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Two modes: 1 player and 2 players on one computer. Contents[show] # 0: 7 WTF - Reaction to the football match Salzburg 0: 7 Rapid, very popular in Begonia. This is a real-time Multiplayer game where you will play against lots of opponents from around the world. The logo of the European Commission may be used by third parties only if: permission is requested and granted before the logo is used. Haxball flag hack v1.1. Yes, you can download it and use for free.

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It changes your flag to country of choice. High quality Su Characters gifts and merchandise. For those of you who do not know, haxball is a form of soccer on a website. BorisWiki; Groups; Albums; Member List; Games; Sports Book; User Tagging Statistics; Quick Links. Avenged sevenvold vens. Keygen delphi 2020 2. G630 u10 firmware.

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Attention HaxBallers: over the course of the next few days HaxBall will be moving to a new server, which for now means you might find some odd behavior in the game lobby. Bitmoji - Apps on Google Play https://mobilebo.ru/download/?file=1001. The dialog ensures that you're exporting to a valid /hakchi/games directory. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world.

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Download Link: Download. It might seem that Haxball is a simple browser game but it does use up your computer hardware. It provides a simple API to simulate text entry, key down, key up, key press and complex modified key strokes and chords. De Favicon Flower Letter Logo Love Star WWW White and animated animation art black blog blue brown cat color com cool cross cute de design face favicon flag funny game games green heart http icon logo love music of online orange pink purple rainbow red smile the web white yellow. FIERCE BEAUTY ACADEMY. GitHub - pikajude/flaghack: A super easy HaxBall flag https://mobilebo.ru/download/?file=1006.

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oLTP Season 3 Stats Recap

So with the regular season of oLTP coming to an end, I figured I'd take a look at everybody's favourite part of the whole league, the stats, and give a bit of a recap of the season. This post will work best with RES installed.
OLTP stats are not yet finalised, so we can't take much from them with complete certainty.
oLTP however, is all wrapped up, and the stats were finished in whole today, so we'll look at all the important parts as well as any quirks we can find.

First up, we'll look at HOOG Total, the comprehensive guide to who was 'statistically' the best player of the season.

You should note that both HOOG and NISH are relative, so the top player will always have a score of 100, whilst the worst player will always have a score of 0, and in the case of HOOG, everyone else is plotted on that scale from 100 to 0 depending on how well they performed. There is no 'perfect score' when it comes to these stats.


50 Shades dominate this list. They have stolen the podium and refuse to share, and also have their 4th regular in the top 10, pear, who only played 76 minutes. You have to go down to #19 in order to find someone who played less minutes. This is important to know as HOOG benefits players who play more games, as it a measure of that players performance over the course of a season. In order to understand how well a player performed with what limited minutes they had, we need to look at NISH, which we'll do shortly. StrongBalwas was pipped in the final game, going from 1st to 4th in the space of a week, but still a very impressive season from him. Curveballed rounds out the top 5 despite undeservedly being part of the oLTP wooden spooners, a show of his class and the partnerships he struck up this season, particularly with Wolas. Everyone's (new) favourite streamer and amazingly handsome guy Ryanball (see Syd Meetup) appears at the tail end of the top 10.


It's the man from haxball, who basically learnt to play TagPro along the way this season who takes top spot for offence, and he has a significant lead on other top performers Fog, Balwas and kitsune. 50 Shades and Krusty Grabs both had their offensive partnerships in the top 10, along with StrangeCloud, the defender, who somehow pulled 8th spot.


50 Shades take the top 2 spots for defence, showing their solidarity, with curve taking a well deserved Bronze. ThisIsNigel will be a little salty he couldn't see out the season, as he was absolutely killing it before retiring from the team. Strong seasons from newfren and sho3box see them take a solid top 10 spot, whilst 2 kiwis round out the top 10, no doubt looking to emulate the master RadiaN in future seasons.
NISH is a measure using mostly per minute stats, and utilises z-scores of stats in addition to a set weighting for each. These are as follows.
  • Caps/min (weighting of 4)
  • Hold/min (weighting of 3)
  • Cap/grab (weighting of 2)
  • Returns/min (weighting of 4)
  • Prevent/min (weighting of 4)
  • K/D Ratio (weighting of 1)
  • +/- Score (weighting of 1)


It's not as accurate as HOOG, and takes into account less stats, but it does provide a good measure of how a player has performed within their minutes. A great example of why this is a good measure is the defensive revelation of hayes13. Signed prior to the beginning of c22's game in Wk6, hayes13 brought 4 points out of a possible 6 to a c22's team that were struggling for consistency in matches as well as in their roster. hayes13's HOOG stats do not do him justice, but his NISH shows his relative contribution. 50 Shades once again put in a strong showing, with half of the top 10, including the only players with 100+ minutes in the top 10, StrangeCloud and Arcane. Bobbay shows his ability in filling in when necessary, rounding out the top 3, whilst jackattack looks like he was an unfortunate mid-season loss for the Rubles.


Fog is a lone Ballbuster among a sea of many different Shades of Blue Balls for O NISH, and the Cap 22's actually decided to perform well in something this season pulling both 7th and 8th. NameDoesntGiveAShit gets 9th, with virn, the master of his own base, venturing out to steal 10th for O NISH.


Two Free Agents take the top 2 spots, hayes13 and contrail destroying opposition offences in what little game time they did have, whilst Strange and Arcane fill out the top 4. kRU were unlucky to lose Christophurr early in the season after his killer performance in Wk1, he earned 5th.

Individual Stats

Top Capper
The ultimate offensive stat. No records were broken here unfortunately, Activation and Pinkman both achieved 26(*9 caps are questionable) and 22 caps respectively in Season 2.
Highest Returns
Arcane sets an oLTP record this season, recording 164 returns, besting majsticmoose's previous record of 156 returns. Arcane additionally achieved the most tags ever by a player in oLTP, with a total of 194 Tags this season. At this point I'd like to start a fundraiser for Arc's new trophy cabinet, as his old one has no space left.
Longest Hold
kitsune takes out this years top holder, but falls short of the all-time record of 2014 set by Activation in Season 2. dopesayo and Balwas put in solid shifts as well, entering the top 5 all-time for a single season hold.
Most Prevent
StrangeCloud was the leader of keeping the flag away from opposing offenders this season, and indeed all-time, breaking majsticmoose's record 1736 seconds of prevent from Season 2. newfren with an incredibly impressive effort of 1236 seconds from just 90 minutes of play.
Solid effort from both walrus and Balwas, accumulating over 200 pops, that's over 10 minutes of their season spent respawning. The previous highest was Chadwiko with 189.

Team Stats

  • 50 Shades of Blue Balls set the new record for a 7 game season with 19 points, unprecedented in oLTP and only matched by 0.12 Rubles OLTP season 2.
  • They also set the record for the least 'caps against', with 16. This is 6 less than the previous best of 22 by The Fire Balls of season 2.
  • 0.12 Rubles had the most 'caps against' with 44, but this season's defence over the whole league was a far improvement, with the record still set at 59 by Wu-Tag Clan.
  • The 'caps for' record was not broken this season, with 59 being the best this season from the 50 Shades of Blue Balls. Spikeadelic Death Caps of season 2 still hold the record with 62.
  • No marginal records were broken this season, and overall the games were much closer and more tightly contested this season than the previous season. The largest win this season came in the final game of the season, an 11-0 win to the 50 Shades of Blue Balls over the Krusty Grabs.
  • Highest caps in a game was 11, set twice by the 50 Shades and once by the Krusty Grabs.
In conclusion, I have too much time on my hands but am also really lazy, so this is all I could be bothered coming up with in the absence of the Chronicle.


Next season I intend to employ a new rating called the ELFI. I won't tell you how I came up with it but trust me when I say it's the best and most accurate system to date of a player's performance. It will essentially be HOOG x 10.
submitted by elfitzo to OLTP

Announcing your OLTP Season 5 Captains!

This season we are pleased to announce that our 6 captains are:
  1. Activation: Acti has been a part of the OLTP community since season 2, rising through the ranks to become a valued majors player, and the reported unofficial captain of last season's Ball Busters. His technical ability on offence and determination suggest that he will make good captain material on what will be his maiden season as captain.
  2. Azpilicueta: Former member and vice captain of the Flag Bearers, Azpi was first drafted in season 3 by Rain, and has since proven that he is competent on both offence and defense. Another rookie captain, Azpi's versatility and enthusiasm towards captaincy have made him a prime candidate for season 5.
  3. dokugan: Coming back for his second season as captain, dokugan's John Travolta finished their majors campaign in 4th place, getting knocked out in the playoffs. doku demonstrated last season that he was a committed captain who picked up the first draft of the auction, and a successful and competent team, and no doubt he will be back with a vengeance this season.
  4. dopesayo: Our next rookie captain, dope entered the OLTP scene in season 3, playing Minors in 50 Shades of Blue Balls, after impressing his offensive skill and fast learning, he played Majors under elfitzo on the Flag Bearers and won the Premier Ball. Dope has previously captained a highly successful haxball team and is looking to continue this run with his debut season of OLTP.
  5. drinkbleach: Our third member of last Season's Flag Bearers Majors team, Ball-of-Fame inductee drinkbleach was first introduced to OLTP in Season 1 playing for the Wu-Tag Clan. Since his first season, bleach has been a defensive force, boasting impressive Defensive GASP and HOOG scores consistently. bleach is both experienced and skilled, making him a captain to watch out for.
  6. Rain: Our most veteran captain of OLTP, Rain has been part of OLTP since season 1, drafted by Radian into the Cap-22's. He has been a captain since season 2, continuing on the name of the Cap-22's. Rain and the Cap-22's will be looking for a revival after several unfortunate seasons plagued by computer and dropout issues. His experience as a captain, and renowned jukes in Offense, demonstrate his abilities at being a reliable and dependable captain for the upcoming season.
Congratulations to all of our new captains, and welcome back to our 3 returning captains! Thank you to all of our captain nominees for this season and for everyone's input so far. We will keep everyone updated on the season progress. Until then, make sure to impress in Pubs and Pugs with your potential new captains around!
submitted by curveballed to OLTP

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