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The true extension of the Power Rangers' Multiverse!

Hello everyone! My name is Jacopo Ruco and I am an Italian follower of MatPat. Some time ago I presented you with a personal theory about Power Rangers Time Force. Today I'm going to extend this theory into something bigger and, I hope, more interesting.
I immediately warn you that much of what you will read has already been written in my previous theory. However, I decided to reread it to correct it (I am Italian and, in high school, I had an average of 6.5/10 in English) and to add more content! Ah, by the way, SPOILER ALERT!!!
Movie universes are everywhere these days. We have the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU), in which we follow the adventures of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Then there's the DC Extended Universe (or DCEU), where we meet the Justice League and the Suicide Squad, the Dark Universe, started (and finished) with The Mummy of 2017, ...
However, there are examples of shared universes not only related to cinema. Two perfect examples are the DC Animated Universe (or DCAU), which includes 1992's Batman: The Animated Series (or Batman TAS) and 2001's Justice League, and the case I want to dwell on today, the Power Rangers multiverse.
Power Rangers is a famous American show that adapts action scenes from the Japanese franchise Super Sentai. If you're not familiar with the show, let me explain how it works. Basically every year we meet a new generation of heroes that fight monster of any kind (demons, robots, mutants, aliens, weird combination of what I've already said, ...) by using Morphers, special devices that allows a living being to connect to the Morphin Grid, a mysterious source of power that allows humanoid creatures to morph in a powerful fighter called Power Ranger. In the majority of the episodes the Rangers fights weird-looking monster with goofy power, while dealing with a personal problem like fears or ego, and once the enemy is defeated, we see the monster go giant size, forcing the Rangers to call the help of giant robots called Zords, capable of combining together in a more powerful humanoid form called Megazord.
There are a lot of unanswered questions about this franchise, that the fandom is still discussing, like "Who's the mysterious Phantom Ranger from Power Rangers Turbo?" or "What's exactly the Morphin Grid?" or "How this Rangers reobtain their powers if their Morphers were destroyed in their seasons' finale?". But I want to answer a different question: how big is the Power Rangers' multiverse?
Most seasons tend to be set in a single narrative universe, but there are exceptions, with the producers and the writers forced to put installments like RPM, Dino Charge and the two movies from 1995 and 2017 in separate universes because they didn't realize immediately that their stories don't fit very well with the world created. So the question is this: How many universes are Rangers stories divided into?
In fact, I am convinced that there are seasons that demonstrate the existence of more universes than officially declared. In particular, I'm pointing the finger at two seasons, Time Force (2001) and S.P.D. (2005).
Let's start talking from the very beginning. For those who aren't a Power Rangers fan, the show's first seasons enjoy solid continuity, with each season connected with the next one. Fans define this stage of the show as Zordon Era, taking the name from the most recurring character, the mentor Zordon. This Era includes the three seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-1996), Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers (a short segment recognized as part of the third season of MMPR), Power Rangers Zeo (1996-1997), the film called Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997) (the only movie canon with the show), Power Rangers Turbo (1997-1998) and Power Rangers in Space (1998-1999) (the latter initially intended as the last season of the show).
The series continues with what is called Post-Zordon Era, where Saban starts following the Super Sentai formula, with a new generation presented each season. Links to the events of previous seasons, albeit weaker, are present, particularly through the beloved crossover episodes, where the current generation is allied with the heroes of the previous seasons to put an end to a threat from the past. The Post-Zordon Era includes Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999-2000) (with so many connections to Power Rangers in Space that I see it as a season between the Zordon Era and the Post-Zordon Era), Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (2000-2001), Power Rangers Time Force (2001), and Power Rangers Wild Force (2002-2003).
Time Force, the show's ninth season, while focusing on time travelers, is in continuity with most of the various seasons, as the protagonists come from the year 3001 but the main events take place in 2001. This theory I formulated doesn't call into question the position of Time Force in the series, but of the special police force called Time Force. I suppose that the year 3001 that we see on television isn't the year 3001 of the main timeline but another universe.
This is the synopsis of the Time Force. The story begins in the year 3001, in the city of Millennium City. We are in a utopian age, where the Time Force, a special police force, has arrested all the criminals of the world with the exception of the mutant terrorist Ransik. He wants to conquer the world but because his plans are hindered by the Time Force in the present, he decides to use a time machine to obtain global domination in the past. Fortunately, he is stopped and arrested by Alex, the Red Ranger in the service of the Time Force. Following his trial, Ransik manages to escape, steals the prison chamber where the various mutant criminals are imprisoned, kills Alex and goes back in time until the year 2001 to pursue his goal of conquering the world before the creation of the Time Force. Jen, Alex's girlfriend and betrothed, eager for justice, requires a time machine and the Chrono Morphers and, accompanied by three other agents, chases Ransik in 2001, in the city called Silver Hills. Immediately the Rangers discover that in order to perform the metamorphosis it's necessary that the Morpher of the Red Ranger is in possession of its rightful owner, which forces the Rangers to recruit Wes Collins, Alex's predecessor and the only one with the DNA more similar to Alex. So come on stage the Time Force Rangers, and their goal is to stop Ransik and all mutants and prevent the pollution of the space-time continuum.
What made me think of this theory of the two universes was, believe it or not, Dragon Ball. Both in the manga and in the anime we make the acquaintance of Trunks, son of Vegeta and Bulma, who travels back in time to warn the Z warriors of the imminent threat of the androids and to provide Goku with a special medicine to prevent his death by a heart attack. But his journey through time creates two universes: the original universe, from which Trunks comes, and the one in which the main events of the manga take place. I tried to imagine if this idea of time travel could be applied in the situation seen in Time Force and I found many elements in favor of my thesis: 1. Rangers frequently contact the Time Force of 3001. Through such contacts, we should intuit what is happening to the future and what problems cause the presence of Ransik in 2001, but beyond Alex mysteriously survived the death you see nothing else. These contacts seem to suggest that whatever happens in 2001 has no effect on 3001. 2. Rangers ask for help from an ancestor of Alex. In the second episode, Force from the Future, the Rangers require the support of Wesley Collins, Wes for short, an ancestor of Alex of 2001, to be able to operate the Morphers. At the end of the episode, Wes is expelled from the team in part because of his attitude and partly to preserve the safety of the timeline, given Wes should not turn out to be Time Force Red since the Time Force has not yet been created. In the 3rd episode, Something to Fight For, Wes shows that he's able to take the Ranger mission more seriously and is then accepted as the new Time Force Red. This is crucial to me because the Rangers of the future decide to let Wes risk his life in battle, with the risk that his death will provoke a distortion of events. If Wes died prematurely, Alex could not be born and consequently would never become Time Force Red, and his fall into battle would not trigger the main events of this season. It's like whatever happened to Wes had no real effect on the future. 3. The Time Force sends back in 2001 the Zord to face the exaggerated mutants. This means that every time the Zords go back in time to prevent the rangers from falling into battle. Shouldn't you see some side effects in the glimpses we have of the 3001? The Zords are shown to travel through various historical eras, in plain sight to different peoples! Shouldn't such an event cause some sort of alteration of history? If my theory is correct (and I am convinced of it!), and then the 3001 that we see is placed in another reality, untied from the main timeline, the Zord would travel between universes, in each of which time flows in a different way, while trying to reach 2001. 4. The Quantasaurus Rex. The Quantasaurus Rex (abbreviated as Q-Rex) is presented as a Zord prototype created by the Time Force and shipped back in time but has been lost in the past, for accuracy in the Jurassic period. Now the logic makes me think that if the robot is finished lost in the past, then with the passage of time it can be found in a cave or underground. Certainly, the passing of time would certainly have negative implications for the functionality of the Zord but undoubtedly an extinct animal-shaped machine capable of moving in the flow of space and time should be sufficiently strong to resist the passing time. Eric, a member of the Silver Guardians, a special police corps created by Mr. Collins (Wes ' father), in the episode The Quantum Quest, obtains a box belonging to the Q-Rex, containing the Morpher which ensures that he becomes the Quantum Ranger. Later, in the two-part episode Clash for Control, he and Wes use a time machine to travel to the Jurassic to find the Q-Rex. The fact that the Quantum Morpher was recovered during an archaeological expedition seems to suggest that the Q-Rex can also be found underground. The Q-Rex responds to the possessor of Quantum Morpher, so Eric needs to simply scream: "Q-Rex, Wake up!" and these should get out of the basement ready for a duel against a giant mutant. For me, the Quantum Morpher's fake in the main timeline while the Q-Rex's finished in another universe, in the Jurassic period. 5. Alex is back. In the episode Frax's Fury, we find out that Ransik was infected by a mutant named Venommark, whose bite infects his victims with a lethal poison. To counteract the effects of the poison, in 3001 a medicine has been invented and works instantaneously on humans, but not for mutants. In their cases, it’s necessary to take a dose periodically. Ransik, being mutant, is forced to carry a vial of serum always with him. Wes manages to get his hands on one of the vials and synthesize from his father's laboratories sufficient antidote to cure the city of Silver Hills that has been brought to its knees by Venommark's poison. This, however, corresponds to another alteration of the story since that serum should not exist in 2001 and Mr. Collins does not want to miss the possibility of profit offered by the serum, producing it in generous quantities. This leads to the very next episode, called Dawn of Destiny, where Ransik, in dire need of the serum, enters the laboratories, recovers as many vials as possible and attacks Mr. Collins, sending him on a hospital bed at the end of life. At this point, Alex returns to the scene, so far deemed dead, with the intention of recovering his place as Red Ranger. In the next episode, Fight Against Fate, Alex informs Wes that Mr. Collins is destined to die and that his destiny is to replace him in the direction of his company. Recovering the role as the team leader, Alex reproaches the rest of the team because their indulgence has altered the story. The problem here arises in the fact that Alex doesn't deserve to specify how the story has changed. One might rightly think that the alteration consists precisely in Alex survived death and now present with a completely different personality. But then why commandeer only the Red Morpher? Why not also seize the Quantum Morpher? We will never see Alex and Eric interacting. Why shouldn't you care, Alex? Eric is an inhabitant of 2001 who has appropriated technology not yet invented. This solidifies my theory that Alex and the Time Force Rangers come from 3001 of another reality and that the events that take place in 2001 that we see have no direct effect on the 3001. Alex is back to recover his role as the team leader and especially Jen, his future bride, that's why he pushes Wes to give up the powers and take the place of his father as the new head of the family company: to keep him busy, to keep him away from Jen and the others. When Wes, in the following episode Destiny Defeated, decides to return to battle and the team refuses to obey, Alex decides to offer Wes's father a healing sphere that heals him of the deadly wounds that should have killed him. Why he does this? Wasn't Mr. Collins destined to die? Another sign that whatever happens to Wes or anyone else in his family has no adverse effect on the 3001 and as a result on Alex. 6. The end. It’s this point in particular that convinced me to write this theory. In the episode A Calm Before the Storm, the Rangers successfully arrested almost all the mutant criminals, but Ransik is still on the loose. Alex, however, communicates that the future of the Rangers is anything but pink and flowers. In the final battle to protect 2001, the Rangers will die. All. Of. Them. Which also includes Wes, and if he dies Alex shouldn't even exist, right? Yes, there's a chance that Mr. Collins would rejoin and put on another family, but considering who's headed this show I exclude this idea. Plus we've already seen that if Mr. Collins dies or not in 2001, Alex doesn't care. During the final episodes, the three-part The End of Time, Wes with the deception forwards the Rangers of the future in their time. Back in 3001, the Rangers confront Alex, who informs them that in 2001 Wes has saved the world by giving his life. Again, how does Alex live if his biological predecessor died a thousand years ago? And then it doesn't blink the fact that the Red Morpher and the Quantum Morpher remained in 2001. Moreover, the Rangers must undergo the cancellation of their memoirs of 2001. A process that can be seen as a desperate attempt by Alex to recover his team and his girlfriend, but when they refuse to get rid of the memories and Jen, in love with Wes, renouncing the engagement ring, Alex accepts the feelings of the team and let them use the Time Force Megazord to return in 2001 and help Wes and stop Ransik definitively. Of course, he was just left behind by his betrothed and a whole Ranger team repudiated him both as a friend and as a leader, but by the Time Force chief, I would have expected more authority. The other element that solidifies my theory, and in addition from a sense to the existence of the Time Force are the Trizyrium Crystals. These crystals, in theory, should be discovered in 2100-2101 (they say it should be discovered between 100 years according to history) and function as powerful energy sources. One of these crystals feeds the Q-Rex. In the season finale, we see the Q-Rex tackle a second robot powered by a Trizyrium Crystal. The presence of two active crystals causes the uncontrolled creation of temporal portals able to suck up entire buildings. This plot element makes me think that the Time Force exists to prevent the creation of timelines where events can have side effects in other universes (like a rain of buildings!) and it solidifies my conviction that this season we never really see travel in time but travel to other universes.
More tips on the location of the police called Time Force in another universe come from the tenth season, Wild Force, which follows the adventures of a generation of heroes, armed with the power of wild animals, face to face with the threat of the Orgs, monsters (their nature isn't expressly dictated but elements of the show suggest that they are demons) that intend to dominate the world through environmental pollution and corruption. In the two-part episode Reinforcements from the Future (crossover with Time Force), we discover that Wes and Eric not only still have the Morphers with them but also have access to the technology needed to communicate with their friends from the city of Millenium City, no longer 3001 but 3002. The episode also introduces the threat of the Mut-Orgs, half Org half mutant beings who have traveled back in time to help Wild Force's main enemy, Master Org, conquer the world. With the help of a redemption-seeking Ransik, Time Force Rangers and Wild Force Rangers manage to put an end to the threat from the future.
What's important to know is that the Wild Force Rangers are continuing a battle that began 3000 years before the events of their season. Master Org had already appeared in the past and lost this battle, only to be able to resurrect in the modern era and continue with his intentions. So why didn't the Mut-Orgs go back to that battle 3000 years ago (or 4000 years ago, since they come from the year 3002) to make sure Master Org wins immediately? It seems that they decided to reach 2002 for convenience. What if that's the case? The Mut-Orgs come from a universe where the concept of the Power Rangers exists, including the Wild Force Rangers, and have decided to travel to another universe in the hope of bending it to the will of the Orgs, as their homeworld is well protected by the Time Force.
We continue the story of our multicolored heroes in spandex with the Disney Era, where, as the name says, Disney becomes the producer of the show, and thus airs Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003-2004), Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004), Power Rangers S.P.D. (2005), Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006), Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (2007), Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008) and Power Rangers RPM (2009). Also worth mentioning is that Wild Force is technically a season of the Disney Era, but it was produced and filmed in Los Angeles like previous seasons (starting with Ninja Storm all seasons of Power Rangers were produced in New Zealand), so we can see it as a kind of transition season.
Ninja Storm initially seemed to be out of continuity, given the absence of a crossover episode with Wild Force and some initial dialogue that implied that the Rangers are comic book characters. Plus there were commercials pointing the idea that this was intended as a new beginning for the franchise. But then a slight retcon positions the season in the main universe.
Dino Thunder brings back the character of Tommy Oliver, the most popular Ranger in the franchise, who has worn the suits of Mighty Morphin Green, Mighty Morphin White, Ninja White Ranger, Zeo Ranger V (Red), Turbo Red and, in this new season where he operates as a mentor to a new generation of heroes, Dino Thunder Black. Seriously, this guy can be is own team of Rangers by mess up a little with the space-time continuum. Tommy's presence confirms the fact that we are in the main continuity of the show. In the fourth episode, a clip-show called Legacy of Power, created for the celebration of the 500 episodes of the franchise, a recording of Tommy makes a summary of the previous seasons, Ninja Storm included. We also have the current generation meeting the Ninja Storm Rangers in the two-part crossover Thunder Storm.
S.P.D., first aired in 2005, shows us a futuristic 2025, where extraterrestrials have settled on Earth and live together with humans, and safety is maintained by the Space Patrol Delta, or S.P.D. for short. This season contains strange references with previous ones, mostly via recycled costumes. In the third episode, Confronted, we see in the background an Aquitian, an alien of the same race of the Alien Rangers. In the tenth episode, Stakeout, the monster of the week escapes from a prison set on KO-35's satellite. KO-35 is the name of the planet where the Space Rangers Red and Silver came from. In the same episode, the Rangers play a fighting videogame with Blue Senturion, a robotic allay from Power Rangers Turbo, and Cyclopter, a monster from Lightspeed Rescue. In the fourth episode, Walls, we see a picture of S.P.D. Blue's father, who was an S.P.D. Red. And his costume is basically Time Force Red's uniform with little modifications. This leads many fans to speculate the idea the Sky Tate, S.P.D. Blue, is actually Wes' son, adopting the surname from the mother or from an adopting father. The theory, pretty popular by the way, was never confirmed, and it was clear that we are dealing with Disney recycling costumes from old seasons. The crossover episode History confirms S.P.D.'s connections with Dino Thunder, in particular, it’s claimed that Ethan, Dino Thunder Blue, has developed the technology used in the future by S.P.D., so it would seem that S.P.D. is in continuity... but we will come back to this topic. You'll see why.
Mystic Force takes us back to the present and does not present crossovers in the traditional sense. For a few moments, in the seventeenth episode, Ranger Down, Piggy appears, a secondary character of S.P.D. To be precise, he’s the Piggy of the present and not the one encountered in 2025. He foreshadows last season, saying how aliens will be everywhere in twenty years and that he will own his own restaurant. These jokes should confirm the fact that Mystic Force is set in the same narrative universe as S.P.D., the main universe of Power Rangers. Again, we'll go back to it.
With Operation Overdrive we follow the adventures of a Rangers team engaged in a global treasure hunt. In At All Cost, the seventh episode of the season, we have a connection to Mystic Force, as the plot of the episode revolves around the scale of a dragon that appeared near Briarwood. Briarwood is the town of Mystic Force Rangers, which means the scale belongs to Fireheart, the allied dragon of the Mystic Force. And so we can put the events of Operation Overdrive as after those of Mystic Force. Then we arrive at the two-part episode Once A Ranger, dedicated to the celebration of the 15 years of Power Rangers. A new enemy enters the scene, Thrax, son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, the first antagonists of Mighty Morphin. Thrax team up with enemies from the Overdrive Rangers and manages to separate the current generation of heroes from their connection to the Morphin Grid, the source of the powers of each generation of Rangers. Sentinel Knight, a spirit ally of the Overdrive Rangers, teleports the Rangers to safety and later uses his powers to rally a team of five veteran Rangers to replace them. The Rangers in question are Mighty Morphin Black, Ninja Storm Wind Blue, Dino Thunder Yellow, Mystic Force Green ... and S.P.D. Red. And here things start to get complicated. Sentinel Knight is a specter (It's not explained why. Maybe he's dead offscreen but a possible connection to the Morphin Grid makes him a possible equivalent of Star Wars' Force Ghosts) and states that his powers are limited to teleporting the Rangers to safety, but then we see him teleport four Rangers of the present, restore the Morphers of Yellow, Blue and perhaps even Black, who have lost their powers as a result of the events of their seasons, ... and ask a Ranger FROM THE FUTURE for help! How does that make sense? To explain the sudden increase in Sentinel Knight's powers, I think I have an explanation: the Jewels of the Corona Aurora. Operation Overdrive revolves around the recovery of the aforementioned crown and jewels, whose power must not fall into the wrong hands! Sentinel Knight explains that the power of multiple Jewels together can lead to a disaster or a prodigy. In fact, in the episode Face to Face – Part 2 Tyzonn, an alien warped in appearance by one of the antagonists of the Rangers, regains his original appearance thanks to the power of the two Jewels in possession of Overdrive (Tyzonn will later become the sixth Ranger of the team). It’s, therefore, possible that Sentinel Knight combined his powers with that of the Rangers’ Jewels to form the Veteran Rangers team. One problem, though: why kick the rules of the space-time continuum and call a Ranger from the future? From a production point of view, I understand that it was easier for Disney to find actors who acted in seasons under its control, but in terms of internal logic on the show how do you justify that choice? I have an explanation for that but I have to ask you to read what I'm writing to the end.
We momentarily move on and get to Jungle Fury. This season, like Ninja Storm, does not have a crossover episode with the previous one but, in the first episode, RJ, the mentor of this season, guarantees his students the Morphers. RJ himself built the Morphers thanks to the knowledge provided to him by unidentified people. His words suggest the idea that there were other Power Rangers before the Jungle Fury generation, so we can put Jungle Fury as the season after Operation Overdrive.
So let's get to RPM, the last season of the Disney Era. The atmosphere is much more serious than in previous seasons. An evil computer virus called Venjix has declared war against mankind, exterminating entire continents and forcing the remaining humans to hide in the protected city of Corinth. This season has strange references to previous seasons. In the sixth episode, Ranger Green, we see flashbacks of Ziggy, Ranger Operator Series Green or RPM Green, set before the apocalypse in which ours comes out of Jungle Karma Pizza, the pizzeria that served as the basis for the Jungle Fury Rangers. We only see the pizzeria from the outside and it’s different from what it looked like in Jungle Fury. In the twenty-fourth episode, Ancient History, in the abandoned lab of Doctor K, the scientist responsible for creating the Rangers technology, a modified version of Overdrive Red Ranger helmet appears. These are small elements that at first suggested the idea that RPM was canonical with the main universe. Some fans speculate that, at the end of the war with robots, the surviving humans had made contact with extraterrestrials, thanks to past relationships with aliens had in previous seasons of Power Rangers, to rebuild civilization on Earth and thus laying the groundwork for S.P.D., including a reference about racism against robotic beings as seen in Wired, S.P.D.'s episodes 14 and 15. It would make sense considering the past problems humanity had with Venjix. But it should be noted that RPM was meant to be the last season of Power Rangers, as in the case of in Space, so the writers were not so interested in the continuity of the show anymore. It's later confirmed, as other fans speculated, that we are in a new universe, simply called RPM World.
In 2010, Saban retained the rights to the Franchise from Disney, starting the Neo-Saban Era, which includes the Power Rangers Samurai (2011), Power Rangers Super Samurai (2012), Power Rangers Megaforce (2013), Power Rangers Super Megaforce (2014), Power Rangers Dino Charge (2015), Power Rangers Dino Super Charge (2016), Power Rangers Ninja Steel (2017) and Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel (2018).
We know that the two seasons of Samurai (Samurai and Super Samurai) take place in the main universe thanks to the presence of Bulk, from the comedy duo Bulk&Skull of Zordon Era, and Skull's son, Spike, and in the two-part episode Clash of the Red Rangers, is confirmed that RPM events occur in a separate universe.
The two seasons of Megaforce (Megaforce and Super Megaforce) follow Samurai. Gosei, this season's mentor, claims to be a pupil of Zordon, the mentor of the Zordon Era, and during the celebration of 20 years of Power Rangers we meet the Red Lion Wildzord, the living Zord of the Red Ranger of Wild Force, the Samurai Red Ranger, the Jungle Fury Red Ranger and other Rangers from the main timeline, including Tommy Oliver. In addition, we see Rangers travel to RPM World, again confirming that RPM takes place in another universe.
Then we get to the two seasons of Dino Charge (Dino Charge and Dino Super Charge). The story begins 65 million years ago, with an alien named Keeper fleeing from bounty hunter Sledge. Keeper is the keeper, of course, of the Energems, ten magical multicolored crystals that Sledge craves. Keeper ends up on Earth where he cedes the Energems to the dinosaurs for them to protect them. A series of events lead Sledge's ship to inadvertently cause a meteor shower on Earth, leading to the extinction of the dinosaurs. The series moves to the present, where the Energems are reclaimed by a new generation of heroes, ready to oppose Sledge, who unleashes against the Rangers the monsters captured in his hunt, and to follow Keeper. Fans online initially speculated that one of the asteroids contained the Dino Gems, the source of the powers of the Dino Thunder Rangers, or that even the meteor shower had led the Energems to reject some of their energy, which was then concentrated in the rocks that later became the Dino Gems, thus creating with a single event two generations of Rangers. Things then changed in the second season with the introduction of the Dark Energem, a dangerous crystal whose power puts it on a par with the other Energems put together, and whose existence alone prevents Rangers from using the hidden potential Energems. In the season finale, the Rangers attempt to destroy the Dark Energem. The dark crystal is destroyed, but this creates a space-time hole that sucks Sledge's spaceship and the entire Earth. To make up for the destruction of their home, the Rangers draw on the hidden power of the Energems, time travel. Our heroes go back 65 million years to prevent Sledge from causing the events of Dino Charge. Sledge is sent to the Sun along with his ship and the Rangers return to the present, where the Earth is no longer destroyed. But the Rangers prevented the extinction of the dinosaurs, so in the present, we have zoos dedicated to the extinct animals. Everything is normal, in short! Jokes aside, with an ending like this, obviously, Dino Charge is pushed into a separate universe from the main one, later called Dino Charge World.
So let's get to the last two seasons of the Neo-Saban Era, Power Rangers Ninja Steel, and Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. In particular, in the first episode of the second season, we see the space-time hole of the finale of Dino Super Charge open and release Sledge's spaceship (the one destroyed in the present) with its crew intact! It has never been explained how they survived, but we can speculate that the Dark Energem, equipped with the power to block time travel through the Energems, has special properties that tie it to the space-time continuum. These properties may have been passed to the spaceship (and to all those within it), allowing it to survive the destruction in the age of dinosaurs in the form of a sentient temporal anomaly, similar to how Reverse-Flash in the TV series The Flash, to the fury of time travels, continues to live despite his ancestor having committed suicide. Sledge then appears as the main villain only in the Christmas special of Super Ninja Steel. Then we see Dimensions in Danger, an episode dedicated to the celebration of 25 years of Power Rangers, in which the Ninja Steel Rangers team up with veterans of previous seasons to prevent Lord Draven, ruler of a universe called Antiverse, from invading the multiverse with an army of Robo Rangers. The episode confirms that Ninja Steel is set in the main universe and that Dino Charge belongs to a universe of its own.
I finally get to the problem concerning S.P.D., and the problem is this: so far we do not have the basis for 2025 seen in S.P.D. In none of the seasons I've talked about so far are there any multitudes of alien races that decide to settle on Earth, nor nods to the creation of the police called S.P.D. In most of these seasons, they appear extraterrestrials, of course, but they play the role of enemies for the most part. Given enemies like The Armada from Super Megaforce, Lothor from Ninja Storm and the Galaxy Warriors from Ninja Steel, all from space, I doubt Earthlings are so hospitable to space entities. But here’s the surprise. In S.P.D., we see Kat Manx, an alien scientist in charge of Rangers technology, study Morphers' science with the protagonists' parents in a flashback set in 2001, so during the events of Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force. And that's where something started to "click". I am convinced that if the events seen in Time Force had not taken place, we would have had the basis for S.P.D. Exactly! S.P.D. is set in the original timeline, the one that has been modified since the arrival of Ransik and the Time Force Rangers in 2001.
Let's look at the evidence spread over the various seasons: 1. The late arrival of the Wild Force Rangers. Wild Force, unlike many of the previous seasons, starts by showing us the incomplete team, but still active in the fight against the Orgs. In the first episode, the Red Ranger was last added to the line-up. In the second episode, it’s revealed that the Yellow Ranger is the first to be recruited and that it has been going on for over a year. Roughly during the events of Time Force, then. This suggests that Time Force's time travel has changed history so radically that it affects the arrival of the Wild Force Rangers and the Orgs. 2. Two different types of time travel. I've already talked about Time Force's time travel, which is actually a journey into parallel universes. But then we saw an actual time journey with Dino Super Charge, which works like we see in many science fiction movies: the traveler visits the past, combines a mess that wasn't supposed to happen and returns to a different present where only he realizes what's wrong. What's the difference here? The Morphin Grid. As mentioned, the Dino Charge Rangers gain the power to perform metamorphosis thanks to the Energems, so the crystals are connected in some way to the Morphin Grid. As the Energems guarantee the power to travel through time, and Dimension in Danger shows Rangers traveling in parallel universes through the creation of portals that apparently should be used sparingly to not destabilize the Grid, it’s plausible that the Morphin Grid has a certain degree of connection with the space-time continuum, allowing you to reach different eras and places in the multiverse (or just the portion of the multiverse where the Power Ranger concept exists). Besides, I'm sure we've already seen a similar time trip in S.P.D., especially with Omega Ranger and Nova Ranger. These Rangers come from the 2040 and have gone back in 2025 to prevent the defeat of the S.P.D. by the forces of evil. Defeat the threat, a portal appears in the last episode, and Omega and Nova are brought home, and the dialogues imply that they are headed for a better future. 3. Sentinel Knight calls S.P.D. Red. As mentioned earlier in Once a Ranger we see the spooky Sentinel Knight rallying five veteran Rangers to fight Rita and Zedd's son. If S.P.D. takes place in a timeline where the arrival of the Time Force never happened, then Sentinel Knight is asking for help from a Ranger from another universe and not from the future, thus causing fewer distortions of the space-time continuum. Sure, it doesn't justify his choosing not to call a Ranger from the present with her Morpher still intact (maybe a Wild Force Ranger since we didn't have the crossover between Wild Force and Ninja Storm), but let's consider it a victory. 4. The fan theory "Danny is Z's father". In Wild Force, the Black Ranger is called Danny Delgado and in S.P.D. the Yellow Ranger is called Elizabeth "Z" Delgado. Online fans immediately assumed a kinship between the two. And with the original timeline theory, we could make it a reality. In the backstory of S.P.D., the parents of the Rangers, studying Morphers' technology, have been infected with radiation whose effects have then spilled on to their children, who have thus obtained superpowers (for example, Z has the power to create clones/holograms of herself). As Danny shows no propensity for science in Wild Force, Z's mother is the only one who could absorb such radiation, and Danny could be a Black Ranger even in the original timeline, thus retaining the charm of the Legacy, the idea that courage and heroism are passed from father to daughter.
So, let's take stock. We have: 1. The Original Universe, consisting of the three seasons of Mighty Morphin, including Mighty Morphin Alien, Zeo, the Turbo film, the Turbo series, in Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder (the latter three may be different without arrival of the Time Force Rangers) and S.P.D.; 2. The main universe, also called Prime Universe, consisting of the three seasons of Mighty Morphin, including Mighty Morphin Alien, Zeo, the Turbo film, the Turbo series, in Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, Samurai, Super Samurai, Megaforce, Super Megaforce, Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel; 3. The universe dedicated to the 1995 movie; 4. The universe dedicated to the 2017 movie; 5. The RPM World, that we explored during RPM; 6. The Dino Charge World, that we explored during Dino Charge and Dino Super Charge; 7. The Antiverse, seen during Dimensions in Danger.
At this point, we just have to figure out where the two seasons of Beast Morphers fit in, but I'm sure it will be part of the main universe. The latest trailer for the second season shows a short preview of the crossover that includes the three generations based on extinct animals (Mighty Morphin, Dino Thunder, and Dino Charge) and Beast Morphers' Red Ranger comes face to face with Jason Lee Scott, the original Mighty Morphin Red, saying: “Jason?” in a tone that seems to mean, "Hey, I know you! You're Jason Lee Scott, the first Mighty Morphin Red, and the second Zeo Gold!"
I don't count the comics made by Boom Studios because I'm not sure about their canon. After all, they include a comic event called Shattered Grid, where an evil Ranger decides to mess up with space and time in order to become a god. Let me put my hand on the comics and then will talk about them.
I hope you can enjoy this theory. If you have any suggestions or corrections say as well. I accept all the constructive criticisms.
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