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My Keybase proof [reddit:jeasonfire = keybase:jeasonfire] (5xSh_AaeoEnM9bDeHNxyJc2_CbbKTKKWpNmnGNJMbVs)

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:
  • I am jeasonfire on reddit.
  • I am jeasonfire on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is FF61 CDA6 3E2F FE86 06DF 5D95 7C4F BB82 1771 ACCB
To claim this, I am signing this object:
{ "body": { "key": { "eldest_kid": "01017ade63244688dd708b46e77b5c7299c2bbf503c4985b9fb3ad5df82738f3c2830a", "fingerprint": "ff61cda63e2ffe8606df5d957c4fbb821771accb", "host": "keybase.io", "key_id": "7c4fbb821771accb", "kid": "01017ade63244688dd708b46e77b5c7299c2bbf503c4985b9fb3ad5df82738f3c2830a", "uid": "1d66b5bad63043469e4b3fe1eb6bb519", "username": "jeasonfire" }, "service": { "name": "reddit", "username": "jeasonfire" }, "type": "web_service_binding", "version": 1 }, "ctime": 1471004364, "expire_in": 157680000, "prev": "2f46c7b69c0b8fb2aac99a725b0c5c47aa31d5e640f6f316ae01fda4d31c1fb5", "seqno": 3, "tag": "signature" } 
with the key from above, yielding:
-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- Version: Keybase OpenPGP v2.0.55 Comment: https://keybase.io/crypto yMIbAnicrZJPSFRRFMZHzWa0LDMzjDB7GbqY5P297z3J1MyyrAxMsgzHe9+9156T M/pm1ETcRJDRP8OKFtJCqRbhICpkFqKNaWUqtQghF5EJkkQEWUSmvSe2i1bdzeWe +/0+vnM4g1FhtsiQntLuG7snbl4LGRlorrYda+97Wc8gL65j0uoZN1m6yGlMfH6X W8dMGsNyLCdDTIDAiyJQFIxlVkEiILKMJE3mVVXjEaISK2iiqkhIpUiAWMJU4WVB oYLGKwILGSdDdU8ZMSoN3eM3bSkFnIYhEAhPKVEACzCVsCrJmkgRUnhOljmoacgE T3l9FmGGQ9BHUnWvWTMfrqV4f9H/59zVS3YcBgBJCGIgsKIgApWISKCEIwggJHGq JfQRwwMriKkuJ9Dn9VDdIEyDkzHrNbpGrNEu/xsEY93/L8ZfV2kVawlyLeMupHuw OUOTqiGGT/d6mDTOVGp+3eI5UeZYMxoQnQw5U2nauHRLIclAYc3jZCoNUmNa8lQE moyAqrFIoYiHUFNVKPMSYjVJE2UIBQ5LBIgsBVTgACQsRzEUscBpHEUSYzVU5fEy aYIZE5aZlj69zAP91VbyJ/0nV9hCIm0rw0Ot3bJFRkT/2bg1U/bFssvz63t/xjVe AidGWqLdyRvG1sU3p8ZMpzc3p2Yu7sudHK/dmr0tNnM0eCQwXXVweOTX9QdZoCY0 om1hNj7jiuNqZ/bb48V7g7su7vsyYP8068g9euhjDJ5NTyppdHT8eHQ/+0LDi9Yo vrwr7+y9Av/C84exb86XdLV8d6esjv3cHtd7+2vTUNuHb5Mt+/MPRGXF5Gyf6/Am Gu/7hySHc1UyKLxjJGwZLeie2ogDk89qAznD7sRb87bETWETTXMw9PXhx0VR9sz5 zYG17h57sCIv4Lo7neEOJkUOgnPD4+GtKQU7SjtUdrzp1Yw95WnRSHFfZ/7YzsTg u+6ZPUMhhQm/AWxsPvc= =X/wq -----END PGP MESSAGE----- 
Finally, I am proving my reddit account by posting it in /KeybaseProofs
submitted by JeasonFire to KeybaseProofs

DDLC related links

Welcome to the club.
Anyway, I'd like to share with newcomers some cool DDLC related links that are interesting and fun.
[Copy Pasta] Theories & Analysis & Interviews:
Covers and Songs
Animations, Comics, playthroughs and others:
Club Activities:
Mods / Games:
submitted by Nagamagi to u/Nagamagi

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