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Some Testing and Analysis On Genji’s Deflect Hitbox

TL;DR for my findings and potential solution near the bottom of the post.
With the recent announcement by the OW team that Genji’s deflect was being looked at, with updates to “both the hitbox and the VFX,” I decided to go into a custom game with a friend and do some testing. I’d done some previously with another friend, which is where we came to the conclusion that Genji’s Deflect hitbox is based around his Dragonblade/katana, and both the katana and the short sword/knife have the same hitbox. I tested this again in my new round of testing, to add extra certainty and because I hadn’t recorded the previous ones in any form. Before I get too into the details of the testing we did and the conclusions I’ve made, let me get this out of the way: I main Genji. I play a lot of Genji, I feel that I know how to play him pretty well, and I think that I have a good understanding of his actual strengths. My opinion has been that Deflect’s hitbox is not overpowered. The VFX don’t always line up with it perfectly, but the actual size of the hitbox is fine. With that being said, I also think that it could be improved upon, and I do understand where some of the frustration around Deflect stems from. So with that out of the way, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. I’ve linked clips from the stream of my friend and I testing, which you can watch in full if you want to see everything we looked at or my inability to make custom games work.
This is something I’ve noticed for a long time, but never actually tested: the accuracy of projectiles that you deflect. I went about testing this by having both my friend and I play Genji, so that there could be no discrepancy caused by projectile sizes. Basically I shot him until I found the very edge of where my shots would land, then had him shoot me and deflected those shots [see clips A, B, C]. It turns out that yes, there would appear to be a degree of forgiveness offered to Genji when deflecting projectiles. Whether you think this is acceptable or not is your own conclusion to make, but my perspective is that this is fine. It doesn’t appear to be an outrageous amount of leeway, and I think there are multiple factors to consider in why it’s given. Firstly, different projectiles have different speeds and sizes, so it can be a little trickier to hit them all when you’re playing primarily with one speed and size and you suddenly have to shift in the way you aim for a brief moment. Secondly, Genji generally demands a higher sensitivity than other heroes to play, and that can make minute adjustments in aim difficult, such as when trying to deflect a Widowmaker shot or some other far-away target. Anyways, I’m sure many people will be up in arms about “Genji makes aim easier,” but I thought it was an important thing to mention.
The first thing that I believe has to be distinguished, before discussing the actual size of the Deflect hitbox, is the associated visual effects. I believe that these are the most misleading thing about Deflect, and where most players’ issues stem from. So what do the VFX look like? Well, they’re actually kind of all over the place. When looking at Genji from some angles, they’re pretty accurate, while from others they’re totally wrong. The most interesting thing I noticed when looking at Deflect was that, more often than not, they’re wrong in a way that’s detrimental to Genji.
The most accurate representation of the Deflect VFX is probably looking at Genji head-on. Horizontally, they seem to pretty much cover the area of the hitbox spot on. While most of the effects are concentrated in the center of mass, around Genji himself, The red “swipes” can definitely be seen reaching out to the edge of the hitbox pretty consistently [see clips D, E]. The biggest issue/inconsistency is their representation of the vertical hitbox. While I generally feel the horizontal hitbox to be pretty reasonably sized, testing both above and below Genji showed some fairly substantial size [see clips F, G, H, I, J]. Now is this size fair? I’m not sure. My first impression was that the vertical hitbox is a bit large. My assumption is that this is because of Genji’s double-jump, and that this makes it easier to deflect things while jumping. Regardless of that, I do think the VFX should be updated to more properly show the verticality of Deflect.
There were 2 big conclusions I had after testing Deflect from the sides. The first was that the VFX were way more dramatic than they should be, and the second was that Deflect behaves very weirdly when it comes to shooting Genji at ~90˚ angles.
When you look at Genji deflecting from a bird’s-eye view, the VFX carry around him in almost every direction, to the point that you would think he’s covered himself almost entirely. The fact is, Deflect appears to be a single, one-sided plane. It faces directly in front of Genji, and it can only be activated from the front. If you shoot at Genji from more than a 90˚ angle, even if you’re shooting directly at the center of where he’s deflecting, it won’t be deflected [see clips Q, R, U, V]. You can shoot Genji pretty much in the hand that he’s holding his sword with, and it’ll hit him and not deflect as long as you’re doing it from the side.
The biggest frustration that people have with Deflect is when you think you’re shooting and avoiding the Deflect, but still get your shots reflected into you. Why does this happen? Well, there are a couple reasons. The first is latency, and that’s always going to happen. In my tests, both of us stood still when shooting and deflecting, so that issue was minimized for the most part. So when latency is removed, what’s the biggest issue? Well, it’s complicated. Basically though, it stems from the “inconsistencies” between the VFX and the hitbox, along with the size of the hitbox.
I mentioned earlier that from a head-on view, the Deflect VFX and hitbox seemed to be pretty consistent with each other, at least horizontally. And this is true. The big issue, is when you start looking at it from an angle that isn’t head-on.
The biggest inconsistency is that the Deflect VFX curve around Genji’s body. The hitbox does not. Looking at Genji from the side, you’d think that he’d clearly deflect any shots coming at him from that direction, but he will not. This makes it so that, in some cases, you can look like you’re deflecting and still be shot/hooked/slept “through Deflect”. On the other hand, the opposite can occur as well. Because the VFX curve around Genji’s body, while they may appear accurate to the size of the hitbox from the front, when you start looking at Genji from an angle, they curve back, while the hitbox extends in a straight line. Meaning that even though you’re firing and not hitting the VFX, you’re still hitting the horizontal hitbox.
So why is it like this? I don’t know. Maybe because a low-poly hitbox is less expensive and works out in most situations. But I absolutely believe this to be the single biggest issue with Deflect: the curvature of the VFX versus the straight-line hitbox. Not only does it lead to cases like I described above, it also leads to weird interactions, solving issues that are created only because it’s designed the way that it is. For example, if you were to look at Genji from the side, and shoot him in the arm, where there are clear Deflect VFX, he’d take damage, because the hitbox isn’t curved to match the VFX. But if you were standing above Genji and tried to shoot him in the same place, it’d deflect. Not because the hitbox is actually covering his arm, but because you’re clipping the vertical hitbox instead [see clips T, U, V]. In this case, the hitbox and VFX discrepancies cancel each other out, but it’s the same issue that leads to shots that were “past the Deflect” still getting deflected.
Some bad sketches I did to attempt to showcase issues/inconsistencies with the hitbox and VFX:
Just curve the hitbox. Curve it around him, in line with the VFX, so that it ends up covering maybe 120˚ around Genji’s front and sides, and Deflect will end up feeling much more consistent for both Genji and enemies shooting him. As for the verticality, I’m less decisive. Maybe a slight reduction in size is important, but at the same time, it could be a lot more crucial that it is the size it is due to Genji’s vertical mobility. At the very least, adjust the VFX to more properly express the verticality it has.
The last thing I tested, after hearing a few friends mention it, was Genji’s ability to deflect through terrain, specifically walls. After much testing, I have a lot to say about this ability, and whether or not it’s overpowered. In short, it’s not. Mostly because it doesn’t exist [see clip W].
The only instance in which Genji is able to successfully deflect something “through a wall” is with Hanzo’s ult. And even then, to be 100%, absolutely, positively clear: he’s not actually deflecting it through the wall. Even though a while back Hanzo’s ult was updated to change from the arrow into the dragons immediately upon contact with terrain, this doesn’t happen. The arrow still comes out the other side, and Genji can deflect it before it turns into the dragons [see clips X, Y, Z]. Note that while the VFX do slightly clip through the wall, the actual hitbox itself does not go through the wall.
In addition to testing Hanzo’s ultimate, we also tested Graviton Surge and Orisa’s Halt. Neither of these were successfully deflected through the wall, despite both of them affecting the Genji once they activated [see clips AA, BB, CC, DD]. In the case of Orisa’s halt, we tested multiple times to make sure that it couldn’t be deflected, my thought being that since the exterior or her orb sometimes penetrates walls, perhaps it could be deflected through them when up close. It can’t. Genji cannot deflect things through walls.
The biggest frustration with Deflect is caused by the inconsistency between the hitbox and the VFX when viewed at anything more than a head-on view. In my opinion, the best and fairest way to fix it is just to curve the hitbox to match the VFX, and modify the VFX to show more of its verticality.
Most of these are related to things I discuss in my post, but a few are just additional clips of relevance, such as the brief testing I did with Ana in the last few, or the strange bug we encountered in clip S.
A) https://clips.twitch.tv/SpunkyCaringSardineOSfrog - Deflected projectiles have forgiving accuracy #1
B) https://clips.twitch.tv/ThoughtfulBlatantBubbleteaBlargNaut - Deflected projectiles have forgiving accuracy #2
C) https://clips.twitch.tv/BlushingProudCamelTheRinger - Deflected projectiles have forgiving accuracy #3
D) https://clips.twitch.tv/DeterminedHonorableLocustRedCoat - Deflect’s horizontal hitbox #1
E) https://clips.twitch.tv/PeacefulFairTrollCoolCat - Deflect has the same hitbox for Dragonblade and standard Deflect #1 (Horizontal hitbox test)
F) https://clips.twitch.tv/SarcasticBlushingDeerTooSpicy - Deflect’s vertical hitbox #1
G) https://clips.twitch.tv/TalentedCrepuscularVultureImGlitch - Deflect’s vertical hitbox #2
H) https://clips.twitch.tv/RudeGenerousMochaUnSane - Deflect has the same hitbox for Dragonblade and standard Deflect #2 (Vertical hitbox test)
I) https://clips.twitch.tv/ComfortableAgitatedSproutPoooound - Deflect’s vertical hitbox #3
J) https://clips.twitch.tv/SpineyBlindingSnakeWholeWheat - Deflect has the same hitbox for Dragonblade and standard Deflect #3 (Vertical hitbox test)
K) https://clips.twitch.tv/HappyCrunchyClintmullinsNinjaGrumpy - Deflect’s hitbox is modeled on the Dragonblade & First-Person vs Third-Person animation discussion #1
L) https://clips.twitch.tv/FaithfulFreezingLasagnaThunBeast - Deflect’s vertical hitbox (below legs) #1
M) https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazingAttractiveHornetTwitchRPG - Deflect’s vertical hitbox (below legs) #2
N) https://clips.twitch.tv/EndearingFunDinosaurTriHard - Deflect has the same hitbox for Dragonblade and standard Deflect #4 (Vertical hitbox below legs test)
O) https://clips.twitch.tv/FreezingPolishedTaroArgieB8 - Looking at the size of Dragonblade #1
P) https://clips.twitch.tv/LightFlirtyKeyboardCoolCat - Looking at the size of Dragonblade #2 & Deflect’s perpendicular hitbox #1
Q) https://clips.twitch.tv/PatientFaithfulCroissantBlargNaut - Deflect’s perpendicular hitbox #2
R) https://clips.twitch.tv/DelightfulFragileGullPermaSmug - Deflect’s perpendicular hitbox #3
???) https://clips.twitch.tv/ArtisticSteamyPancakeJKanStyle - Strange no-reg issue #1
S) https://clips.twitch.tv/WildPerfectAlligatorSwiftRage - First-Person vs Third-Person return-fire VFX #1
T) https://clips.twitch.tv/SquareBlightedHawkSwiftRage - Top-down view of VFX & hitbox interference #1
U) https://clips.twitch.tv/PunchyWiseBearBCouch - Perpendicular VFX and hitbox #1
V) https://clips.twitch.tv/UnsightlyPuzzledApeJonCarnage - Behind view of Deflect and VFX discrepencies #1
W) https://clips.twitch.tv/BashfulTenderYakArgieB8 - Deflecting through walls #1
X) https://clips.twitch.tv/AgileLitigiousTurtleThisIsSparta - Deflecting Hanzo Ultimate through walls #1
Y) https://clips.twitch.tv/DependableUnusualWalletTriHard - Perpendicular view of deflecting through walls #1
Z) https://clips.twitch.tv/AbstemiousSleepyShrimpMcaT - Deflecting Hanzo Ultimate through walls #2
AA) https://clips.twitch.tv/FairAbnegateMacaroniOhMyDog - Deflecting Zarya Ultimate through walls #1
BB) https://clips.twitch.tv/RamshackleSinglePicklesTBCheesePull - Deflecting Zarya Ultimate through walls #2
CC) https://clips.twitch.tv/PlainCogentMetalDatSheffy - Deflecting Orisa Pull through walls #1
DD) https://clips.twitch.tv/RespectfulQuaintEndiveVoHiYo - Deflecting Orisa Pull through walls #2
EE) https://clips.twitch.tv/NeighborlyViscousClipsmomPeteZarollTie - Deflecting from behind enemies #1
FF) https://clips.twitch.tv/GleamingInnocentLardBudStar - Deflecting next to enemies #1
GG) https://clips.twitch.tv/ImpossibleRealEmuNerfBlueBlaster - Deflecting next to enemies #2
HH) https://clips.twitch.tv/SinglePricklySnoodTheThing - Deflecting next to enemies #3 & Potentially curved horizontal hitbox #1
II) https://clips.twitch.tv/MuddyAmusedSmoothieMikeHogu - Deflect’s behind VFX and hitbox #1
JJ) https://clips.twitch.tv/InquisitiveAffluentBadgerWTRuck - Deflecting next to enemies #3
KK) https://clips.twitch.tv/FilthySassyCakeRitzMitz - Deflecting next to enemies #4
EDIT: Posted this on mobile, some formatting was wonky. Should be better now.
submitted by WobblierTube733 to Overwatch

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Deep Purple: Machine Head (Original Olive Green Label. No Poster) [VG/VG] [BS26074012511] $15
Deep Purple: Made in Japan [R1:VG R2:VG+ Sleeve:VG] [2WS27014045212] $7
Deep Purple: Purple Passages [VG+/G+] [2LS2644] $5
Def Leppard: High ‘N’ Dry [NM/NM] [4228188361AS] $20
Deodato: Artistry [VG+/VG+] [mca580] $4
Deodato: Love Island [VG+/VG+] [bsk13132re1] $4
Derringer: Derringer [NM/VG+] [PAL34181] $8
Donovan: Essence To Essence [VG++/VG+] [pal328001e] $5
The Doors: Absolutely Live [VG+/ G] [Eks9002a2cp] $8
Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show: Sloppy Seconds [VG+/VG+] [Pal316221d] $5
Duke Ellington: Togo Brava Suite [VG+/VG/VG+] [uxs92] $4
Duke Ellington: We Love You Madly [VG+/VG+] [spc3390] $3
Duran Duran: Arena [NM/NM] (still in shrink) [R140395] $10
Eagles: On The Border [VG+/VG+] [7e1004] $4
The Edgar Winter Group: With Rick Derringer [VG+/VG] (clean split on top, otherwise VG+) [al337981a] $3
Electric Light Orchestra: II [VG++/VG] [uala040f1] $6
Elijah: Elijah [SEALED] (cut corner and center shrink tear) [uas5590 $10
Elton John: 11-17-70 [VG+/VG+] [93105a1] $4
Elton John: 21 at 33 [VG+/VG+] [Mca2235am3] $3
Elton John: Blue Moves [VG+/VG+] [Mca1106w11] $3
Elton John: Captain Fantastic [VG/VG+] [mca7341c) $8
Elton John: Too Low For Zero [VG+/VG+] [Ghs14006] $4
Elton John: Tumbleweed Connection [VG++/VG++] $4
Elton John: Victim of Love (gold stamp promo) [VG++/VG+] [mca1993az1] $3
Elvis Presley: Elvis Presley [VG+/VG++] [m2py472717s] $13
Elvis Presley: The Memphis Record [VG++/VG+] [62211r] $10
Emerson, Lake & Palmer: In Concert [VG+/VG+] [STA794333] $5
Emerson, Lake & Powell: Emerson, Lake & Powell [NM/VG++] [4228292971Y1] $4
The English Beat: Special Beat Service [VG+/VG+] [sp75069] $5
Eric Clapton: Behind the Sun [VG++/VG] [R143340a1] $5
Eric Hamilton Band: Uva Uvum VIvendo Virarium Fit [NM/VG+] [77094] $4
Europe: Out of This World [NM/VG+] [BL441851ADMM] $6
Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) [VG+/VG+] [afl14681a] $4
The Fabulous Rhinestones: Self Titled [Strong VG all around] [Jss1] $5
Faith: Faith (1973 Rock) [SEALED] (corner cut and some dirt/grime under the shrink) [bbla085f $10
Family Fun: Expects Nothing (2009 Punk Rock EP) [NM/NM] $4
Fine Young Cannibals: The Raw & The Cooked [NM/VG++] [irs8541fds4] $6
Foghat: Fool For The City (side 2 label blank) [VG+/VG+] [brk16980g1] $4
Foghat: Rock and Roll Outlaws [NM/VG] [br6956] $3
Fonzie Favorites (50s Compilation) [SEALED] [tvlp177602r] $15
Foreigner: Records [VG++/VG+] (Original Inner Sleeve) [STA825105B] $7
Freddy Keppard: Archive of Jazz Vol 25 [VG+/VG+] [529075] $5
Fuse: Fuse (Pre-Cheap Trick Hard Rock) [NM/VG+] [bn26502] $30
Genesis: ...And Then There Were Three [VG/VG+] [Sta784045] $3
Genesis: Duke [VG+/VG+] [Sta804449c] $2
George Carlin: An Evening with Wally Londo [VG/VG] [Stld753469a] $3
George Harrison: Electronic Sound [G+/strong VG] (vinyl has a lot of hairline marks but no deep scratches) [Zapple02] $20
Gerry Rafferty & Joe Egan: The Best of Stealers Wheel [VG++/VG+] [Amsp5153re1] $4
Grace Slick: Welcome to the Wrecking Ball [VG++/VG+] [Afli3851] $3
Grand Funk Railroad: E Pluribus Funk [F/VG] (Good copy if you need a sleeve) [Sw1853f34] $4
The Greatest Rock and Roll Hits box set [VG/VG] [Cr1005] $4
The Guess Who: Canned Wheat [VG+/VG] [Lsp4157] $5
Heart: Bad Animals [VG+/VG+] [Pj112546] $3
Heart: Greatest Hits Live [Record 1: VG+ Record 2: VG Sleeve: VG] [Pal36889] $5
Heart: Heart [VG+/VG+] [St1124101b] $3
Heavy Metal: 24 Electrifying Performances [VG/VG] [Sp2001] $4
The Honey Drippers: Volume One [NM/VG+] [Sta845545b] $4
Hot Tuna: America’s Choice [VG+/VG+] [Bfl10820] $5
The Human Beinz w/ The Mammals: Nobody But Me [VG++/VG++] (Rare 1967 Garage rock. super close to NM. Shrink still on sleeve) [Glp3012] $75
Humble Pie: Smokin’ [VG/VG] [Sp4583] $4
Humble Pie: Street Rats [VG+/VG] [4765re1] $5
Ida May Mack & Bessie Tucker: Country and Urban Blues [VG/G+] [LVA3016] $15
IF: Tea-Break Over-Back On Your ‘Eads! [VG/VG] [st11344] $6
Iggy Pop: Post Pop Depression [NM/NM] [lvr39088] $10
Iron Butterfly: Ball [VG+/VG+] [stc681497] $8
Iron Butterfly: In A Gadda Da Vida [VG++/VG] [Rx103415] $14
Iron Butterfly w/ Pinera & Rhino: Metamorphosis [VG/VG] [Stc701971] $4
It's a Beautiful Day: Choice Quality Stuff/Anytime [VG+/VG+] [BL30734] $5
J. Robert Elliot: Halloween Horrors [VG+/VG+] [amsp3301] $5
James Brown: Take a Look at Those Cakes [VG++/VG+] [pd16181assp] $15
Jazz of Two Decades [VG/VG+] [dem2amf6] $3
Jeff Beck: Truth [VG++/VG+] [Xsb1378161aj] $8
Jefferson Airplane: Thirty Seconds Over Winterland [VG+/VG] [bfl10147] $3
Jethro Tull: Aqualung [VG/VG++] [chr1044] $5
Jethro Tull: Benefit [VG/VG] [Rs6400] $3
Jethro Tull: Thick as a Brick [VG+/VG+] [ms2072] $10
Jethro Tull: War Child [VG+/VG+] [chr1067t] $3
Jethro Tull: War Child [VG+/VG+] [Chr1067] $3
Jimi Hendrix: Jimi [VG++/VG+] [Ess1566] $10
Jimi Hendrix: The Essential Jimi Hendrix [NM/VG++] [2rs12245jw5] $20
The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Smash Hits [VG/VG+] (record is 1 small mark from VG+) [30946ms2025a] $7
Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes: Live at The Greek (White Vinyl) [NM/NM] [TV21401] $22
Joe Cocker: Joe Cocker! [VG/VG+] [A&MMSP43471RE] $8
Joe Jackson: Body and Soul [VG+/VG+] [sp05000aint] $4
Joe Jackson: Jumpin’ Jive [VG/VG++] [sp4871] $3
Joel Scott Hill, John Barbata & Chris Ethridge: L.A. Getaway [VG++/VG] [Stc712177 $20
John Coates Jr.: The Jazz Piano [VG++/VG+] [N1004a] $3
John Fogerty: Centerfield [NM/VG++] [125203ASR2] $4
John Mayall: Moving On (White Label Promo) [VG+/VG+] [polp803471] $6
Judas Priest: Defenders Of The Faith [VG+/VG] [al392191c] $12
Judas Priest: Turbo [VG+/VG+] [pal401581e] $12
Judas Priest: Turbo [VG+/VG+] [pal401581e] $12
Julian Lennon: Valotte [VG++/VG+] [Sta845543] $3
KISS: Creatures of the Night [VG+/VG+] [nblp7270] $20
Koerner, Glover & Ray: Blues, Rags and Hollers [G/VG] $5
Koerner, Glover & Ray: Lots More Blues, Rags and Hollers [VG/VG] [ekl267] $4
Lindsey Buckingham: Go Insane [VG++/VG++] [ste60363] $4
Lindsey Buckingham: Law and Order [VG++/VG++] [5e561a1sh] $4
Love and Rockets: Love and Rockets [NM/NM] (sleeve in shrink) [97151r] $15
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Second Helping [VG/VG+] [mca438w1] $10
Marvin Gaye: M.P.G. [VG/VG+] [hs15923] $7
McKenna Mendelson Mainline: Stink [SEALED (upper left shrink is ripped, upper right corner is cut, some dirt between shrink and cover) [uas6729] $40
McKinley Morganfield: A.K.A. Muddy Waters [VG/G+] [2ch60006] $10
Meliah Rage: Kill to Survive [strong VG/VG+] [e44447] $15
Michael Jackson: Off The Wall [F/VG+] (side 2 is clean, side 1 has damage) [pal35745] $4
Miles Davis: In Person, Friday Night At The Blackhawk, San Francisco, Vol 1 Generic sleeve/[VG++] [XLP535481E] $10
Miles Davis: Kind of Blue (Original 1959 SLEEVE ONLY, tracks B1 and B2 reversed on back cover) [VG+] (beautiful artwork. Very minor wear on front. Great spine. No splits. Minor staining on upper back. Amazing condition considering its age) $50 (Open to offers, Pics available upon request)
Mo, Fo and Bro: I Feel Good (Obscure 1988 Hard Rock) [VG+/NM] [111688] $20
Moby Grape: Wow [VG/G+] [Xsm1353711a] $5
The Modern Jazz Stars: Jazz Masquerade [G/VG] [Mmlp1209] $5
Montrose: Warner Bros. Presents Montrose! [NM/VG+] [bs2892] $5
The Moody Blues: Go Now Moody Blues #1 [G+/G+] [Ll3428] $5
The Moody Blues: Long Distance Voyager [VG+/VG+] [Trl12901as] $5
The Mothers: Just Another Band From L.A. [VG+/VG+] [31405] $8
The Mothers of Invention: The Worst of The Mothers [VG/VG] [se4754] $7
Mott the Hoople: The Hoople [VG+/VG+] [PAL328711D] $10
Nazz: Nazz [VG/G+] [Stsg681339a] $10
Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Everyone Knows This is Nowhere [G+/VG+] [30910rs6349] $6
Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Live Rust [VG/VG+] [2rx12296e4] $8
Neil Young: Harvest [VG++/VG+] [Ms12032] $20
Neil Young: Old Ways [NM/VG+] [R163233] $10
NRBQ: Workshop Strong [VG/VG+] [Ksbs2065] $15
Off II Hallucinations (Psychedelic Underground) Picture Disc [G/no cover] (great display piece) [Stkmlp310] $4
Papa John Creach: Papa John Creach [VG+/VG] [aars8711] $4
Paul Winter: Icarus [VG+/VG+] [Pal31643] $4
Peter Gabriel: So [NM/VG+] [ghs24088asr1] $12
Philadelphia Orchestra: Beethoven/Mozart Symphony 5 & 40 [VG/VG+] [xlp37773] $4
Pink Floyd: A Nice Pair [G+/VG+/VG] [sabb211257 ]$12
Prince: Purple Rain (includes NM poster & original inner sleeve) [VG++/NM] [125110a] $30
Prince: Sign “O” The Times [VG+/VG+] [125577asr4] $20
Procol Harum: Exotic Birds and Fruit [NM/VG+] [Cht1058] $6
The Psychedelic Furs: Forever Now [VG/VG+] [al38261] $4
R.E.M: Green [NM/VG++] (super clean copy) [125795are3] $27
Rafael Kubelik: Mozart Symphony 35/36 [NM/VG+] [im36729] $4
Ram Jam: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ram [VG+/VG] [Al352871a] $4
Randy Newman: Little Criminals [VG+/VG] [Bsk13079] $3
Rare Bird: Somebody’s Watching [G+/G+] [Pd6502] $4
Renaissance: A Song for All Seasons [VG++/VG++] (includes NM poster) [Srk16049re1] $4
Renaissance: Azure D’or [VG+/VG+] [Srk16068] $4
Renaissance: Illusion [VG++/VG+] [Help27a1] $20
Renaissance: Novella [NM/VG++] [Sa7526a] $4
Renaissance: Renaissance [VG+/VG+] [Eks74068a] $6
Rhinoceros: Satin Chickens [VG+/VG+] [Eks74056] $5
Rick Springfield: Working Class Dog [VG+/VG+] [Ayl14766a] $5
The Rip Chords: Hey Little Cobra [VG/G] [Xsm76282] $5
Robert Plant: Manic Nirvana [NM/VG++] [stes9077381a] $15
Rod Stewart: Foolish Behaviour [VG++/VG+] [Hs13485re1] $4
Roger Daltrey: One of the Boys [VG+/NM] [Mca1230w2] $4
The Rolling Stones: Hot Rocks [VG++/VG+] [T2XZAL11015] $15
The Rolling Stones: Metamorphosis [VG+/VG+] [ana1] $7
Rush: Archives (Missing “Fly By Night”) [VG++/VG] [Srm39200act2] $12
Scorpions: Animal Magnetism [VG/VG+] [Srm13825pwa6] $5
Scorpions: Love at First Sting [VG+/VG+] [4228149811as] $10
Scorpions: Virgin Killer [VG/VG] [Ayl13659a] $10
Shock Therapy: My Unshakeable Belief [VG+/VG+] [Save45a] $10
Shok Paris: Steel and Starlight [VG+/VG+] [Irs42051] $18
Sniff ‘n’ the Tears: Fickle Heart [NM/VG+] [sta794293ddd] $8
Sparks: Indiscreet [VG+/VG+] [ilps9245a1a] $5
Spirit: Feedback [VG+/VG] [pal31175] $4
Spirit: Feedback [VG+/VG] [Pal31175] $4
Spirit: Spirit of ‘76 [VG/VG] [Srm2804a4] $5
Spirit: The Family That Plays Together [VG/VG] [Acz1244014] $7
Spirit: Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus [VG++/VG+] [pal302672g] $6
Spooky Tooth: Spooky Two [VG+/VG+] [Sp4287] $8
Spooky Tooth: Spooky Two [VG/VG] [Sp428716] $5
Spooky Tooth: Witness [VG+/VG+] [Sw19337] $4
Spooky Tooth: You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw [VG/VG+] [Sp4669] $4
Spooky Tooth Feat. Mike Harrison: The Last Puff [VG/VG] [Sp44317] $4
Steely Dan: Greatest Hits [VG++/VG+] [Ak11072a8] $10
Steve Hackett: Please Don’t Touch! [NM/VG+] [Chr1176a] $4
Stevie Wonder: Fulfillingness’ First Finale [VG++/VG+] [T6332s1] $8
Sting: Nothing Like The Sun [VG+/VG] [Spo6402a] $4
Sugarhill Gang: Rapper’s Delight [VG/G] [Vid152re] $3
Sweathog: Sweathog [VG+/VG] [Pal60601] $5
T. Rex: Electric Warrior (1971 orange Reprise) [NM/VG++] [rs6466312861] $35
Thomas Dolby: Blinded By Science [VG++/VG+] [mlp115007] $3
Tommy Roe: Dizzy [VG+/VG] [St91665] $4
Tool: Opiate [NM/NM] [6142231027] $15
Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Ghosts of Christmas Eve [NM/NM] [r1557582] $20
Triumph: Just a Game [VG++/VG++] [Afl13224a] $4
Uriah Heep: Demons & Wizards [VG++/VG+] [Srm1630] $15
Uriah Heep: Uriah Heep [VG+/VG+] [Sr61294] $15
Van Morrison: It’s Too Late To Stop Now [VG++/VG+] [2bs32760ww2] $30
Various: Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival 1972 [VG+/VG] [Sta732735a] $8
Various: Rock Guitar Greats Vol 2 [VG+/VG] [Slx01896] $3
Various: Wildflowers 2, The NY Loft Jazz Sessions [NM/VG+] (small corner cut) [Nblp7046a] $18
Various: Zapped [G+/VG] [396541a] $4
Virgil Gonsalves: Jazz at Monterey [NM/VG+] [vsop24] $6
The Viscounts: The Viscounts (1960 Jazz Rock) [VG/VG+] [Malp1001] $20
Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders: The Game of Love [G+/VG+] [Mg27542af1] $5
White Witch: White Witch [G+/G] [cp0107] $5
Woodstock: Music From the Original Soundtrack & More [VG/VG+] [Stctn701883] $12
The Yardbirds: Greatest Hits [VG/VG+] [Ln24246] $10
Yes: 9012Live The Solos [VG+/VG+] [Stc855843] $4
Yes: Classic Yes [VG+/VG] [R150248] $5
Yes: Drama [VG++/VG+] [Sta804541] $5
Yes: Fragile [VG++/VG++] [Sta712367f] $10
Yes: Going For The One [NM/VG++] [Sta773877] $5
Yes: Tormato [VG+/VG+] [Sta784145d] $3
Yes: Yessongs [VG++/VG] [Sta732803b] $10
The Youngbloods: This is the Youngbloods [VG+/VG+] [Vps6051] $5
The Young Rascals: The Young Rascals [VG/VG] [A12359] $6
The Zombies: The Best of… [NM/VG+] [Mip19373] $18
ZZ Top: El Loco [VG/VG] [Bsk13593] $3
ZZ Top: Tres Hombres [VG++/VG+] [Bsk13270] $17
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