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With the discovery of Canadian, TX teen Thomas Brown's remains, what's next for the investigation? Open question about discovery of deceased teen, missing since 2016.

Note: As much as I’d love to write up all this information in my own original words, I work insanely long hours, so I’ve chosen to include transcripts of articles on the case with credit to the respective authors and sources. If this violates any rules, do what you must. Sources are provided at the bottom.
I understand this has been posted about recently, given the finding of Thomas’s remains. I’d like to get into it some more. This case is so strange to me.
Introduction to case
From Casefile podcase episode 85, Writing by Milly Raso
Midnight approached on Thanksgiving Eve, November 23rd, 2016. Penny Meek was up waiting for her son Tom Brown, who was due home any moment. Hours earlier, Tom had gone out to meet up with friends. The 18-year-old had a strict midnight curfew and was rarely late. If he was, he always got in touch to let his mother know. So far, she’d heard nothing.
But midnight ticked by, and there was no sign of Tom.
At 12:03 am, Tucker sent his brother a text asking where he was.
Tom didn’t reply.
Tucker and Penny sent Tom several more text messages, trying to locate him. But still, they received no response. This was unusual – Tom always responded to texts.
At 12:23 am, Penny tried to call Tom. But her call went straight to voicemail – his phone was off. Penny’s concern grew. Though Tom could be a joker and a goofball, he wasn’t the type to pull a prank like this. He was a well-behaved son, far from rebellious or disrespectful.
Getting into separate cars to cover more ground, Penny and Tom’s older brother Tucker went searching for Tom’s red coloured 2009 Dodge Durango SUV.
Penny and Tucker combed the entire town – checking local haunts and hangouts. Yet, there was no sign of Tom or his car. Though Canadian had more wealth and bustle than other townships in the semi-arid Panhandle region of Texas; it was still incredibly small and close-knit. The layout of the land was deeply ingrained within the residents who lived there. There is no way Tom had gotten lost.
So where was he…
A summary and timeline of the case from NBC New, written by Bianca Hiller
The day before Thanksgiving in 2016, Penny Kendall Meek was enjoying having her sons together at their Canadian, Texas home. Penny tells Dateline she remembers her youngest son, high school senior Thomas Brown, spending time with his older brother, Tucker, who was home from college for the holiday.
Around 6:00 p.m. that night, Penny says Thomas said he was going to go hang out with friends. He asked for her debit card for gas money before driving away.
“Generally, the kids would meet at one of the schools and they’d park their cars there and get into one car and just ride around,” Penny told Dateline. “That night, they met at the middle school and rode around.”
Penny says she texted Thomas shortly after he left the house, but wasn’t surprised when he didn’t reply because she figured he was driving. Friends who were with Thomas that night would later tell Penny they all arrived back at the middle school parking lot around 11:20 p.m.
“Then, [Thomas] went to Fronc’s Oil and Gas. There are just gas pumps there -- no attendants, no convenience store,” Penny said, adding that surveillance footage would later show him pumping gas into his car. “My card was swiped at about 11:28 p.m.”
Thomas’s curfew was midnight, leaving him plenty of time to make it home. As soon as midnight came and went with no sign of Thomas, Penny grew concerned.
“Thomas never missed curfew. He would even come home well before curfew, and then he and his friends would play video games,” Penny said. A few minutes after midnight, Penny asked Thomas’s brother Tucker to text Thomas to see where he was. According to Penny, the text was delivered to Thomas’s phone, but it was not read.
When 12:10 a.m. came and Thomas still hadn’t replied to Tucker’s text, Penny says she texted Thomas herself. Once again, the message was delivered but not read. Just five minutes later, Penny texted Thomas again. This time, Penny says the message was unable to be delivered, meaning Thomas’s phone was likely off.
“Initially, I thought maybe he had an accident,” Penny told Dateline. She and Tucker took off from the house in separate cars to search the roads, while her husband stayed at the house in case Thomas returned.
“I headed to some of the places I knew Thomas would have driven around. I checked some of his friends’ houses. But his car was not there,” Penny said. Around 2:00 a.m., Penny says she called the homes of the friends Thomas had hung out with that night. One friend did not answer her call, but the others had each made it home that night and were surprised to hear Thomas had not.
“I didn’t call 911 because my husband is a volunteer fireman, so he just gave me a number for the [sheriff’s office] dispatch,” Penny told Dateline. “It took about 45 minutes for the deputy to respond. He went out to look for Thomas.”
By 3:30 a.m., Penny tells Dateline, both she and her son Tucker had returned home from their separate searches. Shortly thereafter, Penny says a deputy from the Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office arrived at their home. Since Tucker knew where Thomas’s girlfriend lived, he went in the patrol car with the deputy to search for a few hours. They arrived back home around 6:00 a.m. not having found Thomas or his car.
Unbeknownst to Penny, a couple of hours later -- after dawn -- one of Thomas’s friends went up in with her father in a helicopter to look for Thomas’s car. They spotted the car in a remote section of the Canadian, Texas suburbs, about four miles from Thomas’s home. But Thomas was nowhere to be seen.
The friend called the sheriff’s department who then notified Thomas’s parents of the update.
“It was found near where our sewage ponds are, which is not near anywhere he would have gone,” Penny told Dateline of the car’s location. Penny added that Thomas’s phone, laptop, backpack, and keys were all missing from the car, though the chargers were still there.
The Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office told Dateline that Thomas’s case was turned over to the Texas Attorney General Criminal Investigation Division in the beginning of 2018. The Texas Attorney General Criminal Investigation Division did not reply to Dateline’s repeated request for comment.
Shortly after Thomas’s disappearance, his family began working with private investigator Philip Klein. Penny says that in a search two months after Thomas disappeared, her son’s backpack was located about four miles from where his car had been found. About 10 months later, in a subsequent search, Thomas’s cellphone was also located. It was found five miles from where his backpack was, nine miles from the car. Unfortunately, finding Thomas’s belongings has not yet yielded any evidence of significance.
Thomas was in his senior year of high school when he disappeared.
“The first year Thomas was missing, we wanted to give a scholarship in his honor because he was not graduating with his class,” Penny told Dateline. “Our hope is to be able to raise enough money to be able to give the scholarship to a Canadian high school student every year, but also to be able to give scholarships throughout the [Texas] Panhandle.”
Penny added that while the scholarship is to honor Thomas, it’s also to give back to the people who have helped support her and her family throughout the past two years.
“I don’t have words to describe the support we have gotten throughout the panhandle,” she said. “I have received messages from people all over the world.”
Penny has also created a Facebook group called Moms 4 Tom, which is “a group of moms, friends, and community members dedicated to finding Thomas and bringing him home.”
“I just know there is no way that he would’ve left without telling me or his brother,” Penny said. “I think something happened, but I don’t know what it was. Not only do I deserve answers, but our community deserves answers because we don’t expect anything to happen in our rural community. I think that’s why the panhandle has been so supportive, because it’s bothersome.”
Thomas Brown is described as being 6’ tall and weighing 195 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a black shirt, a black windbreaker with “OSU Cowboys” in orange letters on the left chest, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. If you have any information on Thomas’s case, please call the Texas Attorney General Criminal Investigation Division at 512-463-2100.
Regarding the release of information about the case, from acb 7 News
"Details have been few in the case of a missing Canadian teenager. Thomas Brown went missing 14 months ago on Thanksgiving 2016. Now his family's fight for answers may be leading to another dead end.
In October, Thomas Brown’s family filed a public records request with the Hemphill County Sheriff for information about the case. The request was sent to the attorney general for a decision about what could be released. The attorney general ruled the family could have the documents requested, but now the county is appealing that decision in a lawsuit, asking the attorney general to reconsider. Thomas' mom, Penny Meek, said she is not seeking sensitive information.
"I can't think there was really anything that would compromise the case,” said Meek.
Hemphill County Sheriff Nathan Lewis disagrees. He said the case is open and any information released could interfere with the investigation. He gave ABC 7 this statement:
“The Sheriff's Office foremost concern is maintaining the integrity of the case. We do understand the desire for knowledge and insight concerning this case, however; dissemination of certain facts and documents would only serve to impede the ongoing investigation and possible prosecution in the future.”
Meek’s requests include a log of volunteers that participated in searches, dates the Department of Public Service, the Texas Rangers and the FBI became involved in the investigation, any press releases about Thomas' case, names of deputies assigned to the case, disciplinary reports of personnel, the number of photographs and recordings made plus, most importantly, the classification of the case. She wants to know whether or not it is a criminal investigation.
"I know more about the Las Vegas shooter or the church shooter than I do my own son's case,” said Meek. “That is kind of frustrating because I am the mom."
She said the information would reveal what she most wants to know: If the investigation is progressing.
"It would be nice to have some assurances that they were getting leads or we're following up on things," said Meek.
The Hemphill County Attorney Kyle Miller said releasing any information could jeopardize justice. In a statement to ABC 7 he said:
"The entirety of the file contains information that, if made public, could compromise a criminal prosecution should one prove warranted. We have asked the Attorney General's Office for an opinion as to what, if anything, can be released to the public and what should remain confidential to ensure justice is served. This is simply the next step in the required process with the Attorney General's Office."
Thomas' mom said the lawsuit is another delay in getting the answers she wants.
"It's pretty disheartening and disappointing because at this point I just feel like we are playing political games and my son's life isn't a game,” said Meek.
There is no time table on when the attorney general will make a decision about if the documents will be released.
In January of 2018, Sheriff Lewis officially requested assistance from the Attorney General’s office. A copy of the letter can be found here:
From “The Canadian Record"
Hemphill County Sheriff Nathan Lewis has sent an appeal to the Texas Attorney General’s Office, requesting that it take over the investigation into the Thanksgiving 2016 disappearance of Thomas Brown, then a senior at Canadian High School.
Sheriff Lewis’ request, emailed to the AG’s Criminal Justice Division on Friday afternoon, is an apparent concession to a petition posted at change.org by Tom’s mother, Penny Meek, and promoted by the advocacy group, Moms4Tom.
“To leave no stone unturned and to bring to bear every resource the State of Texas has to solve the case of Thomas Brown,” the petition reads, “we respectfully request Hemphill County Attorney Kyle Miller and/or Hemphill County Sheriff Nathan Lewis to turn the investigation and subsequent prosecution if warranted over to the Texas Attorney General offices and let’s use our tax dollars to find Thomas rather than be an adversary of his family.”
The petition is directed to Hemphill County Attorney Kyle Miller, and has gathered 6,316 signatures since Thursday afternoon when it first appeared online.
In response, Lewis asked that the AG’s office “formally assume the responsibility for the investigation and/or prosecution” into what it terms a “missing person case.” He cites the family’s growing dissatisfaction with the results of his investigation, thus far, writing, “To that end, so that justice may be served for all concerned parties and Hemphill County, we ask [that] your office formally take the reins as the lead investigating agency for this matter.”
The petition drive follows several open records requests filed on October 2017 by Elgin attorney Rosanna Abrea—who represents Tom’s mother, Penny Meek—demanding that Sheriff Lewis release ten items of information compiled during its investigation of Tom’s disappearance.
County Attorney Miller challenged Abrea’s request, and sought an attorney general opinion on what, if anything, could be released to the public, and what should remain confidential. In requesting the opinion, Miller noted, “The entirety of the file contains information that, if made public, could compromise a criminal prosecution, should one prove warranted.”
In another online appeal, Moms4Tom asked the public to call the Attorney General’s office, urging them to grant the Public Information Request, and to reject the county’s appeal to keep the information private.
In a Dec. 20 response, Assistant Attorney General Kelly McWethy concluded that the information requested should be released. McWethy cited Miller’s failure to submit a copy of the specific information requested, or representative samples, labeled to indicate which exceptions apply to which parts of the documents. Without that documentation, he wrote, the information requested “is presumed to be public and therefore must be released, unless there is compelling reason to withhold the information from disclosure.
Hemphill County officials believe they do have reason. Amarillo attorney Matt Mazner has been retained by the Texas Association of Counties (TAC) to represent Hemphill County in seeking a declaratory judgment against the attorney general. Release of the requested information will have an adverse impact on the investigation, Mazner wrote. He cited Sheriff Lewis’ claim that disclosure of the documents would reveal individuals involved in the investigation, law enforcement methods used to obtain information, the identity of individuals who have provided information, and the various methods utilized by law enforcement agencies in assisting with the investigation.
That request by Hemphill County for injunctive relief from the attorney general’s ruling will now go before the Travis County District Court.
Meanwhile, amid all of this legal wrangling, Thomas Brown has not been seen or heard from since 11:20 pm on the night of Nov. 23, 2016. Since then, the Texas Rangers and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have both assisted the Sheriff’s Office investigation into Brown’s disappearance. Shortly after Tom’s disappearance, his family retained the services of Klein Investigations & Consulting of Nederland, whose agents continue to investigate the case.

Summary of Documents Released to Family
Wednesday, 26 December, 2018
Hemphill County and the Texas Attorney General’s office have reached an Agreed Final Judgment in the Public Information Act lawsuit regarding the matter of Thomas Brown. The family of Thomas Brown had filed a public information request via attorney Rosanna L. Abreo with Hemphill County, requesting the following information:“1. Copies of all recordings, call sheets, incident reports, memorandums, text messages, and emails regarding Thomas Kelly Brown, a missing person from December 2, 2016 to present.2. Names or logs of all volunteers, employees, other agencies members, and professionals involved in the searches for missing person Thomas Kelly Brown from November 24, 2016 to the present.3. Dates of all contact with Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Ranger Division and Highway Patrol, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, specifically, all requests for assistance in the investigation of missing person, Thomas Kelly Brown. Please note identity of persons contacted, dates of contact and method of contact. 4. Use of force reports for Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office from January 1, 2016 to the present. 5. All training received by all Hemphill County Sheriff’s office personnel, currently and previously employed, since January 1, 2016 to present. Please list name of training class, where class was attended, and number of hours of training to TCOLE.6. Reports, memorandums, interoffice emails or other correspondences regarding commendations, and incidents of misconduct or disciplinary action of personnel currently or previously employed by the Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office from August 1, 2016 to the present. 7. Copy of all public service reports, press releases, flyers, or announcements from Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office regarding missing person, Thomas Kelly Brown from November 24, 2016 to the present. 8. Names of all officers/deputies, current or former, assigned or who have actively assisted in the Thomas Kelly Brown investigation. Please state what their primary assignments are in the investigation. 9. The number of photographs and/or other electronic recordings taken from the scene where missing person, Thomas Kelly Brown’s vehicle was located. A copy of all photographs and/or other electronic recordings taken from the scene where missing person, Thomas Kelly Brown’s vehicle was located. 10. The official characterization or type of case designation by the Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office regarding the disappearance of Thomas Kelly Brown.” Hemphill County provided the requested materials regarding training and personnel, and asserted that disclosure of what amounted to its entire investigative file on Thomas Brown would adversely affect the ongoing investigation and subsequent prosecution of any criminal acts associated with the case, citing the exceptions from disclosure under Texas Government Code §552.108. After review of the file by the Attorney General’s office during litigation, the investigative material was agreed to be exempt from disclosure. The Agreed Final Judgment is quoted as follows:“1. The County may withhold information at issue, which consists of videos, photographs, phone records, digital voice recordings, radio calls, emails, and documents relating to Texas Attorney General Criminal Justice Division’s Thomas Brown Investigation, under Texas Government Code §555.108(a)(1).2. All court costs and attorney fees are taxes against parties incurring same;3. All relief not expressly granted is denied; and4. This Order disposes of all claims between the parties and is a final judgment.” The Judgment reflects the parties’ agreement as to a compelling reason to withhold the information under Texas Government Code §552.302. The County proved that release of the information would interfere with the Texas Attorney General’s Criminal Justice Division’s investigation of the disappearance of Thomas Brown. The order was signed by Lora Livingston, Judge of the 261st District Court in Travis County, Texas. The entire investigative file was provided to the Attorney General’s office and reviewed by their Administrative Law Division, and the investigation remains ongoing with the Attorney General’s Criminal Investigative Division, who took over the case at the request of Hemphill County.
Discovery of Remains, January 2019
Remains found near Lake Marvin Road (located near Lake Marvin, Hemphilll County) have been identified as missing high school senior Thomas brown who went missing the night of November 23, 2016 under puzzling circumstances. His remains were positively identified via dental records. The name of the individual who located his remains has not been released.
From News Channel 10 KFDA
By Cassie Stafford | January 16, 2019 at 7:31 PM CST - Updated January 17 at 2:56 PM
CANADIAN, TX (KFDA) - We are learning more on the discovery of Thomas Brown’s remains in Hemphill County.
NewsChannel10 spoke with the lead private investigator on the case, Philip Klein, who was hired by Brown’s family.
He said on January 9, a man was walking down a path near Lake Marvin Road when he noticed something, and called authorities immediately.
The Texas Attorney General’s Office (OAG) and the Texas Rangers responded and later confirmed through forensic testing it was the missing Canadian teen.
Original report, November 2016: Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office still searching for missing teen
During what Klein calls a phase one search last year, he said they had roughly 18 miles to cover plus an acre on either side of the road.
He added that the area where Thomas was found wasn’t missed, but had not yet been searched.
NewsChannel10 spoke with the lead private investigator on the case, Philip Klein, who was hired by Brown’s family.
He said on January 9, a man was walking down a path near Lake Marvin Road when he noticed something, and called authorities immediately.
The Texas Attorney General’s Office (OAG) and the Texas Rangers responded and later confirmed through forensic testing it was the missing Canadian teen.
Original report, November 2016: Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office still searching for missing teen
During what Klein calls a phase one search last year, he said they had roughly 18 miles to cover plus an acre on either side of the road.
He added that the area where Thomas was found wasn’t missed, but had not yet been searched.
“That area had been flown by helicopters... the south part of that area had been run by our guys, by trace sergeant and her dog,” said Klein. “They had run to the south side of that area but he had not gotten to the north side yet. So it wasn’t a matter of a missing by law enforcement or us at all, it was just a matter of that area hadn’t been searched.”
Klein wouldn’t comment on the condition of the remains found, however he said there’s no doubt this is an active homicide investigation.
“What will happen now is that the OAG and the Texas Rangers will continue their investigation and will continue to interview people and build evidence,” he said.
He said their team is very well focused right now and that they knew a body was out there all along.
“We’re going back over the evidence of the car, the shell casing... the blood that was in the car,” said Klein. “The actual timeline between 11:38 and 12:05 I think is very, very, very, very important.”
They’ve received questions as to whether or not there’s a killer among in the community of Canadian.
To that he says:
“Everybody can sleep well at night, but if I was a dad and I had kids out there in the community, I’d be like anything else.” said Klein. “Maybe I’m just too cynical being a 29-year-old investigator, but I’d sleep with one eye open right now. I would, until this thing is solved.”
Klein said he does not believe it was a pre-meditated homicide. The reward that was in place for Thomas' whereabouts is now geared toward information surrounding his death.
Klein stresses that locals steer clear of Lake Marvin Road as it could impede their investigation.
“It’s still an active working crime scene and we just don’t need people out there tromping around,” he said. “We know everyone loved Tom, we know the town is hurting, hell we know Hemphill County and North Texas is hurting. And we know people want to go put roses and flowers and markers out there honoring Tom but now isn’t the time to do that.”
He said the whole area of Lake Marvin Road probably needs to be look over again and that there are some persons of interest floating around.
“Do I think there will be an arrest in this? Oh eventually one day there will be, yes absolutely,” he said. “When? I don’t know.”
Some Discussion Points:
Unfortunately, I can’t find a new source from this information, but it has become part of the narrative and can be found in podcasts about this case, including Casefile and Unfound.
Prior to Thomas’s disappearance, the high school student had an encounter with Sheriff Lewis. In an unpleasant exchange, Lewis, not yet Sheriff at the time, approached Thomas and a friend in a public area and accused them of being up to something nefarious. This confused the young men, and Lewis ultimately demanded that Thomas get into his car where he continued to berate and curse at the teen. Thomas’s parents were called, which added to the confusion. While Lewis knew the family, he was not exceptionally close to them and it was strange that Thomas would be targeted in such as way as he was rarely if ever in trouble of any kind.
The incident stands out as being, if nothing else, peculiar, especially in hindsight.
During the early investigation into Thomas’s disappearance, Sheriff Lewis openly stated that he believed Thomas was alive. Contrary to Thomas’s record of calling to check in, being on time for curfews, and staying out of trouble, the implication is that Thomas left voluntarily. Unfortunately, this outlook is further refuted by the shell casing and blood evidence found in Thomas’s car.

and finally..... an article about investigators' perspectives early in the search
From a News Channel 10 KFDA Article:
May 5, 2017 at 2:40 AM CDT - Updated August 12 at 9:31 AM
Hemphill County Sheriff Nathan Lewis believes missing teen Thomas Brown is still alive.
But as we enter the sixth month since his disappearance, private investigators aren't so sure.
Klein Investigations, a private firm hired by brown's family, said based on their searches, there's a 70% chance that Brown is dead.
Lewis said there's no evidence to back that up.
Both groups are continuing their investigations, and have some updates in the case they can share.
A cadaver dog was brought out by Klein Investigations to search for signs of Brown, and alerted investigators to the Lake Marvin area.
That location is where a different body was found nearly 20 years ago, but because they were not able to search the entire Lake Marvin area, investigators are focusing their efforts there.
"We did put the dog onto Thomas's automobile," said Philip Klein, lead investigator. "The dog hit on the automobile and the dog hit in the automobile."
What the dog found was a small trace of blood that Lewis said was small and looked like the result of a minor cut.
Brown's backpack and laptop that were found months ago proved to have no information that would help out this case.
His Facebook profile was deleted by Facebook after being hacked, but both parties said that will not hinder the investigation,.
Klein investigators covered 19 areas in and around Canadian during their most recent search, and said they're looking into five of those areas, and believe something "nefarious" happened to brown.
Lewis thinks otherwise.
"Everything that was put out there by Klein Investigations was speculations and theories," said Lewis. "This could have happened, this might have happened, we think this happens. That's not what we do here. We go off of evidence or lack of evidence."
Some of those theories are that someone dumped Brown's car and walked into the neighborhood nearby, or that his body is buried somewhere in the county.
Lewis said there is not evidence to back these theories up.
Private investigators focus on the civil side of the investigation, while law enforcement takes a prosecutory standpoint.
But both groups are working together and sharing resources to solve this case.
"I really don't care who finds him," said Lewis. "We just need to bring him home, or figure out exactly what happened."
Lewis and Klein and his investigators are looking into every tip they receive.
Points of Speculation, Closing Thoughts
As of January 2019, it is known that Thomas Brown is no longer alive, and while the date of his death is unknown to the public, it appears extremely likely that the Canadian, Texas teen met his end on the night of his disappearance in November of 2016.
I’ll avoid injecting TOO much of my personal opinion here, but my own wariness of Sheriff Lewis is likely already apparent.
  • Reluctance to release information is understandable and sensible, and it was my original impression that the Sheriff’s office likely had a good idea of what happened and were essentially stuck sitting on their hands until they had enough to act. Currently, it’s difficult to say, especially given the previous interaction between Thomas and Sheriff Lewis (if true). It raises questions, and the questions regarding why Thomas Brown died are many:
  • Is the conduct of Sheriff Lewis at all related to the young man’s death? Was it a homicide as Klein asserts? Was his death the result a suicide, and if so, were there simply no signs of a distressed mental state? Was his body truly at the location it was found the entire time?
  • Speculation, though unofficial, has even been posed as to whether the cell phone found in a search was in fact Thomas’s.
  • The surveillance video evidence in this case raises even more questions about the last night Thomas was known to be alive. Were vehicles captured on surveillance footage at the gas station around the time of Thomas stop for gas at all related to his disappearance? Some speculation includes the assertion that these are unmarked police cars, citing a glowing computer screen that can be seen though the vehicles’ windows.
  • More unofficial speculation has stated that Thomas may have been on the verge of coming out as gay, or had come out privately to some as gay. This his highly speculative and it is often pointed to that he made a switch from focusing on football to focusing on the performing arts. Whether this has any bearing on is disappearance and subsequent death is unknown.
As of the date of this posting, Thomas’s case is open.

EDIT: had a title in the wrong spot
EDIT 2: This edit is referencing a comment below made by a user. I don't know how users feel about having their name called out, but you can find the comment below. The reference is a recent suicide of a teacher following the discovery of Thomas body.
The following is a short article from the Canadian news paper:
"BREAKING NEWS The Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office reported late yesterday afternoon that Canadian Elementary School teacher Jeff Caseltine had died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. A witness in the vicinity of the Hemphill County RV Park reported having seen an individual alone at campsite in the park, and then hearing a gunshot. He contacted HCSO. Law enforcement officers responded, secured the scene, found Caseltine's body and recovered a note. The family was notified. The death has been ruled as a suicide, pending an autopsy, which will be performed today in Lubbock."
Below is an obituary for the deceased teacher:
Jeff’s Obituary Jeff Caseltine, 54, of Canadian passed away on Monday, January 21, 2019 in Canadian. Memorial services will be 10:00 AM Friday, January 25, 2019 at First Christian Church of Canadian with Matt Cook, pastor, officiating. Cremation and arrangements are under the direction of Carmichael-Whatley Funeral Directors of Canadian. Jeff was born September 24, 1964 and was reared primarily in the suburbs of Austin, Texas, Jeff was a born performer. Be it his high school theater class at Lago Vista High, or karaoke at Buffalo Wild Wings, he was most at home while making people smile or laugh with his talents. Jeff joined the Navy in 1984 where he served until 1986 on the U.S.S. Vincennes. Throughout the eight years he spent post-military, he held many exciting jobs, including being KTSA’s leading radio man as Jeff the Kool Breeze. In 1994, Jeff fell in love with and married his wife Shannon in small town Booker, Texas. Jeff, Shannon, and 13-year-old step-son TJ packed their things in 1995 and hauled off to Stillwater, Oklahoma where Shannon would eventually become pregnant and give birth to their first child in 1996, a daughter named Sarah. A few years would pass before Shannon would become pregnant again in 1998 and give birth to their son, Michael. The Caseltine’s would call Stillwater home for the next nine years, where Jeff worked as a caretaker for Stillwater Group Homes, Inc., caring for adults with mental disabilities. However, Jeff was called to work as an aid for an autistic child at the elementary school his children attended in 2003. During his time there, it became clear to him that he wanted nothing more than to teach. He attended Oklahoma State University from 2004 until his departure from Stillwater in 2007 when he and his family moved to Abilene, Texas. In Abilene, Jeff continued his work as a caretaker for a man with cerebral palsy, attended school at McMurry University, and taught a fourth grade Sunday school class at Beltway Baptist Church. In 2012, Jeff attained a Bachelor of Science degree from McMurry University, with the intention of teaching young children. For three years after attaining his degree, Jeff worked for Sylvan Learning Center as the Regional Director of Education, but always desired teaching in a classroom setting. In 2015, a job for a Pre-kindergarten special education teacher became available in his sister-in-law’s hometown, Canadian, Texas. The Caseltine’s mulled it over, and eventually came to the decision that the ideas of both being closer to family and Jeff getting the opportunity to do what he loved made it an obvious choice. Survivors include his wife, Shannon of the home; 2 sons, Thomas Judd Maness and wife Reba Collins of San Antonio and Michael Caseltine of Canyon; a daughter, Sarah Caseltine of Bryan; 3 sisters-in-law, Terri Long and husband Tim of Edmond, Oklahoma, Denise Janko and husband Chris of Beaver, Oklahoma, LeeAnn Monty and husband Tyler “Max” of Canadian; his father, Dale Gray and wife Martha of Happy, Florida; his mother-in-law, Della Lawson of Canadian; and numerous nieces and nephews. Extended family Brenda Maness of Beaver and Cody Maness of Abilene. Read More
Our most sincere sympathies to the family and friends of Jeff Caseltine September 24 1964 January 21 2019.
Source: Carmichael-Whatley Funeral Directors of Canadian – Canadian, Texas – Canadian
Death notice for the town of: Canadian, state: Texas"
Not from Canadian Texas, so I can't comment with any validity on what the local gossip is, or what's a local speculation is. I'll connect a couple of dots that might be obvious.
His death closely followed the discovery of Thomas body.
He was a theater teacher, maybe Thomas theater teacher, I can't confirm that.
He left a note, which has not been released to my knowledge.
Also, it would be interesting to know which RV park they're referring to and whether it is near the lake where Thomas's remains were found.
Early on, Sheriff Lewis pushed " if you see something say something," and if my memory is correct, he stated he believed that people, or students, at Thomas's High School knew something.
Please keep in mind that this is only speculative, and that there is no official information stating that this man is connected. At this point, it's another interesting layer to an unsolved case that very well may be unrelated.
And I'm on mobile, so forgive my errors.
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Redshell Spyware installed with Arena

Recently, data mining software was found in several big titles on steam. You can find out far more information in this reddit thread. https://www.reddit.com/Steam/comments/8pud8b/psa_red_shell_spyware_holy_potatoes_were_in_space/
If you have been playing the closed Beta of MTG Arena, your browsing history and analytical data has been sent to Wizards of the Coast and Redshell.io without your concent.
I love you wizards, but ya gotta ask me when you want to look into my browsing history instead of taking my data without my permission. Also this information is going to a third party and I and Wizards has no clue what they might be doing with it. Wizards, look to other options that tracks your adverts success without installing garbage on my computer without my knowledge and do that.
Please upvote to make it clear to wizards of the coast that our privacy rights matter.
(WotC statement at the bottom of this post)
There are many people making the claim that this is not Spyware.
By definition Spyware is
" software that enables a user to obtain covert information about another's computer activities by transmitting data covertly from their hard drive. "
Redshell enables Wizards to covertly obtain information about your activities online by transmitting that data covertly. Even if the information is anonymously stored inside of redshell's cloud from your computer, the definition fits close enough. Or you could call it a web tracker that doesn't inform you that it actually installed and what it is tracking.
Many people claim that Redshell is a harmless ad tracker that helps the company.
This excuse is terrible. The number one reason for many users distrust is the breach of their consumer rights. If I were to go to a convent store and purchase a sandwich, I could rest safely knowing that the store owner is not going to follow me home to see how I eat, when I eat, where else I go, who else I tell about my sandwich experience. This general human decency and trust needs to translate to the digital marketplace. And above all, if the company wants to know where I heard about them and what I think of their product, a simple survey at program launch is good enough. Why go through the process of covertly capturing my data and breaching my trust.
This purpose of such data harvesting would be categorized into "marketing and research", and irrespective whether such data is kept anonymous or not, it wouldn't change the scope that, subject to where you live:
expressed consent is still required regardless;
such software needs to be clearly declared prior to final purchase (or after, if the change has been implemented after a purchase);
an opt-out option and process has to be clearly outlined, offered and fulfilled if acted on.
What can Redshell do?
Wizards tells you that they only use it to find where you heard about the game through an advertisement link then they link that to your arena profile to analyse if people who found out through facebook are having a harder time than people who found out through reddit and then balance the game through some mindreading assumptions instead of just reading feedback. The point is, redshell is not necessary for any of their "reasons" other than to figure out your preferred browsing location for ad clicks.
Redshell can collect (depending on dev choice):
  • Operating System (e.g., Windows 10, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.11.5, Windows Vista Service Pack 2)
  • Screen Resolution (e.g., 1920x1080, 1440x900)
  • Timezone (Based on offsets of UTC)
  • Language (Your computer's language or region code, e.g., en, de, en-us, en-ca)
  • Installed Fonts (All fonts installed on the computer)
  • Installed Browsers (Names and version numbers)
  • User Identifier
  • Your Gamer tag (Steam, Xbox live, PSN, etc) may be used but redshell specifically recommends devs/publishers that use their service don't use your gamer tag without encryption, but that doesn't prevent said devs/publishers from doing so.
  • Redshell also mentions that they do/have collect[ed] ip addresses, but mention in the GDPR blog-post that all of the IP data they have will be hashed with SHA-256. A later blog post confirms that they were GDPR-compliant as of December 2017, when the GDPR blog post was created.
How to stop Redshell?
Some games crash on load if you delete the .dll it installs so you have to edit your .host file to continue playing your favorite game.
Best move you can make is to block them in the hosts file
mac/linux: redshell.io api.redshell.io treasuredata.com api.treasuredata.com
windows guide here: redshell.io api.redshell.io treasuredata.com in.treasuredata.com
What do other developers have to say about Redshell?
I think reading other developer excuses is key to understanding why wizards wants to defend the ability to use it. Make the judgments yourself.
Dead by Daylight
We integrated Redshell with the goal to track the efficiency of our marketing campaigns (how many players clicked on our advertisements on social media platforms and then purchased the game afterwards). There was never any intention to sell data to third parties.
That being said, we have seen the player frustrations expressed about the use of this technology. Our passionate and dedicated fans are the reason why Dead by Daylight is a success, especially the ones who have been with us from the beginning. We have removed Redshell from Dead by Daylight in the 2.0.0 update (coming on the 12th of June).
The Dead by Daylight dev team has always incorporated player feedback into the game and the direction of the design. Your voice is incredibly important to us and we are monitoring your feedback closely.
Thank youThe Dead by Daylight team
Community Manager
BattleRite (not much to say about its use, but respects the users opinion)
The team got back to me fast and confirmed we can remove redshell. We will do this in the next patch or hotfix.
Hello everyone.
In response to community concerns about the integration of Redshell in My Time at Portia.
Redshell.io is a third party SDK which allows us to track the effectiveness of our marketing.
We take privacy very seriously and we do not integrate "Spyware" into this game or any games on our label.
We apologise for raising anyone's concerns. More information on Redshell is here IO Gamers[redshell.io].
Given the response by the community, we will be removing Redshell from the game.
We promise that our intentions were never anything sinister. In the meantime, anyone still with any concerns can opt out immediately here: IO optout[redshell.io].
Our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.
Regards Team17 Support
Creative Assembly
In terms of responses, Grace_CA has said the following in this thread:
I have seen this thread and passed your concerns on. However please bear in mind it’s currently 8AM on a Sunday morning so I’m not sure I’ll get a very fast response and I’m out of office at E3 all week.
Which means a few people at CA are aware, but it's the weekend so I wouldn't hold your breath on more of a response until the week.
Bohemia Interactive
Really long and with good information. However, they could have just asked and instead rely on brute force data collection because the internet is still the lawless society where anything goes and ethics don't matter because it's covert.
2k Games
There may be a valid point about disclosure, but you can opt out. RedShell have their own FAQ for gamers at https://redshell.io/gamers and instructions on opting out at https://redshell.io/optout
Note that the data collection is purely for the purpose of linking the tracking of marketing with people playing games. While the GDPR may require disclosure of this (and the existing privacy policy may be too vague - I'm not enough of an expert to determine that, there's a bit too little case law yet), it does not require consent if this is serving a legitimate interest of the data controller (presumably 2K/Take-Two) and its impact on the rights and freedoms of individuals is sufficiently small.
However, as the FAQ makes clear, all of the data is anonymised/pseudonymised, which may remove the need for disclosure depending on the quality of the pseudonymisation. This is a part of the new law that I'm particularly unsure around. The disclosure can be passive, however - if there's a way for a reasonable person to find out about it, such as a clickable link to privacy information, that can be enough.
Basically, yes, this is a thing, and people are completely free to be upset about it. On the other hand, it's not a blatant violation of the law - we don't have enough information to be sure about whether it is or not.
I'm making sure that the 2K community team are aware of community reaction here.
I asked the team and we will remove Red Shell from our game with one of the upcoming patches.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention and sharing your concerns
WotC (notice how they have a patronizing and condescending tone compared to other developers. As well as the inconsistencies in their own stance. Redshell is anonymous but it knows your Account ID!)
RedShell is an ad attribution platform. We’ll be using it to see which ads are working and which aren’t. It is not spyware my dudes.
Here’s how it works:
If you click on an ad, which we set up to redirect through RedShell, RedShell gives you an ID based on your system that is unique.
When you run the game, we fire off a call to RedShell. They generate an ID the same way and see if it matches any of the IDs that have clicked on one of our ads.
If it does, we see a “Conversion” marked for that ad.
They aren’t collecting any additional data. They hash the data so it’s stored anonymously, and they don’t sell it to anyone besides us. RedShell only knows about the ID they make and your Account ID that we make, so we can connect our other analytics back to ads as well. E.g “People who discovered the game through Facebook tend to struggle to get through this part of the tutorial, we should look into why that’s happening” etc. etc.
I understand the concern here. I hope this clarifies exactly what it does and is used for.
Also, RedShell is run by innervate, a small company that is local to Seattle — we know the folks who work there, they built our forums and help us run those too. They’re legit.
edit: Here's more info about it https://redshell.io/gamers You're still welcome to opt out here: https://redshell.io/optout
I am a biased Reddit user that owns many WotC products and several games that use redshell. I do not support tracking and storing any of my information for marketing, research, or profit without my full consent of obvious intent.
Fixed Spelling Errors
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