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submitted by mayoneznet to u/mayoneznet

New Build Crashing Under Mild Load

Please help I am having an issue where my new build will freeze and crash to black either under mild loads or waking out of sleep requiring me to push the restart button. All crashes occur while I am browsing the web which is the only low demand activity I use this computer for. Happens once every 4 or 5 days.
Here is my build. All parts were new and purchased for this build.
  • Ryzen 5 1600 af (no overclock)
  • ASRock B450m AC
  • Gigabyte RX 570 4GB GV-RX570GAMING-4GD REV2.0
  • Gammaxx 400v2
  • G.SKILL Flare X 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3200 F4-3200C16D-16GFX using XMP profile.
  • Western Digital SN550 500GB NVMe
  • Corsair CX450 80+ Bronze
  • Fractal Design Focus G
Here are some details:
  • Never crashes during gaming, almost always while browsing the web. Few times during sleep. I am beginning to think that most crashes occur within a few minutes of turning the system on or waking.
  • Screen freezes for a few seconds, then goes black, loses connection to monitors, GPU fans turn on. I have to push the restart button on the case to boot back up. Case and CPU fans run still running after crash and prior to reset.
  • BIOS settings are default except for setting the XMP profile and tweaked fan curves.
  • Under Event Viewer and Reliability History, shows an error that Windows was not shutdown properly. If I have made ANY changes to AMD Wattman, Reliability History shows a crash of Radeon Settings: Host Application. The reason I emphasized any changes is that even if I only push the power limiter up without an overclock, the app crashes and resets the settings within Wattman to default. If no changes are made to AMD Wattman, Radeon Settings: Host Application does not crash. Event Viewer also shows a Event 41, Kernel Power error following a crash. Not connected timing wise to the crash but Event Viewer also shows "The AMDRyzenMasterDriver service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the path specified." daily.
  • There were a couple times where Reliability History also showed that Desktop Window Manager stopped working. But these incidents were either a few hours before or a few hours after the system crash. Not around the same time.
  • Temperatures are good. CPU temp in the low 30s during idle and in the low 60s under load. GPU temps in the 30s while idling and with a high of 70 degrees while gaming.
  • I dont have access to othespare parts to swap out the power supply, GPU, motherboard, ram, or anything else.
  • Performance otherwise is great. Mouse started lagging pretty bad a few days ago but that seems to have been fixed by unplugging and replugging the keyboard/mouse receiver in the USB port.
Here are some things I've tried and none of these have worked.
  • Clean install of windows. Installed chipset drivers from AMD website.
  • Used DDU to uninstall GPU drivers and installed different versions of radeon drivers including the latest Enterprise Pro 2020 Q2.
  • Changed power plans between Windows Balanced, Ryzen Balanced, and Windows High Performance. Increased minimum processor state to 50%.
  • Disabled Global C-States in the BIOS.
  • Default GPU clocks and voltages.
  • Changed Power Supply Control to "Typical" in the BIOS.
  • Ran Memtest86 with no errors for 4 passes. Program wont allow for more than 4 passes.
  • Can't seem to trigger a crash with stress tests.
  • Ran Windows Antivirus full scans and offline scans. No infections. Also ran Malewarebytes with no infections.
  • Ran SFC scannow. No integrity issues.
  • Cleared the CMOS.
  • Reseated CPU and heatsink/fan, RAM, and graphics card as well as plugs to the motherboard.
  • Updated BIOS to latest version (latest version is needed for the 1600 af).
Any help would be incredibly appreciated. Thanks.
Ended up being a bad graphics card. Swapped it out with a 1650 Super and system hasn't crashes once since.
submitted by rabidsq to buildapc

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