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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Keygen Serial Key https://mobilebo.ru/download/?file=925. The Resurgence Pack contains 2 maps, 6 characters, and 3. Play with latest DLC. DLC Content Collection 2. Made available to Xbox Live members in May 2020 and to PS3 gamers in late June, Content Collection 2 contained 7 new maps.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 backward compatible: How to

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1 DLC PC release. The Bundle, Collection 1, 2 and 3 Though its strange though since all of them are the same with 16 add on contents. MW3 March DLC (for Xbox): March 13th On the Elite content calendar there's some new information up and here's a screenshot: So the map I posted from the Rob Riggle video will be called "Black Box" (it was first speculated as morningwood) and there are two Spec Ops missions in March as well. Call of Duty Ghosts PC - Buy Steam Game Key.

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Activation code downloaded Call Of Duty mw3 map pack & game

It's very hard to find games in Blops 1 + MW3 for myself, but I get into Blops 2 games instantly. Activision will be releasing MW3 Content Collection 1 on March 20th. Dlc collection 1 mw3 able hacks. MegaGames - founded in 1998, is a comprehensive hardcore gaming resource covering Game Trainers, Mods, News, Fixes, Videos, Patches, Editorials, Freegames, Demos.

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The downloadable content available for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is an assortment of additional multiplayer maps, Special Ops missions, and Face Off Maps that were made available throughout, after the initial launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in. Skyrim is intended to load a BSA alongside it's ESM/ESP file. Edition: Standard Standard. Xbox One Game Download Keys - Buy a Digital Copy of an learn more here.

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Digital games, Instant delivery 24/7! MW3 DLC Collection 1 Available March 20th - Total DLC Season to Include 22 Pieces of Content. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe. Rocket League (PC) - Buy Steam Game CD-Key.

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The Collection includes 4 new multiplayer maps and 2 spec-op missions. There's just something magical about going to the store, picking up a boxed game, staring at the amazing box art, bringing the game home and putting the disc in the drive. Call of Duty: Black Ops III Gold Edition includes the full base game, DLC 1 Awakening for Black Ops III, plus the Nuk3town Multiplayer Map. Call Of Duty 3 Pc Game Utorrent Download.

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Amazon.com: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 [Online Game. Watch Carry On Jatta 2 (2020) Punjabi Player 1. Call of duty mw3 crack password yahoo version. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PlayStation Universe article. Modern Warfare 3's third collection of DLC, the Chaos Pack, is slated to launch for PS3 and year-old jailed for Call of Duty hack that was really a virus The Collection 1 content drop, which you'll be able to grab from Steam, includes four.

Serial key pSN product codes possibly expired, anyone experience this

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Steam Key - CJS CD Keys more hints. Fix crash in theater related to MU removal. This includes 4 multiplayer maps and 2 Spec Ops missions.

Some changes to make AW better

advanced warfare suggestions
fast health regen
remove grenade delay at the beginning of rounds/games
remove 'drone placement invalid'
if you gain any points after you die, they should count towards your next life
make the time to pull up a scorestreak faster
remove all ladders and map turrets
enemies should flinch from exo slam
remove speed reloading
show hitmarkers and points when its the final kill
don't show points on killcams
option to remove the controlling of ai scorestreaks
remove variants
all new dlc weapons should automatically be unlocked (or make it part of the season pass)
add lobby chat
have text chat move to the bottom at the end of a match screen
make it so your fov doesnt randomly change
add dedicated servers
add better matchmaking to be able to find more players
add server browser
-arx (increase max damage range)
-mk14 (increase medium damage to 34, reduce headshot multiplier to 2.0)
-sn6 (increase max damage to 34, increase mag size to 40)
-amr9 (increase medium damage to 25)
-pyatek (change zero recoil back to 8 shots)
-snipers (reduce idle sway)
-bulldog (increase mag size to 8)
-pdw (reduce recoil)
-rw1 (reduce idle sway, increase range)
-maaws (make the rocket travel faster)
-lynx (increase mag size to 12)
-blunderbuss (decrease reload time, decrease pellet spread, double reserve ammo)
-s12 (decrease rate of fire)
-em1 (decrease time to overheat)
-asm1 (decrease max damage range)
heavy shield
-should already have fast plant, fast melee, and shock plant
-aiming should enter lockdown mode, shooting should shoot both weapons at the same time
-should be able to lock on to sentries
-should fire slower in shotgun mode and have half as much ammo in shotgun mode (similar to
what they did in exo zombies)
-if you are aiming down sights in shotgun mode, the shotgun will be in slug round mode
ripped rocket turret
-increase ammo size to 12
ripped mg turret
-increase ammo size to 200
combat knife
-replace with fists
all assault rifles, smgs, and shotguns should already have stock on (only heavy weapons and
snipers should have this as an attatchment)
add laser sight to pdw and blunderbuss
shotguns should already have grip
smgs should have akimbo attatchment
remove hybrid sight and auto focus sight
remove acog on assault rifles, smgs, and pistols (only heavy weapons and snipers should
have this attatchment)
remove parabolic mic (make it part of peripherals)
dual mag should reload the same speed every reload (just speed up the normal animation like
bo2 fast mag)
rapid fire shouldnt decrease range
supressor and advanced rifling should be able to be used together
increase laser sight accuracy by 25% instead of 12%
tracker rounds should be threat detection, not minimap detection
remove tac knife
can only add ONE module
remove support module
scorestreaks should already do as much damage as with danger close
cloak module shouldn't uncloak when shooting
recon drone
-already has increased lifetime
-cant add ar hud
-25 points for tagging an enemy, and 25 points if a teammate kills that enemy while they
are marked
-emp grenades-150
-cant add extra assist points, speed, or extra time
-don't get assist points if player has low profile
assault drone
-cant add ai control or ar hud
-already has machine gun
-50 points for killing someone
care package
-cant add fast pickup, or double tap
-double tap any care package to make it the map based streak
-ammo-100 (restores ammo, exo abilties, and launchers; can be used 6 times)
sentry gun
-make sentry guns take 3 punches to kill (like how it was originally)
-let you have 2 sentries placed at the same time
-already has sentry and rippable
-can only rip off the sentry gun if it hasnt been damaged yet
-heavy resistance-explosive immunity
-repulsion-200 (the map scorestreak from chop shop, can't be ripped off)
system hack
-already has assist points and extended time
-can't add additional extended time
-don't get assist points if the player has hard wired
-disable equipment-100 (makes exo abilities and launchers not usable)
-disable scorestreaks-300
missile strike-600
-cant add extra missiles
-nano swarm-instant death from entering nano swarm
-triple missile-200 (3 missiles)
-cant add extra burst
-speedy-150 (can move the vulcan around faster while its being used)
bombing run-750
-make it so your own bombing run cant kill you
-make it so you can't shoot down bombing runs
-can't add flares
-speedy-200 (much faster than usual)
-already has underbarrel rockets
-reduce recoil of the machine gun (like how it is in campaign)
-when the goliath blows up or you self-destruct it, you should get ejected out as high as a
double jump instead of dieing
-jump-50 (ability to jump while using the goliath)
-extra rockets-100 (homing rockets)
-self explosion-100 (explodes and does damage to enemies when self-destructed or killed by
-already has aggressor ai control, extra time, and warbird wingman
-cant add defender or extra flare
-decrease warbird health
-already has wingman and extra time
-cant add extra flare
-extra weapons-400 (laser guided rocket and cannon)
dna bomb-3000 (instead of 30 gun kills; system hacks the enemy team with all modules for
the rest of the game)
every exo ability should be able to give you +25 points while using them
exo abilities should recharge by gaining scorestreak points (500 points to fully recharge
exo ability, even if you are using overcharged)
-mute device - give the effects of blast suppressor; make enemies louder
-cloak - give you the effects of blind eye
-shield - cover your feet when standing; one shield bash to kill someone; make it last
-hover - shouldn't deplete faster when moving while using hover
-trophy - should last for 15 seconds but be able to destroy unlimited explosives
tactical grenades
-explode on contact
smoke grenade
-get 50 assist points if your teammates kill an enemy that is in your smoke grenade or if
your teammates kill someone while in your smoke grenade
threat grenade
-detecting someone should last as long as the recon drone threat grenades
explosive drone
-remove the explosion delay (like in exo zombies)
-if it gets a kill, you should get it back
-1 bullet to destroy
tracking drone
-if you kill someone that is being tagged by your tracking drone, you should get it back
-1 bullet to destroy
spike drone
-make it so that it is guaranteed to come back to you when you call it back no matter where
it is at
-if someone touches it while it's placed, it should kill them
-1 bullet to destroy
emp grenade
-taking out enemy equipment/streaks with emp grenades should give points
variable grenade
-get hitmarkers from exo slam stuns
flak jacket
-reduce the effect of nano swarms
danger close
-increase explosion blast radius by 10%
low profile
-remove invisibilty to tracking rounds and exo ping
-invisible to tracking drones
-remove ads delay
-death icons still appear
-can see people on the minimap who are using silencers
hard wired
-nano swarms should still effect you
cold blooded
-threat grenades, tracking rounds, and exo ping have less of an effect
-replenish grenades from dead bodies
-let you have two of your second launcher
-capture the flag
remove spawn delay
remove flag carrier delay
make it so you can earn assist points
revert the required throw angle to pass to what is used to be
ball needs more velocity when thrown
50 points for passing the ball to a teammate
50 points for picking up the ball
125 points for scoring by throwing the ball
200 points for killing someone while holding the ball
250 points for scoring by holding the ball
capturing a flag should give you 150 points
1 round
at 2x momentum, you get double score
at 3x momentum, you get triple score
when the flag is contested, it should show up on screen like on domination
only 1 flag that takes 2 minutes to capture instead of 5 flags
show what gun will be used in the lobby
5 minute games instead of 2 minute resets
infected - overclock, lightweight, and overcharged survivors - any stock weapon, 2 explosive drones, a tracking drone that stays alive
forever, scavenger, peripherals, threat detection uav, 360 turret, and exo disable system
just like reinforce from ghosts
1.5 minute rounds
30 second timer after 2 flags have been captured by the same team
5 seconds to secure a flag
150 score for securing a flag
-search and rescue
just like the grind gamemode in ghosts
65 points to win
50 score for killing someone who has no dog tags
100 score for killing someone who has at least one dog tag
50 score for taking a dog tag
100 score for securing a dog tag
takes 5 seconds to secure one dog tag
multiple people can be securing dog tags at the same place at the same time
-kill confirmed
100 points for confirming a kill instead of 50
-you only live once
search and destroy and reinforce in one gamemode
all maps and all objective gamemodes
-ground war
8v8 on big maps with team deathmatch, kill confirmed, domination, and momentum
*ranked play
have separate classes for ranked play with everything unlocked
support module on scorestreaks banned
variants banned
danger close banned
uav and system hack banned
*exo survival
the amount of players in your game shouldn't change how much health you have
in solo, you should get an extra each time you flip the map
move exo launchers to the exo armory
move scorestreaks to the gun armory
have the ability to choose a different scorestreak to earn on your class instead of always
having the default one
classes should not restrict any exo movements or gun classes
have an option to refill exo launchers and exo ability for 1 upgrade point
add the system hack as an obtainable scorestreak and have the option to either make it so
enemies cant use abilities and launchers or take out their exo movements
add lightweight and scavenger as perks
already start off with unlimited sprint, weapons free, and toughness
remove the ammo supply drops, and make it so at the end of each round you get max ammo,
launchers, and abilities
add smoke grenades and emp grenades as grenades you can buy
remove hover
add overclock and ping as abilities to buy
automatically give the warbird ai control
have an automatic uav active at all times (similar to mw3 survival)
change max attachments to 3 weapon attatchments and one optic
support drops should have one random perk/scorestreak that you can change once (like ghosts
safeguard mode)
remove the intel and dog tag collecting rounds
have a kill confirmed round where you confirm 10 kills in a round where all enemies will
drop dog tags
have an intel round where there are 10 intel on the map and you have to hold x to collect
have a domination round where you have to secure the 3 domination flags on the map
have a capture the flag round where you take a flag from one side to the other side of the
have a momentum round where you have to capture the momentum flags but enemies can take the
flags if you are not on them (the flags only take half the time to cap as normal)
make it so everything costs 1 point
completing rounds and doing objectives give 1 point each
make it so support drops are earned individually
make it so a teammate cant take your package
*exo zombies
emp zombies can only take out your exo suit by hitting you
getting emp'd should only take out your exo suit, not your hud
remove dog only rounds and make them dog rounds mixed with zombies (like what infection
make it so you can use the infection pad to kill zombies even if you're not infected
the mark 25 upgrade station should be open every game after doing the easter egg once
exo melee - cost 2000 points; melee faster; one hit kill melee up to round 14; melee a
zombie and it stuns all zombies around you like exo slam does
exo marathon - cost 2000 points; unlimited sprint; 7% faster movement speed; hold up to 3
exo dashes
make the bomb defusing guards and goliath have a max health on carrier
every guard and goliath should drop a zombie blood powerup
if you defuse the first bomb on carrier, you should get a weapon upgrade at the end of the
if you defuse any bomb on carrier, you should get a powerup
make the killstreaks more effective in high rounds
make it so shooting zombies doesnt make them crawlers
make it so zombies stay packed together
make it so zombies dont go after turrets
submitted by jbirdjustin to CodAW

[USA] [H] 360/PS3/Wii/3DS/DS/GC/NES/Steam/list || [W] Magic the Gathering CARDS, Dragon's Dogma, Risen, Risen 2 (360) NBA2K13 (PS3)

Thanks to our resident king trader, Lamanamanumi, I was able to "borrow" his formatting to improve the ease of browsing my list. Thanks broski!
I am a gamer first and a collector second. If you have a game that I like, I'd certainly rather have an original version or CE version, but I'm just fine with a Greatest Hits version if it's something I want to play as opposed to collect. I only have a few specifics that I'm looking for, so I'm really looking to check out lists. I'm constantly shifting my attention to other games (damn gamer ADD) so you never know what will really catch my eye!
Everything on this list is potentially up for trade. If I own it, and there is absolutely no way I'm trading it, it isn't listed here. Pretty straight forward on availability. The more asterisks, the harder it is for me to let go of that game. I'm always willing to trade, so here a guide to what the asterisks mean to me:
1= No hesitation. This game is absolutely up for trade. 2= I like it, but I'm most probably done with it. Still absolutely up for trade. 3= I'm just as willing to keep it as I am willing to trade it. 4= Most likely still being played in my house or just a game that I LOVE owning. 5= Probably in my backlog and not necessarily looking to trade, but if the price is right...
FYI - I LOVE RPG's. They're by far, my favorite genre. If you have a RPG not listed here, I very well may be interested in it. Shoot me an offer and let's see what we can do! So, without further adieu, here's the goods!:
Game Completeness Availability Notes
XBOX 360 Updated 10/20
Alan Wake CIB ***
Batman: Arkham Asylum GotY CIB ** Platinum Hits
Battlefield 3 CIB *** online code used
Big Bumpin' CIB *
Blue Dragon CIB ***
Borderlands CIB ****
Borderlands 2 CIB PENDING IN *****
Brink CIB **
Call of Duty: Black Ops CIB *****
Call of Duty: MW3 CIB ****
Culdcept Saga CIB *****
Dance, Dance Revolution Universe CIB * also have the dance mat
Dark Souls CIB *****
Dead Island CIB ***
Fable II w/ DLC CIB ** Platinum Hits
Fable III CIB ***
Fighters Uncaged CIB **
Gears of War CIB **
Guitar Hero Aerosmith CIB *
Guitar Hero III CIB *
Guitar Hero World Tour CIB PENDING OUT
Infinite Undiscovery CIB *** new, sealed
Infinite Undiscovery Strategy Guide ***
Kameo CIB **
Kinect Adventures CIB *
Kinect Adventures CIB ** new, sealed
Kinectimals CIB ***
Kingdoms of Amalur CIB ****
Lost Odyssey CIB *****
Madden 08 CIB *
Mass Effect 1 disc only **
Mass Effect 2 CIB ***
Moto GP 06 CIB *
NCAA March Madness 08 CIB *
Need For Speed: Most Wanted CIB *** Green Label
Nier CIB ****
Perfect Dark Zero CE CIB * Metal CE case/cover
Project Gotham Racing 3 CIB *
Resonance of Fate CIB ****
Rock Band 3 CIB *****
Rock Band Keytar controller *** has shoulder strap
Skyrim CIB *****
Sonic Free Riders CIB **
Spiderman: Friend or Foe CIB ***
Tales of Vesperia CIB *****
Tiger Woods 2010 CIB *
Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition PENDING OUT
Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition CIB ***** new, sealed
3DS//DS Updated 10/20
Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs CIB ***
Kid Icarus: Uprising CIB ***** no stand
Lego Indiana Jones cart only **
Mario & Sonic - Winter Olympic Games cart only ***
Mario Kart 7 CIB *****
Pokemon Black cart only ****
Pokemon Soul Silver cart only ****
Spectrobes CIB **
Spiderman 3 CIB **
Spiderman: Friend or Foe CIB **
Spongebob: Atlantis Squarepantis CIB **
Star Wars: Clone Wars CIB **
Star Wars: Force Unleashed CIB **
Super Mario DS cart only **
Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll cart only ***
The World Ends with You CIB *****
PS3 Updated 10/20
Afro Samurai CIB **
Borderlands GOTY CIB *****
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 CIB **
Call of Duty: Black Ops CIB ****
Darksiders CIB **
Dark Kingdom CIB *
Demon's Souls CIB **** Black Label
Eye of Judgment w/ Starter Deck & Playmat CIB ** starter deck of cards, playmat, camera stand
God of War Collection CIB ****
Mod Nation Racers CIB ****
PS Eye Camera camera only * working
Rage Anarchy Edition CIB ***
Sports Champions CIB **
UFC 2010 CIB **
Uncharted 1 (disc only) disc only *** generic case
Uncharted 2 CIB ****
Uncharted 3 CIB ****
WII Updated 10/20
AMF Bowling: World Lanes CIB *
Biggest Loser CIB ***
Boom Blox CIB **
Guitar Hero III CIB ** Have guitar also
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess CIB ***
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga CIB ****
Madden 07 CIB *
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games CIB ***
Mario Kart Wii disc only ** generic case
Mary Kart Wii CIB ****
Mario Party 8 CIB ***
Marvel Ultimate Alliance CIB ****
My Sims Kingdom CIB **
Nerf N-Strike CIB ** Pretty sure I have the gun
New Super Mario Bros. Wii CIB ****
Spiderman 3 CIB **
Super Mario Galaxy CIB ***
Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam CIB **
Wii Fit CIB ****
Wii Fit Plus CIB ****
GAMECUBE Updated 10/20
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles CIB ****
Finding memo CIB *
Legends of wrestling CIB * working, needs buffed
Mario Kart Double Dash CIB ***
Resident Evil CIB *
Simpsons hit and run CIB **
Super Mario sunshine CIB ***
STEAM Updated 10/20
Binding of Isaac complete giftable *
Drakensang giftable **
Dungeon Defenders giftable ***
L.A. Noire giftable *
Legend of Grimrock giftable *
Magicka Collection / Complete Pack giftable **
Plants vs. Zombies GotY giftable **
Railworks 3 w/ multiple add-ons giftable *
Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale giftable ***
Risen giftable ****
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic giftable *
Warhammer 40k: Space Marine giftable *
The Witcher EE giftable *****
Witcher 2 EE giftable PENDING OUT
Zombie Driver giftable *
PS1 Updated 10/20
Bedrock Bowling disc + manual *
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX disc + manual *
Gran Turismo 2 CIB ** Greatest Hits
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Strategy Guide **
Wild Arms disc + manual ***
PS2 Updated 10/20
4-Way Adapter adapter only ** MadCatz
4-Way Adapter adapter only *** Sony official
ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 CIB *
Beyond Good & Evil CIB *
Bionicle CIB **
Blitz the League CIB **
Bully: Scholarship Edition CIB * Greatest Hits
Call of Duty 3 CIB **
Call of Duty Finest Hour CIB **
Cars CIB *
College Hoops 2k6 CIB *
Dr. Muto disc+case * no manual
Dynasty Warriors 3 CIB ***
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel CIB **
Family Guy the Game CIB *
Final Fantasy X Strategy Guide ***
Final Fantasy X-2 CIB **
Final Fantasy XII CIB *
Final Fantasy XII CE CIB ****
Final Fantasy XII Strategy Guide ***
Ford Mustang Racing CIB *
Goblin Commander CIB ***
God of War CIB **
Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec CIB ** Greatest Hits
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City CIB *
Guitar Hero 2 CIB **
Gun Club disc + case * no manual
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets CIB **
Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge CIB **
Hunter the Reckoning: Wayward CIB *
Kingdom Hearts II CIB ****
Madden 08 CIB *
Malice CIB *
Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects CIB **
Micro Machines CIB ***
MLB 07 the Show CIB *
MLB Slugfest 2006 CIB *
Mojo CIB *
Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction CIB *
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance CIB ** Greatest Hits
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Strategy Guide **
Mortal Kombat Deception CIB ***
NBA Ballers CIB *
NBA Street CIB *
Need for Speed Underground CIB *** Greatest Hits
NFL 2k3 CIB *
Pac-Man World Rally CIB **
Pinball Hall of Fame CIB *
Power Rangers Super Legends: 15th Anniversary CIB ***
Prince of Persia the Two Thrones CIB **
Showdown: Legends of Wrestling CIB *
Shrek 2 CIB * Greatest Hits
Simpsons Road Rage CIB ** Greatest Hits
Sims Bustin' Out CIB **
Sly Cooper & the Thievius Racoonus CIB ** Greatest Hits
Sly Cooper & the Thievius Racoonus CIB **** Black Label
SOCOM Combined Assault CIB *
Sonic Mega Collection Plus CIB ***
Sonic Riders Zero Gravity CIB *
Spiderman 2 CIB *
Splinter Cell Double Agent CIB ***
Star Wars: Starfighter CIB ** Greatest Hits
Starsky & Hutch CIB *
The Cat in the Hat CIB *
The Simpsons Game CIB **
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 CIB *
Time Crisis II disc + guns *** generic case, 2 guns
Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness CIB **
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 CIB **
Tony Hawk Underground 2 CIB **
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland CIB ** Greatest Hits
Top Gun CIB *
Transworld Surf disc+case *
Turok: Evolution CIB **
World Championship Poker CIB * Greatest Hits
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006 CIB * Greatest Hits
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 CIB *
Xenosaga 2 CIB ***
X-Men Legends CIB **
PSP Updated 10/20
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core CIB ***
Popolocrois CIB **
NES Updated 10/20 have some dust covers
Deja vu cart only *
Gauntlet 2 cart only *
Hydlide cart only *
NES Max Turbo controller controller ** working
Rampage cart only *
Super Mario brothers cart only *
Superspike volleyball cart only *
Swords and serpents cart only *
Tetris cart only *
The black bass cart only *
Tmnt III the Manhattan project cart only * see pic - some damage, working
Wrestlemania cart only *
Vegas dream cart only *
Game Boy Advance system system only ** works perfectly, small scratch on screen
WANT - Updated 10/20
Magic Cards * Thragtusk (4x) * Restoration Angel (4x) * Fetch Lands from Zendikar (Xx) * Dual Lands from Rav/Gpt/Dis/RTR (Shock lands) (Xx) * Type 2 / Modern Staples * Planeswalkers (Any) * Innistrad Rare Dual Lands * EDH Staples * Mirari's Wake (1x) * 1 of Each "Sword of" equipment Let's just say that there are a ton of magic cards that I want, so feel free to let me know what you have and let's make a trade!
360 * Assassin's Creed * Assassin's Creed Revelation * Assassin's Creed III * Culdcept Saga * Dishonored * Dragon's Dogma * Risen * Risen 2
PS3 * Borderlands 2 * NBA 2k13 * Saint's Row * Saint's Row 2 * Saint's Row 3
Offers for DS/3DS/PS3/360
submitted by ishkabibbel2000 to gameswap

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