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Another New Player Guide


This is a guide i made for our fac in game. Figured I'd post here seeing as its been a while ; )
This is aimed at new players. I just updated a previous post with new guides which may also be helpful here.

Crimes, CE, NNB and OC's

CE is crime experience. This is a measure of your ability to succeed in crimes. You gain CE from every crime you do. You lose a percentage of your CE every time you get jailed. The percentage part is important - getting jailed when you have high CE can set you back weeks/months.
NNB is your natural nerve bar - ie what your nerve bar would be if you had no merits in nerve and no bonus nerve from faction upgrades.
OC's are organised crimes. These do not consume nerve and are created by someone in the faction. You don't have to do anything to take part when its ready, except be in Torn and not in hospital.

As your CE increases, your NNB increases in 5 nerve jumps. So, regardless of your total nerve bar, your NNB will always be a multiple of 5. Max NNB is 60.
Increasing your CE/NNB helps you do more crimes in a day and allows you to partake in more lucrative crimes and OC's.
To raise your CE you need to do only safe crimes. These are ones that do not send you to jail, even if you fail them. They may send you to hospital or in some cases cost you money, but they do not damage your CE in the same way as being jailed would.
I think the impact of jailing needs to be stressed. As a really simple example, imagine the following:
  • there's only one crime and it give 1 CE every time you do it.
  • You can do this crime 10 times a day.
  • The loss from jailing is 10%.
If you did 10 of this pretend crime, you'd have 10CE. Getting jailed would cost you 10% or 1 CE. But after 500, you'd have 500CE. Getting jailed would still cost 10%, so you would lose 50CE - or 5 days worth of crimes. By 2000 crimes, 10% for jail would be 200CE or 20 days worth of CE.
So if you are trying to increase your CE, being jailed is really, really bad. You should aim to never be jailed.
The generally accepted safe crimes are below as part of a rough guide to how you can progress your nerve bar:
15 - 20 NNB
4 nerve - Steal Jackets: This wont make you money but has a high success ratio and is a great place to start when building CE. I would recommend doing thousands of these - which will also net you a few merits which is nice. You can keep doing these up to 25 or even 30NNB if you're patient and prepared to do keep at it.
5 nerve - Pickpocket Someone: This can be quicker than jackets. Start with the Kid, and then after 50-100, start on the old woman, and again, after 50-100, move to the businessman. If you start failing more than 1 in 3, go back to the previous one until you are succeeding at least 4 out of 5. You may get jailed a couple of times mugging the businessman. Don't worry - this doesn't seem to affect CE too badly early on, so jump back to mugging the old lady for 50-100 mugs. Then keep doing the businessman until you either get jailed again, or hit 20 nnb. Don't ever pickpocket the loan shark, as I've found you get jailed way too easily.
Its also totally viable to just keep stealing jackets and skip this crime entirely. Your choice.
20 NNB
7 nerve - Armed Robbery: Thorough Robbery: ONLY perform the 'Thorough Robbery' armed robbery crime. This gives great experience, and you do not get jailed, although you will probably get a number of unsuccessful attempts they are "blues" not "reds". You may have to do this crime over 1000 times to move to 25 NNB. Some people report that they have trouble with this crime immediately after they hit 20 NNB, so if you do, just go back to mugging the businessman for 50-100 and then try again, or steal a few hundred more jackets.
As above, just continuing to steal jackets also works, but is slower.
25 NNB
***Start your general education course, Drivers License now, as you will need it in when you get to 30 NNB.\***
9 nerve - Stealth Virus: You need to buy a personal computer and a stealth virus from the market before doing this crime. I would also highly recommend an ergonomic keyboard (crime enhancer item), because this crime has a massively high unsuccessful rate. You WILL fail this crime a lot. It's frustrating, but it gives decent CE on success, so stick with it. You should get to 30 NNB by about 500 to 1000 successes. Theres a double merit at 1k.
You can always just keep stealing jackets to get to 30 too.
30 NNB
The below crimes can all get you to the higher NNB levels. I think the fastest is just lots of Arson Warehouse, but no one knows for sure and plenty think the others are faster.
11 nerve - Arson Warehouse: You will need a gas can and a driving licence (which you get from general education). You can make 10k each from these, which adds up to enough pocket money to support floweplushie running. Occasional red results will put you in hospital. This crime is a great CE builder due to very high success ratio.
10 nerve - Assassinate Mob Boss: This has a lower success than arson (blues though - it is safe). Its also less money - 1-3k. I do a couple now then to slowly work towards the merits.
12 nerve - Auto Theft: Steal a parked car: I didn't sart these properly till i got to 55 but there's a lot of merits for low numbers of crimes. I doubt CE is that great because the rewards are pretty decent at 20-30k per car. Fail rate is high so it can be frustrating. Never try hijack or steal cars from showroom. You'll get jailed and your nerve progression will be set back weeks if not months at this point.
15 nerve - Kidnap mayor. This makes around 80k-90k each. A red result will land you with a $75k cost to bribe your way out of a jail sentence. If you don't have $75k one you, you will get jailed so never do this with crimes with less than 75k on hand.
Note - Lots of this information was pulled this guide by Nash, now called Alexstrasza [1825532]

Making Money

People often ask how to make money. I generally focus on expanding my passive income sources - ie money I don't have to "do" anything to earn. Warren Buffet (real life investor) once said "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you'll work until you die". The same is true in Torn.
You will need to actively earn money to get capital to invest in passive income generators though, so lets look at active income first:

Active Income

Store Buys - Buy beer from the store whenever you can. You can buy 100 from the store for 1k and sell for 40-50k. Easy money. Also do the course for filling blood bags. You can buy empty bags for 16k on item market (cheaper if you unlock the pharmacy through education) and sell for at least double that depending on market price at the time. Store items are replenished at 15 minute intervals based on how quickly the stock was bought up. So if there are no beers at 10:05, there probably will be at 10:15, almost definitely at 10:30.
Travel - If you buy a large suitcase rent a PI with airstrip and join a fac with max travel bonuses, you can buy 29 items abroad. If you can fly once or twice a day this provides a very decent income. I try and fly to UK or Argentina. One trip to either will make 1.2 million. 2 trips is 2.5 million.
You should buy plushies or flowers. Most expensive at those destinations is Heather in UK which is 5k each.
5k x 29 items = 145k cost to buy
Heather is usually around 45k on the item market. You can sell 29 for 1.3 million, less the 145k costs to buy.
If you buy anything else (ie Cielo flower, Nessie Plushie, Red Fox Plushie or Monkey Plushie) you make more profit as the cost to buy is cheaper but the sell price is roughly the same.
You can check which items are in stock on travelrun here: travelrun or Doctorn. Both are great resources. The rule of thumb I go by is that when America is awake, 2k items an hour will be used up. If America is not awake I assume 1k items an hour. I very rarely get to a destination and find they don't have what i went for. The flower graphs on Travelrun take a little getting used to.
Trade - If you are very active and not flying you can make great money buying cheap items and reselling them. There are often very good deals on the item market and trade chats if you have the time/patience to find them. This usually requires having a decent amount of money on hand to take advantage of purchasing opportunities when they present themselves.
This does leave you open to mugging. Be careful and only sell while you are in hospital and use fac bank to hide the cash.
Mugging - obviously you can also make money from mugging. Its not guaranteed and takes a lot of effort to be worth it - finding or stalking targets. I include it here because it is a valid method, but it costs energy and is unpredictable. Probably most reliable is buy mugging. There are guides out for this but its not my chosen route. Every so often a mission target will give you decent mug money. Save them to your enemies list and mug them dry ; )
Stocks - See stock section of this guide

Passive Income

Passive income is ways in which you can make money without even playing. This basically comes in 2 forms: Bank interest, stock benefits.
Bank - This is a significant money maker. With full merits in banking and 2 billion in the bank, the interest will earn you $230 million every 2 months. Thats 3.75 million a day. If you flew twice a day that would be over 5 million/day between these 2 incomes. Thats around 1.8 billion a year.
Maxing your bank should be a high priority. I banked weekly, adding whatever money I made until it was maxed.
Stocks - There are two reasons to buy stocks. First is for the benefit blocks - each stock has a perk it gives you when you have a certain amount of shares. The perk and number of shares is different per stock. The block of shares needed to get the benefit is often referred to as a BB (benefit block).
The second reason to buy shares is to speculate on price increases and buy low, sell high. This only really makes money if you can invest billions. So for speculation I would wait until you understand the stock market a bit better. Instead focus first on buying some BBs.
BB's I would recommend are:
LSC - gives lottery vouchers
SYM - gives drug packs
TCHS - gives med packs
FHG - gives FHC's
HRG - gives properties
There are some BB's that are just too expensive to pay for themselves in any kind of reasonable time frame. Be careful when you choose what to buy that the passive income it provides will provide a return on investment in a time frame you think makes sense. Be warned the RI on some blocks is many years, but you can always sell them.

Training Stats

There are multiple ways to train in Torn but the bottom line is, the more energy spent in the gym, the better your stats will be.
Happiness - While your stats are low, your happiness level at the time you train makes a huge difference to how many stats you get per train. So living in a high happy property is important and perhaps using candies or other happy boosters would work for you too.
Exponential Gains - The more stats you have, the more you will gain. So (very simplified example) if your stat for strength is 1k, you might get 10 stats/5e (or whatever the energy cost for the gym you are in is). If you had 10k strength, you might get 100stat/5e. This continues increasing until you hit 50 Million stats - which is called the Stat Cap - meaning the point at which the gains you make are no longer influenced by the amount of stats you have.
Gym Dots - Each gym has a different rating. Try and train the stat the gym is best for. The more energy you spend in the gym, the faster you unlock more gyms - which makes a big difference so unlock new gyms as soon as you can.
Drugs - Xanax gives 250 energy. Take a lot and you'll gain stats far quicker. Be wary of letting your addiction level get too high. If it gets above 6% then you start to risk getting kicked from your current education course and you'll have to restart it. Also if you get too addicted you can encounter the "Glass door" message when trying to use the gym while not on drugs - ie you can't use the gym unless under the effect of a drug. You can re-hab in Switzerland to get rid of addiction,
Items - Some items give energy too, namely energy cans (between 20 and 40 i believe, depending on the can) and FHC's (150 + 500 happy).

Special Training

In addition to just spending as much e in the gym as possible, there are ways you can boost stat gain, especially while your stats are low. These are expensive but make huge difference. The most popular is called "Happy Jumping".
Happy Jumping
To "Happy Jump" you need to:
  • Step 1 - Stack 4 xanax (ie take one, wait for drug cool down to be over, take another etc.) This will meaning wasting your natural energy regeneration, but its worth it, especially for stats under 50k or even 100k.
  • Step 2 - Make sure the drug cool down from your last xanax is over - so you can take another drug in a minute.
  • Step 3 - Make sure you're booster cool down is also zero - you'll need all that too.
  • Step 4 - Make sure the time is not just before a happy reset. Ideally you want to do this leaving as much time as possible before the happy resets which happen on the hour and then every 15 mins (eg 13:00, 13:15, 13:30, 13:45).
  • Step 5 - Use 4 E-DVD to boost happy by 10k (2500*4)
  • Step 6 - Take an Extasy to double your happy. If you are in a PI you should have around 4k base happy. +10k from E-DVD gives 14k. *2 from Extasy give 24k happy.
  • Step 7 - Train the 1k e while you're happy is really high.Step 8 - Do a points refill and train the 150 e from that.
Worth noting that you can probably use another booster at this point - like a can or an FHC if you have them, to get a more energy to train with. The 4 DVDs max out your booster cool down to 24 hours exactly, so by the time you train you can probably over max your cool down.
Max Happy Jumping
This is pretty much the same as above except your aim is to get to 99k happy before you train.
The gains on this are huge and you get the "max Happy Merit". There are a bunch of ways to do this now using high happy candy, various companies and extended booster cool down from faction perks.
Books are a rare city find and an occasional subscriber bonus. Research the best was to maximise the books if you get them as they can make a huge difference.

General Tips

When to buy a PI
Many people want to immediately buy a PI. If you want to be rich though, I would suggest filling your bank and possibly buying the BB's listed in this guide first. A maxed out PI costs about 1.7billion. That's a lot of capital tied up in something which wont make you any money back. Buying a PI will save you a little on rent - between 35 and 50 mill per 100 days for a 3700 happy PI. But if that money was in the bank instead, the interest from 2 months would cover the cost of renting the PI for 500 days even at the highest price. Food for thought.
Weapons and Armour
Dont pay too much attention to the best possible weapons before you have stats capped. They are a waste of money. Focus on your maxing your bank.
Remember older players have a huge advantage in Torn. This game does not pull any punches. One douchbag can singlehandedly change how you are able to play. Think about that before running your mouth. If you're in a faction, take any issues you have with other players to your experienced leadership before you make the problem impossible to solve ; )
submitted by multipasstorn to torncity

Clarkson's Columns: The Bentley Flying Spur review & Why Luddite Tech is a Real Turn-On

This bruiser has a spring in its step -- The Clarkson Review: Bentley Flying Spur
By Jeremy Clarkson (Sunday Times, March 15)
It's been argued since the dawn of automotive time that if a car manufacturer wins at the track on a Sunday afternoon, its sales will increase in the showrooms on Monday morning. Fair enough. So who won the 12-hour Bathurst race in Australia recently? You don't know, do you? I tried the other day to work out how many types of motor sport there are around the world, and it's just about impossible. Certainly there are thousands, and each one comes with its own set of rules and regulations. No one could possibly be expected to follow all of them. Most of us, in fact, follow just one: Formula One. Which, I guess, is why we all drive to work every day in our Red Bulls.
Occasionally a new "thing" roars into our consciousness, such as the British touring car championship in the 1990s. That was tremendous. And these days an increasing number of people who want to watch milk floats whizzing about in city centre car parks are drawn to Formula E. My favourite, though, has always been the Bathurst 1000. I first saw it on television about 500 years ago and couldn't believe my eyes. The cars, big Fords and Holdens, had cameras that could be remotely swivelled to ensure they captured the action. And the commentators could talk to the drivers. And we could listen in.
This annual event was absolutely huge in Australia, where the Ford and Holden rivalry was deep. It was Manchester United v Liverpool but on an epic scale. Big, nasty fights would break out every year, so in an effort to cut down the violence, organisers restricted alcohol. Which meant fans went to the site weeks or even months in advance and buried their beer so it could be dug up and consumed before the fight on race day.
In 1992 the entire crowd was, for once, united in sorrow and grief, because, to everyone's horror, a Japanese Nissan Skyline won. "Boo," they shouted at the winning driver, Jim Richards, as he took to the podium. After they had pelted him with beer cans, he snatched the microphone and called them "a pack of arseholes". It was all very Western Suburbs. I loved it.
Today the Ford v Holden battle is over, chiefly because Holden has gone to that great scrapyard in the sky. But the racing has survived, and earlier this year Bathurst staged around of the Intercontinental GT Challenge — a branch of motor sport that allows supercar manufacturers to go wheel to wheel and see which is best. It should be bigger than the Premier League and the NFL combined. But the average attendance is about one. You get bigger crowds at a county cricket match. And the coverage in terms of column inches is even smaller. Which is why you don't know who won that 12-hour race in Oz.
It was a Bentley Continental. In a race interrupted by the arrival on track of two kangaroos, the big Brit bruiser somehow put one over on the much more lithesome supercars from McLaren, Porsche, Lamborghini,Aston Martin and Audi. Yes, I know this racing version had two-wheel drive and weighed only 1.3 tons, but even so.
Watching something that big do that well was quite a spectacle.
I haven't driven a Continental recently, but I have been driving its four-door brother, the new Flying Spur. And even though this emphatically does not weigh 1.3 tons and most definitely does have cumbersome four-wheel drive, it still absolutely flies. You put your foot down and, when you glance in the rear-view mirror and see all that quilted leather and all that trinketry, you can't help thinking: "How is this even possible?" In the previous version the gearbox could be a bit dimwitted, but not any more. And there are other improvements. There are cupholders in the front. There's even more Volkswagen tech. The ride, even on big 21in wheels, is massively improved. And it is a much more joyous car both to sit in and behold. You can even have an illuminated flying B emblem that rises silently from the leading edge of the bonnet — who doesn't want that in their lives?
Mistakes? Well, let's start with the dashboard trim. So many types of wood are on the options list, you need to be a qualified arborist to decide which would be best. Oregon crab apple, Manchurian walnut with a splash of Siberian stone pine or good old-fashioned Cretan zelkova? Bentley sent my test car with a glossy piano-black finish, and it looked lovely until the sun came out. Then the reflection was so powerful, it was like being shot in the face with a ray gun.
There were other issues. All companies these days are engaged in a headlong rush to reinvent the gear-lever. Slotting it into D and setting off is deemed to be old-fashioned, so you must jiggle it this way and that or engage D twice before you can go. And the Bentley's no different. I got cross with it often.
What's more, around the base of the gear lever there are several thousand very small buttons. To see which does what, you must put on your reading glasses and lean over for a good peer. This could be construed as "driving without due care and attention". Plus, you need to be mindful, because they, too, are all set in a glossy piano-black veneer, so if you've got up close and personal when the sun comes out, it's like being shot in the face by several thousand ray guns.
My main issue, however, is the mountainous torque. That gigantic turbocharged W12 engine produces so much of it that your passengers will get an idea of what it would have been like to ride a Saturn rocket. If you have a driver, he'll need ballerina feet and the touch of a gigolo to be smooth.
I don't care, though. This is a fabulous car. Yes, there are small mistakes, but that's what gives it a human quality. Who chooses their friends because they're reliable and sensible? In the Spur you get astonishing smoothness and silence coupled with insane power. When I pressed the brakes, I always thought, "How are they stopping it? How?!" Most of all, though, you get a sense of deep satisfaction every time you get inside. Yes, it's a bit chintzy and a bit Wilmslow here and there. But in a world where everyone else makes car interiors look like the inside of a man's washbag, it's refreshing to have a bit of diamond-gnarled brightwork and some chrome organ-stop vent knobs.
After driving the previous Spur, I concluded by saying the Rolls-Royce Ghost was a better car. But that is not the case any more. The new model is just so sensational.
Plus, it's very affordable, if you are a successful chief executive or a pop star with several No 1 hits in your past. I suppose I'd call it affordable too, but as I'm from Yorkshire, I'd wait until the summer, when the V8 version is set to come along. Not only will this be about £20,000 less expensive, but you won't have to tell your passengers to hang on every time you pull away from the lights.
This means they won't know it's a racing car. No one knows, but trust me on this. It is.
The taps in Luddite Towers are a real turn-on, but I don't want a bath that can fill itself
By Jeremy Clarkson (Sunday Times, March 15)
Four months ago, builders started work on my new house and, as I speak, they are roughly a week ahead of schedule.
All newspaper columnists commission builders because they know, with absolute certainty, that the army of men in their hard hats and sturdy boots will be a bottomless well of material. But here? Nothing. Every week, I pray there will be a catastrophe so that I have something to write about, and every week, there isn't.
I was, for example, hoping that when Brexit was settled, a jackbooted army of shock Boris troops would arrive to herd the Romanian brickies into lorries. I'd get three columns out of that easily. But they're all still here, rushing about with a work ethic that would shame a bee.
I haven't even encountered any problems with the endless job of choosing fixtures and fittings. Most people say this is the biggest nightmare, but I'm loving it. I spend hours in plumbing shops in Notting Hill, talking taps with the staff, all of whom are Terry McCann from Minder, and deciding exactly how much damping I'd like in the hinges of the lavatory seats.
Then it's off to the New King's Road in Fulham for the lighting, and although these shops tend to be staffed by people who learnt their retail skills from Serge in Beverly Hills Cop, the choice is bewildering. I bought a stunning golden oak-leaf chandelier the other day for almost exactly £50 less than it would cost to buy a car. It's being made now, in Italy, which of course means it isn't.
I've spent evening after delicious evening agonising over a choice between elm and oak for the hall floor, and wondering whether Purbeck stone is too extravagant for the kitchen. And when I have a chance to think about nothing at all — for instance, when James May is speaking — I think about kitchen podiums and whether they can be made from copper. I think they can.
In short, I am loving the whole process of building my new house, apart from one thing. My complete inability to explain to everyone concerned that I do not want any effing technology. None.
When I'm in my new house, I either want to be warm or not warm. So what I want from a thermostat is the ability to turn the heating on or off. That's it. But no. Instead I'm shown a wireless thermostat that can turn the heating on and off six times a day, and can keep on doing so even when its batteries are flat and I'm on a fortnight's holiday in Jamaica.
Think how small the buttons are going to be. I'll need a cocktail stick to operate them. And think of the menu and the submenus that I won't be able to read because I haven't got my reading glasses on and because there's glare. A system like this means my sitting room will be on a frost setting for ever and in the third spare bedroom I'll be able to grow tomatoes.
They also say I need security, so I'm shown an app that allows me to lie in my bed and actually watch live high-definition footage of the burglars breaking in. And I'm supposed to not panic because signals have been dispatched to Airwolf, which is on its way.
Pah. Apps and control systems are always designed by nerds who fit features because they can, not because anyone needs them. This is why I shall continue to rely for security on my knobstick. It's wooden, so it will never go wrong, and no instruction book is necessary. You just hit someone on the head with it and then you call the undertaker.
Apparently you can get an app now that allows you to draw a bath before you get home. I see. And you'd trust that, would you? Five miles out, you'll get out your phone and ask for a bath in the absolute certainty that the tap will shut down when the tub is full. Good for you.
Charles Babbage, the inventor of the world's first computer, talked about the "unerring certainty" of machinery. And it's easy to see what he was on about. Provided no components break, a steam engine will continue to perform the same function over and over again, for ever and faultlessly.
Electronical machines are different. Your Sky box works well. Then it doesn't. So you turn it off and on. And then, for no reason whatsoever, it works well again.
My laptop has moods that sometimes become full-on, door-slamming teenage strops. There's nothing wrong with it.
It just won't start until it's calmed down. And my desk drawer is full of old phones that are in perfect working order, except they don't work. And now they never will because I've lost their chargers.
This morning Amazon delivered a snazzy bird-spotting scope, and I may as well put it straight in the bin, because it can be connected to a phone, which means it can't, and it needs a charger, which I will have thrown out with the packaging.
The problem is that we know what electricity is and we know what it does. But not one single scientist has ever been able to understand it. Even the man who "invented" it, Thomas Edison, was stumped. "Er. It's a system of vibrations," he said. So it's like witchcraft and ouija-board evenings.
Sure, it powers our world and our bodies, but it should not be allowed to power unnecessary tat in our houses, because we should not be using what we do not understand. Stick to wood and stone. And use actual people, not apps, to put everything together. That's what I'm doing. It's why everything's working perfectly.
And here's the Sun Column: "Eco-mentalists burned all the koalas… they can buy the Savlon"
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