, after the final quotation mark, add a space, then each of the following 'flags' (exclude the quotation marks for the additions, and separate each one with a space):
    • "--Size 1320 800" - This is the resolution. I'm using the odd resolution of 1320x800 for the mirror because this allows me to tilt and lower the recorded view slightly when creating the scene in OBS without needing to stretch the image to account for cropping at the corners. I do this because each eye of the rift renders on a slight angle, so I want to correct for this in recordings/streaming.
    • Everyone has their own angle of resting head position and even how the headset sits on the face, so this angle can either be exaggerated or negated, so you may not need to fix the angle. If you don’t need to tilt the image at all, set the width of the resolution to match your desired streaming width. If you don’t need to raise or lower the image at all, set the height of the resolution to match your desired streaming height.
    • If you want to record or stream in a higher resolution (and also want to tilt/adjust the image), try using a Mirror size of 1635 1020 for 900p recording/streaming, or 1950 1200 for 1080p.
    • "--FovTanAngleMultiplier 1.3 1.3" - widens the FOV, any wider at the resolution above and you will get a black bar to the left
    • "--DisableTimewarp" - ignores ASW, if active, for the mirror
    • "--SymmetricFov" - allows odd resolutions without stretching (I think!)
    • "--RightEyeOnly" - I use the view from my right eye as it's closer to the centre of the car, left eye feels just a little too close to the window. Opposite is true for cars with the wheel on the right. Personal preference, can be changed to "--LeftEyeOnly"
    • "--DisableFovStencil" allows the image to go all the way to the corners, the headset itself doesn't render the whole rectangle
    • "--IncludeSystemGui" if you want to capture anything within Rift but outside of the sim, like Oculus Home, virtual desktop, etc
  • With all of this put together, your 'Target' should look like this (your installation path might be different):
    • "C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics\OculusMirror.exe" --Size 1320 800 --FovTanAngleMultiplier 1.3 1.3 --DisableTimewarp --SymmetricFov --RightEyeOnly --DisableFovStencil --IncludeSystemGui
NOTE OculusMirror only shows the output when the Rift is active and you are in an application (unless using "--IncludeSystemGui"); ie when it's being worn and the screens are on. Test by blocking the proximity sensor and make sure the mirror displays the image.

NOTE Since first writing this, I noticed after some iRacing updates that I had a bit more GPU headroom than CPU, so I’ve swapped my OBS encoding to the GPU and no longer need Process Lasso. Pick whichever your system has more headroom on, I’ll detail both options as we go:
*Video: * Canvas res: 1280x720 (if targeting higher, also adjust OculusMirror settings) * Output res: 1280x720 (unless targeting lower, also adjust OculusMirror settings) * Downscale filter: Bicubic (unsure if this is necessary when we are not scaling the image at all, but we will be rotating slightly so it may be used in that process) * FPS: 60
  • Output:
    • Output mode: Advanced
    • Streaming:
      • If using CPU: (iRacing doesn't currently seem to use more than 3 CPU cores heavily (that's a super simplified explanation because I don't fully understand the technical details myself), so there's room for this to run without lowering iRacing performance by setting up Process Lasso in the next section to keep OBS on the other cores)
        • Encoder: x264
        • Rate Control: CBR
        • Bitrate: 6000 (as per Twitch max bitrate guidelines) - lower this if your network upload struggles to maintain a smooth stream
        • CPU Usage Preset: veryfast (if your CPU can handle it without affecting your in-sim performance try lowering this to ‘faster’ for a better quality image)
        • Profile: High
        • Tune: None
      • If using an NVIDIA GPU:
        • Encoder: NVIDIA NVENC H.246 (new)
        • Rate Control: CBR
        • Bitrate: 6000 (as per Twitch max bitrate guidelines) - lower this if your network upload struggles to maintain a smooth stream
        • KeyFrame Interval: 0 (auto)
        • Preset: Performance
        • Profile: High
        • Look-ahead: Off
        • Psycho Visual Tuning: Off
    • Recording: set this up if you are going to record locally, I would suggest setting the Encoder here to “use stream encoder” so that if you accidentally start a recording (or enable a replay buffer) while streaming it doesn’t destroy your performance by encoding twice. NOTE - if you want to set up hotkeys for recording, replay buffer, start/stop stream etc, make sure to run OBS as administrator for these to work.
  • Create a new scene and source (source type: 'Game Capture'). In the source properties:
    • Set the source to capture specific window: OculusMirror.exe
    • Force scaling: off
    • Limit capture framerate: on (limits to 60 as set in video options)
  • The Source outline should be larger than your Canvas (to see this clearly, load into iRacing, place the Rift on your desk and cover the proximity sensor with something to have the image displayed. Try to angle the rift as you would wear it, then re-center your view in iRacing. This should help when adjusting the position of the image)
  • Don't do any scaling by dragging the outline; instead, right-click the Source and select "Edit Transform". Then, rotate slightly to fix the angle (I use 2.5; doesn't get it fully straight, but any more and I start to get cropped corners, and would have to increase my OculusMirror resolution again), and edit the position so that you have a good balance of dash and sky/virtual mirror. Watch for cropped corners.
  • Lock these settings by clicking the small padlock icon on the Source name once happy with the image.

Bitsum Process Lasso [BPL]

Warning! There is a lot of power available in this application. I'll just be briefly outlining what I have found helpful here. I am new to this part, so I would absolutely advise reading the official documentation for yourself and proceeding with caution, not just following my steps. So, this won't be a step by step guide, just an overview of my process so far.
As noted above, I don’t use to limit apps to certain CPU cores anymore as I’m encoding with my GPU. There is still useful stuff in this application but it’s not as necessary if using GPU encoding. If using CPU encoding though, it is very powerful for performance gains:
iRacing only really uses 2 (or 3 now by my observation?) cores of your CPU. The goal here is to take any other processes that can spread out across all cores and cause stutter (usually by having a higher CPU priority) and restrain them to all other cores by manually setting their "CPU affinity" using BPL.
How I've gone about that so far
  • Created a new profile, as I don't want to restrain all of these other processes if I'm not running iRacing. Unfortunately I haven't yet seen a way to switch BPL profiles automatically. Alternatively, I could set the BPL core engine to not start with windows, and manually start it before a sim session.
  • Used the real-time monitor to see what cores iRacing uses by running the sim with very little other software running (don’t limit iRacing to certain cores as it needs to spread certain process across a set amount of cores)
    • For me, this was cores 0, 4 and 5
  • Launched all software that I will have running at the same time as iRacing
  • Went through the list of processes in BPL, picking only processes that I know do not need to use all cores, and set their 'Always' CPU affinities to use all OTHER cores (1-3).
  • all OVR (oculus) processes need to be left alone; I tried restraining some that I thought were not crucial and got periodically jittery tracking
  • excluded iracingsim64dx11.exe, oculusclient.exe and ovrserver.exe from 'ProBalance'
  • I could also use BPL to select Windows Power Plans based on what processes are running, even adding an extra "Bitsum Highest Performance" power plan that does... something extra. If you end up using this, be sure to set the new power plan up as discussed near the top of this guide, it will be available in the same area of Windows Settings once BPL is installed. Also, set this power plan as the one to be used by Oculus Tray Tool, otherwise these will conflict and I believe OTT will override the selection here)

Optional tweaks to Oculus "Asynchronous Space Warp" [ASW]

NOTE I wrote this section when the “ASW” option in Oculus Tray Tool was not working correctly. It does seem to be working for me on the current version of OTT so this is no longer necessary, however I’ll leave this here for if it doesn’t work for you or if you don’t use OTT:
  • Once Oculus services have been launched, click on your taskbar so that nothing is in focus and press Ctrl+1. Weirdly, it has to be the right-side ctrl and the numpad 1.
This disables ASW. This is personal preference! I find it better with it off: if I'm locked to 90 but maybe drop to 86ish at the very start of a race for example, turning this off will make it so that you just drop a few frames, instead of kicking ASW in. ASW keeps your head movement at 90fps, but it halves the actual Sim fps down to 45 immediately. It’s great for if you're struggling at lower fps, but I find that it gets in the way if you're always very close to 90fps.
Unfortunately you have to remember to do it each time, so it's up to you if it's worth it!
  • ctrl+1: ASW disabled
  • ctrl+2: Force 45fps, no ASW
  • ctrl+3: Force 45fps with ASW
  • ctrl+4: Enable auto ASW (this is default)
Try these all out when in sim to test how it all feels and check that the shortcuts are working. You just have to remember to click the taskbar while in game to un-focus the window for them to work.


iRacing has been updated to use the new xAudio2 sound engine; make sure to select this in-sim as your audio device, and ignore the rest of this section. If for some reason you need to continue to use the old DirectSound engine, I’ll leave the old info here:
I got all of my sound tweaks from boxthislap.org, so will link straight to the article here:
The main improvement I noticed once setting this up correctly is that the directional sound is no longer super black&white, on or off... With the sound set to stereo and "Rotate with VR headset movement", if you watch a replay in chase cam (try this with no other cars around) you'll notice that if you look 90degrees to your left, the engine sound of your car will completely disappear from your left ear which obviously isn't correct.
Turning Surround Sound on in iRacing without any other tweaks results in a terrible balance (in my opinion), the link above solved that completely after some tweaking, try it out!

Other tips

  • Disconnect from any OTHER external displays (not including main monitor) not needed while in VR (this one might just be for my setup, but if someone turned on my TV which is connected as a second display, I would lose display in the Rift...)
  • Turn OFF any Windows game modes, game bars, game DVR recorders etc
  • Close any other apps, and stop any unnecessary services (if you're sure they are unnecessary!). For example, someone mentioned to me that for them, "LightingService" (asus aura RGB lighting service) was causing some small stuttering that was resolved by stopping this service.
  • Create a launcher batch file that does all of this for you in one double-click, plus opens any software that you want during every session (eg OculusMirror, OBS, Trading Paints etc)
  • Check this link for FFB tuning if you haven't already:


If you've made it all the way down here: Thanks for reading, I hope at least a part of it helps someone out there :)
submitted by AndrewTriesToRace to iRacing

Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 99: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

⏳⚖ Past Transcripts ⏳⚖
  • Now I don't actually think he's over there at the actual dealership I think he is most of his visits were to garage and and making donations to the haraj Center for for that for the for the weapons that we're going the other way
  • So here's Alpha Jalloh I do believe she's actually gonna be a diplomatic courier
  • You're gonna find that status that's how you have shootouts on Capitol Hill and you're out a month later with a ankle bracelet
  • And six months later you get a curfew ruling that says you even get more freedom
  • And get to stay out even later
  • That's how the things like that happen they don't happen by accident
  • Again Bill Warner's can be the great one here because we get down to the point where we can actually see and graph and create a movie of Alpha Jalloh's movement so that's gonna be really cool
  • Maybe even down to googling FOIA-ing the ankle bracelet movements--that's gonna be very interesting as we come down the pike on that again
  • I did not set up the FBI I did not know that it was going into the port of Charleston I didn't do that just to foil all this and expose the ratline I but knowing that I do believe still that the for diplomatic containers did have radiation in them, and I'm gonna explain how we're gonna proceed to get that
  • I believe that this scientists here from Iraq and Iran both you're gonna see Iraq and Iran do you rod do you coming in to the port of South Carolina it's gonna be remanufactured in some facility--I but I believe there is a facility gonna be in South Carolina for reman factoring both the weapons both WP weapons and DU weapons in South Carolina, but definitely WP
  • So anyway we can talk about Gulftainer and the port of Canaveral
  • I really don't think the port of Canaveral is gonna be a weapons port
  • I believe it's going to be a people port
  • I think people coming in to get organ harvesting type operations are gonna come in there
  • People in sex trade are coming in through Gulftainer
  • I believe the export port is going to be Jacksonville for where you're gonna have your operations at Mayo Clinic up there
  • And I also believe you're gonna have the exports of weapons there as well
  • So all this will come forward
  • We just dumped a whole bunch of documents about Jacksonville and Mayo Clinic that Jason has
  • And we can talk about all this on Crowdsource the Truth
  • So we're just kind of drilling down
  • Again it's gonna be Jack Lew doing all these secret deals with Blackberries
  • And that's why we just need to Trump really only needs on mask of very few documents to unwind this whole thing and prove the whole conspiracy
  • I think it's clear now with all the documents in Qasim and the Port of Qasim that shows all these Royals from UAE and shows their entourage with the diplomatic entourage
  • So we know the containers are coming in under diplomatic cover we know the containers weren't checked those four containers weren't checked into the into the port
  • We know that another ship came and picked them up
  • We know that the ANA took them down to Savannah
  • And then the ANA went to Savannah and and then cleared him there
  • So they don't do that for no reason and again we're gonna get the phone conversations between the port and myself we're gonna get those three conversations are not too clean how we're gonna do that
  • So again this is why the Blackberries
  • Why we had to go to the home to get the Blackberries
  • This part of the story still hasn't come out this part of the story what the laptops has come out
  • But the BlackBerry server the big BlackBerry server that part of the story still has not come out either
  • Some journalist some enterprising journalist will put two and two together and think hey BlackBerry Enterprise Server means a BlackBerry Enterprise Server here in Lorton
  • This is the source of all the spying
  • All the CENTCOM emails are coming here to Lord and from from Tampa
  • All the Congressional emails are coming here
  • I believe all the State Department emails are coming here
  • This is the gonna be the master server I think it all then goes to the Clinton Foundation for pay-to-play
  • All
  • Everything goes to the Clinton Foundation for pay-to-play
  • For KK&R private equities
  • For research tokens
  • So I think they're giving out the different--Bill's speeches were just Blackberry Access Subscriptions to that service--to those emails
  • And I also believe that there was a deal based deal-based tokens
  • So they were giving out Blackberries for negotiating--for different companies who wanted to negotiate one deal
  • For instance, like a Lockheed or a Raytheon doing a specific bid
  • They may want up that Blackberry for a hundred thousand dollars a month
  • I think all of the above they had the temporary rentals, long-term subscriptions, and also the pay-to-play for the longer-term private equity plays at KKR okay
  • So the hard drive pieces come out
  • I don't know if Malia Malia Zimmerman at Fox LA has come out with any reports yet or put Andre Taggart on camera, but I believe when he gets on camera the whole thing comes out alright
  • So again now more than ever we need to see the 650 thousand emails Hillary under Huma but that doesn't matter
  • Because we are gonna be able to do metadata and show that this there's also a big server there
  • Now the other interesting thing about this is he published a video
  • Imran published a video of the back door of the house and I believe this is on the internet somewhere and I saw it and I should have made a note of it but it's got a big window in it
  • So that if somebody coming down the stairs through the back window in the daylight basement could easily see this rack of could easily see this rack of BlackBerry's and laptops on the back
  • So if you were setting something out for someone and said Okay. here's the package that you want to pick up you want one of these and you want four of these, you could set that on the shelf that were in the downstairs daylight basement that they had a 967
  • It's right back here I remember him walking through it with Jamal on a tape
  • He was walking through with Jamal and Imran on a tape
  • And I think the reason they did that under the auspices of showing the home was showing that people who were agents--or really runners and not really agents--that were runners how to go in the back door
  • And I believe they were going the runners were coming in and out of this back door picking up this stuff in a rotating basis
  • This wasn't a one-time thing this wasn't a Imran driving in all every time and going in this was the store
  • Now the Marines I'm still saying the marine and the Navy officer were upstairs Andre target from Fort Belvoir
  • I still say he's upstairs in there Unknowing
  • They're going out to karate class for their kids five kids
  • While they're doing that there's this backdoor entrance and the right over here the Emraan owned house where Hina lived all be live right over here on this next street over and you could just walk back here right over here and just walk in there at night and leave this very short distance here between these two
  • Now you'd have to have some kind of cover babysitter cover or dog walker cover or whatnot
  • And I don't know what that covers gonna be yet
  • But I believe actually this operation was going on the day I was at that door on April 10th
  • And I know that's gonna seem hard to believe but
  • Or it had ended very briefly before then
  • Actually I'll just go ahead and say it I believe the operation was still going on when I was there
  • And I'm not gonna say what surveillance I did on that door at this point
  • But I am really encouraging
  • Put it this way my story is pliable if certain individuals come forward
  • If certain individuals come forward
  • And just kind of put it this way
  • I'll make you a deal I'm gonna make a deal right now--if certain individuals come forward and tell the whole story about this: ok? And they say that the pile really was 20 Blackberries like they said originally, and the pile of laptops was four and then there was the printer router, and they also might want to talk about the big blackberry server, then ---I--- will forget all about surveillance on this back door, okay?
  • So is that fair? All right.
  • So like I said this the 650 thousand emails Hillary and Huma right can bust this whole thing
  • But we don't need it you can do it by proving that this there was a blackberry enterprise server in the basement
  • And we can also prove it by the printer router traffic or the router traffic back and forth to this
  • This is going to have router IP addresses that going to it from Tampa, through intermediaries of course
  • But the source is gonna be I believe it's gonna be Jill Kelly's private home there on that tampa bay frontage
  • Again you have to have a cover story to move it from a classified setting from CENTCOM over to Jill Kelly's house then you have a there's gonna be some kind of construct between you know Muslims for America--some kind of email in between Joel Kelly and Imran, that's gonna create that linkage
  • And people have speculated it's gonna be the images we're gonna send beautiful images of houses videos of houses and within the video is actually the messages encoded
  • I don't know all about that stuff I'll let the forensic experts that watch this determine that
  • But there's a lot of people are saying oh there's embedded messaging in the videos and that's very sophisticated stuff and I don't have that expertise
  • I have an encryption background but not that deep encryption
  • {{ Steganography }}
  • But I do have black deep blackberry the Huma telling me that's exactly how they did it
  • So I'm not not the messaging per se inside a video but that there was a communication between Tampa and the Lorton home
  • So and also the Lorton home and Clinton Foundation, through intermediaries through I believe Hillary for America and and Hillary for America in Brooklyn and potentially SEIU
  • So we're gonna look at those traffic patterns
  • Again um if I you were seeing me directly I'd be coming my hair right now NSA
  • So how we gonna move forward and how we gonna actually prove all this well here is my FOIA request for from two years ago almost two years ago
  • And the key question here is--so what we're trying to do is get to the ports and get to JTTF because JTTF is going to give us the answers about the ports
  • And we're gonna be able to get inside and have a look at this kind of octopus it's kind of a loch ness monster below the water
  • We're gonna be able to see inside of it with this
  • So what I'm gonna do here with the lawsuit is since I've waited two years I
  • The key question is what's the time period for waiting for an administrative procedure and at what point does it become an administrative secrecy?
  • Because what what the lawsuits are prepared for what the statutes are prepared for and there's argument on the on the web here is statute u.s. code five five five or is it five five two
  • And then people are calling each other's mothers heritage into question over this
  • I think it's five five to section five five two but I don't want to make the five five five people mad and it tastes great less filling and I don't want to get into that whole hue and cry and argument gnashing of teeth
  • I believe it's five five two
  • But anyway it allows you to pierce the administrative secrecy if people are using administrative procedures in a secret manner
  • You can pierce that that FOIA over a certain period time I think it's twelve months
  • Other people say 24 but the bottom line is it's been successfully tried and no longer up until this point I've been denied all my FOIA requests on JTTF were denied based on state secrets
  • Well I now have standing state secret system is known as basically well we can't tell you because if you're on the terrorism watch list or not because it's state secrets
  • And you have to prove what they call standing you have to say oh I have standing I know the FBI has and surveilling me
  • This is this goes back to my Mohammed Mohammed case they use surveillance on him the illegal wiretap 12 33 12 triple three wiretap
  • Well before no one none of the other 12 triple three lawsuits had been able to be successful
  • Because the government said up state secrets this goes back to Sibel Edmonds
  • But but Mohammed Mohammed could prove he had standing
  • So this is the first case he was a first case 12 triple three was ever challenged because he proved he had outstanding
  • Now I can prove I have standing because I can show the FBI was pinging my phone
  • So the state secrets catch-22 defense is out the window now
  • The only thing I have to wait to pierce the FOIA or administrative secrecy as I have to wait this certain time period
  • So again if you're a five five person don't get upset don't threaten to murder or Doc's the five five two people five five two people please be section five five two people please be understanding and let's not go into the whole that let's just keep it keep it keep it okay
  • So now there's this Okay. scoreboarding the Bill of Rights scoreboarding everyone wants to play at home everybody wants to have their bingo card for Bill of Rights scorecard Okay.
  • We'll get there
  • Here's the Massachusetts case I talked about yesterday we're going to basically just take a line through Massachusetts and put the word Ohio
  • This was the case in Massachusetts that was just adjudicated last year about this time where they won this is the first case the plaintiff has won
  • And then plaintiff was aclu
  • Of course we're not gonna pay ACLU lawyers we're gonna go pro se
  • And yes yes I know squeeze your squeeze your ass the judge would be a lot more understanding of my fumbles in the courtroom and pro se are expected to have the same amount of knowledge as a lawyer and all that stuff I got it but I'm gonna go pro se for a lot of good reasons because I want to be able to do my own filings for the most part free
  • So anyway I'm not gonna probably file this today but probably gonna wait over the weekend
  • We being the crowd source of the truth because I want to I want to socialize this with the crowd first but everybody wants to play the score card game
  • And no you don't have to get four to hit the lotto of the amendments
  • You don't have we only have to win on one amendment to get to win the lawsuit
  • We're gonna have five bingo squares but this is bingo where you only need to get one bingo to win there's a big misconception out there with bill rides bingo that oh I need to get one I need to get three and Edie at four or five and then ten no you only need one bingo won one bingo to win the lawsuit
  • Now they in this case they went for four and five this fourth spot in the five spot and they got they won on fourth amendment illegal search and seizure
  • And they won on five which is self incriminating
  • We're also going to go for three more spots more spots in bingo you have the better chance you have
  • One I'm a journalist right
  • So you got that bingo play
  • This is a direct attack on the First Amendment I have James risin being attacked by Attorney General Holder
  • So I've got that I've got a lot of other First Amendment cases where journalists have been jailed
  • So I can quote those as precedents
  • Third third isn't interesting everybody says don't play the streets mob don't play this free spot
  • Well we have G4S that again is a foreign government that's going to be an MI6 cutout it's a public-private partnership
  • So that they can get around having to do any records
  • So having to do any FOIAs without having to do any faces it's basically a survey the private arm the the surveillance arm and harassment arm of the FBI right and they're bringing it in under liaison loophole
  • That's a standing Army
  • It's not only a standing Army way the like like the original founders--it is the exact same Army!
  • These are descendants of the same British soldiers that were quartered in our homes
  • This these the G4S folks nope no offense to the folks in Britain and in the UK but these are descendants of the same folks that lived in our homes way back when
  • This is just I hate to say it but it's it's quartering a British tube troops to there is no difference it would be interesting to take the oopes looks like we might have lost our feed
  • It'd be interesting to take the lineages--I think we're in trouble. Hold on I know there's probably wacky things happening--Okay. I think we're back
  • No I was gonna say about the G4D being a cutout for MI6 we might be able to go back to waltzingham with some of these families
  • This will be a genetics the people that do that genealogy online--this will be a boon like almost a cottage industry with people playing this game as well as this lawsuit proceeds
  • Just on the G4S personnel dairy in the U.S. running the private spy ring
  • Now I know there's people out the arguing out in Utah saying well no no we have they haven't McMullen spy ring and all that and for west of the Mississippi but I'm mainly talking for the people who are on the East Coast here they're gonna have quite the parlor game of connecting this back to original lobster backs in in Boston
  • And who stayed where this could become a whole nother thing in Boston and in Philadelphia, where the freedom walks we're gonna be able to walk the trail of different the grenadiers we're here
  • And now the the seventh generation Dragoon is running the Charleston port or the Ohio Mid Ohio JTTF gangs it should be interesting
  • Well we'll have fun and then the tenth amendment is going to really be about this rights of a state to exist
  • This is the right of a state to call themselves a state
  • Ohio has a right under the Constitution the the framers deliberately weighed things on the sides of states because they wanted local control versus of Federal control
  • They were trying to get away from the all-powerful king, all-powerful House of Lords with the landowners, really running the show
  • They wanted the states and then in the English tradition would be counties they wanted the counties and then aren't we inherited that we made it states, to have powers of their own process of their own decision making
  • They wanted an independent cheri they wanted an independent law enforcement
  • They did not want the Federal government involved in law enforcement
  • The whole idea that the Federal government is even in law enforcement is is kind of alien to our whole Bill of Rights
  • They wanted that these assurances these first ten amendments were put in place specifically to almost warn against any kind of Federal
  • We kind of creeped in there with a Federal Bureau it was even called the when Hoover first had it was the Bureau of Investigation I think--it was even called a Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Because there was so much fear that it was like oh my gosh this is gonna for all the constitutionalist they're gonna go nuts
  • Then they added FBI about ten years later after everybody kind of forgot and this is the same kind of encroachment against the Constitution that just is continual right?
  • So so this states rights here was was put in the first ten, which is hey we want the state of Ohio to have jurisdiction over how
  • We want the state of Massachusetts to have this jurisdiction over Massachusetts
  • So when you start bringing in and I don't want to say grenadiers and dragoons but I'm gonna go ahead and say grenadiers and dragoons, well you start bringing them into Ohio and start howling Ohio and paying phones and and shuttling and corralling of local law enforcement and then using threats of using enforcement arms to make them do what you want them to do from a Federal level, you've turned the local police department and state police into what they call Federal actors
  • They now are your actors that you've intimidated them there and now are Federal actors
  • So this is what specifically what the framers a Constitution we're kind of avoiding
  • So and then when I did my foil originally I only put down six agencies DHS was one of them of course CIA was one of them at that time Oregon State Police was one of them but of course we're gonna have to add a whole bunch of people
  • Now as more information about JTTF has come to light
  • What what I was really surprised about was the DoD presence, with all the Army Intelligence Air Force operations
  • And NGA for the geospatial tracking with nano sets for instance you throw them up there and they they burn up in a year who cares?
  • These nano sets can really get down to the individual walking on the street level
  • So you don't need a big force of the old-school human Intelligence anymore
  • You can throw these nano sets up there
  • And this is gonna be the whole NADRA thing
  • This is how it all ties back to the Awan brothers
  • This all was put in from Army Intelligence
  • This is all David Petraeus wrote this not rippln Okay. and the place that they tested it first place they tested it was going to be Bangladesh
  • Tested on the people of Bangladesh and then the people of on the people of Pakistan
  • I mean the way the want self-identify is that we are a UAE Royals
  • They don't self-identify as Pakistanis, even though they have passports from both I think we were gonna find
  • So they said hey that's here's a great target population East Pakistan
  • They don't even think about it as Bangladesh and
  • Now here's another great one let's do West Pakistan
  • Now once that technology's proven with the Nano sets
  • And what they're basically doing is a biochip phone and a bio chip identity card I mean this is round the clock knowing if you made a phone call and then being able to geolocate you by it
  • This is geolocation this is exactly what my lawsuit is geolocation where that that Massachusetts law suit was geolocation
  • So this is geolocation
  • NADRA is geolocation on steroids with the biochip phone and the biochip identity card
  • And that's the Awan Brothers
  • That's Hina Alvi sold
  • The other one Natalia Sova --the banking arm that was the banking arm for this whole operation
  • And really this at the end of the day is a political military operation
  • So the Awans are actors in the middle of this political military operation that we've got
  • And just so happens I did not set the FBI up
  • It just so happens we have the perfect way to get discovery on all this JTTF
  • And all the DoD involvement
  • All the surveillance involvement in the JTTF in local law enforcement
  • You can see who's really pulling the strings now by looking at this member list
  • You can see that it has nothing to do with Ohio State Police that has nothing to do with the Zanesville Police
  • All the paying all the use of G4S on the street feet on the street for all the Human Intelligence collection that's all being driven from these agencies
  • And what's nice is it going to be able to specifically ask for discovery from all these agencies that's the plan
  • So sorry this was a little bit long
  • But there are people that say genes that we should be more complete we should be more detailed these are too fast
  • So rewind and watch it again
  • Please five section five five people five people be nice to the five five two people
  • Please nobody else asked me about second amendment
  • Second Amendment it's not involved here
  • <>
  • Day 292 - Summary
    • Okay. I'm in Bryant Park Park
    • Clinton Foundation down that way
    • I'm not going to do a walk and talk this morning I think there's a certain value of that proof of life certain that value of a learning as you walk down the street talking to people
    • So I'm going to do a little less of that it was a little bit more focus on the facts focus on the slides like my old tradition was first 200 days before I kind of went on the road
    • But I'm not going to lose the touch of the streets and it was funny last night hearing Thomas Paine talk for an hour and 45 minutes or almost two hours and with this Brooklyn accent with these guys
    • You got it you got to look out for your buddies you know you never go to get anywhere you can't roll over on your friends all that last night, trying to disguise with the NYPD Intel accent and the FBI accent from New York
    • But anyway let's go more to the slides
    • This is day 292
    • And this one and run just say that first off I have no desire really to put--as I've said many kinds of past--to anything to Hillary or the Awan brothers, Tahir Javed store drug Network, not even really McCabe at the end of the day, even though he's made my life not fun
    • Really it's this is all really kind of a deep state contract I hate even saying beach state because it seems like almost a conspiracy theory word
    • All I'm really talking about is just the guys who are running the show which is the military and all these actors really are just state actors
    • At the end of the day they're all they're all just doing their job down did they take some turns here and there not necessarily make the right ethical choices yes of course
    • Unfortunately I have to unwind through people unwind story for people which I'm doing through the wall brothers initially
    • We'll get to Javed will get to the Clinton Foundation like I said I just want Hillary to go to the Maldives have a nice life
    • I don't want to see anybody go to jail write this plea deal I don't want to see because there's no evidence she gives evidence to exchange was please I'm fine with that
    • But really this spy ring here wasn't a spy ring in and of itself
    • As I said on Nutritoius' show yesterday aggressive radio, spy rings don't get created with all these people cars businesses diplomatic passports money guns arms espionage weapons--that all doesn't happen with six people have come to this country who are not don't even have a passport don't even have a long-term visa
    • You need the help of somebody in the deep state
    • You need to be spying for the deep state and you need to be enabling ratlines for the deep state like DU and WP which is depleted uranium and white phosphorus
    • So we're going to zoom in on who we are doing favors for
    • This is a recent article by the intercept this is Ryan grim just reported the gulf of UAE gave twenty million dollar gift to DC think-tank
    • I'm going to do my best Thomas Paine airy and white PD Intel acceptable DC think take right twenty million right yeah that's not a DC think tank that's a bribe for the BC harvest
    • So you can read on about from Ryan grim all about that but that these are just very thinly veiled drives
    • I'm going to show you the harbor again this is the Navy Yard
    • This stuff has been going on for a hundred years but it's really gotten bad over the last 40 years
    • But using the Navy Yard and also the National Harbor along the Potomac near South Washington South for the White House kind of ratline central
    • Been that way a long time it's actually been that way since 1812 they use those slaves and build our Navy
    • And all the way through Civil War you can sleep over they for ratlines
    • That's a lot of the great wealth of America's created that way
    • But we got to stop this as the ratlines get worse and worse
    • Now that we've got organ harvesting and all these are living things with drugs very deadly drugs it's just getting worse
    • The reason why the spiring this created the reason why you see all this concentration around Springfield's Lorton and Woodbridge down here, all the Awans are in here they're going to see lots and lots of the Awans
    • We really don't have to go through we don't need really to drill down on any of the crimes of more than four or five Awans, to prove the point that this is a spy ring
    • That Congress, Congressional Credit Union is being used as an ATM, the cars are being stolen, being brought into this area, being shifted diplomats to get money be shipped to Florida and then
    • So focus in on this lady arcing 178 different buildings this is the navy Navy Yard over here this is under the control of DC DC politics that's with twenty million dollars is going for for the bribe this is the complex that's being kind of turned over slowly for private interests Building Museum every once in a while but I can assure you very much the light arms and being stored here very fit arms are getting smaller tempering missiles vu missiles the WT missiles are getting smaller sarin gas charges are getting smaller we can store them in an area like this
    • Shipping area is going to be down here at the National Harbor
    • I wish I had my McDuck book I wish I had my Macduff's yellow or excuse me the orange book with this picture and I know Duff's son doesn't believe this yet
    • But I believe your father had this all worked out and maybe that's why he is early demise not just a paper clip but anyway
    • And my heart goes out to you every day I just want to let that's my inspiration every day
    • So anyway Duff had this Harbor here as the main transit point you're going to be bringing in people from El Salvadorian Embassy Guatemalan Embassy etc consulates over here to work these docks using temporary workers when they're doing the unloads and off loads of the UAE ships
    • Primarily UAE could be other flags but mainly UAE Saudi flagships with the judge to Denmark flag
    • So this is how it all ties together this is why I made such a big deal out about the four containers that we're coming into Charleston Harbor on the Memphis Maersk
    • This is the ship that we are going to find discovery we are going to move forward with the we happen orbital defamation lawsuit JTTF lawsuit in order to get discovery here
    • I don't want the money I'm going to probably donate it to create a news channel or open source news
    • If I do win with the FBI lawsuits not just going to be FBI law
    • So it's really a JTTF lawsuits much bigger than the FBI
    • But we have still not got discovery on those containers we are going to keep pressing until we do get the radiological readings
    • The key to this whole system is the UAE royal families that we have identified on the manifests in the Port of Qasim in Pakistan with shipping privileges
    • Depleted-uranium going from Iran going to Pakistan to be made into shells ammo coming to the United States then the stock piled warehouses and set out for small arms dealers all around the world really funding Isis the ISIS weapons ratline all around the world
    • Reason why Jafar nuclear scientists Iraqi-Iran nuclear scientists go-between got that container deal down in in Port Canaveral the same reason there's a deal a secret deal in Jacksonville
    • Same reason there's a secret deal of Tampa you're going to find there is a secret deal for National Harbor and Washington Navy Yard
    • So upcoming I'll be putting proof points in
    • The great work of Bill Warner identifying the ring where these cars were being stolen, fenced, fake docks into containers then shipped
    • The only thing I had to add to build waters work was the fact that in the trucks was going the smaller covering missiles Chemrings are DU, WP and Sarin or whatever kind of gaps load that in there mainly WP is DU
    • So we're going to have Bill Warner I think a little bit later this week
    • Again that's why I was so necessary to figure out how the communication system of the round line was working
    • That's why I had to go to every property and discover not only the laptops not only the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for the actual laptops themselves if the laptops are actually like the walk-and-talk nice for the whole ratline
    • They're secure cryptographically encoded to keep this trade network secret
    • So these laptops are going to be the reason why there's
    • So many BlackBerry's their reason why you have maybe involvement that that we're going to end up drilling down on is because of this
    • So closely tied to the navy
    • Now this is a great marine it's wife's a great mid petty officer
    • I really want to thank Andre Taggart
    • I am working with Fox News right now
    • Judge Nap I'm seven blocks away you want to come down meet me or I'll walk up there judge
    • That we really are trying to get a hold of each a second low if you really try to get a hold of me right here you can see where I am in Bryant Park right now
    • Come down to me
    • I'm sorry I'm not going live on this but I'll just I'll stay here for a while read some books of New York Public Library
    • But hard drive story has come out
    • The broken laptop stories is going to come out
    • And then these lack bright BlackBerry Enterprise Server is going to come out
    • When Andre Taggart goes live he's going to become a worldwide phenomenon sensation
    • Of course he's going to have its own calendar for all the girls is going to become pinup guy for the Marines but that all awaits us
    • Again this is why it's so important to release the 650,000 emails
    • As I mentioned this number was up to 1.2 million dollars in terms of bribe to Mr. McCabe
    • Kevin and Cumberland has that to get that to Thomas Payne
    • So he can have that story this is again why he published the metadata for this system
    • Thomas, again, for any NYPD Thomas Payne said last night that these people that have seen these emails who's 50 there's 50 NYPD that have seen them
    • I think that's going to be how many Chiefs there are at the NYPD
    • Then you take the number of Chiefs times the number of people who might have spoken about it, and that's the total number of people that can come up to me, and accidentally drop a piece of paper
    • One piece of paper just hey you follow me just drop one piece of paper it doesn't even have to be anything confidential it just needs to have the name of a chief on it, that tells me where to go
    • Anybody from CENTCOM can print off the header for General John Allen and just drop that piece of paper give me about going to yoga or going to Hillary's wedding--it doesn't matter
    • If we can prove how long that footer is on the general John Allen footer um emails we can prove that 200 emails does not equal the four hundred thousand or whatever they were it actually equals twenty thousand 2k emails right
    • So 200 emails into each email that he broke was not 2 Meg
    • So anyway I want to prove that out
    • So these need to be published immediately
    • Trump can mr. Trump Steve Bannon calling out to all the people National Security Advisor general Kelly appear white hat immediately just published a metadata for these emails you can be classified these emails
    • Or just declassified the Hillary's secret are Hillary's email to Huma about the secure phones
    • That's all you need to do is just that one email just declassify that one name which is Imran Awan, and this whole thing comes apart
    • As I said you're going to find more about this I've had this being a dell at a blackberry for over 75 days
    • Here again is the reason why for running that ratline and beat the area reports we may have something similar in the New Jersey ports here as well
    • And then we have this stuff going on at the South Carolina ports as well as the Florida ports
    • I don't know about Port of Long Beach with the Chinese yet
    • But that's why you meet all three of these things
    • You need Homeland Security to be able to interdict and intercept port information
    • You of course need the House Intelligence because you need to know about the movements of other militaries around the world
    • And of course you need Foreign Affairs to be able to interdict and intercept deals for pay-to-play
    • So the where this
    • So that wraps up the port summer the direction we're going to be going with this talking about the Iran spy ring
    • This is why the iraq a once brought spiring i'm i'm moving for being on Imran's defense
    • Now defensive a spy ring, I'm still going to collect evidence but it's only the collect evidence to get him to turn state's evidence
    • At this point he's no longer a target of mine
    • Neither is Hillary Clinton for that matter
    • Both of them are people that you be turned as witnesses to actually unwind this this trade
    • We're actually wanting to stop the trade stop the Deepstate influence on our government--that's the key here
    • Not to single out any one individual
    • So that's my intention
    • So I have no malice towrard Imran or any of the little wands or for that matter any for Hillary Clinton I know that's going to make a lot of people mad what is going
    • Now is this HSP e6 the Homeland Security presidential directive 6
    • See it here Homeland Security presidential directive 6
    • This is the least known of the WikiLeaks emails
    • This is how the transplant which is called the Joint Task Force plan which turned into JTTF to the United States
    • This is how we do JTTF surround the world this is how we leverage or governments by putting in political military military police structures in governments all across the world
    • This is just sweet this is just one example of Sweden going after Assange, putting in JTTF there
    • You can just Google Wikipedia JTTF, you'll see how we have used JTTFs around the world to affect u.s. foreign policy
    • We're going to limit the number of visas for your daughters to get into our medical schools for your sons to get into our spy schools like American University
    • If you don't put in JTTF
    • It's an appeal to the elites to subjugate the population of their countries
    • If you don't believe me that JTTF is more powerful than the FBI, you can just look down here and look at number military organizations involved in orange here--it's all DoD 25% DoD this is the military structure coming in and putting its clamp on our national law enforcement
    • You then want to look at the Federal agencies their subordinate and white
    • So all this and finally have a little piece of the state agencies more as a front and a cover
    • So you bring in an end to the National sheriffs and they are the front men for this
    • But really their front men for the deepstate the front men for the military-industrial complex the military complex
    • And then their front men for these different investigative units that have been added to our Federal agencies
    • So that's the wrap up, gives you an idea where we're going and
    • Again if judge Nap wants to come down, come on down judge Nap, or I'll go up there
    • Megyn Kelly you're going to have to take a crosstown bus and as Thomas Kane or Jay Sekulow
    • So I'm if any or all of you Sean Hannity
    • Sue Carter
    • Anyone who wants to come down to meet me, if you want me to go up there I can make available any NYPD wants to meet me FBI field, come on down
    • I'll be here for a while and let's make the set thing happen
    • The NYPD badge is a badge of honor that your government is at stake
    • All you have to do is drop one email accidentally right here right there as you walk by
    • And we take this deep state down
    • With that many people--this big surprise was last night with 50 Chiefs that have seen this information
    • And that kind of intimidation network can never last
    • It's just like almost like a Nazi thing that that can never last
    • The secret will come out
    • If that many people that many Chiefs talking to that many other officers, we're going to take this thing down in a matter of weeks not months
    • Thanks everybody
    • Live from New York
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